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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Without a doubt, this is the biggest feud on Smackdown, and arguably the biggest in the thread right now, tied with Orton and Jericho. Flair and Michaels, with a completely different slant than in the real world. I was hoping for a slightly better reasoning for Flair attacking Michaels, but it still works this way. Perhaps this is the beginning of a final flourish for Naitch, and a heel run works for me. Flair at his best that way.

Miz and Morrison, meh. Would’ve preferred MNM back if anything. I guess the disappointment is down to the fact that you’ve got some really good KOP original teams on Raw, and I’d rather have seen you go and put these two into different partnerships.

Umaga is back, and I’m glad Estrada is still by his side. Not too hot on the tag match at Summerslam, as it comes off as just a way to get four guys on the show, and a match that you could easily see in the first hour of a regular Smackdown. Hopefully something happens though at the event to make the match worthwhile.

Anyway, onto Porter (who owns as World Champ), and by far, MVP is the best thing going on Smackdown at the minute. Hopefully he gets a long reign as the champion, to legitimise him as a top tier star. Good win over Edge, although if I’m being picky, I’d have liked to have seen him do the work and not Big Zeke (who is a great fit as the bodyguard for MVP). Hopefully he does it himself at Summerslam.

Loving Helms crusade against the Cruiserweights. Very inventive angle, and one that someone like Helms could really flourish in. I’m interested to see how it eventually works out, but I can see the angle running for a long time to come.

The build continuing for the terrific looking four way at Summerslam is fine. As mentioned it’s been a very even build, with everyone getting one win and one loss in the last few weeks. Victory for Albright tonight, and I suspect in the coming weeks we’ll see much the same, with all four gaining another win, and another loss before the PPV.

Potential bodyguard or valet (Nidia?) for Noble?? That should at least mean that Jamie will be a regular on the show, and that can only be a good thing.

The Prototype?? Wasn’t that John Cenas gimmick in OVW?? Not sure I like someone else using it, but I’ll wait and see where you go with it first, and who exactly it is that takes the role.

Strange ending indeed. Zero hostility between Matt & Jeff for Summerslam has me worried, as I’m getting visions of the highly disappointing Vengeance ‘01 meeting between the two, when there was little to get into, or get behind. Besides that, the build is becoming more intriguing, as JBL looks intent on punishing Jeff, despite needing him to win for him at Summerslam. I could see Jeff losing, which could mean a JBL - Jeff feud, with JBL blaming Jeff for losing ‘on purpose’.

I guess I'm playing catch up again with Raw up now... I'll get to it eventually
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