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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Raw Feedback

Wow what a way to start the show, KOP this is what I call starting with an impact. Batista going nuts with the sledgehammer was good however, then I thought when Shane rocked up that it was just going to end. But no Batista hit Shane as well and that was golden as hopefully from now onwards we get fully blown Animal Batista heading into Summerslam. Batista getting barred from the arena kind of sucks though

CM Punk over Chavo Guerrero and I am just going to quickly get this out of the way… Please use Guerrero he is so much better then a resident jobber however, he had to lose this match because he was facing a tag champ. Punk/Kendrick over Priceless at this stage I just don’t think there has been enough build up for them to be tag champs.

Dykstra and Hardcore Holly I guess they will be meeting again some time soon, if you put Holly over Dykstra you will have to answer to me

Phoenix went over McCool in well nothing more then a squash really. I don’t know why Mickie came out if there was no physical or verbal interaction between the two seemed a bit random to me.

Okay so Matt Hardy loses the US Title because he is getting ready for the Brand Supremacy, right? This means that at Summerslam we are probably going to get Benjamin against Burke, am I right? I hope I am it would be awesome but yeah I personally would have preferred for Burke to get the win because I like him more. Besides that I have nothing to complain about.

Oh the pain, seriously UGGHHHH… The love fest between The Hardy Boyz is becoming sickening hurry up and make one of them turn on the other please. In fact I can see it happening at “The Garden”.

Kevin Thorn gets a nice debut on Raw. Lol At Santino Marella unable to buy a win at this stage it just makes me laugh. Good to see your keeping his comedy but your not giving him the IC Title like IRL.

Chris Jericho seems angry so I guess we are going to get a big time brawl next week between Orton and Jericho. I liked the way Jericho mentioned how all throughout 2007 Orton made his life living hell and I guess it is time for pay back, eh?

I liked the Chris Jericho interview but I reckon I loved the Randy Orton reply. Talking about how he is sadistic and an animal of sorts now is just a great way to get me so excited for Hell in a Cell. His transformation has been timed so well I really have to give you your props for this one, KOP.

When you told us that Raw was going to be in The Garden I just knew it was going to be a big one. That 6 man tag match that Bischoff and Foley just announced should be off the hook. I am also looking forward to how they’re going to convince RVD to sign with Raw. You really have some intriguing situations going on at this point.

Mr Kennedy gets a fairly big win over Kane as in BTB he is still a credible opponent. Anyway the exciting part of the main event came after the match when Taker pops out from nowhere and nails a Chokeslam. Quick query was there actually something at the top of the arena or was that just used as a distraction?

Vince McMahon is going to announce some things and WOW somebody is out to get Vinnie Mac. This is another interesting situation that I am sure we will hear more about in coming weeks.

Well KOP, you’re in full stride now I am really beginning to love this thread as business is picking up heading towards Summerslam. Unlike previous weeks where it has been all about the SS card you have now got some other interesting situations going as well. Can’t wait to see where you go from here, you know I will be reading.

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