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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Friday Night Smackdown – July 27, 2007
Save Mart Center – Fresno, California

Smackdown tonight kicks off with the video package highlighting last week’s events of Edge announcing he’s cashing in his rematch clause for SummerSlam against MVP for the World-Heavyweight Championship. The main event of Big Show vs. Finlay was shown with Christian interfering in the match and brawling with Finlay as Christian continues to become a thorn in the side of JBL it seems. Jeff Hardy being asked and accepting the invite to represent Smackdown in the Brand Supremacy Match is also shown as we get ready to kick off Smackdown. No opening video package plays as we open straight up with a big surprise.

Shortly after a worker is carrying a tape as he stops and knocks on the door of Smackdown GM JBL. JBL answers the door as the worker walks in with the package and introduces himself as a worker from the AmericanBank Center in Corpus Christi (where Shawn Michaels was attacked backstage) The worker hands JBL a tape explaining they just realized they caught the attacker on camera and that they’re really sorry it took this long. JBL bitches at the worker reminding him it’s been four weeks since they were in Corpus Christi. JBL kicks the worker out and tells Finlay (who was standing by) to go and look for someone to find Shawn Michaels, he’s got something he’s got to show him tonight!

The first match of the night is the former Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms in one on one action against Super Crazy (who he attacked last week during the WWE Tag Team title match) Super Crazy has his other fellow allies of the Mexicools in Juventud and Psicosis at ringside for the match but it was Helms that picked up the win after Helms shoved Super Crazy into Psicosis who was standing on the apron. Helms got ready to leave but the other Cruiserweights came out on the ramp (Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Funaki, and etc.) all ran out towards the ramp (due to Helms verbally attacking the Cruiserweight division for the past month) which forces Helms to run out of the arena through the crowd.

Jeff Hardy is interviewed next concerning the Brand Supremacy Match at SummerSlam and the fact that he has to face his brother for their respective General Manager’s jobs. Jeff says that despite the fact he’s wrestling against his brother, he’s got to win this match because he’s representing Smackdown. Jeff says he isn’t in this for JBL or anybody, he’s in it for Smackdown! The fans love this part as Jeff says that “I guess we’ll find out who’s the better Hardy” come SummerSlam as the Charismatic Enigma makes his way out of the scene.

Christian hosts a special edition of “The Peep Show” with a special guest tonight in the Big Show. Christian talks about how he’s been mistreated the past few months despite the fact that he’s done “just about everything” JBL had asked of him. Instead it turned out JBL was just using Edge and Christian and now he finally sees what really JBL wanted them for. Christian introduces his special guest the Big Show. Big Show talks about how “if he can’t be given a title shot now, he has to go out an earn one apparently.” Big Show and Christian both talk about how they both deserve title shots and all this before JBL interrupts them on the big titantron. JBL says Christian does have a point despite the fact that he hates Christian with a passion. JBL says that he’s noticed Christian and Big Show both don’t like Finlay (due to the constant fighting, etc. over the past few weeks and month) so he’s decided that he’s going to book them in a tag match for SummerSlam against Finlay and a returning superstar. Christian and Big Show look confused but JBL says they’ll find out the superstar next week.

The second match of the night is Kofi Kingston making his Smackdown debut tonight as he goes one on one with another Smackdown debutant in Chris Masters. Masters and Kingston wrestle a short seven minute match or so which sees Kingston pull out a surprise win after Masters missed an attempt to lock in the MasterLock as Kingston slid out underneath the arms of Masters and rolled up the Masterpiece for the victory. Kingston celebrated his win as the Masterpiece looked on angry in the ring.

A worker is shown backstage as he walks up the locker room of Shawn Michaels. The worker says that he’s got word that JBL has exclusive video on who attacked him last month. Michaels says he doesn’t believe JBL at all and he thinks it’s another set up so JBL can attack HBK AGAIN as Michaels is jumping straight to conclusions thinking that he was attacked by JBL and co. a month ago. HBK however reluctantly follows the worker as we head off to a break.

The third match of the night sees Charlie Haas take on Paul London tonight as Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright is at ringside to watch and the rival of London (Carlito) is sitting at ringside too. Carlito and Albright get into an argument with Carlito stating that he will be the next champion which distracts London as Carlito and Albright get into a fight as Haas quickly grabs London hitting a German Suplex before locking in the Haas of Pain for the victory. Finally Haas’s last few hard weeks ends with a victory as Haas yells at the top of lungs “No one can stop me”

The WWE Tag Team Champions Jesse and Festus are backstage as they happen to bump into John Morrison backstage. Morrison talks himself up about how he’s the “Guru of Greatness” and all the normal stuff Morrison says before he looks at Festus and slaps Festus right across the face! Of course Festus can’t feel anything but Jesse comes at Morrison. Jesse looks at Morrison as Morrison walks off in what was a rather short segment.

Shawn Michaels is shown walking into the office of JBL as JBL tells Michaels to sit down. JBL first off says that he did not do it. HBK says he does not believe that story and says he wants to see the video now. JBL asks HBK if he’s really ready for this and JBL pushes play on the remote. A video shot from the top corner of the locker room is shown as Michaels was standing up in the corner with his back facing the door as “THE NATURE BOY” RIC FLAIR was shown ambushing Michaels from behind. Flair hit HBK with a chop block before hitting Michaels in the back of the head repeatedly with brass knucks (knocking out HBK) and then flipped HBK over while he was unconscious to beat him in the face repeatedly. The camera switches over to Michaels’s face as HBK sits there thinking about it for a bit as HBK looks confused. He gets up asking where Flair is as clearly HBK is pissed but JBL tells Michaels that Flair is not here tonight! HBK says that next week he finds out really what made the true Ric Flair come back out again.

The main event goes on next as Edge and Jeff Hardy team together to take on MVP and Finlay in a rather good sixteen minute match or so. Edge has of course had his differences with MVP recently and Finlay in the past and Hardy is thrown in here to “test the waters” and see if Hardy really will represent Smackdown well at SummerSlam. The match goes for a while but it was finally the tandem of Edge and Hardy that picked up the big win after Edge speared Finlay down before Hardy dropkicked the World-Heavyweight Champion MVP off the apron before Edge covered Finlay for the victory. Edge and Hardy celebrated in the ring but Edge kept his eyes on MVP. Edge came out to the ring as MVP was mouthing off but big Ezekiel Jackson kept Edge away from MVP! Edge came charging at MVP but Ezekiel Jackson rared back and punched Edge hard in the head as Jackson did his job protecting MVP from Edge. MVP does a beat down on Edge on the walk way and after MVP gets done he throws up the 305 sign before Smackdown comes to a close.


WWE SummerSlam
August 26, 2007 - East Rutherford, New Jersey - IZOD Center
Official Theme Song: "Whine Up" by Kat Deluna

WWE Championship - Student vs. Teacher
Batista (c) vs. Triple H

Hell in a Cell - First HIAC in 19 Months
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

World-Heavyweight Championship
MVP (c) vs. Edge

Brand Supremacy Match - Losing Brand's GM Is Fired!
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Tag Team Match
Christian and Big Show vs. Finlay and Returning Superstar

Intercontinental Championship - Fatal 4 Way
Brent Albright (c) vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Charlie Haas
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