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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Took me a while to get back around to catching up with Raw...

So, the previously 'injured' Randy Orton opens the show, after costing Jericho last night. 'I've got my doctors note to prove it'. LOL. Sounded like a teenager there, with excuses full of bull. Decent enough promo from Orton, running through his injury problems and history with Jericho, and boy oh boy, I didnt expect to see HIAC!!! Wasnt keen on how Bischoff made the match official. The end of Ortons spiel made the match sound epic, but the way Bischoff announced the HIAC made it seem not that important. Heck of a way to open proceedings, with a major Summerslam announcement ... and I mean major. Already looking forward to that one (if the show is being written in full??)

Matt Hardy gets a no frills win over Santino, who was never going to end Hardys run. But the aftermath was interesting, with Benjamin and Burke coming after the US Champion. I guess now they are out of the running for the tag titles, The Gold Standards are making a beeline for Hardys gold. That has the potential for a great feud, with the Gold Standards both chasing the same singles gold.

Mar Henry is a useful guy to have around. Decent big guy that can pose a threat to anyone. Not sure about seeing him in a Raw main event mind, but it seems to be a trend for mid card guys to main event this show rather regularly recently.

Decent victory for the tag champions, and the young upstarts watching backstage would suggest the next port of call in the chase for the tag championships will be Priceless. Long term feud for the belts perhaps?? Should make for a decent feud, as the teams on Raw seem to be growing, with plenty of options to choose from. Priceless chasing for the belts should be good for the next month or two, but I see Punk and Kendrick getting a long run with the belts.

Some of Kenny's grammar seemed a bit hard to follow at points, at least what I was reading seemed hard to read, but it would appear Kenny will be passing a few weeks feuding with Cryme Tyme, probably just to get himself established on Raw, before moving onto a feud potentially with Matt Hardy, as IMO, if the push continues he'll be the heir apparant for the U.S title.

Batista promo started out really badly for my money. Talking about having a boring title run last time seemed odd, but it picked up big time from the mid way point, and by the time The Game made his entrance, you had me won back over, because it really got better and better, to the point where it was some of the best Batista mic work in many's a BTB. Things sure got personal with the introduction of Triple H ... and the inevitable showdown is on for Summerslam - and as of now, Summerslam is shaping up to be something special. Not a fan of Mick Foleys statement that feuds are going to be 'blown off' at Summerslam. That saying just doesnt fit for television purposes.

Jobber win for Kennedy, and I'm glad he got on the mic after, because he needed address his 'coming out' win over Cena at the Bash. So when he instantly starts a new feud (seemingly) with the Undertaker, I'm confused. Thought for sure that the Cena - Kennedy feud would have a lot more mileage in it, and it's a big disappointment that not only does it seem to be over, at least for now, but Kennedy barely made a big deal out of it. The biggest win of his career thus far, and he glossed over it. Disappointing, and there goes the ship sailing.

Kane gets promo time. Push for the Big Red Monster?? Lot's of guys seem to be on the up on Raw, but surely Kane wont be one of them??

New womens champ gets herself a decent win, but as Beth put it, it's not over yet. I'm hoping for an epic feud for the title between the two, spanning four-six months. They own the womens division, it's not a feud to be messed with!!!

My prediction comes true!!! Matt vs Jeff at Summerslam!!! ANOTHER huge contest signed for the biggest party of the summer, and that ought to be an epic. I can imagine both teaming up in the coming weeks, given Matts new feud seemingly against the Gold Standards. Plenty of avenues you can take this one. Great match choice, and Jeff being picked from SD suddenly makes sense.

Matt doesnt seem as keen as Eric though, but could be won around by the incentives on offer it seems. This is most definately going to be great television of the next few weeks with the conflicted Hardy Boys having to go against each other for the future of their brands.

Henry doesnt get beaten, so I'm assuming their are plans for him over the coming months. Jericho gets the DQ win, and I'm interested to see what the ramifications will be of him and Orton brawling through the crowd to end the show.

Hit and miss show on the promo front, but ultimately, excellent build up for Summerslam, and it's shaping up to be an epic event with five MAJOR matches already confirmed.
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