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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

I love seeing PPV events open up with a big match. Gets things rolling from the get go, and Kennedy vs. Cena in the first blood match is an awesome opener that I fully expect Kennedy to win, as losing this type of match doesn’t hurt Cena. Quite long for a first blood match, and I could imagine plenty of near calls with the use of the chair etc. Finish was interesting, with Kennedy going Psycho on Cena with the chain, busting him up big time. Cena will surely go for revenge on Kennedy and should get it at SummerSlam, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Cena was kept off TV for a week or two to sell the head injury. But the big story here … Kennedy just gate crashed the main event scene with this win.

Don’t see the big belt changing hands tonight.

No surprise to see Matt Hardy retain his title tonight given that Chavo was a late replacement for Santino. Time for big competition for Hardy methinks. Chavo and Marella just don’t cut the mustard as real challengers for Matts title.

Ladder match up next, and what a foursome of talent to compete in this one. Interference from Mack could well point towards the Gold Standards expanding into a bigger group. Ultimately, the run in was redundant as the champions keep the belts, and rightfully so after only a month with the titles. Twenty two minutes is phenomenal for a tag match, even with ladders involved. Would’ve liked a couple of spots to be described from the match though, that was a let down not to really get any.

Bit of promo time for Dykstra and Kelly. Good young couple to put together, and after a month or two of racking up wins, he could be a viable contender for Matt Hardys title.

With Bischoffs crazy mind for ideas, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to put Matt Hardy up against Jeff @ SummerSlam. That would be a cracking match choice, but I can see Foley having other ideas, and possibly a mini feud between both their picks to represent Raw.

Taker is a no show?? Interesting. Kane then steps in for him … BUT UNDERTAKER RETURNS!!! Brothers of Destruction reunion looks to be on, so who will Burchill align himself with to take them on?? Hopefully Burchill gets the rub in this feud, and doesn’t get buried. Even to ‘hang’ with Taker will help make him.

Bit of promo time for Triple H, but Batista is keeping the belt imo.

Hmm, Cena shouldn’t be at Raw tomorrow, but he might just show up if that promo is anything to go by.

Good to see a title change tonight, and Mickie taking the womens belt is awesome, and could well lead to a long term battle with Beth, and wouldn’t be surprised if the title traded back and forth over the next few months. Epic feud to come methinks.

Law of averages suggest Batista was going to get promo time. Time for talk is over now though…

And main event time…

Heck of a contest, nearly thirty minutes is epic for a PPV main event. Love the fact it went long, and a shocking return from Orton costs Jericho, and as expected, Batista retains the title. That’s two huge matches surely set up for Summer Slam (Batista vs. Hunter, Orton vs. Jericho), and the hottest event of the summer is hotting up big time on Raw, along with the inevitable Kennedy-Cena rematch.

Review for Raw to come tomorrow.
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