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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Raw Feedback

Hey KOP very nice opening promo if I was to be honest. Randy Orton back and wants Hell in a Cell is good however I felt there was no need for Jericho or Bischoff to come out. In my opinion that should have been just Ortonís time but instead you brought out Jericho and Bischoff and it took away from HIAC a little bit. Jericho should have played it up as something big.

Hardy over Marella and I prefer Marella for comedic value because I donít really like Matt Hardy but anyway. Best part was after the match when Elijah Burke and his side kick Shelton Benjamin came out and wrecked Hardy and Marella. Burke for US Champ please

Mark Henry was okay seemed very intense and he will get the victory tonight thanks to Orton right???

Punk and Kendrick continue to look the shit and Priceless are not in their league so donít even think about making them drop the titles to themÖ Okay?

Kenny and Cryme Tyme interaction was okay but it seemed you were trying to hard to make them funny and it kind of showed. Keep it simple, donít try and be to cheesy and you should be alright. Oh yeah and if Kenny does not defeat Cryme Tyme there will be dramas.

An okay promo between Batista and HHH. I love the way your going with their feud bringing back the old Evolution days and what not its very compelling. However just when you write your promoís watch how you word certain things I wonít pick out an example but there are certain parts in your promoís where you seem to put an extra little word where it is not needed and what not and it takes away from the effect of what is being said.

Kennedy with an easy win. Nothing but a filler but it was good because it gave Kennedy mic time. Kennedy/Undertaker feud would be off the hook however so would Burchill/Undertaker LOL I donít know exactly where youíre going with this story line but you have my attention

Kane turning heel right??? I hope so anyway maybe bring the mask back toÖ However this would have been better done if you made a video pop up on the titantron then having him just pop up randomly backstage. Tron video would have been more eerie and thatís what the Kane character needs IMO.

RVD I think will go to Smackdown because during his title reign he just about OWNED everybody on Raw.

Mickie James and Maryse FTW. Very happy with the result of this one for obvisou reasons. (Theyíre my two favorite Divas)

Love the fact that it will be Brother vs Brother at SS I actually predicted this on last weeks Raw I think and I am happy it came true it shall be awesome. I hope JBL gets fired and becomes an active wrestler again because Bischoff as GM equals severe OWNAGE.

This was always going to be the main event match because of Jericho being in the high profile feud he was in however it just does not seem like a main event match in my opinion. Jericho wins by DQ followed by a beat down. Beat down was predictable but needed to get Orton some heat.

Overall it was an okay show. Their were several things that I didnít like but the show as a whole was still quite good. I love this thread and I canít wait to see what comes next.

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