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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Monday Night Raw – July 23, 2007
Arco Arena – Sacramento, California

Raw kicks off tonight with a video package hyping the events of the Great American Bash. It first showcases the First Blood Match that showed Mr. Kennedy grab John Cena’s chain and attack Cena causing him to bleed. Next was the United States title match which Matt Hardy successfully retained his United States championship. The third match of the night was the World Tag Team Ladder Match which saw CM Punk and Brian Kendrick end their long feud with the Gold Standards after retaining their gold. Paul Burchill claiming he attacked Undertaker and Kane showing up for the match was shown. Kane and Undertaker’s eerie staredown was briefly shown before Mickie James winning her second Women’s Championship aired. Finally, the Triple Threat Match for the WWE title had the most clips in it but ended with Randy Orton RKO’ing Chris Jericho while Jericho had the Walls of Jericho locked in on Batista which allowed Batista to cover Jericho and retain the gold.

To Be Loved, the new music of Raw, by Papa Roach plays across the arena as the Raw video package airs before we cut into the arena. Many signs in the stands are shown as always before we head over to the commentators at ringside.

Jim Ross: Hello one and all and welcome to another exciting edition of Monday Night Raw! The Biggest Party of the Summer, SummerSlam, is only a little less than six weeks away and we’ll be finding out a lot tonight for what Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley have planned for Raw’s part at least at SummerSlam!

Jerry Lawler: There’s been many exciting and also yet strange things going on here on Raw but still we’ve got a lot to get to tonight. Matt Hardy will defend his United States title only twenty four hours after he retained it against Chavo Guerrero.

Jim Ross: Hardy’s definently going to have a big test against Raw’s newcomer and the undefeated Santino Marella but either way something tells me we might have a good match on our hands.

Jerry Lawler: Plus the big announcement of who’s going to represent Raw in the Brand Supremacy Match at SummerSlam will come later tonight but when? Well only Eric Bischoff knows the answer to that question!

Burn in my Light

Randy Orton makes his way down the entrance ramp for the first time in over a month in his first appearance on Raw since the “injury” he suffered in the Steel Cage Match. Orton walks down in his street clothes not really showing any emotions. Orton steps into the ring looking around the arena soaking in the heat from the fans as he stands for a moment and is handed a mic from the lovely Lilian Garcia at ringside.

Randy Orton: It seems that there’s been many people around here that have somewhat doubted that I was injured over the course of the past month.

The crowd turns to boos now as its clear Orton was playing off this injury.

Randy Orton: Many people think it was a cover up, just a plan for me to get out of action for a bit and well screw over Chris Jericho in the process. But that’s not what it was! No. I really was injured. I really was bruised and battered during the Steel Cage Match and I’ve got my doctor’s note to prove it but what happened over the course of that month can only be described in words by me!

Orton walks from side to side trying to think of what to say next.

Randy Orton: That night that I walked into that Steel Cage with Chris Jericho…I knew something wasn’t right. I knew I was putting not only my job but my career and even my life at risk. I knew by stepping into that cage that I could have my career cut short just like that (snaps his fingers) and well there wasn’t going to be much that I could do. But in a weird way, I felt like I was at home. I felt like I had control over Chris Jericho inside of that cage and that I had his career, life, and job plus his WWE title all in the palm of my hands! I felt like I could use him as a pawn in this game and well I failed! Not only did I fail in getting to the finish line but I failed and was injured in the process.

The fans seem confused with the way Orton is wording things but seem to understand a little bit of what he’s getting at.

Randy Orton: So as I sat back at home from late June until this past Saturday one day before the Great American Bash, I was in pain. I was stuck at home with nothing to do but watch Chris Jericho run crazy on Raw with the WWE championship. But I got my wish at Night of Champions when my former Evolution running buddy Batista defeated Chris Jericho in the Championship Scramble Match that I was supposed to be in! It was supposed to be ME that night but I didn’t get there because of my injury all thanks to Chris Jericho.

The fans start a chant for Jericho as Orton continues on ignoring them.

Randy Orton: But this past month that I had off gave me some time to recover. It gave me time to rest and truly and fully understand just what Chris Jericho had done to me. First off he robbed me of the WWE Championship back at WrestleMania! Then to make matters worse he injured me inside of the Steel Cage. That was the last straw and I did what I had to at the Great American Bash. They say the “third time is the charm” and well the third time that something happened between Jericho and myself, well it resulted in Jericho being laid out and no title for him.

The crowd boos as Orton stops.

Randy Orton: Really though over this time I developed a complete understanding about what happened in that steel cage though. As I mentioned earlier it felt like I was at “home” so to speak. So it gave me time to think about it and well I’ve decided that Chris Jericho, if we must end this war once and for all, we must do it in an appropriate way. We must do it in a place that makes sense and makes sure that neither one of us is the same again. We must do war in a place that ends careers, shortens life spans, and gives not one damn about what happens to you in there…

The crowd begins to understand where Orton is getting.

Randy Orton: Chris…at SummerSlam we must battle in Hell…

Orton pauses as the crowd has caught on.

Randy Orton: Hell in a Cell!

Break the Walls Down

The music of Chris Jericho plays across the arena as a battered and bruised Chris Jericho makes his way down the ramp clearly and visibly angry about losing in the Triple Threat Match last night at the Great American Bash. Jericho shows no emotions either as he stares down Orton his entire way down the ramp. It looks like Jericho is ready for a fight before the music of Eric Bischoff interrupts Jericho.

I’m Back

As mentioned Bischoff’s music cut Jericho off on his way down to the ramp as Bischoff starts yelling at Jericho to stop.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t you do it Jericho!

Jericho is standing on the outside of the ring ready to slide in and attack Bischoff as Jericho can be seen mouthing “he’s not injured” and stuff of that nature.

Eric Bischoff: Randy Orton is just coming off of an injury and I cannot have you trying to put him back on the shelf again. I cannot afford to lose another superstar especially considering that John Cena may be out for a month or so now. But the thing is Jericho you look angry and you have every right to be angry. But you shouldn’t be angry YET because I’ve got a proposition for you tonight.

Jericho grabs a mic from Lilian.

Chris Jericho: Would you please shut the hell up Bischoff? All you do is come out here and run your head and really nobody cares about the crap that spews from your mouth. Clearly I’m not in the mood for your “propo…”

Eric Bischoff: Oh really? Well see I was about to give you the night off after your hard fought match last night BUT…since you felt the need to get an attitude with me ; you will be in action tonight…you will be taking on the “World’s Strongest Man” and one of Raw’s newest superstars over from ECW in Mark Henry. He’s certainly not in a good mood and something tells me you might just fall prey to the “Silverback”

Chris Jericho: You son of a bi…

Eric Bischoff: Cut his mic off!

Bischoff cuts Jericho off at just the right time as Jericho starts mouthing at Bischoff. Jericho looks towards the ring as Orton stares him down.

Eric Bischoff: And Randy I seem to like your idea for SummerSlam. So it’s settled. Raw’s first match for the Biggest Party of the Summer has been signed. Randy Orton meets Chris Jericho inside of the Hell in a Cell! Now security, if I could have Mr. Jericho escorted to the back now to make sure there is no brawl of any type right now, I’d appreciate it.

Security comes down to escort Chris Jericho to the back as Randy Orton looks on with a smug look as Jericho is escorted to the back. Jericho stares up at the titantron that is focusing on Orton. Jericho stares at the titantron before he finally is gone from the scene.

***Commercial Break***

Match #1 – United States Championship – Singles Match
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Santino Marella

Hardy and Marella wrestle a decent match but Marella tries to avoid Hardy a lot during the match as it’s clear that Hardy was dominating the match pretty much from the get go. Marella though being undefeated (despite having wrestled few matches) put up a good fight but got caught towards the end by Hardy. Hardy kneed Marella in the face before following it up by a big Side Effect and then followed Marella up with the Twist of Fate getting the victory and retaining his title once more over the formerly undefeated “Italian Superstar” Santino Marella

Winner and STILL United States Champion – Matt Hardy

Hardy was handed his title he’s had for nearly six months as he held the title high in the air to celebrate. Hardy helped Santino back to his feet as Santino hung his head but Hardy gave a few words to Santino to cheer him up. Hardy was about to leave the ring whenever he was blasted from behind by Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke. Benjamin attacked Hardy going on the prowl as Burke threw Santino towards the outside. Burke and Benjamin both double teamed Hardy in the ring as Theodore Long yelled from the outside at Santino. Burke and Benjamin both stood over Hardy in the ring as the commentators are going crazy at ringside (as can be expected)

Jim Ross: What in the hell is going on around here? Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley need to get a bit more of control because we’ve been having a lot of these attacks and what not the past few weeks and quite frankly it’s getting ridiculous.

Jerry Lawler: For whatever reasons the Gold Standards have, they certainly did a number tonight here on Matt Hardy but I’ve got a feeling I know that Hardy has something that they want.

Jim Ross: Most likely it has a lot to do with the United States Championship but of course only one person can hold the title. It’s obvious two people can’t hold the title so really I want to know why a tag team wants to go after a singles title?

Jerry Lawler: Well that’s them JR! That’s their thinking so don’t ask me? Why don’t you go and ask Benjamin, Burke, and T-Lo themselves?

We’re sent backstage now to see Lena Yada standing by backstage with “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry

Lena Yada: Ladies and gentlemen at this time my guest making his return to Raw for the first time in three and a half years…Mark Henry!

The camera pans over to show the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry.

Lena Yada: Mark the last time you were on Raw you were injured in a match and well when you made your return you went to Smackdown. Just recently you were on ECW but due to the closing of that brand you never did get another shot at the ECW championship. What would you say is your first goal here on Raw?

Mark Henry: It’s simple. My first goal is the goal that I’ve been trying to achieve ever since last year’s SummerSlam where I fell short in the World-Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match. I had the match won. I had it won but no! I was screwed out of the title and well now that I’m back here on Raw things couldn’t look any better for the World’s Strongest Man.

Lena Yada: Mark, later on tonight you’ve got a match with Chris Jericho per orders of Eric Bischoff. Jericho certainly isn’t in a good mood so how are you looking forward to this match tonight?

Mark Henry: Do you really think someone with the name “The World’s Strongest Man” really gives a crap about Chris Jericho? As far as I’m concerned Chris Jericho is just another stepping stone on my way to the top of the Raw Jungle. Chris Jericho is just one more obstacle that is stopping me from getting to where I need to be and well, that’s at the top. That’s the WWE champion and it won’t be too long until the Silverback is sitting on the throne at the top of the pyramid as the WWE champion!

Lena Yada: Mark…

Mark Henry walks off with a purpose tonight as Raw heads to another commercial break.

**Commercial Break**

Match #2 – Tag Team Match – Non-Title Match
CM Punk and Brian Kendrick (c’s) vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Punk and Kendrick get a match tonight against former tag team champs in Cade and Murdoch who have a big opportunity tonight. Punk and Kendrick both dominated the match for a while but it was Cade and Murdoch’s turn towards the end. Cade and Murdoch came so close to ending the match and possibly earning a future title shot with the Sweet and Sour but Kendrick came in breaking it up with a dropkick to Murdoch. Punk fought off Cade (the legal man) as Kendrick hit a nice Plancha over the ropes onto Murdoch after he clotheslined Murdoch to the outside. Punk quickly dropped Cade with the GTS as Punk covered getting the win for the champs.

Winners – CM Punk and Brian Kendrick

We’re sent briefly backstage to see the duo of Priceless (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) watching the match with a rather interesting look on their faces.

Jim Ross: What a win tonight for the tag team champions but I’m wondering why Priceless was watching their match so intently?

Jerry Lawler: Let’s put two and two together JR. Priceless is the new tag team on the block, they’ve got a few victories, and now they feel they deserve the titles. Does that make any sense to an old fart like you?

Jim Ross: Watch it King! I had a feeling that’s what it was but you never know nowadays. They could be planning almost anything but certainly Punk and Kendrick have been on one heck of a roll recently with their tag titles they won last month at Night of Champions.

Jerry Lawler: They certainly have been and I must say that I am very looking forward to seeing who’s the next team to step up and try to take these titles away.

We go backstage after the break to see Kelly Kelly and Kenny Dykstra standing by in a corner.

Kenny Dykstra: Kelly I just wish everyone here on Raw knew how much I loved you…

Kelly Kelly: Trust me Kenny…I think they already know.

Kenny and Kelly get ready to share a kiss before Cryme Tyme walk by.

JTG: Yo…yo…yo….yo….yo!

Shad: YO!

Kenny looks stunned as he pulls back and looks at JTG and Shad.

JTG: Say guh….what you say about you giving us those tight pink panties you got on…

Kelly Kelly looks completely embarrassed as her g-string was showing! Kelly Kelly pushes it down as JTG and Shad both share a laugh.

Kenny Dykstra: Just who in the hell are you two?

JTG: Oh yeah…I’m JTG…and this is Shad.


JTG: And we’re Cryme Tyme!

JTG and Shad both do a nice handshake before they leap in the air and slap hands on the back of their palms.

Kenny Dykstra: What in the hell was that? Is that some kind of ghetto code for there’s drugs nearby or something?

JTG and Shad laugh as Kenny goes back to talking to Kelly Kelly but JTG and Shad both look at one another.

JTG: So you’re new from ECW right and well we got ourselves a special ECW merchandise sale. CHYEAH! Yo my boy Shad…show ‘dem what we got!

Shad whips out an ECW t-shirt that has a RIP covering the new ECW logo, a foam ECW championship belt, and the ECW Superstars t-shirt that has all of the superstars on it.

Shad: BAM!

JTG: ‘Dat’s right we got many…many exclusive things here from ECW and well we’re all going to sell them at half price. Hell we’ll even throw in your girlfriend but she sells herself already to many guys out there as it is for FREE.

Shad: DAMN!

Kenny Dykstra: Hey bud…do you realize just who you’re talking to?

Shad: J…isn’t that…wow that’s that cheerleader guy isn’t it? The one that wore those green pants with four other guys?

JTG: Damn…you sure?

Shad: Yeah it is!

Kenny Dykstra: Nice joke guys. We’ll see who’s laughing one day because I promise I will take care of this situation and prove just why I’m Raw’s newest and most valued commodity when I take you two “thugs” (sarcastically) down. Kelly, let’s go…

Kelly Kelly walks towards Kenny Dykstra as she gives the eye to Cryme Tyme as we head to another commercial break.

**Commercial Break**

I Walk Alone

The music of the WWE champion Batista hits across the arena as “The Animal” Batista makes his way down towards the ring. Batista carries his WWE title around his shoulder as he walks down the ramp in his dress clothes before getting into the ring. Batista throws the title over his other shoulder as he receives a mic from Lilian.

Batista: Last night I did what many people here said wasn’t going to happen at the Great American Bash and that was retain my WWE Championship. There was millions of people that went against me, that said I stood not one slim chance but I did it. I went in there and despite a little help from my former friend in Evolution in Randy Orton, I came out on top and that is why right now I’m standing here once again and STILL the WWE champion!

The crowd boos Batista as Batista holds the title high as the fans look on in disgust.

Batista: But you hear that same boring speech everytime someone either wins or retains a title. This isn’t the same boring title reign that I first had when I actually gave a damn about each and every one of you idiots back in 2005. No, now I could care less and look where it’s gotten me. To the top of the mountain! It’s immediately brought me back my title that I’ve been longing for over a year and it all came to fruition last month at Night of Champions.

Batista paces from side to side.

Batista: But once again you always hear the same thing over and over and over about how the champ went in and came out victorious and so on. But anyways for the past few weeks I’ve challenged Triple H to finally get back with me and give me an answer as to why it seems he’s failed ever since Evolution disbanded? Why it is that he just can’t seem to get over the tip of the iceberg? Why it’s the fact that he clearly hasn’t done a damn thing since I drove him through that table and ended Evolution right here on Raw over two years ago!

The crowd boos recalling that historic moment on Raw prior to WrestleMania 21.

Batista: It’s clear that I was the muscles of Evolution (flexing his muscles) but apparently I WAS EVOLUTION! Randy can make his claims as can Ric to some degree but I am pretty much what made that group. I am what kept the group together despite all the times that everybody argued which nobody here would see when the camera was off. I am the man that single handedly held perhaps one of the most dominant factions in professional wrestling history and I was a “nobody” then.

Batista takes off his sunglasses as he puts them in his pocket.

Batista: At least that’s what Hunter wanted me to think; that I was a nobody. But I showed him that I was “somebody” when I beat his ass THREE times in a row. Once at WrestleMania, once at Backlash, then finally at Vengeance! I bested the Game three times in a row and I shut up Hunter once and for all, well I thought so at least…

Batista walks from side to side as he continues speaking.

Batista: Now Hunter wants to come back around here running his mouth about how he’s the best, about how he’s a 10 time champion, and well I look at it this way. That’s just ten times that he’s already lost the championship that he had to earn. I’m a 2-time champion but when I held this title, I made damn sure people knew I had a World title. My first reign lasted nine months and my second one’s only started a month ago but I’m looking to make this one go the distance.

The crowd boos Batista as he’s clearly irritating the fans now.

Batista: It just seems Hunter can’t get over the fact that without me…he’s NOTHING…

Time to Play the Game

With that; the music of Triple H hits across the Arco Arena as 10-time World Champion Triple H makes his way down to the ramp. Triple H is sporting his new shirt as he walks down the ramp rather pissed about what occurred at the ‘Bash. Triple H steps into the ring taking his eyes off Batista only to walk up the steps as he walks over and is handed a mic. A big Triple H chant breaks out as it’s clear the Game is hear and ready to speak his thoughts on Batista.

Triple H: Dave, I’ve heard enough. I listened to your entire speech about how you were Evolution, you beat me three times, I’m nothing, blah, blah, blah and quite frankly…nobody cares what comes out of your mouth really.

The crowd laughs at the comments as Triple H remains serious.

Triple H: You sit here and talk all this crap when really you don’t have anything to back it up? Oh sure you’ve held the World title twice, well first off let me congratulate you on that and secondly let me say that I don’t give a damn! You see in this business it doesn’t matter how long your on top but really that you’ve been on top. You’ve certainly earned the respect of many superstars here on Raw and on Smackdown but one person that doesn’t respect you is ME.

The crowd “Oooo’s” as Batista comes a bit closer to Triple H.

Batista: See there you go again Hunter. You talk all of this crap but do I need to remind you of what you’ve done in the past few years since Evolution ended. Let’s see. You know about your three losses to me already and well you had your head stuck up your father-in-law’s ass pretty much all of 2006 and I’m trying to recall your title wins and I just can’t do it? Oh wait. That’s because you blew each and every one of the title shots you had and really, it wasn’t that many to begin with anyways!

Batista and Triple H get a bit closer as Triple H mouths something to Batista.

Triple H: All this crap about being “Evolution” and all that doesn’t matter because I blame myself every day for creating Evolution. I blame myself for making your head so big that you actually think you are one of the best champions this company has seen when in reality you’re not…

Triple H and Batista continue to trade “blows to the ego” as it might not end.

Triple H: Oh and Dave do I need to remind you of the fact that you wouldn’t be here right now at all if I didn’t “hand pick” you out of all of the Raw superstars back then. Do I n…

Batista: You didn’t do a thing for me Hunter. I did everything for MYSELF. I learned from Day One that everyone is in this business for themselves and that you really don’t have any friends. I remember what we did to Randy after he won the title and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let you do that to me when I finally won the title so I had to take action…that’s why I took you out.

The crowd boos Batista (despite him having been the face whenever he attacked Triple H in 2005, and now he’s the heel)

Triple H: I’ll tell you right now had Randy not interfered Sunday I’d be WWE champion right now. I had the title won. I had it right there in my grasp but no. But it’s okay because I have a feeling it won’t be too long until you see the Game on top as WWE Champion for the ELEVENTH TIME!

Suddenly Mick Foley is shown on the titantron.

Mick Foley: Gentlemen if you’d please stop the arguing I’ll go ahead and announce that the other co-General Manager in Eric Bischoff and myself have agreed upon a very important matter.

The crowd pops wondering what Foley is talking about.

Mick Foley: Due to Eric being busy with the Brand Supremacy Match plans, he has allowed me to announce that this war will finally end at SummerSlam. It seems very fitting because many feuds are going to be “blown off” at SummerSlam and well there’s nothing bigger than having a match such as Triple H vs. Batista for the WWE Championship at the Biggest Party of the Summer!

The crowd goes nuts for the announcement of the big title match as Triple H grins with Batista looking pissed.

Mick Foley: Now gentlemen if you will…we have a show to continue on.

Triple H continues grinning at Batista as Batista does look still pissed that he has a big title match at SummerSlam against his former “teacher” in Triple H. Triple H leaves the ring first backing up the ramp as Batista is left standing in the ring.

Jim Ross: OH MY GAWD! SummerSlam is getting even bigger and bigger! So many matches are set for the Biggest Party of the Summer! First off Randy Orton is meeting Chris Jericho in Hell in a Cell and now this?

Jerry Lawler: Indeed. It’s been over two years since Batista has met Triple H one on one and I am very much looking forward to these two hooking up once again.

Jim Ross: I just can’t believe it King. We’ve waited a while to find out who truly was Evolution so to speak and now we’ll find out come SummerSlam! It’s going to be one hell of a party that is for sure and with more matches to come!

Jerry Lawler: I’m just as much excited as you are JR! I have a feeling we’re looking at one of the biggest SummerSlam’s in history JR!

**Commercial Break**

Match #3 – Singles Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. Tommy Dreamer

Mr. Kennedy meets ECW Original Tommy Dreamer tonight as Kennedy makes rather quick work of Dreamer. Dreamer really never stood much of a chance from the word go but he did put up a decent fight. However it was the rather impressive Mr. Kennedy that was able to earn the victory after he first nailed Dreamer with a nice kick to the face knocking Dreamer down onto the mat before Kennedy quickly capitalized by following up the kick to the face and then proceeded to hit the Mic Check to get the victory over one of Raw’s newest superstars via the ECW Draft.

Winner – Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy points to the rafters as Turn up the Treble hits but he grabs his mic which came down from the rafters.

Mr. Kennedy: STOP THE MUSIC.

Mr. Kennedy looks around the arena as he holds his mic in his hand.

Mr. Kennedy: Just last night I was able to beat “your hero” John Cena in the First Blood Match and I bloodied him so bad that he couldn’t be here at Raw tonight. Now I’m trying not to break down right now because John Cena not being here truly is…well it’s sad.

The crowd boos as Kennedy’s sarcasm is easy to see through.

Mr. Kennedy: But what stunned me was that somebody…somebody tried to steal my thunder last night. A certain someone felt the need to make their so called “awaited return” to Raw when really there’s not one fan that even cares about him.

The crowd boos Kennedy as it’s clear Kennedy is calling out the Deadman.

Mr. Kennedy: I’m talking about your “Mr. Deadman” The Undertaker!

The crowd pops loudly at the mention of the Undertaker’s name.

Mr. Kennedy: Not only that stunned me but the fact that your brother Kane felt the need to attack Paul Burchill and get into a match with Burchill taking your place in the match? Now that sounds like a coward to me Undertaker…getting your brother to take your place in a match.

The crowd boos Mr. Kennedy as the brash and arrogant Kennedy continues the trash talking.

Mr. Kennedy: But let me be the first one to say that it wasn’t Paul Burchill that “did it.” No that’s just a cover up, a publicity stunt for Burchill to get attention. If you really want to know who “did it” Undertaker…there’s many people that it could be, hell it might even be your brother Kane. But really if you want to know who did it; look no further than me…MISTER KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY………..

Kennedy shows a smile on his face as he climbs the turnbuckles.


Mr. Kennedy throws the microphone into the air as he makes his way out of the arena with the commentators beginning to discuss what Kennedy is talking about.

Jim Ross: Well this thing that Kennedy “supposedly did” if you all are unaware is “he supposedly attacked Undertaker” backstage after a show. Nobody was aware of this incident until the Undertaker wasn’t seen for months and well ever since then we’ve had countless superstars such as Paul Burchill and Mr. Kennedy claim they were the ones who attacked him.

Jerry Lawler: I like Kennedy but I don’t think he’s crazy enough to try and mess with someone like the Deadman. I mean Kennedy is a crazy guy but this crazy? I don’t think so.

Jim Ross: I’m just curious to see who it really was King. I mean this has been going on for almost a month or so with people claiming they’ve done it. Who’s next? You.

Jerry Lawler: Oh I assure you I sure as hell didn’t attack the Undertaker. That’d be like writing my own death note right now.

We’re sent backstage to see Santino Marella holding an ice patch over the back of his neck.

Santino Marella: AH! (Yelling as the doctor slaps him on his back.)

Doctor: Oh I’m sorry Santino…

Santino Marella: Sona’magun!

Santino makes his way out of the Doctor’s office in the back as he walks out before he bumps into Kane backstage!

Santino Marella: MAMA MIA!

Santino looks up shrieking at the massive size of Kane as he’s never ran into someone this big. Kane starts a rather creepy laugh as Santino walks off shrieking.

Santino Marella: That isa’ one biga’ monster.

Santino runs off as Kane is seen laughing as the camera pans over to Kane.

Kane: Soon….the wrath will be felt…the pain will be returned….and finally I will have my revenge. Soon….I show everyone just who I am.

The crowd looks confused as the words of Kane as we now head to another commercial break after that rather small but yet eerie segment we just witnessed.

**Commercial Break**

A video package suddenly starts to play as the familiar music of one, Rob Van Dam plays a loud as clips of RVD doing many kicks is shown.

Narrator: Last month Rob Van Dam was suspended from ECW only to see his “home” come crashing down on him with ECW’s closure. Now that ECW’s gone…RVD has no new home.

RVD capturing the ECW Championship at WrestleMania 23 earlier this year is shown in his victory over Mr. Kennedy.

Narrator: But that all changes at SummerSlam…

The SummerSlam logo comes up on the screen as the logo blows in from the ocean.

Narrator: The former WWE and ECW Champion RVD chooses either Raw or Smackdown…August 26th…at the Biggest Party of the Summer!

The short video closes out with RVD doing many more of his roundhouse kicks, etc. that he is trademark for doing. The video closes with Van Dam having his arms crossed staring into the camera as we head over to the ringside commentators.

Jim Ross: Oh my King! What a treat it would be to have Mr. Van Dam back here on Raw. I’m hoping that he does what is best for him and that is come back to the brand he was on before he was drafted to ECW earlier this year!

Jerry Lawler: He certainly is an unpredictable fellow but common sense would say come back to the top brand. But then again after being banged in the head with trash cans and steel chairs for years I don’t think RVD even knows what common sense is!

Jim Ross: Oh stop it King! Well we’ve still got one big main event set to go on in Chris Jericho taking on Mark Henry but as for right now it’s time for a little bit of divas action King! I know you’re looking forward to this.

Jerry Lawler: The New Women’s Champion Mickie James in action! Of course I’m looking forward to this JR!

Match #4 – Tag Team Match
Mickie James and Maryse vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina

We get a rather decent tag team match with one of Raw’s newest divas in former interviewer Maryse stepping into the ring. Maryse doesn’t actually wrestle much leaving that to the Women’s Champion, Mickie James, to do for her team. But mainly Mickie never stood much of a chance to tag back in due to Melina and Beth constantly double teaming her. Mickie finally did get the hot tag to Maryse who knocked Melina down but ran right into Beth Phoenix (who was the legal person at the time) Phoenix went to take down Maryse with a huge powerslam but Mickie chopblocked Phoenix from behind as Beth fell down onto the mat. Maryse and Phoenix both eventually made tags bringing in Mickie and Melina as Mickie caught Melina off guard hitting a nice Mick DDT before finishing off Melina with the Mick Kick for the victory!

Winners – Mickie James and Maryse

The Women’s Champion grabs her title as Mickie and Maryse both celebrate the big tag team victory. Beth points to Mickie’s title saying “it’s not over yet hun” as Mickie continues celebrating trying not to let Beth put a damper on her festivities. Shortly afterwards the camera cut away from the divas celebrating as we’re sent backstage to see Eric Bischoff in his office having many of the Raw superstars gathered in there apparently for the announcement of the Brand Supremacy Match.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen, gentlemen if you’d please shut the door we can get these few big announcements out of the way!

Bischoff points to the back where many jobbers are standing as Val Venis and the Miz both shut the door as the meeting is beginning.

Eric Bischoff: Now I’ve looked over the roster for the past few weeks and many times there’s been a lot of different people that were considered for this spot. I’ve considered people such as Triple H (the crowd pops loudly as Triple H looks on smiling) but due to him being in the WWE title match of course he cannot wrestle in the Brand Supremacy Match as well.

The crowd suddenly boos Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve considered John Cena but due to his injury he will not be with us until after SummerSlam is what seems to be the news.

The crowd boos Cena missing as they wanted Cena still here.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve even thought about putting Mr. Kennedy, The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, hell even the WWE Champion Batista in there…but it struck me….

The Raw superstars are on the edge of their seats (well actually not because they’re standing) but anyways…

Eric Bischoff: When Smackdown’s General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield announced who his representative was going to be in Jeff Hardy, it was a no brainer who it was going to be for Raw. It was going to be the person that knows Jeff better than anyone here. The person that knows Jeff inside and out and the person that knows Jeff WILL NOT win at SummerSlam. It’s the person that will be responsible for the firing of John Bradshaw Layfield….so please welcome our Raw representative for SummerSlam’s Brand Supremacy Match…

The Raw superstars look around for the person who’s being announced.

Eric Bischoff: The United States Champion….Matt Hardy!!!

Bischoff and his co-GM Mick Foley are clapping as Matt Hardy walks up towards the office rather confused and shocked.

Eric Bischoff: Now the rest of you are dismissed….Matt stay here please.

Eric Bischoff: First off congratulations Matt and it’s clear that Mick and myself have thought something about you for you to even be considered for this spot.

Matt Hardy: Listen Eric thanks but I’m not so sure about going against my brother and all that to save your job. I mean it’s gr…

Eric Bischoff: Matt, trust me on this one. I have a feeling you’re not only going to win this for Raw but you’re going to win this for yourself. You don’t want to have to hear from your brother Jeff that you blew the match and got your General Manager fired now do you?

Matt Hardy: Well….no.

Eric Bischoff: Ok then, just go home and sleep over it. You’ve got five weeks left until SummerSlam and that’s just five more weeks that might be my last weeks but with you in the match, I know that my job is safely secured.

Bischoff shows a smile as Hardy looks down at his title.

Matt Hardy: Well…ok I gu…

Eric Bischoff: Matt if you win this for me, I promise there will be many and I mean many future “presents” for you in the future.

Hardy looks at Bischoff pondering just what Bischoff means by “presents” as Hardy makes his way out of the office still a little shocked but somewhat excited as well that he gets to represent the Raw brand at SummerSlam.

Jim Ross: What a bombshell King! I think this Brand Supremacy Match has gotten just a bit more personal now with this sibling rivalry about to kick off. I think Bischoff knew all along he was going to pick Hardy for this.

Jerry Lawler: I think he did too King. The fact that he’s putting Matt into this situation which it seems Matt is VERY uncomfortable definitely sounds like something Bischoff would do.

Jim Ross: Well either way Matt Hardy will meet Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam in the Brand Supremacy Match and if Jeff wins, then Eric Bischoff will be fired but if Matt wins; then JBL will be fired from his Smackdown GM job.

Jerry Lawler: Plus over on the Smackdown side, a Fatal 4 Way for the Intercontinental title was announced as the young champion Brent Albright puts his title on the line against three of the hottest and upcoming superstars on Smackdown in Carlito, Charlie Haas, and Paul London! What a match that is going to be over on Smackdown.

Jim Ross: Smackdown also has the rather confusing World-Heavyweight title match that pits the new champion in MVP who cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase that wasn’t even his to start with against the former champion at the time in Edge. Now MVP meets Edge at SummerSlam with the gold on the line but there’s a lot of bad blood there now in that situation.

Jerry Lawler: And over here on the Raw side of things we’ve got two huge matches announced earlier tonight with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton finally engaging in war for the final time as they will meet one another in the unforgiving structure that is known as Hell in a Cell. They both will enter but the question is will they exit the same as they entered? Most likely not!

Jim Ross: And the main event will pit “Student vs. Teacher” as the WWE Champion Batista puts the gold on the line against his former Evolution mentor in Triple H! The match we’ve been waiting for all summer will finally take place with two of Raw’s biggest superstars clashing in what promises to be one hell of a hard hitting match!

Jerry Lawler: SummerSlam is going to be one of the biggest Pay-Per-View’s of the year and you don’t want to miss it! Call your local cable provider to order SummerSlam early because you don’t want to be left out of the Biggest Party of the Summer!

We’re sent backstage to see Chris Jericho and Mark Henry both in split screens making their way towards the arena for the main event.

Jim Ross: When we come back, Chris Jericho meets Mark Henry one on one and that’s NEXT!

**Commercial Break**

Match #5 – Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry

The match goes about nine or ten minutes as it really was nothing pretty because it seemed Henry dominated the match most of the time. Randy Orton was sitting over on commentary watching the match pretty much the entire time and really not taking his focus off of Jericho. Henry had Jericho locked in a Bearhug and it seemed the match was nearing the conclusion as Jericho had no chance of getting out but somehow Jericho fought back as he regained his footing. Jericho fought back as he got Henry down to one knee with a nice dropkick before Jericho went to run off the ropes but Randy Orton threw down his headphones and ran over tripping Jericho up as the referee had no choice but to give the victory to Jericho via disqualification.

Winner via DQ – Chris Jericho

Orton pounces on Jericho in the ring as the two are rolling around hitting one another as both men need to be restrained. Mark Henry makes his way out of the ring as he really has nothing to do with this at all. Orton and Jericho both brawl to the outside and make their way into the crowd. Bischoff and Foley are nowhere to be seen as these two are shown battling throughout the arena as Raw comes to a close with all hell breaking loose.


WWE SummerSlam
August 26, 2007 - East Rutherford, New Jersey - IZOD Center
Official Theme Song: "Whine Up" by Kat Deluna

WWE Championship - Student vs. Teacher
Batista (c) vs. Triple H

Hell in a Cell - First HIAC in 19 Months
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

World-Heavyweight Championship
MVP (c) vs. Edge

Brand Supremacy Match - Losing Brand's GM Is Fired!
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

Intercontinental Championship - Fatal 4 Way
Brent Albright (c) vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Charlie Haas

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