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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW Feedback

Lashley pretty comfortable victory over Masters is the right way to go if you ask me. Build Lashley some momentum donít just throw him straight into the title situation Then Khali interrupts and says he has to earn his way up which is good I see Lashley maybe having to wait a month or two for a title shot and it is the right way to go mate

Kane for ECW Champion would be good but I donít think its happening

Test over Eugene every day of the week. I really enjoy Test and I believe if used correctly he could be something big

Noble will make a challenge next week and someone will rock up and kick his ass and start some kind of rivalry or something.

Eric Escobar as in Eric Perez right??? Either way good to see your bringing in some new talent.

Smart for Kenny and Kelly to go over here as they are staying together there would have been no point making them lose to two people who are breaking up after the match regardless.

Nice Mark Henry promo he does not seem happy with Kane. They have eventually got to meet up everyone knows it but it is going to be one hell of an ugly match. Kane can not move anymore and Henry never could

Heyman to announce who will challenge Khali at Summerslam. However I was just thinking and the way things are going I could maybe see an Extreme Elimination Chamber coming to Summerslam. I sure hope so it would be off the hook and would hide some of the big guys who canít do much

Regal over Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match was a bit of a shock to be honest. Just I donít really see Regal as a hardcore wrestler unless I missed something so I expected Dreamer to go over. However in the long run Regal probably is the better choice as he is more flexible for future story lines

Overall ECW was nice everything seemed to be well placed there was nothing in the show that I really had a problem with. Sorry this review is so short but I found it hard to comment on because there was nothing wrong. So good effort here mate I really liked it


Smackdown Feedback

Geez nice video package to start the show keeping me up to date and I could be wrong but DAMN this show really looks like it has a lot more going on than your other two at the moment. LOL no offence

Okay before I even start reading the promo I just wanted to let you know that MVP AS CHAMNPIONS Is fucking sick I love MVP this is a great choice. Jesus push please I want a year long title reign Anyway now to the actual promo. Nice MVP doing his typical talking himself up routine and I must say I loved every second of it you had his character down and was great. I thought it was good also how he talked tough but when Edge came out he straight away called for Ezekiel. JBL coming out and getting Edge kicked out was also nice and at the moment this night can not get any better for MVP. Nice promo overall I loved every minute of it as you can tell by all the praise I agve you

Albright over Carly equals it is okay I guess but yeah nothing to special just a way to keep the champ looking strong. Nice to see London getting in Carlyís way and OMG Haas cutting a promo I donít know about that one

Mr McMahon is in the house and please do not make JBL get the sackÖYet

John Morrison Push thank you very much

Christian having a tough time with Marcus is good as I believe Marcus is a great talent so good on you for making him be competitive. However I believe Christian was always getting the win. Christian announces that JBL will get paid back. Does Christian have a plan

Gregory Helms throwing Cruiserweight Title is pure controversy This is what I want to see and I wonder what he did to the belt. All I know is Helms is eventually going to get what is coming to him.

I wonder who attacked HBK. I think it may be Flair I believe you are trying to throw us a swerve and I picked up on it I am probably wrong though

Helms over Roy all the time. See Helms should not complain Rory is not a Cruiserweight he is just a jobber

Jesse and Festus as tag champs is a good idea they are quite entertaining at times. Match with the Mexicools will be pretty awesome. Jesse and Festus can not lose though.

Big Show did not seem very happy and wants to continue his hunt for the title and I am loving the title scene her eon Smackdown MVP really does have to watch his back. But then again he has Ezekiel

Nice to see Carlito get a bit of revenge on London however then Hardy wrecked him anyway. Carly over London okay mate

Mr McMahon promo and at first I was worried I thought MVP was losing the title but guess again the title is still BALLIN Then typical McMahon shit really bullying JBL and JBL could be in trouble and out of a job as what superstar is going to stick up for him the only one I can think of who likes him at the moment is Finlay.

Overall mate Smackdown was even better than ECW. I have now reviewed one of each of your shows and I must say Smackdown is by far my favorite. Keep up the good work and I may review more Nah just shitting with you I am going to review for sure but yeah keep up the good work KOP

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