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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW on Sci-Fi – July 10, 2007
New Orleans Arena – New Orleans, Louisiana

A video package showing the events that transpired after the main event squash is shown with Bobby Lashley coming through the crowd entrance and spearing the ECW Champion The Great Khali down to the mat. Kane and Mark Henry brawling is also shown with ECW on Sci-Fi last week ending in total chaos. Joey Styles and Tazz hype up tonight’s ECW on Sci-Fi which will feature an Extreme Rules Match between Tommy Dreamer and William Regal, Eugene in action against Test, the mixed tag team match with Kofi Kingston and Ashley teaming up to take on Kenny Dykstra and Kelly Kelly and right now the in-ring return of Bobby Lashley!

Bobby Lashley makes his way down to the ring ready for action tonight as he’s set to take on “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters one on one. Lashley and Masters wrestle a decent seven or eight minute match with Masters getting a decent amount of offense in but it was Lashley that came through in the end fighting back against Masters and hitting him with a hard shoulder block before taking over with a big power slam followed by the Dominator for the victory! Lashley was handed a mic after the match and said that it was great to be back and that he couldn’t just let the Great Khali wreck havoc on the superstars of ECW. Lashley said it’s been tough being away these past seven months but he’s back and better than ever! Lashley calls out the Great Khali to which Khali and his manager Ranjin Singh appear at the crowd entrance set up. Singh says that Khali was blindsided last week and that he’s not going to fall for that this week. Singh says that if Lashley wants Khali’s ECW title that he is going to have to earn his way to the title. And with so many challengers lining up including Kane and Mark Henry, Lashley’s chances just don’t look so good.

Kane is shown backstage in a dark and secluded area speaking to himself saying “The ECW title is mine…I want it!” as the camera leaves Kane to continue talking to himself.

Back from the break Eugene is in the ring ready for the big “Test” that he is about to receive due to last week’s backstage meeting. Test, as you can imagine, runs right through Eugene as Eugene was cuddled up with fear in the corner before Test hit him with the Big Boot to finish him off! Test along with Big Daddy V, Striker, and Michelle McCool all show their dominance as they are the ones left standing in the ring with Eugene down in the corner.

Jamie Noble is shown backstage bragging to a stagehand about his big win over an ECW Original in “The Sandman” last week. Noble then tells the stagehand that next week he is challenging another ECW Original to a match where he personally guarantees he will defeat this superstar. Noble walks off showing his cockiness.

A video plays hyping the tough lifestyle of a Puerto Rican superstar that is soon to be coming to ECW via the NTI (New Talent Initiative) and he goes by the name of Eric Escobar. Escobar is shown carrying the Puerto Rican flag on his back through the streets before he says in Spanish “¡Estoy aquí y soy mi tiempo ahora!” which means I’m here and it’s my time now. Escobar walks off with the sun shining down on the Puerto Rican flag as the video package ends.

Tag team action ensues next as we’ve got the blow off match in the long feud with Kenny Dykstra and Kelly Kelly teaming up to take on Kofi Kingston and Ashley Massaro. The tag match goes a decent bit of time with Kenny and Kofi fighting it out but it mainly turned ugly when the divas got into it. Kelly Kelly and Ashley rolled around the ring slapping one another as Kenny ran over knocking Kofi off the ropes as they brawled on the outside. Ashley went for a clothesline on Kelly Kelly but Kelly moved and then quickly hit the K2 on Ashley before covering. Kenny helped his girlfriend Kelly Kelly up the ramp as Ashley was left in the ring. Kofi went in to check on her and then Kofi and Ashley said their “goodbyes” as they are no longer going to be appearing with one another on ECW (due to the storyline ending of course)

Mark Henry is interviewed backstage concerning his problems he’s had with Kane over the past few months. Henry dismisses Kane as a problem and says he’s just another obstacle in the road to seeing Mark Henry as the next ECW Champion. The World’s Strongest Man then says the time is getting oh so near until finally ECW gets a champion that is actually worthy of carrying the title around with him. Henry says that he’s that man and then respect will finally be his.

ECW GM Paul Heyman is backstage briefly talking to Ranjin Singh backstage as the Great Khali stands by. Heyman and Singh discuss what is going to occur of the ECW title situation before Heyman says that he’s got a great idea! Heyman says he’s thought long and hard about it and well he’ll make his announcement next week as to who will challenge for the title come SummerSlam in just seven short weeks. Singh shakes hands with Heyman before Singh and Khali walk off.

William Regal and Tommy Dreamer both wrestle in the main event tonight in an Extreme Rules Match. Regal and Dreamer have had a mini-feud the past few weeks stemming from a big tag team match a few weeks ago but regardless Dreamer and Regal put on a decent hardcore match. Dreamer pulled out all the stops being an ECW original from using the trash can, the steel chair, even a camera tripod leg! Dreamer hit Regal across the back numerous times with the camera tripod leg before grabbing a Singapore cane! Dreamer struck Regal across the back forcing blood to come out but Regal showed no quit inside of him. The Brit fought back hitting Dreamer in the stomach repeatedly before striking Dreamer in the head with a big knee! Regal quickly walked over grabbing the Singapore cane striking Dreamer for revenge before he charged across the ring and hit the Running Knee Lift to put Dreamer away for the victory to end ECW.


Friday Night Smackdown – July 13, 2007
New Orleans Arena – New Orleans, Louisiana

Smackdown opens tonight with a video package showing Edge meeting Christian, JBL, and Finlay last week backstage confused about what happened in the Finlay-Big Show match two weeks ago. Highlights are shown of that match where Finlay had the chance to blast Big Show with the shillelagh but stopped and let Big Show Chokeslam him to earn the number one contender ship for the next week. The next thing shown is the Edge/Big Show match where Edge retained the title successfully before meeting JBL backstage once again where JBL announced a big celebration tonight for Edge! The celebration is shown with Edge and JBL bickering before Christian stuck his nose into it and got kicked out! Shortly after Edge speared JBL before Edge then took out Finlay. Edge was getting ready to leave before MVP attacked him with the Money in the Bank briefcase and then cashed it in (despite not being the MITB Holder) and well all chaos broke out as MVP was proclaimed the new World-Heavyweight Champion!

Smackdown kicks off tonight with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews announcing that later tonight the Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon will be here to talk about last week’s controversial ending where MVP was proclaimed the new champion. But to kick off tonight, MVP is going to debut his new talk show, the VIP Lounge and he’s going to have a special guest.

I’m Comin… hits across the arena as The NEW World-Heavyweight Champion, MVP, makes his way down to the ring with his inflatable entrance and all in grand fashion. MVP’s got all of the hot girls from New Orleans in the ring tonight as it’s a big party going down. MVP walks past the bodyguard who hooks the latch back on the entrance rope before MVP walks in the ring with his newly won prize around his shoulder. MVP picks up a microphone as all eyes turn to him.

MVP: Ladies and gentlemen stand up and recognize greatness because you are looking at one of the greatest and most talented World-Heavyweight Champions that this business has ever seen!

The crowd goes nuts booing MVP as he simply shows a smile.

MVP: Say what you want. I did what was necessary and that was to steal the briefcase from Rey Mysterio when he wasn’t looking. Rey never had a guaranteed title shot as far as I was concerned. It just meant that he had to protect that briefcase and he didn’t do that. So I went in for the kill, knocked Rey out of the scene for a few months at least, and then came out here and knocked Edge out and BAM! NEW WORLD-HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! BABY!

MVP laughs as the girls all in the ring are laughing too.

MVP: Now you ask…MVP how did you get the briefcase? Well I heard there was some footage shown but what wasn’t shown was the fact that I had a referee with myself and I did pin Rey Mysterio backstage. I had a guaranteed match in my contract stating that since I pinned Rey Mysterio two weeks ago on Smackdown that I would have a match with Rey. That contract never stated it had to be in the ring and well, let’s just say I had a chance to strike gold and I did just that…

MVP slaps his newly won prize adjusting it over his shoulder as the fans really are getting tired already of the new champion’s arrogance!

MVP: Say what you want but I am ratings. I am the reason you all are here tonight and I am the reason that we’re in New Orleans tonight about to throw a party just like you’ve got parties at Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street. But I’m MVP! And I know how to party. So really you haven’t seen a party yet…

MVP walks over popping the champagne bottle as he pours some champagne for the ladies.

MVP: Big things poppin’ ladies….and little things stoppin’ here on the VIP Lounge.

MVP hands out glasses of champagne as he continues speaking.

MVP: I’ve risen to the top quicker than any WWE superstar has before. Very few superstars come in and win a title within their first year here in the WWE but that’s just why I am one of the top and hottest things going here on Friday nights. Nowhere else do you get entertainment, a big party, and a damn good looking man like me on Friday nights? Now I know that this is the debut episode of the VIP Lounge and I thought hard about a guest but well couldn’t come up with a better guest than myself…the NEW World-Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd boos MVP as he sips on a glass of champagne celebrating his victory.

MVP: Nawlins’ hasn’t seen a party this big in years because well the Saints haven’t amounted to anything and speaking of the Saints they’re just like Edge. They get off to a hot start, start making errors, and then just lose the game. That’s just how Edge was last week. He got off to a hot start when he defeated the Big Show, his errors was that he attacked JBL and Finlay, then turned his back on me and then he lost the “game” whenever I took out his sorry ass and took his title. End of story…

The crowd clearly hates MVP right now with all the cheap digs he is taking.

MVP: See there’s already superstars wanting to step up and take on the new champion but I just don’t think I’m ready for that big task. I’ve got bigger things to do like go ahead and start working towards an even bigger contract now that I won a World title within the first year of my WWE debut. I’ve already talked to JBL about that one and my agent will be in discussions with JBL in a few weeks about that but it’s evident that there’s many people wanting my gold but there isn’t a single person that can hang with me.

The crowd starts a “Bullshit” chant as MVP just keeps on speaking.

MVP: Just think of all the things I’ve accomplished in the past year. First off I signed the BIGGEST lucrative contract that the WWE has ever handed out to a superstar, I made my debut on the highest rated show on the CW Network, I won Money in the Bank and then cashed it in the same night I won it to earn the World-Heavyweight Championship. How many superstars can say they’ve done all that? Much less in one year? Only one man can and he’s not only man….He’s half man, half amazing!

MVP throws his shades back as he throws his title over his other shoulder.

MVP: Many people claim they are great but there is only one MVP….

MVP walks towards the middle of the ring before Metalingus rings throughout the arena. Edge comes running down the ramp as the security guard but the big security guard pushes Edge back. Edge demands to get through…

MVP: Hey Ezekiel…don’t let him in here! Edge you better stay back because I sw…

Edge looks ready to spear the big security guard before Longhorn hits across the arena preventing Edge from doing so as he turns around with JBL shouting.

JBL: Edge! You’re not about to come out here and ruin MVP’s celebration tonight just because you’re still upset about what happened last week. Now I’ll be damned if someone like you is going to ruin the first edition of the VIP Lounge.

The crowd boos JBL who is clearly siding with JBL due to what happened last week.

JBL: I’m taking this into my own hands now and Edge…I am BANNING YOU FROM THE ARENA TONIGHT! SECURITY!

Security comes out escorting Edge out of the arena as Edge yells at JBL as Edge makes his way up the ramp. JBL smiles as he nods towards MVP giving MVP permission to continue speaking. After Edge makes his exit, JBL finally leaves the arena as MVP continues on.

MVP: No shock that there are people already coming after me but with a new leader of the top show in the WWE, the best bodyguard in the industry in Ezekiel Jackson…

MVP points to the outside at Ezekiel Jackson before continuing on.

MVP: And the hottest superstar hailing from not only the 305 but the entire United States of America, it’s time that Smackdown relies on their “Franchise Player” and I promise you that I will definitely be the biggest and hottest World-Heavyweight Champion ever!

I’m Comin’ hits across the arena as all of the girls start dancing as MVP exits the ring with his newly won prize as his bodyguard Ezekiel Jackson escorts him up the ramp. MVP stops at the ramp throwing up the 305 sign before throwing his title high in the air. MVP exits the arena finally as all eyes remained on him on his way out.

Michael Cole: Well it seems we’ve got an explanation as to how MVP at least is the champion and whether we like it or not, it seems we’re going to have to deal with the arrogant superstar as champion for at least now.

Josh Matthews: I think it’s great that MVP has quickly risen to the top and claimed the title and it definitely seems he knows what he’s doing because he’s already brought in a bodyguard for protection in Ezekiel Jackson.

Michael Cole: I think that’s just MVP being afraid of Edge and well I would say Rey Mysterio could be coming after the World title soon since MVP stole his briefcase but apparently Rey suffered injuries last week and will be out for the unforeseen future.

Josh Matthews: That’s a shame that Rey is going to be out and for now at least we are going to have to hope that someone steps up and takes his place here on Smackdown as one of the top superstars. Well still to come later tonight Mr. McMahon will be here to discuss what occurred last week with the MITB and then later on the World-Heavyweight title situation. But when will he be here?

The rest is recapped….

The Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright kicked the night off in singles action as it was Albright taking on Carlito in a non-title match. The match got a very good bit of time as Albright and Carlito put on a good match and well we see Paul London come down to cheer on Albright it seemed but mainly just to “continue” his brief feud with Carlito. London has a match later on tonight against Jeff Hardy per order of JBL (JBL’s throwing his power around recently but at the same time trying to give fans what they want to see in order to save his job) Albright got the big win over Carlito after a distraction from London cost Carlito as Albright hit Carlito with a big German and kept the bridge for the victory. Charlie Haas came out afterwards clapping for Albright sarcastically. Haas cut a brief promo afterwards as he has been in the past few weeks with Albright looking on as Haas promised that “he will be gunning for his title once again”

Backstage Finlay is talking to JBL concerning Mr. McMahon arriving later tonight. JBL and Finlay are both then shown to be in the parking lot right now waiting to see when Mr. McMahon is going to arrive. Finlay asks JBL if he is concerned about what Mr. McMahon will have to say about what happened last week. JBL says he’s not worried at all and he knows that Mr. McMahon will trust that he’s got Smackdown all under control.

John Morrison cuts a brief promo about how he is one of the biggest things to come to Smackdown in recent history. Morrison talks himself up before naming off reasons as to just why he is the “Friday Night Delight” and that the fans and mostly the ladies are going to love him very soon.

Christian is in action next for the first time in a while as he takes on Marcus Cor Von tonight. Cor Von actually works over Christian a lot in the match as Christian really does have a tough match against Cor Von. Cor Von almost caught Christian with the Pounce but Christian rolled to the outside regaining his thoughts before getting back into the ring. Cor Von stomped away at Christian before Christian fought back and eventually caught Cor Von with the Unprettier for the Victory. Afterwards Maria caught him backstage and asked him his stance on the situation with Edge. Christian said he is always going to be here for his brother and that he can’t believe that JBL would set Edge up like that. Christian says that JBL claims he didn’t know MVP was cashing in MITB but he had to since he gave MVP that match in his contract. Christian said for the past four months Edge and himself have been used by JBL and that JBL will get his payback very soon.

The Cruiserweights are shown backstage discussing what the arrogant Kid Kash had to say last week before Gregory Helms walks into the scene. Helms is asked by the cruiserweights about why he’d throw their title out before Helms calls each and every one of them ignorant. Helms tells them they’re only on the roster so they can “wow the crowd” every few weeks and then simply get fed to the big boys. Helms says he’s above that and he’s above the Cruiserweight division. Helms then tells all of the cruiserweights that they can keep on dreaming about getting their title back because things aren’t looking good right now for that title. Helms informs the cruiserweights that the title was always a joke and that maybe what he did with the title will wake the cruiserweights up.

Ric Flair came out next to the ring as he announced last week that Shawn Michaels would be here on Smackdown. Flair talked for a brief bit before introducing Shawn Michaels. HBK came out with his head bandaged before Flair shook Michaels’s hand. Flair says that we’ve got to get to the bottom of this and find out who attacked HBK. Flair says JBL and co. seemed to be the leading candidate but with their group no longer existing, it could damn well be anybody on the roster! HBK says he has no clue who it could be but he questions Flair to see if the Nature Boy did it. Flair promises HBK he could never lay out a friend like that and still stand here in the ring to talk about it. Flair says that he’s not that type of a guy and that he never can or will do that. HBK nods his head dismissing Flair and HBK says that they will get down to the bottom of this no matter what it takes. HBK and Flair shake hands for a bit as both leave the arena shortly after.

Gregory Helms is in action next as he takes on Rory McAllister of the Highlanders. McAllister never stood a chance as Helms ran right through McAllister before hitting him with a big Shining Wizard for the victory. Helms then stood up raising his hand high in victory.

The New WWE Tag Team Champions Jesse and Festus are backstage being interviewed by Maria. Maria asks Jesse what Festus thinks about being the new champions and Jesse tells Maria that Festus thinks that it is great. Jesse and Festus talk a bit more before Maria reminds them about the tag team rematch the Mexicools are cashing in next week on Smackdown. Jesse assures Maria that they are up for the challenge and that with Festus in the right state of mind, there just may not be any team that can stop these two!

The Big Show was shown backstage talking about how he’s a monster (etc.) and that he’s disappointed he didn’t win last week in the title match. (Just generic stuff really to get the big guy on the show) Big Show promises though that this won’t be the last time that he has a chance at the World-Heavyweight title and then suggests that MVP and his new friend Ezekiel Jackson watch their back because the Big Show just may be coming after them very soon. Big Show then says that he has a match with Finlay next week and that he will run right over the Irishman.

We are sent backstage to see if Mr. McMahon has arrived yet and of course he has yet to arrive.

Due to a busy night, there is only four matches tonight as most of the matches have had a good amount of time and well the main event gets a good bit of time as Jeff Hardy goes one on one tonight with Paul London tonight. London and Hardy are both fan favorites and well it seems that the fans really are enjoying this one. London and Hardy teamed together last week and it seems that JBL has decided to “give the fans what they want” since Mr. McMahon is going to be here after this match and well it seems London vs. Hardy is what they want. Both men put on a great match but it was Carlito that ruined the match after he struck London down in the ring giving Hardy the win via DQ interrupting the match at about the fourteen minute mark before Hardy knocked Carlito out of the ring with a big dropkick. Hardy helped London back to his feet as both men shook hands.

Mr. McMahon arrives finally to come out and discuss what happened last week. Mr. McMahon says first off that despite the fact that MVP cheated to win the title, he says there isn’t much he can do. (Well actually he can!) Mr. McMahon said he was tempted to strip MVP of the title but he won’t do that for one reason. First off Rey Mysterio was going to be in line for a title shot but due to being injured now that will not happen. Secondly Edge has seemingly requested that Mr. McMahon DOES NOT STRIP MVP of the title for one reason…because he wants to savor the moment whenever he does beat the living hell out of MVP and regain his title. The crowd pops for this as JBL gets into an argument with Mr. McMahon. JBL says that Edge will not receive a title shot as long as JBL is the General Manager here on Smackdown but Mr. McMahon says he begs to differ! Mr. McMahon says that he has the ultimate authority here and that Edge has requested and will receive his rematch when he wants it! JBL asks when that is and Mr. McMahon says that Edge will announce that next week when he will be in the arena and not banned from it. Mr. McMahon then tells JBL that he has been treading water these past few months as GM but Mr. McMahon won’t fire him. No he’s got an even better idea because with the Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match coming up, he’s going to let JBL ride it out until then and hope that he can find a superstar that is willing to actually fight for him and keep JBL’s spot. The crowd laughs knowing there aren’t many people willing to do that as Mr. McMahon leaves it at that. Mr. McMahon talks about how JBL’s been playing favorites just like Eric Bischoff denied he was doing on Raw and Mr. McMahon says he won’t stop it now because well it may just cost JBL his own job. Smackdown ends with that last note with JBL and Finlay pondering what they are going to do come SummerSlam.


Just a little bit of news and notes concerning the shows before anybody says anything. I renamed Eric Perez as Eric Escobar which is the name he is using in FCW. He hasn't debuted yet so it's really nothing special but just wanted everyone to know.

As far as Smackdown I wrote out the MVP segment because I felt that it needed to be written out. Smackdown clearly is the top focus show right now as I've got so much going on it right now so I seem to be enjoying writing it more. That's why it's probably bigger than Raw was.

Anyways the Mr. McMahon promo may seem confusing but it's basically Edge saying that he doesn't want Mr. McMahon to strip MVP of the title, etc. he just wants to win it back fair and square. Edge is a face right now of course as I'm doing something different and it's just showing a different side of himself in wanting to earn back his title. Just wanted to clear that up. Also if you didn't see Rey Mysterio is injured now.

Look for recapped Raw later this week with recapped SD and ECW going up shortly after. The Bash will be in recap but after that I'll be working on putting everything in full (probably not ECW though) heading into SummerSlam which most likely will be in full format too.
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