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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Looks like a bit of build up for this triple threat at Vengeance. Not sure what the deal is with Batista and Triple H. What were the questions?? Long time for The Game to be beltless. Is he starting to doubt himself?? Is that why the questions remain unanswered?? Jericho - the forgotten man in the equation - gets involved, predictable brawl, before being broken up with Eric putting all three men in action tonight.

No shocks win for Jericho over Mack. Just a vehicle to get momentum built for Y2J.

Glad to see you’re using Marella - SANTINO = GOLD!!!. Tell me if I’m out of line saying this (I’ve not been following for like 6 months, so I could be wrong), but is Marella a strong enough contender for the U.S Title?? I’m assuming he hasn’t been booked like a clown (in real life), which is why he is a genuine contender. More Marella magic please, plenty of jokes, one liners, everything.

Mickie vs. Phoenix is just about the best feud you can get in the womens division, so it makes sense to build towards that for a long term feud. Seeds were planted long ago it seems as they were former friends. Nice.

Cryme Tyme = No Ratingzzz. Sorry, just don’t like them.

This one looks interesting. I’m always a fan of intrigue, so Burchills little mysterious angle will be one worth watching. Personally, I think he shit on Eric Bischoffs porch, but what the heck. Why would he want to face the Deadman?? Interesting…

Cena & Kennedy is a feud that can damn sure work. Two men that can carry a feud with the mic, and I’m sure that’s where most of this one has been done. Glad to see the match carrying a stipulation, and I see Kennedy stealing it in some fashion, possibly being busted open himself first, but managing to cover it in some way before screwing Cena. This one SHOULD go on to a big event like Summerslam.

Disappointing matches for the three guys in the PPV main event. Basically glorified squashes throughout, which renders the night useless for real feud development between the three. It would seem that Bischoff possibly has some sort of alignment with Batista here … or possibly building towards one.

Athletic six man contest, with a couple of hot tag teams, especially the Gold Standards, who I remember from the last time I visited the thread. Glad they are still in the mix.

So, Santino gets his shot, but Chavo could well throw a spanner in the works. Santino still gets it if you ask me, but Chavo suddenly stepping in could well prove to be a surprise swerve.

By the numbers promo from Kennedy. Basic build for Vengeance.

Liking the sound of this triple threat match at Summerslam for brand supremacy. It’s like an extra title match really, and there will be plenty of interest in it, as long as it’s built up correctly.

Again, like I said earlier, these matches are a waste of time. Neely was never going to beat The Game, Miz was never going to beat Batista, Mack was never beating Jericho. Aftermath was okay, but I would’ve liked more mind games from Batista towards HHH, rather than the predictable assault. Nice ending though, with Jericho the one standing tall, having been forgotten about by Batista at the top of the show. That’ll be a hellacious triple threat match.
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