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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Raw Feedback

Okay so first off I just want to mention this is the first time I am reviewing your show so if I am a bit off on some story lines please donít grouch at me just deal with it until I catch up I guess

Anyway enough of me covering up for my mistakes and lets get this review on the road. Okay so starting the show with WWE Champion Batista is the right option and he is heel right? If so that is good as he is much better in the heel persona. Anyway I like how Batista is trying to ask these questions of Triple H about why he has not been champion in so long and what not it makes for quite a compelling situation as Triple H has failed many times and still wants to prove he can get the job done. Triple H coming down was of course going to happen. Then when Batista called Jericho a push over I expected him to say something but he did not. Then a brawl ensues and Bischoff interrupts. I say good opening promo and glad that all three men are going to be in action as sometimes bookers leave the top talent off of weekly shows to often. You are not doing that here which is a good sign

Lets not kid ourselves Jericho was always going to go over Mack and if you made Mack win I would have had to hurt you Umm so just wondering since Mack is with Teddy Long does that mean that you are doing the whole against the white people thing and how the blacks are always being held down. I hope you are because I like that gimmick and eventually plan to use it in one of my BTBís if I could actually finally get some decent planning done

Ummm Marella I guess stating his desire to become the US Champion. I really can not say much more about this topic as it was small and I donít know much more. However I believe Hardy would have been steamed after the Lita comments.

Nice to have Mickie get the win in my opinion. Right option and the former friends Beth and Mickie could become one of those massive long feuds that you really need to get your Diva scene over. Unless of course you already have a good Diva scene I really wouldnít know

LOL at Cryme Tyme selling the Divas Bra and Panties that just really made me laugh to be honest. Murdoch and Cade coming along and getting smart could begin some kind of rivalry I guess.

Okay interesting Paul Burchill stuff with him saying they are coming for him. I donít know who they are but Burchill against Taker would be an insane match and please I beg you please at least let Burchill get one win over the Deadman. In my opinion Burchill equals ratings

Cena and Kennedy feud sounds good as they are two terrific superstars to use in BTB period. I mark for Kennedy hugely also so I hope he gets the victory but anyway I guess we will see what happens ay?

Batista pretty much squashes The Miz which I donít like. The Miz is a great talent and okay Batista had to win pretty convincingly you should have still made The Miz get some offence in there

Faces winning here well okay then. It would have been an awesome match to read or watch I reckon but at the same time I am really not going to comment on how this match was for rivalries and what not because I really would not know :S

Okay so Marella vs Hardy for the Bash could be fun. Wait hang on a second now it could be Guerrero against Hardy. I am hoping for Guerrero to go against Hardy it would be a much better technical affair. Okay so now we have a main event also set up tonight with Foley setting up Neely vs Triple H. Oooohhh I wonder who will win

Nice Kennedy interview as well and I donít know I guess you gave Kennedy and Cena both backstage interviews just to get on the show. But I doubt they would just be on the show to do backstage interviews they would have done something else as well. But I guess you had the show full and needed to squeeze them on there some how. Still didnít really like it.

Okay so main event of course just as I thought Triple H got the win over Neely. Then having Batista attack The Game from behind was very good and confirms my suspicions that Batista is heel Then Jericho came out and attacked Batista and got the upper hand and the momentum and It looks like overall it was a great night for Chris Jericho.

Overall mate it was an okay show. I have seen better but I have also seen much worst. You are pretty good I hear so I believe you can do better. But then again this was recap so it can be forgiven. Now for the story lines if I got any wrong or made some stupid comments forgive my ignorance but I am to lazy to read previous shows. Now onto the Bash card it looks pretty nice and it is an event I will make sure to check out.

Also is Bash going to be In full????

That is all for now
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