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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Monday Night Raw – July 9, 2007
The Cajun Dome – Lafayette, Louisiana

Raw kicked off this week with the WWE Champion Batista making his way to the ring. Batista showed clips of last week after Triple H beat Trevor Murdoch when he asked Triple H a few questions. Batista mainly points out where he claims Triple H is not only lying to himself but to the fans about why he hasn’t been champion in nearly two and a half years. Batista said he wanted Triple H to “get back with him” on those comments and well now seems to be a good time for that! With that said Triple H makes his way down to the ring (barring long entrance which is very rare) but anyways Triple H and Batista get straight to the point. Triple H poses the question as to why Batista is so concerned about not only him but he needs to also be worried about Chris Jericho. Batista said he proved Jericho is a “pushover” whenever he ran through him in the Championship Scramble back at Night of Champions. Batista then asks Hunter why he’s avoiding all of these questions to which Hunter responds with “I’m not avoiding them, I’m just waiting for the right time to answer them” to which Hunter strikes Batista and a big brawl breaks out. Jericho comes running down as all three men get into it before Eric Bischoff interrupts the brawl. Bischoff said he’s tired of all the arguing, fighting, and crap that’s been going on in the past few weeks leading up to next Sunday’s big match. That’s why tonight he’s decided he’s putting each one of them in a match tonight. And Bischoff drops the bomb stating that Jericho is kicking off the night after the break!

Chris Jericho kicks off the ring action tonight against “The Bayou Beast” Rodney Mack whom is making his return to his home state. Jericho and Mack work a decent eight minute match with Theodore Long trying to intervene on the outside but thanks to a nice springboard dropkick Long got knocked back down to the outside. Mack quickly hit a big lariat on Jericho before trying to hit Jericho with the Blackout but it was Jericho that fought back with a series of punches before dropping Mack with a big enzuiguri, followed by the Lionsault, and then he forced Mack to tap out to the Walls of Jericho to get the victory tonight.

Backstage the United States Champion Matt Hardy is seen walking before he bumps into Santino Marella. Santino says he’s sorry about the “Clita” (Lita) comments he made last week as he had no idea about her and Edge. Matt doesn’t say anything before Santino says “that title sure looks nice, Ida’ bet it would looka’ even betta’ on my waist” as Santino exits leaving it at that.

We come back from the break to see the Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix on commentary again for the second week in a row as now we’re about to crown a number one contender for the Great American Bash. We have a Triple Threat Match this week with Mickie James taking on Melina and Jillian. Melina and Jillian do a good job of double teaming Mickie but Mickie fought back knocking Melina out of the ring with a big dropkick before hitting Jillian with the Mick Kick to get the victory and earn herself another title shot against Beth. Mickie and Beth mouth off at one another as it’s clear this former friendship turned feud is certainly going to heat up soon.

Cryme Tyme is backstage tonight having a special sale tonight auctioning off anything and everything. Their special is the bra and panties from all four divas in the Fourth of July Bra and Panties Match last week! Many superstars and workers walk by backstage but it mainly draws the eyes of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Cade and Murdoch act as if they want to buy it but simply the thongs out of the hands of JTG. JTG takes it offensive as Shad holds him back. Cade and Murdoch make fun of Cryme Tyme saying they’ve been here for nearly a year and still haven’t amounted to anything but Cade and Murdoch won the tag team titles in their debut match nearly two years ago. Shad goes to speak but Cade interrupts him and says “You two wannabe thugs can get back to business, we’ve got somewhere to be” as Cade and Murdoch walk off.

After another break we see Paul Burchill standing by backstage. Todd Grisham tries to find out what “Paul Burchill did” and shows footage last week of Burchill running into Co-GM Mick Foley’s office and yelling repeatedly “I did it! They’re coming after me” as Grisham tries to get an answer out of Burchill. Burchill doesn’t say much but does tell us that he’s asked for a match at the Great American Bash with…The Undertaker! The Undertaker hasn’t been seen since Backlash so there is no telling if the Deadman will show up or not! Burchill looks as if he has lost it! Why would he ask for a match with the Deadman?

John Cena is standing by backstage in front of the interview area as he talks about Mr. Kennedy. Cena says he doesn’t have one ounce of respect for Kennedy because of the fact Kennedy came in simply to run his mouth here on Raw and that he’s rather good at it. But Kennedy is all talk and no action and that is why Cena has to do what must be done. Knock some damn sense into Mr. Kennedy and make him bleed in the process! Cena says it’s only thirteen short days until he finally ends this feud with Kennedy once and for all.

Our third match of the night sees Batista in action as he goes one on one with the Miz. It seems Bischoff favored Batista here tonight in the argument as Batista does very little work to run right through the Miz and drops him with a quick Batista Bomb for the victory!

Theodore Long gives his boys a pep talk as they make their way to the arena. JR and King talk about how coming up after the break, the former tag champs in The Gold Standards team with Chavo Guerrero to take on the current World Tag Team Champions CM Punk and Brian Kendrick plus the United States Champion Matt Hardy.

Our fourth match of the night is the big six man tag match that was hyped before the break. All six men get a lot of in-ring action tonight but it was Burke and Benjamin that did their best job to isolate Kendrick but Kendrick made the hot tag bringing in Hardy. Hardy came in quickly knocking down Benjamin before pushing Burke off to the outside of the ring. Guerrero ran into the ring after Hardy before Hardy dropped Guerrero with a nice back body drop! Guerrero rolls to the outside as Bam Neely helps him up. Benjamin, the legal man drops Hardy from behind though with a big Paydirt! Benjamin runs over knocking Punk off the apron to the outside. Benjamin walked over towards Hardy in the corner for the cover but Guerrero slapped Benjamin on the back. Guerrero leapt off the top rope hitting Hardy with a big Frog Splash but Hardy rolled out of the way! Guerrero landed hard in the ring as Benjamin was waiting for a tag but Hardy made the tag into Punk who quickly disposed of Guerrero in the ring hitting the Go to Sleep before Kendrick ran over sending Burke and Benjamin off to the outside as the faces got the victory tonight.

Matt Hardy is shown backstage walking around before Mick Foley stops him. Foley said he was watching the match and got a great idea for The Great American Bash. He said he was inspired by watching Santino so far and that is why he’s giving the undefeated Santino a shot at the United States title at the ‘Bash. Hardy seems to laugh it off (but staying reasonable for a face) as Hardy seems to dismiss the match as being hard as he walks off. Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely bump into Foley next as Guerrero demands he gets a US title shot! Foley says Guerrero could have had a shot but he missed the Frog Splash and well with that went his chance! Guerrero throws a hissy fit to which Foley responds by giving Guerrero a shot next week to get into the match IF he beats Santino Marella, he can have Santino’s spot in the match. Foley then says since Bischoff hasn’t come up with an opponent for Triple H yet that Bam Neely can face him.

Mr. Kennedy is shown backstage being interviewed by Todd Grisham. Kennedy says he heard Cena had some comments to make tonight but Kennedy said he’s already dismissed them. Kennedy then grabs the mic Grisham is interviewing him with before he says “look at this Cena, this is where your blood is going to be at come the ‘Bash” Kennedy says he’s going to knock Cena out with the microphone and then proclaim his name across the arena as the best superstar Raw has ever had! Kennedy yells his name out to demonstrate it as he walks off heading towards the locker room.

A video package hypes the "Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match" at SummerSlam (the only match announced so far) with it stating that in just two weeks Raw's superstar will be announced!

Raw’s main event sees Bam Neely with Chavo Guerrero at ringside with him taking on “the Game” Triple H. The match doesn’t really go long as you can imagine because Triple H works over Neely rather quickly. But the time it does last it’s a decent match but nothing else. Triple H caught Neely off guard with a nice Spine buster before hitting the Pedigree for the victory! Triple H made his exit up the ramp before from behind Batista blasts him with the title! Triple H falls onto the stage before Jericho runs down the ramp ambushing Batista. Jericho yells “Are you forgetting me Big Dave” to which the crowd seems to enjoy seeing the Animal get beaten up. Raw ends with Jericho looking down this week over his competition at the ‘Bash as he looks down at the title laying beside Batista that used to be his (Jericho’s).

Quick Match Results:

Chris Jericho def. Rodney Mack via submission
Mickie James def. Melina and Jillian to become #1 Contender
Batista def. The Miz
Matt Hardy, CM Punk, and Brian Kendrick def. Chavo Guerrero and the Gold Standards
Triple H def. Bam Neely


WWE The Great American Bash
July 22, 2007 - San Jose, California - HP Pavilion
Official Theme Song - "Church of Hot Addiction" by Cobra Starship

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
Batista (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

First Blood Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

World Tag Team Championships - Ladder Match
CM Punk and Brian Kendrick (c's) vs. The Gold Standards

Women's Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Mickie James

The Undertaker's Return
The Undertaker vs. Paul Burchill

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Santino Marella or Chavo Guerrero
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