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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW on Sci-Fi – July 3, 2007
American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas

Don’t Question My Heart plays across the arena as the ECW video package airs before we scan across the arena looking at the fans. We hear the voices of the commentators at ringside shortly afterwards.

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of ECW on Sci-Fi tonight as we’re live from the American Airlines Center here in Dallas, Texas! What a night it is going to be here as we just heard from Mr. McMahon last night on Monday Night Raw that at SummerSlam in less than eight weeks we’ll be having a Triple Threat Match where the brand’s superstar that gets pinned will cost his General Manager his job!

Tazz: If Paul Heyman was smart enough he wouldn’t pick an ECW Original because at this rate something tells me that not one single ECW Original is going to try and fight to keep Paul Heyman’s job after the stunts he’s pulled.

Joey Styles: Our General Manager will talk about that big match later tonight but also we’ve got a few big and exciting matches tonight. First off Jamie Noble challenged the Sandman last week to a match and well he’s gotten it here tonight! Plus after Tommy Dreamer pinned William Regal in their tag match last week, Regal asked for and has received a rematch here tonight.

Tazz: Oh my! What a night it is going to be! Let’s go ahead and get this big night kicked off with a bit of action shall we?

Match #1 – Singles Match
Kofi Kingston w/ Ashley vs. Kenny Dykstra w/ Kelly Kelly

Kingston and Dykstra meet in their first ever singles encounter here tonight on ECW for the first time ever. Kingston is riding an undefeated streak which totals about five wins or so ever since making his debut here on ECW. But it seems that Kelly Kelly is trying to stop that streak as she constantly is interfering trying to help her man here tonight win a big match. Kenny took advantage shortly after Kelly interfered but Ashley pounced on Kelly as they both got into a catfight here tonight. This of course distracted Kenny as he made his way outside to pull his ex-girlfriend (Ashley) off of his current girlfriend in Kelly Kelly. Kenny shoved Ashley before Kofi quickly leaped over the ropes hitting a nice Crossbody over the ropes. Kofi checked on Ashley helping her back up before Kofi grabbed Dykstra throwing him back into the ring. Kofi slid back in but was met with a barrage of kicks from Dykstra trying to take Kofi out of the equation. Kenny quickly picked Kofi up dropping him with a nice vertical suplex before coming off the ropes and dropping a knee on Kofi. Kenny didn’t get anything out of the cover but Kenny headed to the top rope trying for the Diving Leg Drop but just as he leapt off the top rope, Kofi moved as Kenny landed right on his butt! Kofi got back onto his feet quickly dropping Dykstra with the Trouble in Paradise before quickly covering Dykstra for a victory.

Winner – Kofi Kingston

Kingston slid out of the ring celebrating his victory tonight as he had his hand raised by the referee before he helped Ashley up, Kofi and Ashley exit the arena as Kenny is consoled by his girlfriend Kelly Kelly in the ring before we head to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

We are sent backstage after the break to see Steve Romero standing by backstage.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome my guest, he is the ECW Champion, The Great Khali!

The Great Khali walks in carrying the ECW title as Ranjin Singh walks in with him.

Steve Romero: Ok Ranjin. The Great Khali has already gotten off to a hot start here on ECW after his debut victory last week but can we get thoughts about when Khali will defend the title for the first time?

Ranjin translates the words to the Great Khali as The Great Khali yells out in his language to Singh.

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali says that he is a fighting champion but only fights the best that ECW has to offer! That is why tonight the Great Khali will put the ECW Championship on the line against any person that is brave enough to step into the ring with the Great Khali!

Steve Romero: So basically any ECW superstar that is willing to fight Khali can get a title shot tonight?

Ranjin Singh: That is right Steve. See we’ve already talked to Paul Heyman tonight and he glad fully accepted our challenge. Now whether or not anybody is brave enough to step into the ring with Khali is a different question but that’s for that superstar to decide.

Steve Romero: So is there a possibility that you think Khali may lose his title here tonight?

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali stands no chance of losing his newly-won ECW title tonight at all. This is going to prove to you that Khali is simply the biggest and the strongest superstar to ever wrestle here in ECW. Any person on the roster that wants to fight, then step up because Khali is always ready for a challenge!

Steve Romero: You heard him! Later on tonight the Great Khali defends his ECW championship against any ECW superstar willing for the challenge!

The Great Khali leaves out after yelling some of his foreign language as Singh guides him down to the hallway. The camera then heads back into the arena to the commentating team at ringside right now.

Joey Styles: Well three big matches still to come tonight but wouldn’t that be something if Khali actually lost his title here tonight?

Tazz: I think whoever actually takes the title from Khali will simply be an amazing person just because of the fact that they actually overcame this huge goliath. But really is anyone capable of beating the Great Khali?

Joey Styles: I’m sure there’s somebody out there Tazz that can come in here and beat him but whether or not somebody steps up tonight is beyond me?

Tazz: Well we’ll find out later tonight but right now we’re about to have ourselves another big match as Jamie Noble is going to take on the Sandman!

Match #2 – Singles Match
Jamie Noble vs. The Sandman

This turns out to be a rather quick match as Noble works against the Sandman tonight since this is not an Extreme Rules Match. The odds seem to be in the favor of the more technical wrestler in Jamie Noble and he really works the match for himself. Noble wasted no time going on the attack of Sandman despite Sandman trying to fight back. Noble easily embarrassed Sandman in the match taking advantage of the ECW Original numerous times during the match with a series of suplexes. It might have had something to do with Sandman being intoxicated or either he just lost it but Noble did not use that as an excuse. Noble quickly caught Sandman with a nice DDT before hitting the Nobilizer (the new name for the Tiger Bomb) before covering and getting the victory.

Winner – Jamie Noble

Noble celebrated his victory by shouting “I told you so” at Sandman before making his way up the ramp pointing to himself. The former Cruiserweight champion seems to be on a roll here on ECW as he makes his way out of the arena before we head to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

A video plays hyping the tough lifestyle of a Puerto Rican superstar that is soon to be coming to ECW via the NTI (New Talent Initiative) and he goes by the name of Eric Perez. Perez is shown carrying the Puerto Rican flag on his back through the streets before he says in Spanish “¡Estoy aquí y soy mi tiempo ahora!” which means I’m here and it’s my time now. Perez walks off with the sun shining down on the Puerto Rican flag as the video package ends.

Shortly after the video package airs we head backstage to the office of the ECW General Manager Paul Heyman as he is sitting down apparently wanting to make an announcement.

Paul Heyman: Good evening. Now I know I’m not the most well liked person here on ECW but we must agree on one thing. In just eight weeks at SummerSlam it was announced that there will be an Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match where the superstar representing his brand is pinned, he will lose the match for his brand and then his General Manager will be fired as a result!

The crowd pops loudly for this hoping that Heyman is gone.

Paul Heyman: So this is why I want the ECW superstars to know that I will be watching their performances in the next few weeks very closely. I am going to be keeping an eye on every ECW superstar BUT the ECW Originals! I cannot and will not put an ECW Original out there putting my job at risk and it just won’t happen.

The crowd boos wanting to see a few ECW Originals possibly in the match.

Paul Heyman: There are many superstars here on ECW that I am considering from Kane, Big Daddy V, William Regal, Test, Mark Henry, and even the ECW Champion The Great Khali. Now those are just a few names here but many of these stand a good chance at representing ECW come SummerSlam. I am letting you all know that in just three weeks time I will have made my decision and we will all know who is representing ECW at SummerSlam.

The crowd pops for the big announcement coming in three weeks.

Paul Heyman: So do what you must to impress me but just know that if you’re an ECW Original…well…

Heyman pauses for a moment.

Paul Heyman: In the words of Mr. McMahon…

Paul Heyman: You’ve got “No Chance in Hell”

Heyman shows a brief smile to the camera.

Paul Heyman: Thank you and enjoy the rest of ECW on Sci-Fi!

We head back into the arena to the commentating team.

Joey Styles: Well there you have it! In just three weeks time we’ll have an announcement as to whom the ECW representative is going to be for the match but I must say that Paul Heyman sounded a rather bit different tonight than he did last week.

Tazz: I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact that he knows his job is riding on the line come SummerSlam and that he must take this serious. It’s going to be hard for him to pick from our talented ECW pool of superstars but hopefully he picks the right one.

Joey Styles: To be honest I’d rather our superstar lose so we can finally get rid of Heyman but maybe that’s just my own personal opinion. Anyways coming up next we’re about to see William Regal go one on one with Tommy Dreamer!

Tazz: Both of these men…well Dreamer can’t because of Heyman, but Regal stands a good chance at possibly representing ECW come SummerSlam. After all Regal has done a bit of dirty work for Heyman before since coming to ECW anyways.

Match #3 – Singles Match
William Regal vs. Tommy Dreamer

Regal and Dreamer actually wrestle a decent match with Dreamer trying his best to fend off Regal but Regal seems intent on getting back revenge from their big tag match last week here on ECW. Dreamer fought back towards the end of the match after hitting Regal loopy with a big series of punches but Regal caught Dreamer off guard with a big knee to the face. Dreamer grabbed his face as Regal quickly tried for the Running Knee Striker but Dreamer ducked underneath scooping in Regal for a DDT but Regal countered before Dreamer could do anything to end the match. Regal shoved Dreamer towards the referee but Dreamer caught himself on the ropes as the ref’s back was turned which allowed Regal to hit Dreamer with the brass knucks from his tights and quickly tuck them back in before covering for the victory.

Winner – William Regal

Regal slides out of the ring victorious here tonight as the referee raises his hand. Regal celebrates his victory here tonight as blood is dripping out of the forehead of Dreamer in the ring. The fans look on as Regal shows a smirk on his face before we head to another commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

We come back from the break to see Eugene “ECW’s Extremely Special Superstar” walking around backstage before he bumps into Striker’s Students (Test, Big Daddy V, and Michelle McCool) as Striker is standing by.

Eugene: Hi…m…my name is Eugene!

Matt Striker: Yes Eugene we know who you are.

Eugene: I…I wan…I want to represent ECW at SummerSlam! I want to do it!

Striker looks at Test as he laughs.

Matt Striker: See Eugene. The thing is that to represent ECW at SummerSlam, you’ve got to be capable of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Something Eugene that I am very positive you are not capable of doing.

Eugene: But I can re…read! My mommy helped me read Curi…Curious Ge…George!

Matt Striker: That is nice Eugene but see you need to be on the level of reading literature such as Julius Caesar, To Kill a Mockingbird, and things of that nature. I just have a feeling that you deep down are not capable of achieving these easy feats.

Eugene: But…but I kn…

Matt Striker: Tell you what Eugene. How about next week you step into the ring and take the “Test” next week and we’ll see whether you pass or whether you…well…

Striker looks at Test laughing right now.

Matt Striker: Fail!

Striker’s Students all walk off now with Striker leading the way before we head out to the commentating booth at ringside.

Joey Styles: I don’t think Eugene knows what kind of “Test” he is getting into but I’m well aware that many of us know what “Test” Striker is referring to.

Tazz: Poor Eugene. The kid’s been here on ECW for nearly four months and has taken the beating of a lifetime ever since he came here. But I guess its better that he’s away from the sadistic uncle of his in Eric Bischoff.

Joey Styles: Well when we come back, The Great Khali hosts an Open Challenge for his ECW Championship! Who’s going to step up and challenge the champion? It’s next!

---Commercial Break---

Dan.gar hits across the arena as the Great Khali makes his way out towards the ramp carrying his ECW championship around his shoulder since he clearly can’t wear it around his waist. His manager Ranjin Singh follows behind him as Khali steps over the ropes and stands in the ring posing with the title.

Ranjin Singh: It is now time for the Great Khali’s Open Challenge here tonight on ECW! Now the Great Khali has issued this challenge to each and every superstar on the ECW roster and well anybody that feels they are capable of beating Khali, then come on right down.

“I’ll Show You…You’ll See” hits across the arena as ECW Original Stevie Richards makes his way down the ramp. Richards rolls into the ring as he stands straight up with Khali.

Match #4 – Singles Match – ECW Championship
The Great Khali (c) vs. Stevie Richards

It’s over just like that! Khali chops Richards right across the head just as the bell rings and throws his foot on top of Richards for the pin fall victory!

Winner – The Great Khali

The Great Khali has his hand raised in victory (What a main event huh?) as The Great Khali just made the quickest pin in ECW on Sci-Fi history! The Great Khali raises his title in the air before…

Somebodies’ Gonna Get It hits across the arena as “the World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry makes his way down the ramp. Henry stands straight up with Khali as Henry is yelling at Khali stating that he wants a title shot soon. Khali looks at Henry and gets ready to fight before…

Slow Chemical hits and Kane comes running down the ramp. Khali abandons the ring as Kane and Mark Henry are going at it in the ring. Kane and Henry still have bad blood with one another as it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end here tonight. Kane and Henry trade blows with one another as the fans are going wild as Khali is making his way out of the arena through the crowd (the old exit just like ECW had when it first started) before BAM! Khali turned around right into a Spear? The fans look on in awe as wait…its BOBBY LASHLEY! Lashley is standing tall over the ECW Champion as we haven’t seen Lashley in nearly seven months! Lashley took a break from wrestling. Singh got out of the way leaving Lashley alone as Henry and Kane continue to go at it and ECW is out of control.

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! I thought Bobby Lashley was done with wrestling! I, I can’t believe it! It seems his Smackdown contract ended and now he’s here on ECW! The Great Khali better be concerned for his well being and his title!

Tazz: I remember watching Lashley whenever he was on Smackdown and he’s nicknamed “The Real Deal” for a reason. You don’t want to mess with Bobby Lashley!

Joey Styles: What a night it’s been! From Khali’s challenge to the announcement of the superstar in three weeks to now! Bobby Lashley is back in the WWE and it seems that he’s here to be an ECW superstar!

Tazz: Good night everybody here from the American Airlines Center in Dallas! We’ll see you next week in the Big Easy!


Friday Night Smackdown – July 6, 2007
American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas

A video package focusing on the events of last week’s wild and crazy Friday Night Smackdown airs. The video shows first off the Big Show confronting the Power Trip in the ring before the main event was announced. Gregory Helms throwing his Cruiserweight title into the river was then shown next which was one of the most confusing moments of the night. Shawn Michaels being laid out in the back with Flair discovering him followed by the confusing events of the Main Event where Finlay had the shillelagh in hand but pulled back before being choke slammed by The Big Show to give Show the title match here tonight. JBL smiling with Edge and Christian not seeing his smile was shown as the last thing before we head backstage immediately ignoring the video package and all.

Edge: What in the hell was that?

Edge comes busting into the office of JBL where Finlay and Christian were already backstage talking to the General Manager. Edge has his World-Heavyweight Championship with him as JBL throws him a look.

JBL: What are you talking about?

Edge: You know what I’m talking about! I get knocked down from the Big Show and all of a sudden you think you’re going to pull one over on me! I saw what happened! I saw Finlay had a chance to knock Show out but he stopped! And why? Well who knows why other than you because you sat there and smiled the whole time!

JBL: Listen! Don’t come in here yelling at me because I’m not the one that was in the ring. And as a matter of fact do I need to remind you that I am the General Manager around here and just because we’re in this group doesn’t mean I won’t strip you of that World-Heavyweight title right here and right now! But you know what? I’ll let you…wait no! You’re going to defend that title right here and right now! We’re not waiting till the main event.

Edge is infuriated as he is steaming from what occurred last week and now this.

Edge: You know what I don’t need any of you out there tonight! I don’t need a damn one of you! Because either way I’m sure you’ll have a way to try and cost me my title so don’t even bo…

Christian: Come on bro. At leas…

Edge: You either. You’re in on this too aren’t you? I thought blood would stick together here but it’s clear that your “brothers” here are more important than your blood brother.

Christian: Edge! Edge!

Edge makes his way out of the office still pissed off as JBL looks at Christian. Neither one really say anything to one another as the video package now plays. The video ends as Rise Up starts to fade off as we cut down to ringside.

Michael Cole: What a start already to Smackdown as we were just informed that Edge does not want JBL, Finlay, or Christian at ringside with him here tonight for his big title match against the Big Show in the Main Event which is about to happen!

Josh Matthews: After what happened last week I would have to echo the sentiments of Edge too. I mean it’s pretty obvious that he’s too smart to know that something is up because of what happened in the match last week.

Michael Cole: That’s not the only title match here tonight as we’ve got two other big title matches and as a matter of fact we’re kicking off Smackdown with a big one here tonight!

Josh Matthews: The WWE tag team titles are on the line in the Fatal 4 Way Match! Can the champions, the Mexicools, retain their gold against three of the best teams on Smackdown? But right now we’ve been told our main event is going on first! Edge is about to defend his World-Heavyweight Championship to kick off the night per order of Smackdown GM John Bradshaw Layfield.

Match #1 – World-Heavyweight Championship – Singles Match
Edge (c) vs. The Big Show

Edge came stomping down to the ring clearly pissed after finding out what occurred last week and now he’s taken his frustrations out on his teammates which may cost him. This throws Edge off early in the match despite the fact he did get an early attack in the match but it was Big Show who took advantage of the clearly distraught champion. Big Show caught Edge off guard with a series of head butts and knife-edge chops across the chest to throw the champion loopy and out of it. Surprisingly sure enough JBL and co. kept their orders from the champion and stayed backstage as constant shots of them watching the match on a monitor was shown. Big Show knocked Edge down towards the end of the match with a big clothesline before he dragged Edge back onto his feet! The Big Show picked Edge up possibly looking for the Show Stopper but Edge kicked Big Show in the stomach before springing off the ropes and missing a chance to Spear Big Show after Big Show swung at Edge with a big right fist but he came charging off the ropes once again and this time dropped the number one contender with a big Spear! The fans boo as Edge rolls over making the cover on Big Show. One…Two…Three! Edge retains the gold here tonight in another big challenge.

Winner – STILL World-Heavyweight Champion – Edge

Edge snuck away with his title barely as he clutches his title falling on his knees on the ramp. Edge is raising his title high in the air as a very pissed off Big Show gets back onto his feet knowing he had his chance here tonight. Edge clutches the title yelling “I did it” as he makes his way out of the arena.

Michael Cole: I’m rather shocked that he pulled it off but he was able to do the unthinkable and that was retain the World-Heavyweight title here tonight.

Josh Matthews: Very rarely do we kick off Smackdown with a big World title match but tonight’s match proved that Smackdown rolls deep with superstars and is capable of putting on a World title match early in the show!

Michael Cole: That is very true Josh and now Edge’s list of superstars he’s defeated in his title reign continues to grown. It’s amazing that he’s held the title this long!

Josh Matthews: He certainly has a lot longer to go before he can break JBL’s long reign that he had back in mid 2004 but still it’s getting awful close.

---Commercial Break---

We are sent backstage after the break to see Maria standing by backstage.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome the FORMER Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms!

That’s right. The former champion makes his way into the interview area as Maria looks on wanting to find out about what occurred last week.

Maria: As many of the fans saw, last week here on Friday Night Smackdown you were in action against Sabu and you beat the ECW Original. Shortly afterwards though you decided to throw your Cruiserweight title into the Gulf of Mexico and well, can you tell us why you did so?

Gregory Helms: Maria, it’s simple…

Helms pauses as Maria looks at Helms.

Gregory Helms: I don’t need the Cruiserweight title and neither does the WWE. It’s singling out superstars saying “since you’re less than two hundred twenty five pounds; you’re not good enough to be a World Heavyweight Champion, so here you go. You can have the Cruiserweight title!” It’s a joke Maria and it should be obvious. Look at the people that have held the title recently. I mean Jamie Noble had the title for 14 months! That should alone be enough to say something.

Maria: But the Cruiserweight title is a storied title and it deserves respect Gregory. It shouldn’t be thrown into the Gulf of Mexico just because you think that you’re “above” it.

Gregory Helms: That’s the thing Maria. I KNOW I’m above it without a shadow of a doubt. I contended for the Intercontinental title constantly on Raw and now I come over here and I get thrown into the Cruiserweight division? What a joke! By now I should be the one that faced Edge tonight for the title but since I’m a “cruiserweight” I’m not capable of main eventing. That’s pretty much what the General Manager is saying by having that title on this brand.

Maria: So rea…

Gregory Helms: I’m not done yet. It’s all about respect Maria. You’ve got to earn it around here and being Cruiserweight Champion wasn’t getting me respect. So I did not only myself a favor but the entire division a favor. We don’t need a Cruiserweight division around here because it’s like the Women’s division. It’s dying. It needs life and really there isn’t a person that is capable of helping it. I know I claimed I was the “Savior of the Cruiserweight Division” but really…what was there to save?

With that said Helms walks off leaving Maria backstage as it seems we got somewhat of an answer to Helms’ actions last week on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Rather confusing words there from Gregory Helms but it seems that he doesn’t think that Smackdown needs a Cruiserweight division.

Josh Matthews: I absolutely love the cruiserweights because it’s something that is exclusive to Smackdown and it brings out the best in all of our talented and younger cruiserweights that can be future main eventers!

Michael Cole: Exactly and for example look at “Mr. Money in the Bank” Rey Mysterio! He was a numerous times Cruiserweight champion and now he’s got a Money in the Bank title shot guaranteed at any time!

Josh Matthews: Great example! Well when we come back we’ll have our second title match of the night whenever the Mexicools put their WWE Tag Team titles on the line in a big Fatal 4 Way Match here against three of Smackdown’s best and brightest tag teams.

---Commercial Break---

Match #2 – WWE Tag Team Championships – Fatal 4 Way Match
The Mexicools (c’s) vs. Fashion Inc. vs. Deuce and Domino vs. Jesse and Festus

A real fast paced tag team match here tonight is what we get from the champions as they face their biggest challenge yet since winning the titles the weekend before WrestleMania. Not many people thought the Mexicools could carry the titles this long but they’ve done a good job at doing so. Regardless Fashion Inc. got a lot of time in the ring trying to prove their worth as potential champions but their downfall was Doring being tagged out by Domino. Domino slapped Doring bringing himself into the match since anyone can be tagged out as Doring was in the ring with Jesse. Jesse quickly fought back against Doring as Super Crazy tried his best to get back into the ring for his team as they knew the titles were on the line. Doring was caught up by Jesse who hit nice DDT before tagging in Festus! Sylvan ran over knocking both Psicosis and Super Crazy off the ropes before Deuce and Domino tried to interfere. The referee was distracted which allowed Deuce to run in and knock Jesse down to the mat! Deuce charged at Jesse for the “Crack ‘em in da mouth” but he missed and kicked Doring instead! Festus clotheslined Deuce out of the ring before knocking Domino off the ropes! Sylvan came running in but Jesse knocked him off the ropes as well before Festus scooped Doring up and hit the Fireman’s Carry Flapjack! Festus covered as Jesse watched as all of the other five men were down on the outside. The referee counted as we’ve got new champions!

Winners – NEW WWE Tag Team Champions – Jesse and Festus

Jesse grabs the titles as the ref rings the bell as Festus goes back to his out of it state. Jesse hands the title to Festus who drops it so Jesse apparently has to carry the title for Festus! Jesse is yelling at Festus as they’ve won their first taste of gold here in the WWE but Festus doesn’t seem to understand what is going on. The Mexicools exit the arena on their Juan Deere’s as the other two teams in Deuce and Domino plus Fashion Inc. look on pissed knowing they stood a good chance tonight at winning gold but failed.

Michael Cole: We’ve got new champions here tonight! Jesse and Festus have hit the jackpot and ended the reigns of the champions the Mexicools.

Josh Matthews: The Mexicools weren’t even pinned and that shows you just how easy it is to lose your titles in a match like this. But Jesse and Festus were the better team here tonight and now they begin their first title run.

Michael Cole: With Jesse and the “Corn Fed Colossus” running around on Smackdown with the tag titles we can say that our tag team division is heating up! Many great teams are making their way over to be a part of this talented division.

We head backstage right after Cole’s last line to see JBL and co. standing by backstage.

JBL: Very good…

JBL is clapping for Edge as he walks into the scene carrying his World-Heavyweight title.

JBL: Listen I know you’re still pissed about what happened but Christian, Finlay, and me decided we’d make it up to you and well, we’re going to throw you a Championship Celebration here tonight.

Edge doesn’t say anything as he clearly doesn’t want anything to do with this.

JBL: So just be out there after the main event and we’ll drink, eat, and party like there’s no tomorrow!

JBL, Finlay, and Christian all walk off as Christian looks at Edge quickly before walking off along with JBL and Finlay.

---Commercial Break---

Michael Cole: We’re back from the break now and it seems Christian is torn in between what is right and wrong. He knows his brother is the champion and wants to help him but he’s got JBL and Finlay also on his side still since it seems Edge is starting to break away from them possibly.

Josh Matthews: It is very confusing but right now we are about to send it backstage as we’ve got Paul London standing by to talk about his big victory last week.

Paul London is shown standing in the interview area as Michael and Josh are going to conduct this interview.

Michael Cole: First off congrats on the big win over Carlito but let me ask you first off your thoughts about what is going down in the Cruiserweight division?

Paul London: It’s a shame that Gregory Helms just chunked the title out like that because I worked hard for that same exact title that I just recently won at WrestleMania and I can’t just let him throw it out like that. I want to make a name for myself in the same time but also I know I have to stand up for the Cruiserweights as well.

Josh Matthews: So basically you’re torn between what you can do? It’s either yourself or the Cruiserweights and I know that’s going to be a hard decision.

Paul London: Exactly! I know that I’ve got tons of friends backstage that I’ve wrestled with for years in the Cruiserweight division but also I can’t just stay in there forever. I’ve got to try and move up and try and reach my goal of becoming World-Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Cole: Paul last week you pulled off perhaps the biggest upset of your career when you beat Carlito. How did it feel to know that you got the biggest win of your short four year career here in the WWE just last week?

Paul London: It felt great Michael. I mean I’ve worked hard for this. I’ve been a two time tag champion, two times Cruiserweight champion, but nothing compared to that big win last week. It was a hard match but when I had my hand raised I knew I put a great fight into the match and was the better man…

Carlito comes into the scene interrupting London which easily could have been expected.

Carlito: Better man? Carlito laughs at you because you think you were the better man! Carlito says that you should know you robbed Carlito of a victory last week. Carlito had that one in the bag but you got lucky.

Paul London: Lucky? That was talent Carlito. Something you might need to consider trying to get.

The crowd “ooo’s” as London shows a grin on his face.

Carlito: Talent? Carlito’s full of talent and charisma and it’s shining through right now. But Carlito’s not going to sit here and talk about that tonight. No, no! Carlito’s got a big tag team match tonight against you and well Carlito’s got revenge on his mind. Carlito’s going to get revenge for that fluke of a win that you pulled off last week.

Paul London: Well Car…

Carlito: You can talk about how you were the “better man” but Carlito knows that he’s the better superstars. Carlito has fought against the best this brand has to offer plus what Raw had. But now that Carlito’s made his home once again on Smackdown, Carlito is rising to the top. And when you’re at the top, you always stay at the top!

Paul London: Carlito I’m si…

Carlito: And ‘dat…

Paul London: …

Carlito: ‘Dat’s cool!

Carlito walks off as we now we catch a video package before the debut of John Morrison is about to take place after the break.

Narrator: He goes by the name of “Friday Night Delight”

Shots of Johnny Nitro in action is shown.

Narrator: “The Guru of Greatness”…

Nitro attacking and betraying his former MNM partner in Joey Mercury on his last appearance on Raw in March is shown.

Narrator: “The Shaman of Sexy”…

Nitro posing on the top rope with his fur jacket.

Narrator: And finally “the A-list Elitist”…

Nitro meeting up with many famous superstars in snapshot photos are the last images shown in the video. Many moves of Nitro’s diverse repertoire are shown right before the last image is Nitro raising his hand at the top of the ramp. The video slows down (just like his current entrance video) and ends with the words “John Morrison”

Narrator: His name is John Morrison…and he’s debuting on Smackdown…NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

Match #3 – Singles Match
John Morrison vs. Funaki

Morrison takes on Smackdown veteran Funaki in his “debut” match. Morrison is actually no stranger to Smackdown since he wrestled here last year actually before moving to Raw during Open Season but it was under Nitro instead. Morrison pulled off many amazing moves hitting a picture perfect dropkick on Funaki before hitting a nice Corkscrew Moonsault onto a standing Funaki in the ring. Morrison could have covered but opted not to as he dragged Funaki back into the middle of the ring before dropping “Smackdown’s Native Jobber” with the Moonlight Drive! Morrison cockily threw Funaki over making the cover.

Winner – John Morrison

Ain’t No Make Believe hits across the arena as Morrison stands up after his first victory here on Smackdown (at least under the Morrison name) Morrison has his hand raised by the referee but Morrison jerks his hand away. He grabs a mic shortly after asking for one from Justin Roberts.

John Morrison: You people need to take notes because “The Friday Night Delight” has arrived and is on the scene about to make a name for himself.

The crowd boos Morrison as he seems to be even fuller of himself than before.

John Morrison: I’m a new person and with new brings change. No longer will I be the laughingstock of the tag team division but now I, John Morrison, will be your next World-Heavyweight Champion? Why you ask? Well first I’ve got the talent, the good looks, the charisma, and everything else that is needed to be a top star.

The crowd boos Morrison even more.

John Morrison: And each and every one of you will know that I am no “make believe” and that I am the real deal.

Morrison drops the mic after his short speech as he leaves the arena. We head over to the commentating team at ringside who takes it away.

Michael Cole: Well there you have it! The former Johnny Nitro is now referring to himself as John Morrison and he’s hoping it brings a lot of change with him because he didn’t exactly have the best run on Raw after losing his Tag team titles last year.

Josh Matthews: No he didn’t and well it might have been Joey Mercury that was holding him down but I think Nitro has always held himself down. He’s certainly got talent and that’s just one more talented superstar we’ve got on Smackdown now.

Michael Cole: Morrison certainly could be a threat here in the future but still to come we’ve got a big night ahead of us. A big tag team match between Paul London and Jeff Hardy teaming to take on Carlito and Marcus Cor Von plus Charlie Haas meets Brent Albright in a rematch of Night of Champions! What a night!

Josh Matthews: It indeed is going to be a special night and well I’m hoping for the best tonight whenever London and Hardy team together for the first time ever!

We head backstage after the commentating team is done to see Ric Flair walking down the hallway. Flair walks towards the office of the General Manager JBL but doesn’t knock because he gets interrupted by Maria.

Maria: Ric…Ric.

Ric Flair: Yes Maria?

Maria: Ric, I wanted to get your thoughts on who laid Shawn Michaels out last week? I mean I know you found him in your locker-room and well do you have any ideas who could have done it.

Ric Flair: I know exactly who did it Maria and it’s one of those three back behind that door. But you know what? I’m going to put this into my own hands because I know JBL and his buddies are going to deny this all. So next week when Shawn comes back to Smackdown, we’re going to find out the truth because when Shawn gets here we will make sure we find out who attacked him…

Maria: Really? There’s been rumors going around that it could be anybody from Edge to JBL to even you Ric? Would you like to defend yourself in these rumors?

Ric Flair: Maria you can be positive that it was not me. I never could do this to Shawn despite what he’s done the past few months to me. He threw Edge into me at Judgment Day and then cost me a shot at my 17th….WOOOO!!!

Ric Flair: …World title.

Flair pauses for a bit more.

Ric Flair: But despite all that he’s stuck with me through it all and I can’t do that to Shawn Michaels. I know people are going to think that I did it but trust me, I would never do this to Shawn. Shawn’s helped me too much in my career for me to trust betray him like that and that’s why next week I want to meet with Shawn in that very ring…mano e’ mano to talk about what happened. We’ve got to find out who did this to Shawn…

Maria: Ri…

Flair walks off as we head to another commercial break here on Smackdown tonight.

---Commercial Break---

Raw Rebound – July 2, 2007

John Cena accepts Mr. Kennedy’s First Blood Match Challenge for Great American Bash
Batista questions Triple H about the past history between the two men
Paul Burchill admits to “doing something” but won’t tell what it was.
Eric Bischoff gets Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely to do his dirty work, and to wrestle Jericho in the Main Event. Guerrero and Neely lose to Jericho.
The announcement of the Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match for SummerSlam ends the Raw Rebound.

Michael Cole: Well as mentioned on Raw only eight short weeks remain until “The Biggest Party of the Summer” and Smackdown looks to be rolling into the annual SummerSlam with a bang but has to find a superstar soon to protect themselves in the big Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match!

Josh Matthews: I think it could be anybody Michael but if JBL was smart, he’d pick a very smart person that he knows is capable of protecting his job.

Michael Cole: Well I’m sure JBL isn’t going to just pick a random person so we know he’ll think about it hard but for our own brand sake it would be nice to see the Smackdown superstar pull off a victory.

Josh Matthews: True and well we’ve still got one big title match right now which will be our main event when Brent Albright puts the Intercontinental title on the line against the former champion in Charlie Haas!

Match #4 – Tag Team Match
Paul London and Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito and Marcus Cor Von

Cor Von is the odd man out in the match as he was just thrown in for the hell of it. He’s not feuding with Jeff Hardy but then again Hardy seems to be directionless at least for right now. But London and Hardy team together tonight to take on Carlito and Cor Von which turns out to be a rather decent tag team match. These four men impress the Smackdown fans as really they get into the match. It was London though who helped his team through victory whenever he caught Cor Von off guard with a big Hurricanrana which send Cor Von flying into the corner. London tagged in Hardy as Hardy headed to the top for the Swanton Bomb before London dropkicked Carlito off the ropes before leaping over with a big Plancha! Hardy covered Cor Von wasting no time as the young team of London and Hardy got the win here tonight.

Winners – Jeff Hardy and Paul London

London and Hardy celebrate their victory as Carlito is on the outside angry. Carlito looks on at Cor Von who was in the ring as it was Cor Von that cost his team the victory. Carlito yells in Spanish at London as London continues to celebrate. Carlito leaves the arena looking on in envy as the fans cheer on London and Hardy’s big victory.

---Commercial Break---

After the break we are sent backstage to where all of the Cruiserweights are gathering to talk about what happened to the Cruiserweight title. We see Super Crazy, Psicosis, Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang Yang, Funaki (still showing a bit of effect from the match earlier against Morrison) and Juventud from ECW. Kid Kash walks into the area rather cockily.

Kid Kash: Make way for the real Cruiserweight around here…

All of the Cruiserweights that were talking laugh at Kid Kash.

Kid Kash: The one difference that I have between each and every one of you is the fact that I am an actual legit talent here in the WWE. You all just thrive off of being in the Cruiserweight but I just like Gregory Helms and Paul London can step up and play with the big boys.

Shannon Moore: So that’s why you last week to Chuck Palumbo.

Kid Kash: Listen…(pauses) freak! You and your little homo cowboy friend here can go off and do whatever you two do in your spare time and leave the in-ring time to me. Nobody wants to see any of you out in the ring anyways!

All of the cruiserweights get into a big argument as it doesn’t seem order is going to be restored. All of the cruiserweights backstage get into a bitter argument as Kash walks off. Super Crazy and Psicosis say something to one another.

Kid Kash: What are you two talking about?

Psicosis: Nada…

Kid Kash: Huh? I think you two need to be more focused on trying to get those tag team titles back before even thinking about trying to restore a Cruiserweight division.

Kid Kash walks off looking at all of the Cruiserweights that were left as he stops.

Kid Kash: Just know that “The Notorious K.I.D.” is here…and I am the Cruiserweight division.

Kash walks off right after his last comment as we head into the arena to the commentating team who are getting prepared for the main event match.

Michael Cole: Well it’s been a long night and we’ve seen a lot of crazy things so far but we’ve got one more big match still to come!

Josh Matthews: We’ve waited all night to see Brent Albright put his title on the line and now it’s time! Albright versus Haas, the Night of Champions rematch! Here we go!

Match #5 – Intercontinental Championship – Singles Match
Brent Albright (c) vs. Charlie Haas

Albright and Haas wrestle in the main event tonight as creative seems rather confident throwing these two technical wrestlers into the scene here tonight. Haas and Albright don’t disappoint though as they get about thirteen minutes or so to show just what they’ve got and what they are capable of doing. Albright was worked over by Haas in the beginning of the match after Haas reversed a nice suplex before hitting a German of his own. Haas was able to ground Albright from there on as he had a few chances to lock in the Haas of Pain but never was able to successfully get it locked in. Haas’s chance at winning gold was denied whenever he hit a quick Snap Suplex before going for his third attempt at the Haas of Pain but Albright rolled through. Albright picked Haas up right after he rolled through and he uses his strength to hit a nice Bridging German! Albright keeps the bridge but Haas kicks out. Albright fights off Haas who tries to grab Albright from behind but Albright knees Haas in the stomach before charging off the ropes. Haas tried for a drop toe hold but Albright stopped before he ran into Haas’s trap. Albright quickly pulled Haas toward him scooping him up and out of nowhere dropping Haas with a nice Half Nelson Suplex! Albright threw his rival over and he hooks the leg of Haas covering and retaining his title in the main event.

Winner – STILL Intercontinental Champion – Brent Albright

Albright is handed his title after fending off the former champion as Haas slaps the mat in anger. Haas looks on still not believing that he lost once again to Albright but he has to believe it now as he lost his rematch clause tonight. Haas looks on as Albright celebrates with the title for a bit longer before we head over to the commentators.

Michael Cole: Well Brent Albright has done it and proved just why he might be a future World champion here tonight but speaking of World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge will be having a special Championship Celebration next!

Josh Matthews: JBL claims that he’s going to drink and party like there’s no tomorrow but really I wonder just how this is going to work especially since Edge exploded earlier tonight on the Power Trip. I guess we’ll find out next!

---Commercial Break---

Longhorn rings throughout the arena as John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way down to the ring in a nice expensive tux as Christian follows in street clothes followed by Finlay also in street clothes. JBL and co. make their way down the ramp towards the ring which is nicely set up and has balloons, champagne, a nice black carpet with the “Rated R Superstar” logo which is actually the mat used for the Cutting Edge but still, it looks very nice! Anyways, it’s the normal party scene as you can tell. JBL receives a mic as he begins to speak.

JBL: Now earlier tonight I made a mistake and I must say that it was my fault. I didn’t admit to what happened last week which was a big miscommunication…

The crowd boos since it seems JBL is full of shit.

JBL: But regardless Edge retained his title here tonight and that is why we are here to party and to celebrate the big title reign that the Rated R Superstar has had so far. I’ve put my trust into Edge ever since I found out Shawn Michaels was coming to Smackdown and that was because I saw something special in Edge and well I knew he could be just like me. I knew he could be a multi-millionaire and talented wrestler just like I am…

The crowd laughs at the “talented wrestler” comment.

JBL: Very funny. But moving on I knew Edge had what it takes but his brother knows Edge even better than I do. So take it away Christian.

JBL hands the mic over to Christian.

Christian: Listen up my peeps! Now Edge and myself haven’t exactly seen eye to eye in the past few years and I’ve had my troubles too but still he’s my brother and that fact will always remain true. We came into this business together and we’ll go out together which won’t be any time soon! But the fact is that Edge truly is one of the greatest World-Heavyweight Champions that we have seen recently and that is why I want to introduce you all to my brother…the World-Heavyweight Champion….Edge!

Metalingus hits across the arena as a rather unhappy Edge makes his way down to the ring. Edge clearly looks pissed he’s got to come to this “party” thing but it was requested he appear tonight. Edge receives a mixed reaction mainly for standing up to JBL tonight.

Edge: Christian thanks for the nice comments but JBL, I’m tired of your bullshit!

JBL pauses as Edge looks at him straight in the eyes.

Edge: You try and feed me this bullshit about how I’m a great champion and all that and it’s just because you want the ratings to protect your job. You know that if I wasn’t here on Smackdown along with my brother and other superstars, then you’d be stuck with people like Finlay…

Edge points to Finlay as Finlay looks clearly angry as he points the shillelagh at Edge as JBL restrains Finlay.

Edge: So it’s nice to see you throw a party here tonight…but I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore! You’ve lied to me for the past six months and manipulated me into trying to help you save your job. And now that it’s on the line at SummerSlam I don’t want anything to do with you…or your little “Power Trip” that you’ve got going.

JBL: Don’t come out here trying to ruin this party. I threw this for you Edge! For YOU! I didn’t do this just for the hell of it. I wasted a lot of money for this party and I’ll be damned if it just goes to waste. But since you’re the most selfish champion that I’ve seen since my reign here as the General Mana…

Edge: I’m the only champion that’s been here since you became the General Manager! Nobody’s won the title from me yet and it’s going to remain that way!

JBL: That’s because of ME! I helped you out in each and every one of these situations. I brought in Christian for WrestleMania! I interfered at Judgment Day and Night of Champions! What else could you say Edge? I mean if it wasn’t for me, you sure as hell wouldn’t be standing here right now with that title around your waist. Now would you?

Edge and JBL get into one another’s faces as Christian steps in and breaks it up!

Christian: Stop it! I’m tired of you tw…

JBL: Shut up! I’ll fire you right here and right now! You know what? Go ahead and get out of here. Your welcome here at this party is long overdue. Security!

Christian leaves the ring after thinking about hitting JBL but he stops. Christian exits the arena as security surrounds him assuring that he is escorted out.

JBL: Now since you don’t have your brother out here, let’s talk about this Edge. You run around here bitching and moaning about how you don’t get everything your way and then when you finally do so, you want to betray me? That’s not how it works.

Edge: Oh really? Then tell me how it works “Mr. Wall Street”

The crowd laughs at the corny insult as Edge and JBL continue their bickering.

JBL: I’ve worked hard these past few months that I’ve been the Smackdown General Manager to insure that Smackdown is the top brand. I worked my ass off whenever I wrestled in that ring and I expected the same from you but apparently you’re not capable of doing that. You think that you can just come out here and do whatever the hell you want? It doesn’t work like that and I’m surely not going to let you get away with that.

Edge: See John the thing is that I used to care what you say and now I could give less of a crap. I’ve proven that I don’t need anybody to help me retain my title and that you’re just an obstacle blocking me from being better than I already am. It’s clear that I’m the top superstar on Smackdown whether you or anybody else wants to admit that. That’s fine to me because I know that I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am today and I won’t stop for anybody.

JBL: That’s nice and all Edge but the fact is that you are the biggest son of a bit…

Edge charges across the ring and hits a big Spear on the Smackdown General Manager JBL! JBL is knocked out on the mat as he rolls around as the table falls in the ring. Finlay looks at Edge as he charges at Edge with the shillelagh but Edge ducks underneath and hits a nice Impaler DDT on Finlay dropping Finlay in the middle of the ring. Edge kicks Finlay and JBL out of the ring as he picks up his World-Heavyweight Championship as big “Edge! Edge! Edge!” chants ring throughout the arena.

Michael Cole: Edge just did what he has needed to do for months! He took out JBL and then took out his new “teammate” in the Power Trip in Finlay! I think it’s safe to say that this group certainly has disbanded.

Josh Matthews: I’m almost positive that you can say that too Michael. I have a feeling that we’re going to hear something from the GM JBL concerning him being Speared in the ring next week as he won’t take this situation lightly…

Edge has his title in his hand as he makes his way out of the arena with the title raised in the air before BAM! MVP LAYS OUT EDGE WITH THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE? What in the hell is going on? MVP has a referee with him as MVP drags Edge down towards the ring with him. JBL is sitting up now as he starts to regain his footing as he looks on confused as to what is going on (or is he?) as MVP holds Edge in the ring looking towards the referee at the referee. MVP hits Edge once again with the briefcase before hitting the Drive By Kick! MVP covers Edge quickly as the referee counts.


The referee runs over telling Justin Roberts.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen…here is your winner via Money in the Bank and the NEW WORLD-HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….M…V…P!!!

MVP is handed the World-Heavyweight Championship as he throws it around his shoulder. The superstar has hit the jackpot tonight as he’s acquired the MITB briefcase and the World title in the same night! MVP does a celebration dance as he taps the mat and throws up the 305 sign as he goes crazy in the ring with the title.

Michael Cole: What in the hell is going on? How did MVP cash in Money in the Bank if Rey Mysterio was the holder of the briefcase?

Josh Matthews: I’m getting word right now that Rey Mysterio has just been found laid out backstage. We're going to head backstage briefly...

We are sent backstage as we see Rey Mysterio laid out backstage. Nothing else is shown besides the fact that the MITB briefcase is not beside him as it’s already been cashed in of course!

Michael Cole: What is going on? He didn’t win the briefcase from Mysterio but simply he stole it and cashed it in? It seems MVP ambushed Rey and then used his briefcase? How can JBL let this be done? This can’t be happening!

Josh Matthews: The thing is though that it’s already done and that no matter what the case is, MVP is our World-Heavyweight Champion!

Michael Cole: I can’t believe it! I’ve got to believe that JBL had something to do with this but he might not have. I mean why else would be have thrown a party here tonight if there was dissension between the Power Trip already?

Josh Matthews: Who knows Michael? But I do know this. This night is going to go down as one of the most historic but also infamous nights in Smackdown history. MVP literally steals the Money in the Bank briefcase and you can say steals the World-Heavyweight title too! We’ve got a new champion here in Dallas and with that we’re going to say good night!

The last image we see is MVP holding his World-Heavyweight title high as JBL is walking up the ramp with a sly smile on his face as Edge is on the outside of the ring looking up at MVP in the ring.
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