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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Monday Night Raw – July 2, 2007
American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas

Raw opens tonight with a video package focusing on the big tag team match last week that featured WWE Champion Batista teaming with ECW champion The Great Khali to take on Triple H and Chris Jericho. The video shows Triple H pinning Batista to win the match. Right after though it shows footage from earlier in the night with Mick Foley being named co-General Manager for now at least since Eric Bischoff is going to be “graded” tonight on his performance so far. If Bischoff passes then Foley will be his Co-GM. If Bischoff fails then Foley simply is the sole GM of Raw. Finally Chris Jericho being added into the Triple Threat by Foley is shown with Jericho and HHH staring one another down after the tag team match closing the video out.

Across the Nation hits as the Raw video package plays before we are brought into the American Airlines Center where the fans are going wild in the arena. Many signs are shown before we head down to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Hello one and all and welcome to another exciting edition of Raw tonight which is sure to be a great show.

Jerry Lawler: I’m positive it will be JR and we’ll be finding out tonight whether we’re going to have two GM’s or if we’re going to just have Mick Foley as our General Manager.

Jim Ross: I’d rather have just Foley but I guess Bischoff is going to try his best to convince Mr. McMahon that he has done a good job since coming back earlier in the year.

Jerry Lawler: He’ll have a lot of convincing to do because Mr. McMahon is not exactly in the best of moods considering what has occurred on Smackdown this past Friday. That place seems out of control over there!

Match #1 – Tag Team Rematch - Non-title
The Gold Standards vs. CM Punk and Brian Kendrick

A huge tag team match kicks off Raw tonight as the duo of the Burke and Benjamin are going to try and get their tag team titles back from the team of Punk and Kendrick in their condition IF they win their tag team match tonight. It was reported on WWE.com that Burke and Benjamin cashed their rematch in for the Great American Bash and that this match was going to take place tonight on Raw to determine who was going to get the choice of the stipulation to end this almost four month feud. Back to the match, Burke and Benjamin worked over Punk for a long amount of time trying to take down one of the most resilient superstars on the WWE roster but Punk kept on fighting back not wanting to lose the match for his team. Punk broke through eventually making the hot tag into Kendrick. Kendrick quickly leapt onto the top rope for a flying clothesline but Benjamin ducked and Kendrick flew right into a dropkick from Burke! The fans looked on in awe as Benjamin (the legal man) ran over kicking Punk off the apron before grabbing Kendrick quickly and hitting the Paydirt. Quickly Benjamin made the cover and getting the win assuring that his team will get to pick the stipulation for their tag team match at the ‘Bash.

Winners- The Gold Standards

Burke and Benjamin talk about it for a bit with their manager Theodore Long on the outside as Long asks for a mic.

Theodore Long: Listen up!

The crowd pours in boos as Long clearly looks irritated.

Theodore Long: We’re not going to have me getting booed just because of my skin color. That ain’t how it works around here playas! Now I know these gentlemen aren’t exactly the well most liked superstars around here but by god they better be the most respected ones. They were the tag team champs for nearly half a year. They ran by many tag teams here on Raw and they gained my trust and respect.

Long pauses for a bit as Benjamin and Burke tell him to “Go ahead” and announce it.

Theodore Long: And well that’s why these two gentlemen are hereby challenging CM Punk and Brian Kendrick to a Ladder Match at the Great American Bash! Shelton Benjamin has excelled in many ladder matches while Elijah Burke has yet to compete in one. But it doesn’t hide the fact that the more talented and the right team will come out the winners. And when we do win…Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley, and all you white “playas” will have to respect us.

Long leads his team back up the ramp as we head over to the duo of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler right now.

Jim Ross: By god King. The Great American Bash keeps on getting even better. First off we’ve already got two huge matches but man the card is getting stacked more and more each show! Three huge matches are now set for the ‘Bash.

Jerry Lawler: JR we very well may be looking at one of the hottest Pay-Per-Views of the year if the superstars of Raw come out and bring out their best. I have a feeling this might be one of our best shows yet JR!

---Commercial Break---

We come back from the commercial break to see Todd Grisham standing by backstage in the interviewing area.

Todd Grisham: Hello everybody. At this time please welcome my guest, John Cena!

Cena walks into the scene showing a smile as all of the fans go nuts in the arena.

Todd Grisham: So John as you know last week Mr. Kennedy attacked you in your match with Chavo Guerr…

John Cena: Todd we don’t need a rundown of what happened. I’m sure everybody knows exactly what happened and well let me go ahead and answer a question that I already know you are going to ask me. Yes. Mr. Kennedy challenged me to a First Blood Match at the Great American Bash and my answer? You would very well like to know what my answer is wouldn’t you Todd?

Todd looks at Cena pretty much nodding his head in agreeance.

Todd Grisham: Well…yeah!

John Cena: Well it’s YES!

The crowd pops loudly as Cena looks right into the camera.

John Cena: And as for you Mr. Kennedy. I’m sick and tired of all this “hit and run” crap that you’ve been doing recently. You’ve been doing this ever since April and I’m sick and tired of it. That’s why in just less than three weeks I am going to finally end this and prove why I am the better and the more talented man here on Raw. You claim to be the biggest thing to hit Monday nights Mr. Kennedy but I beg to differ. Let’s ask the fans their opinion shall we?

The crowd pops for crowd involvement as Cena shows a smile.

John Cena: So start yelling if you like Mr. Kennedy and think he is the top superstar on Raw.

Very few people cheer and most of them are smartasses anyways.

John Cena: And what about me?

The crowd goes nuts for Cena (in real life they wouldn’t though. ) But anyways just pretend they are going nuts.

John Cena: I think that gets my point across Todd. My motto is never back down and I never will back down as long as I am active in that ring. I can’t and I won’t. It’s not in my vocabulary and I will make sure that I succeed in this business no matter what it takes. Whether it’s taking out “top dog” wannabes like you or having to go with the best. I’ll do just about whatever it takes to prove that I am the top one here on not only Raw but in the entire WWE. So Kennedy….be prepared because I’m 100 positive that it’ll be your blood on the canvas at the ‘Bash.

Cena leaves and gets out of the camera way before we see Mr. Kennedy walk in now as Cena seems long gone from the interview area.

Mr. Kennedy: Tell me Todd…what did John Cena say?

Todd Grisham: Well he accepted the challenge.

Mr. Kennedy: WRONG DECISION! Cena doesn’t know what he’s got coming for him at the ‘Bash. Hell maybe I’m going to have to give him some lessons in making right and wrong decisions because right now he’s already backed himself into a corner. Todd I can’t stay long because I’ve got to get prepared…

Todd Grisham: Well you weren’t even in this interview?

Mr. Kennedy walks back and this week once again whispers into the mic.

Mr. Kennedy: KENNEDY.

We now head backstage to see Hardcore Holly, Joey Mercury, The Miz, and people of that nature standing by backstage. Suddenly in walks the familiar face of one of Raw’s newest superstars in “The Natural” Nic Nemeth.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: Let me introduce myself…

The Miz looks at Nemeth with a rather weird look on his face.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: I said, “Let me introduce myself…”

Nemeth tries to get the attention of Holly, Mercury, and the Miz but they pay no attention to him. Nemeth instead gives Holly a shove which Holly turns around to.

Hardcore Holly: Boy…just who do you think you are?

Holly looks Nemeth straight in the eyes as it seems Holly is about to snap and just go off on the “Natural” here tonight.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: Since you asked, you can just call me “The Natural” or better yet Nic Nemeth!

Holly looks at Nemeth as if he is supposed to be something special.

Hardcore Holly: Well tell you what “Natural” (sarcastically) you don’t come about here trying to force yourself upon these superstars. That’s not how things work around here. You EARN respect and by god you will respect me to not touch me like that again.

Nemeth pretends as if he didn’t even hear Holly.

Hardcore Holly: And if you don’t respect me, then I guess I’ll beat it into you.

Nemeth seems speechless as he walks off heading towards the back of the arena. Nemeth stops as the camera catches a few words from him.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: The people around here…wow!

---Commercial Break---

La Vittoria' e' Mia hits across the arena as The “Italian Stallion” Santino Marella makes his way down the ramp. Marella comes walking down rather cocky after getting his first victory last week here on Raw. Marella rolls into the ring (despite having beat Rene Dupree) which isn’t really that big of a win but still. Marella grabs a microphone.

Santino Marella: Once again if you do not know me, my name is Santino Marella, International superstar and soon to be WWE Champion!

The crowd laughs at Marella as if he really has a chance at the WWE title (at least now in his career)

Santino Marella: Thanka’ you! See now Santino in my country means “great” and that is exactly what I’a am. There are many fine Italian superstars but I am the finest of them all. I am the one that hasa’ led the way for the future of the professional wrest’alers of Italy. Now many people wisha’ to give me thanks but I decline. I cannot take all of the credit because if it werea’ not for the fine fans of WWE, then I Santino Marella would simply nota’ be here on Raw.

The crowd pops as Santino is showing appreciation for what the fans do for him.

Santino Marella: But I ama’ not here for action tonight. No-no! I am here to watch your United States Champion in action. Matt Hardly! You see I’ve watched Meester Hardly for manya’ weeks but Santino says that clearly he stands a better chance ata’ being the United States Champion than Hardy does at keeping his girlfriend Clita. I heard this girl Clita (Lita) had um…(Marella pauses to think here) a fun time with de’ World Heavyweight Champion Edge?

The crowd “ooo’s” as Santino looks shocked at what the crowd thinks about what he said. Santino walks over sitting at the commentating booth to watch the upcoming singles match. Santino sits down as Hardy makes his way out looking angry at the comments that Santino mad. But it seems apparent that Santino doesn’t know much about the entire situation.

Match #2 – Singles Match
Matt Hardy vs. Snitsky

The United States champion gets a hard task tonight in taking on the daunting Snitsky but it seems Hardy has enough gas behind him to get him over Snitsky tonight. Or at least he hopes so. Snitsky does dominate Hardy in the get go after Hardy leapt off the middle rope but Snitsky caught him with a Bear hug nearly squeezing the life out of Hardy. Hardy fought back though breaking free of the Bear hug but Snitsky wasted no time in ramming Hardy back first into the turnbuckles. Snitsky quickly pulled Hardy back down towards the mat with a clothesline before covering for two. Snitsky pulled Hardy back up sending him off into the ropes before Hardy came running back at a Big Boot but once again got only a two count. Hardy seemed to be in trouble as Snitsky pulled Hardy up trying for the Pumphandle Slam but Hardy slid off the shoulders before quickly dropping Snitsky with a Side Effect! Hardy fought back despite all of the pain and beating he took earlier in the match before dropping Snitsky with a Twist of Fate. Quickly Hardy covered getting a win here tonight in this non-title match over Snitsky.

Winner- Matt Hardy

Hardy is handed his United States title as he celebrates for a bit as Santino talks on commentary. Santino stays in his “tweener” role acting all innocent about the “Clita” situation but in the meantime also talking about how he wants a shot at the United States title (despite having wrestled only one match on Raw so far which was last week)

---Commercial Break---

After the break we come backstage to see Eric Bischoff sitting in his office as in walks Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely. Guerrero and Neely walk over towards Mr. Bischoff as they both shake hands with Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Ah…gentlemen. Good to see you tonight.

Neely nudges Guerrero.

Chavo Guerrero: You too Mr. Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Listen I appreciate you two coming here tonight because Chavo you really impressed me last week here on Raw when you beat John Cena in that match (the crowd boos knowing that Mr. Kennedy interfered to help Chavo).

Guerrero shows a smile.

Chavo Guerrero: Well thank you Mr. Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: No need to thank me. I thank you. And why do I thank you? Because tonight I’ve got to be “graded” here on Raw on my performance and well I’m going to be a little busy with that so I thought I could rely on you and your friend Bam here to do some…well how do I say it?

Chavo Guerrero: Favors?

Eric Bischoff: I guess you can call it that. See I’m sure you know that Chris Jericho has been causing me trouble the past few months here on Raw ever since WrestleMania and well now he’s on my case about what happened at Night of Champions last week. So I need somebody that is capable of doing these “favors” for me tonight.

Chavo Guerrero: Mr. Bischoff, it’d be my honor to do this for you.

Bischoff shows a smile on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Okay that’s great because tonight you AND Bam Neely are going to take on Jericho later on in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match!

Guerrero stands up getting ready to leave with Bam before Bischoff stops him.

Eric Bischoff: Chavo…

Chavo Guerrero: Sir?

Bischoff looks at Guerrero directly in the eyes.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t let me down!

With that Chavo and Bam leave the office walking out as we scan the arena with the fans going nuts right now. A shot outside of the American Airlines Center is shown before we head back into the arena to our veteran commentating team.

Jim Ross: It’s been a great night here so far on Raw and well it keeps on getting even better. Chavo and Bam Neely tonight are going to team up and take on former WWE Champion Chris Jericho! What a match that is going to be!

Jerry Lawler: Something tells me this just might not be Jericho’s night. He had a great week last week but if Bischoff has his way then Jericho could very well be in trouble.

Jim Ross: We’ve still got a lot more to come including a special Fourth of July Divas Match plus Bischoff gets graded tonight on his Raw performance!

Jerry Lawler: But now it’s time for one of the number one contenders in Triple H to be in action! Is the Game going to be on “top of his game” no pun intended.

Match #3 – Singles Match
Triple H vs. Trevor Murdoch

This turned out to be a decent match as it wasn’t just your normal squash match mainly because of Lance Cade’s presence at ringside helping to interfere and help his partner Murdoch in the process too. Cade tripped up Hunter later on in the match which angered Triple H enough to go outside and punch Cade down onto the mat. Of course this distracted the Game which allowed Murdoch to attack Triple H from behind. Murdoch got Triple H back into the ring after ramming him back first into the steel pole but only got a two count. Triple H fought back a lot in the match though as he had to overcome the challenge of these two superstars but he was able to do so after he caught Murdoch off guard with a Spinebuster. Shortly after Triple H dropped Murdoch with the Pedigree before knocking Cade off the apron who was trying to get into the ring. Quickly Triple H made the cover getting another victory here on Raw this week.

Winner – Triple H

Triple H’s music hits across the arena right after the match BUT suddenly it stops. The music of the Animal hits across the arena as Batista walks out onto stage in a nice suit and with mic in hand. Batista is clapping and doesn’t stop getting the attention of Triple H.

Batista: Very good job Hunter…

The crowd boos the obvious sarcasm of the Animal.

Batista: You beat another nobody. It’s nice to see that you can always face off with the nobodies of Raw and beat them but you can never really face off with the real competition around here. Now sure I know you are going to say that you pinned me last week in that ring BUT the fact is that you’ve never beaten me one on one and really Hunter…that’s the only time that matters when this baby (slaps his WWE title) is on the line.

Batista adjusts his title as Triple H is hanging on the ropes listening as he receives a mic but doesn’t speak just yet.

Batista: Hunter, you’re only a sheer mortal of what you used to be. You’re NOTHING like what you were when you had Evolution on top of Raw. It’s funny that I leave Raw two years ago after beating you THREE times to retain my World-Heavyweight title and well, nothing’s changed. As a matter of fact you haven’t even held a title since then. You’ve came so close but the fact remains that you still are sitting at 10 world championships and you’ve been there for nearly two and a half years.

The crowd looks on as Hunter can’t help but listen but he intervenes.

Triple H: And within that time Dave I’ve been injured. I was out right after you left for nea…

Batista: Don’t give me that Hunter. You were out for what? Maybe four months? Then you magically come here and attack your supposed friend Ric Flair? Bullshit Hunter!

The crowd boos as Batista takes his sunglasses off.

Batista: The fact is that you are literally full of shit when it comes down to it. You’ve sat here and tried to say that you’re changed person. That you’re going to be back on top very soon and well you’re lying not only to all of these fans but also yourself. Why don’t you think about that for a week and get back to me next week on that one?

I Walk Alone hits across the arena as Batista makes his way back through the curtain with his WWE title around his shoulder. The camera focuses in on Triple H who appears to be thinking some deep thoughts right now as we head to another commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

A video hyping the Great American Bash plays before we cut over to the commentators once again at ringside.

Jim Ross: The theme song you just heard was “The Church of Hot Addiction” by Cobra Starship and it is the official theme song of the Great American Bash.

Jerry Lawler: Speaking of the ‘Bash JR let’s talk about what all is going to be going down at Raw’s first time to ever host the Great American Bash. We’ve already got three huge matches and something tells me this might be one great card!

Jim Ross: As announced earlier tonight by Teddy Long, the team of the former World Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke or better known as the Gold Standards will meet the champs CM Punk and Brian Kendrick in a Ladder Match!

Jerry Lawler: These two teams have been battling it out for nearly three months and GM Eric Bischoff awarded whoever won tonight’s tag team match the right to pick the stipulation and well the Gold Standards won and picked a Ladder Match. Benjamin has a lot of history in Ladder Matches but the other three not so much.

Jim Ross: John Cena accepted the challenge earlier tonight and now he finds himself in a battle against “Raw’s top superstar” in his own mind in Mr. Kennedy in a First Blood Match. It’s not going to be pretty but it’s going to be one hell of a slobber knocker guaranteed.

Jerry Lawler: Cena seems intent on proving his worth on being the top superstar and is especially looking for redemption after all the hell that Kennedy has put him through these past few months. Especially last week after Kennedy attacked Cena during his match and forcing Cena to bleed in the ring.

Jim Ross: And finally our main event has been set. It’s going to perhaps be not only one of Raw’s but one of maybe the WWE’s biggest matches of the year. The new WWE Champion Batista finds himself backed into a corner in his first title defense against two of Raw’s top talents in two former champions Triple H and Chris Jericho.

Jerry Lawler: Jericho seems to be on a headhunt trying to get his title back but Triple H certainly has some things on his mind after what Batista said to him tonight. It seems like Batista might be trying to mess with both of their heads before the big Triple Threat Match at the ‘Bash.

Jim Ross: It’s less than three weeks away! Eighteen days as a matter of fact! Do whatever is necessary because you are not going to want to miss this epic show. Raw’s first ever presentation of the Great American Bash will be live Sunday July 22, 2007 from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California!

Jerry Lawler: And now it’s time for a bit of puppies! A special Fourth of July match here tonight and I’m so pumped!

Glamazon hits across the arena as the music of the Women's Champion hits across the arena as Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way down the ramp. She walks over taking a seat with the commentators at ringside.

Jim Ross: Well I see we’ve got the Women’s Champion here with us tonight and I had no clue she was going to be here.

Jerry Lawler: Beth…please sit down.

Phoenix sits down as he looks at JR and King.

Beth Phoenix: I’m here tonight to watch all four of these bimbos embarrass themselves in this so called wrestling match. Especially Mickie James.

Match #4 – Fourth of July Bra and Panties Tag Team Match
Mickie James and Candice vs. Melina and Jillian

Four of Raw’s top divas face off tonight in a special Bra and Panties match which hasn’t been seen on Raw or in the WWE for that matter in years. (Sad isn’t it?) But anyways it doesn’t get much time as it’s not really that big of a match but anyways Jillian was the first to be stripped of her clothes by Candice so if Melina is stripped her team will lose. The first two divas to be stripped lose and well Candice was stripped next (but seemed to like it) as she did a little dance before Jillian kicked her in the stomach sending Candice flying out of the ring. Mickie quickly turned around to see Jillian running at her before Mickie dumped Jillian out of the ring. Mickie turned around to see Melina before Mickie ducked underneath a punch from Melina before Mickie dropped Melina with the Mick Kick before stripping Melina of her clothes and getting the win for her team.

Winners – Mickie James and Candice

Mickie and Candice celebrate as Beth Phoenix stands up looking at Mickie. Mickie tells Beth to come into the ring to which Beth does do so. Candice tries to break it up between these two former friends before Beth slugs Candice right across the face. Candice falls down onto the mat as Mickie jumps on Beth hitting her with numerous rights. It’s out of control just like it was last week as Mickie is pouncing on Beth. Beth escapes out of the ring as Mickie is left in the ring by herself right now as she helps Candice back up onto her feet. Beth barely escaped this week as she clutches her title daring Mickie to mess with her again.

---Commercial Break---

After the break we are sent backstage to see new Raw interviewer Lena Yada standing by with the new team of Priceless.

Lena Yada: Ladies and gentlemen I’m Lena Yada and at this time…please welcome my guests…Priceless!

The duo of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk into the interview area.

Ted DiBiase: Lena you need to treat us as if we are already legends because actually we are! Just because our fathers weren’t nearly as good as us doesn’t mean that we don’t need to get the respect they received. We need to be respected more than they were and that’s a whole lot of respect we should be getting.

Cody Rhodes: But all I’ve heard is boos and people saying that we are whining because we haven’t gotten it our way yet. I’ve heard people say that we’re spoiled and rotten but that is the farthest thing from the truth. People think we are going to ride our last name and our father’s legacy but that is not going to happen.

Ted DiBiase: Because already we’ve made a bigger name for ourselves in only our first two weeks on Raw and in those two weeks, we’ve only wrestled once.

Lena Yada: Gentlemen you’ve yet to really face a challe…

Ted DiBiase: Yet to face a challenge? We’re facing a challenge already because we’re expected to live up to our father’s legacy when in reality we’re already above it!

Cody Rhodes: The fact is Lena that we’re two of the hottest superstars in the WWE and there really is no stopping us if we get our way. It’s only a short amount of time before you see Ted and myself wearing those coveted World Tag Team Championships.

Ted DiBiase: It’s a simple statement Lena. We’re simply the best and we’re simply…

DiBiase and Rhodes: Priceless!

DiBiase and Rhodes walk out of the scene as we head backstage to see Mick Foley sitting in his own separate office tonight as he is setting things up (why in reality because it’s only for one night?) but anyways suddenly a knock is heard at the door.

Mick Foley: Come in?

Foley turns around after he was digging in a box before he sees Paul Burchill walk in.

Mick Foley: Um….Paul how can I help you?

Paul Burchill: I did it.

Foley looks confused as to what Burchill is saying.

Mick Foley: You did what?

Paul Burchill: I did it Mick. I DID IT!

Mick Foley: Well what did you do? I mean there are a lot of things you could have done.

Burchill looks at Mick in a “stop ridiculing” me way.

Paul Burchill: Don’t you understand? I DID IT! Its my’ fault. They’re coming for me Mick. I can’t take it anymore. I DID IT.

And with that last quote Burchill leaves out of the office of Mick Foley as Foley doesn’t know what in the hell to think about what just occurred.

Jim Ross: Well Paul Burchill did something but what did he do? He never really came straight out and said what he did.

Jerry Lawler: Who knows JR? There have been a lot of strange things going on in the WWE and this just might be another one of them.

Jim Ross: Well when we come back from the break, it’ll be time for our main event! Chavo Guerrero teams with his bodyguard Bam Neely to take on former WWE Champion Chris Jericho. Don’t change the channel because it’s next!

---Commercial Break---

Match #5 – Handicap Match - Main Event
Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely vs. Chris Jericho

Guerrero and Bam’s job tonight is to simply wear down Jericho and do Bischoff’s dirty work of course as it was revealed earlier in their segment. Anyways Chavo and Bam both do work over Jericho rather well taking turns tagging in but halfway through the match Triple H came down to watch and he sat at the commentating booth. This distracted Jericho allowing Chavo to hit the Three Amigos before ascending to the top rope. Chavo pointed to the sky as he leapt off the top rope for the Frog Splash but Jericho got his knees up. Bam quickly hits the ring as Chavo rolls over making the tag and Bam starts kneeing away at Jericho. Jericho however was able to get back onto his feet as he fought back hitting Bam before suddenly out of nowhere dropping Bam with a nice dropkick. Chavo tried to get back into the ring but a nice springboard dropkick knocked Guerrero back down onto the mat. Bam turned around as Jericho ran at him but Bam missed with a swinging fist. Jericho quickly grabbed Bam hitting the Codebreaker. Jericho scurried over making a cover on Bam as Guerrero is down on the outside. 1…2…3!

Winner – Chris Jericho

Triple H congratulates Jericho on his win as “The Game” remains sitting at the booth as Jericho and Triple H do nothing but have a brief stare down with one another. Triple H was getting ready to leave before Batista ambushed Triple H from behind through the crowd. Despite Batista wanting to hear Hunter’s comments next week, Batista went ahead and took action. Jericho quickly ran outside going at it with Batista as Jericho and Batista brawl before Hunter fights back into it. Security runs out breaking all three men apart from one another as the camera focuses on all three men before cutting over to the commentators.

Jim Ross: It seems evident to me that we’re going to be in for one big and wild Triple Threat Match whenever the ‘Bash rolls around in less than three weeks.

Jerry Lawler: This has the possibility of being one of the biggest matches in Raw history and with the way things are going, we might even have a new champion to boot!

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen! You’ve waited all night to find out what the verdict was going to be, you’ve been waiting to hear what Mr. McMahon’s ruling on our General Manager Eric Bischoff was and well, you’ll get to hear it next!

Jerry Lawler: I’m so excited JR. We might just have Foley as our General Manager.

---Commercial Break---

No Chance plays across the arena as the music of the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment hits across the arena as Mr. McMahon makes his way down towards the ring with an intent look on his face. McMahon does his power walk down the ramp before he gets into the ring and walks over receiving a mic. Mr. McMahon has a table set up in the ring along with two chairs. One for Bischoff and the other apparently for the new Co-General Manager in Mick Foley.

Mr. McMahon: As I announced last week I am here tonight to get the verdict on whether Mr. Eric Bischoff has done his job in a correct manner that has not benefited select superstars but the entire roster here on Raw. If so Mr. Bischoff will keep his job but if it is found that he has picked select superstars to “favor” then I will have no choice but to fire Mr. Bischoff here tonight. So without further ado let me first go ahead and get the new Raw co-General Manager Mick Foley out here…

Wrecked hits as Foley walks down towards the ring. Foley gets into the ring shaking hands briefly with Mr. McMahon before taking a seat.

Mr. McMahon: And now Eric Bischoff…

I'm Back hits as the ever familiar music of Eric Bischoff is heard now as he makes his way down to the ring. Bischoff looks a bit hesitant about what he is going to go through tonight but it doesn’t make him seem like he’s completely worried about it. Bischoff takes a seat as he doesn’t shake the hand of McMahon but instead looks straight at Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: Now that both of you are here let’s go ahead and get this started. First off for all of the fans that forgot. Last year Mr. Bischoff left Raw for an unknown reason in February. He took a break and came back earlier this year and well, I’ve been sensing that there has been some favoritism being played here on Raw. I’ve felt that possibly Mr. Bischoff has not been performing his duties to the full max and doing not what is right for a few select superstars but for ALL of the Raw wrestlers. Any comments you’d like to make now Eric?

Eric Bischoff: First off I’d like to state that at no time has there EVER been any favoritism shown towards a superstar. I’ve never picked a certain superstar out of a crowd to earn a WWE title shot or anything of that nature. Secondly I’ve never tried to “attack” a superstar and throw challenges against him constantly because I did not like him…

Mick Foley: What about Chris Jericho?

Eric Bischoff: Foley, this isn’t any of your business. Now back to what I was saying. Never before have I just singled out one sup…

A big “Bullshit” chant breaks out across the arena as they know Bischoff is lying.

Mr. McMahon: Shhh! Now let the man finish his story. Continue…

Eric Bischoff: Thanks. Now as I was saying. I’ve never just singled out one person for the hell of it. IF I have ever singled someone out it was most likely bec…

Mick Foley: You just said earlier that you’ve never singled someone out? Now you’re saying you are but you have reasons?

Eric Bischoff: Foley! Shut up and get out of this. I’ve been here longer than you and that means that this is my business and not yours. Now if I may continue? I must ask why it’s me that’s getting graded whenever you’ve got Paul Heyman forming a rebellion against the ECW Originals over on ECW and then JBL’s got himself a big Power Trip going over there but it’s ME that is getting questioned for my job?

The crowd ponders about that one for a bit before Mr. McMahon stops him.

Mr. McMahon: Well Eric…if you would have let me continued on earlier then you would have known that I am possibly planning on reviewing the Smackdown and ECW General Managers and well it’s very likely that also one of them will be getting possibly fired. I mean I understand the fact that you’re angry at the fact that you’re being pointed out first but still you’ve got to prove to me that you’re not favoring one or another superstar or anything of that nature.

Eric Bischoff: It seems rather clear to me that I’m doing my job and well I hate to say it but maybe Foley could help “keep me in order” if something were to happen. But it’s the fact that never before have I, Eric Bischoff, taken advantage of another superstar while being the General Manager of Raw and then get questioned for it? It just doesn’t work like that.

Mr. McMahon: Eric don’t sit here and question my job. All you need to be worried about is yourself and what is going on here on Raw. Is that understood?

"Longhorn" The music of the Smackdown General Manager sounds across the arena as John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way down to the ring barring the Power Trip duo. JBL walks down the ramp in a nice suit as he gets into the ring and looks at Bischoff and Foley before directing Mr. McMahon.

JBL: What is this about possibly firing ME? I’ve yet to do anything wrong for Smackdown as I’ve taken it in a higher direction than it was before with that stupid “playa” Teddy Long and now I’m getting blamed for it? Smackdown is at it’s highest ratings it’s been at in years and it’s all because of my leadership skills, my experience with the superstars, and the fact that I’ve got a load of money invested right now on Wall Street is what has helped me become easily the best general manager that this company has seen.

The crowd boos JBL knowing he is full of shit as McMahon goes to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Listen I don’t know why in the hell you are here because this was only supposed to be about Raw but you know what? Since you’re here then we can talk about Smackdown right now too. It seems that you’ve been taking advantage of other superstars on that brand in recent times such as Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair and I must think that one of your cronies was the one to take Shawn Michaels out this week. Who knows? Ric Flair might be next?

JBL: Blasphemy! There is no way that I have been involved with the Shawn Michaels situation this past week on Smackdown. I’m too busy right now leading my brand into war with these two other “poser” brands that clearly are not worthy of even being in the same company as Smackdown. But it’s the fact that I’ve been disrespected from the first day that I stepped into that office until this very moment from people like you Vince.

The crowd looks on in intrigue as McMahon gets in JBL’s face.

Mr. McMahon: We…

Extreme hits as the music of the ECW General Manager now sounds across the arena as it’s clear Mr. McMahon is now getting angry. Heyman makes his way down the ramp before stepping into the ring as he’s got a clipboard in hand before stepping in and grabbing a mic.

Paul Heyman: I don’t know what in the hell is going on out here...

Eric Bischoff: This is a conversation between three real General Managers and the Chairman. Not a GM of a show that is already dead ever since it was revived.

Paul Heyman: That's funny becuase all I've heard was that ECW was being ran by myself in a direction that is “favoring other superstars” and well that is wrong Eric Bischoff. You know for years you’ve ran your mouth at me trying to bury my company and well it seems rather funny that ECW is the one standing again and not WCW.

JBL: What about Smackdown? Clearly we're the top brand here no matter what anyone of you wants to say?

Eric Bischoff: Well maybe if you stopped jumping on Edge, Christian, and Finlay's dicks for a while you'd realize that it clearly is not.

The crowd “OOO’s” as Mr. McMahon intervenes into this argument.

Mr. McMahon: ENOUGH!

McMahon stops the bickering between JBL, Heyman, and Bischoff as Foley was simply sitting back and watching being a good General Manager.

Mr. McMahon: I’m tired of all of this crap. Somebody’s clearly got to go because we’ve got three of the biggest egos here in wrestling and it’s just not working. It’s clear that each and every one of you have done something wrong here to your brands but also you’ve helped it. Well I’ve got to right the wrongs and that’s why I’m deciding that one of you will be fired here next month.

The crowd pops loudly but wonders why it’s got to be next month.

Mr. McMahon: Now I know the Great American Bash is soon but I’ve got a bigger announcement right now for SummerSlam. See I’m tired of all of this bickering between all three of you every time you all get together for a Pay-Per-View and television show. So I’m ending it tonight. That’s why I’m deciding that at SummerSlam in a little less than eight weeks, we’re going to have a Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match.

Eric Bischoff: Wh…

Mr. McMahon: Don’t interrupt me Eric or I won’t hesitate right now to fire you.

The crowd pops loudly as Bischoff slumps in his chair.

Mr. McMahon: Each brand will pick one superstar to represent their brand in this match. Let’s say that the Raw superstar pins the ECW Superstar. This would mean that Paul Heyman would be fired there right on the spot! But what if the Smackdown star pins the Raw superstar? Well since Mick Foley is the new co-General Manager he is protected in this match BUT Eric Bischoff would be fired right there on the spot as well.

The crowd goes nuts at the announcement of this big match.

Mr. McMahon: So gentlemen pick wisely because your careers…

Mr. McMahon pauses briefly.

Mr. McMahon: Well they are up in the air!

Mr. McMahon makes his way out of the arena now as it’s clear that he is indeed pissed off at all of the ranting and raving he saw here tonight. The three GM’s still remain in the ring bickering as Raw’s co-GM Foley made his way out of the ring. The last scene we see is all three arguing about the big match at SummerSlam.

Jim Ross: I can’t believe I’d say this but I’m hoping that Eric Bischoff picks a Raw superstar well enough to save his job because I think that JBL and Paul Heyman are TEN times as annoying as Bischoff himself.

Jerry Lawler: Well I don’t think it’ll matter because we’re not on those brands but I must say I’d love to see Raw pull this one out. It’d be great to see us pull out a big win and then be able to fire one of those other loudmouths.

Jim Ross: It’s a long time away but in effect it seems oh so close. Next month these three brands will meet and one man will lose his job. But eighteen days is left and we’ll be seeing the Great American Bash in those short eighteen days.

Jerry Lawler: As for myself I’m Jerry Lawler and he’s “Good Ole’ JR” We’ll see you next week here live on Raw!


WWE The Great American Bash
July 22, 2007 - San Jose, California - HP Pavilion
Official Theme Song - "Church of Hot Addiction" by Cobra Starship

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
Batista (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

First Blood Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

World Tag Team Championships - Ladder Match
CM Punk and Brian Kendrick (c's) vs. The Gold Standards
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