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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Still can't quite believe you put any title on The Great Khai. You truly are the biggest realism buff walking the face of the earth He just ... doesn't do anything for me, and this opening segment was not a good sign of things to come. Nonsensical rambling from a less than awesome manager, followed by a squash match. It doesn't really matter who turns out to be Khali's first real challenger for the belt. No on, not even HBK or Eddie could get even a ** match of this train wreck.

Jamie 'OWNS' Noble. Now here's the guy you should put the ECW strap on. He's just so good and pretty darn good on the mic to boot. The ECW Originals are always good at being mere fodder, so hopefully ole' Jamie Noble whups Sandman's ass next week & keeps on moving up.

Nice little feud forming between Kofi Kingston & Kenny Dykstra. Just the kind of low-level affair that this new ECW needs. I can't remember when Kenny broke from Ashley, but I don't really care; I was never all that into their partnership anyway.

Eric Perez?

I'm loving Matt Striker's little stable at the moment. It has a real old school, almost 'Camp Cornette' feel to it. It'd be even better if you gave them a stabl name too. Lol @ McCool being Striker's "escort", that just sounds so wrong. Even though Big Daddy V is quite awful, if it means we keep getting the awesomeness that is Matt Striker on the micevery week, I wouldn't mind a push.

Pretty good main event {or as good as you can get on ECW} with 4 of its biggest stars. Quite surprised {and sickened} to see that jobber Tommy Dreamer pinning the greatness of William Regal. I'm hoping for some swift revenge from the Englishman.

Really interesting way to close the show with Paul Heyman's grand speech. I kind of like the fact that Rob will probably just jump back to SmackDown, as it would be such a waste to just let him go like others have done. Nothing really too special about Paul E.'s declaration of war on the ECW Originals since that's basically what went down in real life, but expect you to put your own unique twist on it or something at least, which should make it quite fun.


Once again, much like with Striker's group on ECW, I'm quite liking this little stable you're putting together on SD, with Edge, Christian, JBL & now Finlay. Quite the power group. Solid opening segment from the group with Edge & Bradshaw basically talking shit about everyone & everything. I wish you would let Captain Charisma actually do some talking for once. He's the best mic worker of the bunch in all honesty. So Big Show's the next challenger for Edge? We're at the point now, because Edge has been champion for something like 9 months now, that he could drop the belt at any time, so it could be Show. The big man was a tad generic in his usual "I'm a giant" schtick, but the main event sounds good. I'd mark if Dave ctually won, but I doubt it's going to happen.

I thought you {foolishly} released Cor Von? No mind, he's awesome, so I'm glad he's back. Pretty good tag team match to get things underway, with it really all about Mysterio|Porter & MITB. 'VP pinning Rey almost guarantees that we will see those two go at it one-on-one again soon, and this time for th briefcase, which Montel better win.

Pretty generic segment from Carlito & Paul London to be honest. Nothing really special about it at all, except that I'm sure 'Lito's burial {} will be continuing tonight.

Woah, pretty intense stuff going down backstage to poor Shawn Michaels. It would be a nice twist if Naitch turned heel and it transpired that it actually was him who attacked Shawn a la Triple H in '02. Odds are it'll probably just end up being JBL & co, though.

Pretty weird shit from Gregory Helms. Quite a big win for a guy like him, killing Sabu {who ain't no slouch in the eyes of the fans} clean as a whistle, before going mental and lobbing the Cruiserweight strap into the sea. I hope this is the start of some great storyline about the revival of the CW division & not just away to do away with the division like in real life. It has some great potential.

Yeah, I'll admit it, I was a little pissed when Haas lost the Intercontinental title after barely a month with it. I waited so long. Lol. Anyway, quite a nice, intense, short rant from Haas, not regarded as the greatest mic worker around. He & Albright could have some truly amazing matches if you do it right.

Hi, Morrison.

No real surprise to see London go over 'Lito. I guess London could become the guy who tries to save the CW division from Helms?

Wow, Albright's only been here two months? That is quick for him to get a big title so soon. Decent interview from he quite underrated mic worker. He'll probably retain next week, unless you plan on pulling an Attitude Era swerve on us, which I doubt.

Ugh, Palumbo going over Kash make me sad.

Big match made for next for the tag team titles. Not the greatest of tag team divisions on SD currently. Raw at least has one quite awesome team in in The Gold Standard, but I'm sure you'll surprise us with a title change next week.

Crazy main event for sure, and I'm equally confused as Big Show as to what the hell was going on at the end. After all that interference supposedly to get Finlay the duke, the Irishman just ... loses? And JBL seems to be happy about that, but not Edge or Christian? What on earth? Maybe Bradshaw's going to turn on E&C and align himself with someone else perhaps. We'll have to wait and see. Next week really is a stacked show with all the titles on the line.

Solid stuff from your first full shows in AAAAAGES, KOP. You haven't really lost it, but I think you could still produce so much more if you really put in the effort.
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