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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW on Sci-Fi – June 26, 2007
Corpus Christi, Texas

Don’t Question My Heart hits across the arena as the new ECW video package plays now with it ending as the Great Khali holding the ECW championship in the air. Shortly after we head into the arena panning across the arena as we head down to the commentators.

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to ECW tonight as we are coming to you live from Corpus Christi, Texas and what a night it is going to be.

Tazz: It’s great to be back here in Corpus Christi and I’m sure that we’ve got a big night ahead of us just like we had at Night of Champions two nights ago.

Joey Styles: We all know how big of a night that was but tonight ECW is going to be bringing you all of the action and more plus we’re going to hear from our GM Paul Heyman concerning the firing of Rob Van Dam.

Tazz: We’ve been told that will be later on tonight but right now our new ECW champion The Great Khali is in the ring and ready for action.

The camera cuts into the ring with Khali holding the ECW title over his shoulder as Ranjin Singh grabs two mics. One for Khali to yell in and the other for Singh. Khali yells for a few moments before Singh translates what Khali says.

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali says that he’s very happy to represent ECW as your champion and that he is going to go down as the best champion in history.

The crowd boos for a few moments before Khali shows a smug look on his face. He yells once again before Singh translates it.

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali says he will not take this disrespect from you fans. Khali has worked hard to become the ECW champion despite what any of you think and that is why he is here tonight to show you just why he is the most dangerous man in the history of ECW.

Khali nods his head before speaking once again in his native language.

Ranjin Singh: Finally, the Great Khali says that there is not a single man that can stop the movement of Khali here in ECW! Nobody can or will end the reign of the Great Khali as the ECW champion!

Khali hands his title over as suddenly the music of Eugene fills the arena. Eugene comes wandering down the aisle rather nervous as he’s about to take on The Great Khali in a non-title match.

Match #1 – Singles Match (Non-Title)
The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh vs. Eugene

A massive squash is all this match turns out to be. Of course this was used for Khali to get over tonight and prove just how much of a force he can be as the champion which seems very evident if he indeed is capable of carrying the title for the brand. But poor Eugene didn’t even get a chance to even get a strike in as Khali went on the attack hitting numerous head butts before dropping Eugene with a big Khali Bomb before covering Eugene with his foot!

Winner – The Great Khali

The Great Khali is handed his title as Ranjin Singh claps for the new champion as the fans can’t help but boo. It’s just natural as you’ve got this massive of a man in there.

Joey Styles: Poor Eugene. He put up a good fight here tonight but there was no way that he even stood a chance at winning that match.

Tazz: Put up a fight Joey? He didn’t even get a single blow on Khali! Khali completely murdered Eugene tonight!

Joey Styles: This Khali is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this dangerous in the history of ECW!

Tazz: Are you forgetting about me Joey? Well we’re about to take a break but don’t forget still to come, we’ll hear later tonight why Paul Heyman fired Rob Van Dam from ECW.

---Commercial Break---

Back from the break we head backstage to see Jamie Noble walk towards the locker room. Noble opens the door walking in before he comes face to face with ECW Original Sandman.

Jamie Noble: So uh…Sandman! Heard that you’ve been talking some trash about old Jamie Noble right here. Is that true?

Noble looks all serious at Sandman as Sandman simply keeps on smoking his cigarette.

Jamie Noble: I didn’t stutter…

Noble walks up getting into the face of Sandman as if he’s ready for a fight right now.

Jamie Noble: Well since it seems ‘dat you won’t answer me, it seems like you want a match with the Most Extreme Superstar in ECW?

Noble looks at Sandman as Sandman strokes his Singapore cane with his hand before standing up. Sandman gets ready to speak but doesn’t say anything at all.

Jamie Noble: Well meet me in that ring out there next week and you’ll get a good ole’ country butt whippin’ courtesy of Jamie Noble.

Noble makes his way to exit the locker room as Sandman yells at Noble. Sandman swings the Singapore Cane knocking Noble down as Sandman stands over Noble as the ever so cocky Noble is down and out right now. We now head back into the arena where we see Joey Styles and Tazz at ringside.

Joey Styles: ECW is going to be in for some big changes around here now that we’ve got a new champion, an insane general manager, and just one less ECW original now that Rob Van Dam has been fired!

Tazz: It’s been seeing changes ever since it came back but now it really is getting some drastic changes. Speaking of changes, right now we’re about to see Kenny Dykstra and his new girlfriend Kelly Kelly in the ring as Kelly Kelly is about to finally go one on one with Ashley!

Joey Styles: Ashley’s been waiting for her chance to go one on one with Kelly for nearly two months as this all started back in early May whenever Kelly Kelly showed her true colors forcing Kenny Dykstra to dump his now ex-girlfriend in Ashley Massaro.

Tazz: It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride and now it seems like it’s only beginning since Kofi Kingston has found himself in the situation.

Match #2 – Singles Match
Kelly Kelly w/ Kenny Dykstra vs. Ashley w/ Kofi Kingston

Kofi, ECW’s newest superstar is in the corner with Ashley tonight to make sure that Kenny won’t try and cheat to help Kelly Kelly win here tonight. It’s really nothing special other than to move the storyline along as Kelly Kelly and Ashley really don’t have much wrestling talent but the match has been being looked at for nearly two months so it had to happen eventually. Anyways, it was Kelly who got the win thanks to Kenny taking Kofi out on the outside with a big fall-out clothesline hitting the K2 on Ashley getting the victory.

Winner – Kelly Kelly

Kenny and Kelly celebrate her victory in her first ever in-ring match as the former interviewer has came a long way since debuting earlier this year. Kenny and Kelly leave to boos as Kofi helps Ashley up in the ring. Ashley can’t help but stare at Kofi now as Kofi really does seem to have a problem with Kenny forming.

---Commercial Break---

A video plays hyping the tough lifestyle of a Puerto Rican superstar that is soon to be coming to ECW via the NTI (New Talent Initiative) and he goes by the name of Eric Perez. Perez is shown carrying the Puerto Rican flag on his back through the streets before he says in Spanish “ˇEstoy aquí y soy mi tiempo ahora!” which means I’m here and it’s my time now. Perez walks off with the sun shining down on the Puerto Rican flag as the video package ends.

The camera cuts backstage to see Matt Striker being interviewed by Steve Romero.

Steve Romero: At this time please welcome my guest, Matt Striker!

Matt Striker walks into the picture along with Test, Big Daddy V, and Michelle McCool.

Steve Romero: Matt. This past Sunday both Test and Big Daddy V competed in the Gauntlet but fai..

Matt Striker: Failed is not what it was Steve. Failing is acquiring the letter grade of "F". My clients did not do this at all this past Sunday. No if I were still teaching I would have given them an A+ on their performance despite the fact they came up short. It's the fact that they put their bodies through extrenous pain that amazed not only myself but my escort in Michelle McCool.

Steve Romero: Well it's safe to say that neither one of them are the champion right now so how could they have gotten an A+?

Matt Striker: It is none of your buisness Mr. Romero. There is a reason why I do what I do Mr. Romero. It is because I am canny, clever, and shrewd. How about you go look those words up in a dictionary and tell me what they mean? Or better yet I can give you a lesson right here and tell you that each one of them means that I am the smartest person here in the WWE. That's exactly what it means.

Steve Romero: Um...I'm sorry Mr. Str...

Matt Striker: Being sorry is nothing. Just because Test nor Big Daddy V won this past Sunday doesn't mean that neither one of them are not capable of taking the title away from our new champion in the Great Khali. As a matter of fact I am absolutely assuring you that the next ECW champion will be one of my proteges in Test or Big Daddy V.

Striker points to Test, Big Daddy V, and Michelle McCool as they all leave and head towards the hallway.

Joey Styles: Well it’s been a long night so far but now it’s just about to get kicked off with a bit of tag team action here tonight.

Tazz: These four men are four of ECW’s best that we’ve got to offer and I have a feeling that we’re going to see someone make a name for themselves here tonight.

Joey Styles: I certainly hope so because I’d love to see somebody take our new champion down despite how hard that is going to be!

Tazz: Indeed Joey but whoever does do it certainly will be remembered around here for a very long time to come!

Match #3 – Tag Team Main Event
Kane and Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry and William Regal

A decent tag team match that gets about twelve or thirteen minutes and that is why so far the night has been cut short. But still there is a big promo to come so really the show is running just on time. Anyways the match shows who might step up in the future and make a run for the ECW title with all four men proving their mettle as to why they should be the possible number one contenders. But it was the team of Dreamer and Kane that reigned successful whenever Regal got caught off guard by Tommy Dreamer who hit a nice DDT on the legal man in Regal. Dreamer went to cover but Henry broke it up before Kane came into the ring. Kane and Henry brawled around for a bit before Henry charged at Kane with a clothesline but Kane moved causing Henry to hit his tag partner Regal! Kane then simply dumped Henry to the outside of the ring before Dreamer hit another DDT for good measure to get the win for his team tonight.

Winners – Tommy Dreamer and Kane

Joey Styles and Tazz talk about the match for a few moments before we see ECW General Manager Paul Heyman making his way through the corridor. Styles and Tazz hype the big discussion of Rob Van Dam’s firing as we see the superstars of ECW fill around the ring before we go to commercial.

---Commercial Break---

This is Extreme hits across the arena as ECW General Manager Paul Heyman makes his way through the crowd entrance. Heyman slowly walks towards the ramp as he gets shattered with boos across the arena as they clearly see Heyman has a smug smile on his face. Heyman gets into the ring with many ECW originals eyeing down their one-time friend but now traitor as they don’t take their eyes off Heyman. Other people such as Matt Striker and his group are clapping for the GM simply sucking up to be a smartass.

Paul Heyman: Well now’s the time and it seems like there couldn’t be a better time to do it than right here on ECW on Sci-Fi!

The crowd boos Heyman as he has a clipboard in hand as he slaps it on his waist.

Paul Heyman: See I’ve been waiting for this day ever since April first whenever Rob Van Dam finally won the title and became the first ECW champion since ECW re-opened for business back in January. I can’t say that I would have believed that it would have only taken me two months and twenty four days to do so but I was able to successfully strip Mr. Van Dam of the title and THEN fire him just because I can!

The crowd says “This is bullshit” as Heyman simply ignores them and continues on speaking.

Paul Heyman: Whenever one of you imbeciles become a General Manager then you can all freely feel to make comments about the “top honcho” but until then you can all shut up!

The crowd boos and starts chants directed at Heyman making their thoughts clear on what they think about their GM.

Paul Heyman: But the thing is that none of you are capable of being in my position. See I brought each and every one of these ECW superstars out here tonight for a reason. I needed them out here to know just how this “new” ECW is going to work. See first off I’m going to lay it down like I see it and well….if you like it or not, you’ll learn to respect my decisions!

The crowd continues to boo s the camera focuses on many ECW originals showing their displeasure in Heyman’s comments.

Paul Heyman: First off with the Great Khali being ushered in as the new ECW champion here, let me go ahead and make it clear that I do endorse the new champion and I officially am going out of my way to state that he is the BEST ECW Champion I’ve ever had in my company. That’s right I said MY company. ECW is my child and when it’s your child, you do whatever the hell you want to do with it! So I’m changing the way things are run about here.

The crowd can’t believe Heyman’s thinking tonight as he continues speaking.

Paul Heyman: Secondly, let me say that since there is a new direction being taken about in here and I really want to do something about it. I’ve thought long and hard about what to do with Rob Van Dam’s contract and well…I think I know exactly just what I’m going to do. I know that I did rip up Van Dam’s contract BUT I am hereby allowing Mr. Van Dam to go and sign with either his former brand Raw or a brand he hasn’t been on in nearly two and a half years in Smackdown. It’s your call Mr. Van Dam…

The crowd boos Heyman but RVD heading to a different brand is rather intriguing for them too.

Paul Heyman: So here in lies the fact that we’ve got a bunch of angry ECW Originals wanting to take me out of my position. Well the problem is that I’m tired of all the moaning and groaning that you have been throwing at me. Plus you can’t stop there because you’ve got to come harass me in my office and try to complain about Van Dam’s firing and the situation. It is not any of your business no matter who you are. I don’t care if you’re Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, or even Balls freaking’ Mahoney…I don’t give a damn about you. Remember, I don’t work for you…you work for me!

Heyman looks directly into the eyes of all the ECW Originals who are hunched around one side as it seems Heyman is trying to make himself clear.

Paul Heyman: So quit, leave, do whatever is necessary. I don’t give a crap if every single one of you leave MY show. It doesn’t bother me what any of you think of me because this is a new side of Paul Heyman. No longer do I care about ECW…I could care less. But the fact is that I’m not going to be denied in my quest and that is to rid not only Mr. Van Dam but every single one of you Originals from my roster.

With those words Heyman walks out of the arena as he leaves the Originals and the new superstars at ringside to brawl. Chaos is breaking out as indeed it is a new day here in the land of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Never before has a man had his words felt more than tonight.

Joey Styles: It’s mass chaos out here and somebody has to do something about it.

Tazz: It’s clear that our General Manager is going crazy so as to who is going to break this up, well I guess nobody is!

Joey Styles: It’s been a long night here Tazz and well I must say that I can’t wait until next week to see what Heyman has up his sleeve next.

Tazz: Having known that sadistic man for many years, there really is no telling what he has planned for the rest of ECW. Good night everybody from Corpus Christi!


Friday Night Smackdown
June 29, 2007 – Corpus Christi, Texas

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits across the arena as the Smackdown video package plays for a bit before we head into the arena with the fans going nuts. Smackdown is on the air now as the camera ends up panning over to Michael Cole and Josh Matthews within a few minutes.

Michael Cole: Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Smackdown as we are here tonight in Corpus Christi, Texas! A lot happened at Night of Champions for our Smackdown superstars including the crowning of a new Intercontinental Champion in Brent Albright.

Josh Matthews: The other three champions all retained their titles but it might not be too long either before they end up losing them. They all came close to losing their titles last night.

Michael Cole: But there was one person that did not lose their title and that was our World-Heavyweight Champion in Edge. And speaking of Edge, his friend and Smackdown General Manager JBL along with Christian and their new found ally in Finlay will be discussing just how Finlay came into their group tonight.

Josh Matthews: I’m sure we’ll be hearing from all of our champions and former champion in Charlie Haas tonight but as far as Edge goes, it makes me just wonder if anybody can stop this man from retaining the gold.

Metalingus rings throughout the crowd as the familiar image of Edge carrying the World-Heavyweight title into the arena appears as his brother Christian, the new ally in Finlay, and the Smackdown General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield follow behind. Edge and co. make their way down the ramp before they all get into the ring as Edge is handed a mic.

Edge: This past Sunday I put not only a stop to Ric Flair’s title aspirations but also Shawn Michaels. So in the words of Ric Flair….WOOOOO!!!

Edge mocks the Nature Boy with his “Wooo!” as JBL, Christian, and Finlay all share a laugh.

Edge: So now that I’ve been through all the challenges that lay ahead of me here on Smackdown…it’s about time that we got some new competition. Let me sum up everybody that I’ve beaten in the past eight and a half months since I won this title. I’ve beat Kurt Angle for the title, I beat Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Kurt Angle again to make him say I Quit, Shawn Michaels, and now his friend Ric Flair. So now that there are no more challenges, it might just be time for me to go back to Raw and bring my title over there to beat everybody over there once again.

The crowd boos Edge as Edge hoists the title high in the air.

Edge: But people have asked me…why add one more person in Finlay to this already dangerous Power Trip that you’ve got going Edge? Why do it? Well it’s simple. We’ve got a tough Irish bastard that is springing for a fight and he’s clearly willing and able to take down everybody for not only myself but Christian and JBL. It’s plain to see and Finlay clearly is the man that is capable of taking every single Smackdown superstar on the roster down if need be…

JBL asks for the mic from Edge now as he hands it over.

JBL: Edge, you don’t need to tell these imbeciles why we added Finlay! If they can’t see why then they are clearly dumb and too ignorant to see just why. See when you’ve got money like me, you buy what you want and when you want. Finlay was willing to join up and we’re going to end up putting him to the test here tonight….

JBL looks at Finlay as Finlay nods holding the shillelagh.

JBL: It’s clear as day that we are clearly the most dominant group not only on Smackdown but in the entire history of the WWE. So any Smackdown…hell any Raw or ECW superstar that wants to step up…

Well…It’s the Big Show! Hits across the arena as the Big Show makes his way down the aisle. All four men keep their eyes on the World’s Largest Athlete as he makes his way towards the ring before stepping over the ropes and into the ring. Big Show walks over grabbing a mic as he stares down Edge right now.

The Big Show: So any superstar huh? I’d like to see one of you try and take down me right here and right now.

The crowd pops for the cocky Big Show but with good reasoning. Who in the hell would want to mess with this massive of a giant.

Edge: Don’t be coming out here acting like you’re something special Big Show. You’re no different than any other superstar that came before you in the fact that if you even try to take my title, you’ll fail mi…

The Big Show: It’s awful hard to take a title from you whenever you’ve got three of your “friends” helping you in every match. But even if you had it four on one, you still wouldn’t be capable of stopping me from taking that title!

The crowd pops as an angry Edge looks pissed off as JBL snatches the mic out of his hand.

JBL: We’re not here tonight to listen to someone bad mouth us like you Big Show. So you want a challenge? Well here you go. How about tonight you go one on one with the newest member of the Power Trip in Finlay. If you beat Finlay, you get Edge next week for the World-Heavyweight Championship.

The Big Show nods his head in favor before Edge suddenly spears the monster down to the mat. Edge, Christian, and Finlay all pounce on the Big Show as they put a beating to the big monster in the ring. Big Show however was able to shove Finlay off of him before shoving Christian off as well. Christian, Finlay, and JBL all look on from the outside as Big Show is on one knee and grabs Edge by the throat. Big Show is back up now and drops Edge with a big Showstopper in the middle of the ring!

The Big Show: I’m coming for your title…

Well…It’s the Big Show fills the arena once again as the World’s Largest Athlete leaves the ring as Christian, JBL, and Finlay all watched on as they didn’t even help Edge back up. Whenever Edge regains his composure he asks JBL why in the hell he didn’t interfere. The four men argue for a bit before Edge slaps the mat in anger since he’s got two big problems on his plate now.

---Commercial Break---

Match #1 – Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy vs. MVP and Marcus Cor Von

These four superstars kick off Smackdown’s night of action in style as all four of these are mid-card wrestlers that can wrestle rather well in the ring. MVP and Cor Von both double team Mysterio for a bit continuing the MVP/Mysterio saga that has been going on for nearly three months now. MVP and Cor Von both take turns stomping away at the smaller Mysterio before Mysterio made the hot tag bringing in Hardy. Hardy quickly took down the legal man Cor Von with a huge dropkick off the ropes before getting a two count. Cor Von shoved Hardy off into the ropes hitting Mysterio as Mysterio fell off the ropes. Cor Von sprung off the ropes hitting the Pounce on Hardy so hard he goes flying through the middle rope to the outside (Damn!) as Hardy falls on the mat on the outside. MVP quickly throws Mysterio back into the ring before getting Cor Von to tag him in! MVP quickly runs in and hits Mysterio with the Drive By Kick before covering and getting the victory here tonight over his rival in the tag team match.

Winners – MVP and Marcus Cor Von

MVP celebrates his victory here tonight after having lost to Mysterio back at Judgment Day a month ago. MVP quickly grabs the microphone on the outside from Justin Roberts after the match is done.

MVP: Tick tock Mysterio….your time with the Money in the Bank briefcase is running out.

MVP throws the mic at Roberts before making his way out of the arena. Right after the match is done with we head backstage to see Paul London walking backstage looking a bit disgruntled about his loss this Sunday at Night of Champions before he bumps into Carlito. Carlito is tossing an apple in the air as he looks at the former Cruiserweight Champion.

Carlito: Aren’t you da’ former Cruiserweight champion?

London nods his head before speaking.

Paul London: Yeah…that’s me.

Carlito: So um, Carlito wants to know just why you couldn’t get it done this past Sunday. Hell Carlito didn’t even have a match at Night of Champions which was an outrage but if I did, Carlito guarantees you he would have beaten whomever he fought against.

London looks at Carlito trying to fully comprehend what he just said.

Paul London: Look I had a ro…

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Carlito might be new here on Smackdown but I’ve already made a name for myself in the past two months that I’ve been here. I mean after all I am the most successful Caribbean superstar to wrestle in the WWE! But not only that…I’m the coolest superstar to wrestle in the WWE!

The crowd laughs at Carlito as he throws the apple into the air before taking a bite.

Paul London: I could beat you easily any day…

Carlito almost chokes on his apple as he spits it out and starts to laugh. Carlito seems to have hysteria as he just can’t stop laughing. He finally regains his composure and looks at London as if he is serious?

Carlito: You. Beat Carlito? (Carlito continues to laugh briefly) Carlito says if you can’t even beat Gregory Helms, then how can you beat Carlito? ‘Tell you what. Carlito’s free so Carlito will wrestle you out in that ring tonight. ‘Dat cool?

Carlito waits for a response from London.

Paul London: It’s on.

London and Carlito have a brief stare down as we now head to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

We come back from the break backstage to see “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair backstage. Flair is yelling at the top of his lungs right now for some reason but nobody knows why?

Ric Flair: What in the hell?

Flair is hurrying around asking for security as the fans are left confused as to what is going on?

Ric Flair: Security! I need security to come to my locker room.

Flair finally finds a security worker as they rush with him down the hallway. Quickly Flair brings the security into his locker room as he brings them over into the corner where a bloody Shawn Michaels is sprawled out in the corner.

Security Worker: Somebody get help…

A random worker happened to be walking by as we see paramedics run into the locker room. Flair is looking down at his friend wondering who in the hell did this? Suddenly in walks the Smackdown General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL: What in the hell is going on in here?

JBL looks in the corner at Shawn Michaels having no clue what is going on.

Ric Flair: Don’t act like you’ve got a damn clue with what just happened. I know it was one of your three little cronies you’ve got.

JBL looks at Flair innocently claiming to know nothing about this incident at all. JBL then suddenly starts questioning Flair about it.

JBL: Aren’t you the one that has been having trouble with Shawn Michaels recently? I mean he did throw Edge right into you at Judgment Day? Then this past Sunday you could say he cost you the title. It doesn’t take a genius to know that YOU did this Ric Flair.

Flair gets into the face of JBL as Flair is turning a beet red clearly pissed that JBL is accusing him of doing something of this nature.

Ric Flair: Don’t you EVER accuse me of doing something like this ever again. I NEVER could do something like this to harm a friend no matter what our differences are. You had something to do with this you sick son of a bitch.

Flair leaves the room clearly angry as JBL leaves as well leaving the paramedics to take care of the situation. Shortly after we head into the arena to the commentating team at ringside.

Michael Cole: Strange things continue to happen around here and now with Shawn Michaels being laid out, it really makes me wonder who did this.

Josh Matthews: All fingers point right now to the Power Trip but whether or not it is them is the question. I can’t put a finger on it but I’ve got to believe it has to be one of them.

Michael Cole: That would be the obvious answer but as far as we know it could be any superstar on the Smackdown roster!

Josh Matthews: Indeed it could be Michael. Well regardless right now it’s time to see the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms, in action.

Match #2 – Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs. Sabu

Helms quickly takes advantage of Sabu as he really shows why he is one of the more dominant champions in the history of the title. Helms really didn’t give Sabu much of a chance after he hit a nice swinging neckbreaker onto the canvas. Helms only got a two count but didn’t stop there as he quickly went back onto the offense. Helms didn’t waste any time afterwards as he quickly went for and successfully hit the Shining Wizard on the ECW Original before covering Sabu and getting the victory.

Winner – Gregory Helms

Helms walks over grabbing a microphone from Roberts (wow Roberts is having the microphone stolen from a lot tonight, huh?) as he stands on the outside before grasping his Cruiserweight Championship. Helms walks towards the back with the microphone carrying his title as he begins to speak.

Gregory Helms: So anyways as most of you know. I’ve been labeling myself as the “Savior of the Cruiserweight division” but after a few weeks of being the champion I realized something…

Helms continues walking toward the back as he gets out towards the exit of the arena after walking for a bit and staying silent as the camera follows him towards the outside of the arena. Helms opens the door walking outside as he makes his way towards the Gulf of Mexico which is ironically right across from the arena. Helms grabs the title looking around before speaking into the mic.

Gregory Helms: How can I be the “savior” of something that is already dead? The division is done with and with that….I am done with it.

Helms rares back chunking the Cruiserweight title into the Gulf of Mexico! The fans look on in shock as Helms has just pretty much forfeited his title over and now the title is gone! It’s floating down the Gulf of Mexico as we speak as Smackdown heads to a commercial break with Helms looking at the Gulf with the camera focusing on Helms facing the Gulf.

---Commercial Break---

Michael Cole: Well before the break if you missed it. Gregory Helms took his Cruiserweight Championship and proceeded to the outside of the arena before chunking the title into the Gulf of Mexico! Yes I did say the Gulf of Mexico!

Josh Matthews: I…I’m shocked Michael. Well it seems now that we don’t have a Cruiserweight title anymore and I still can’t believe that Helms would just throw away a title, GOLD, just like that!

Michael Cole: I’ve seen crazier things happen here in the WWE but man this just might end up taking the cake as far as I’m concerned. Well now we can safely say that there are only three championships here on Smackdown for the time being.

Josh Matthews: I just hate to know what our General Manager JBL is going to think about that. I’d hate to have to tell the GM about what just occurred.

Pay the Price hits across the arena as an angry Charlie Haas makes his way to the top of the ramp without the Intercontinental title. Fans are booing Haas as he stops at the top clearly pissed off at what happened at Night of Champions ending his brief one month run with the Intercontinental title. Haas has a mic in hand right now as he begins to speak.

Charlie Haas: Shut up…each and every one of you.

The crowd boos and starts a big “You lost” Chant as Haas clearly and verbally looks pissed.

Charlie Haas: It was a fluke…a damn fluke! Never before have I been more embarrassed in my professional wrestling career than I was this past Sunday at Night of Champions. Never before have I lost a match that close! Never before have I been so embarrassed that I have contemplated quitting my job just because I can’t handle the fact that I lost my title this past Sunday!

The crowd begins another chant of “Quit!” as Haas ignores them.

Charlie Haas: Chant anything at me that you want. It won’t stop the fact that I am pissed off to the degree that I am willing to snap and just injure anybody right now. It could be Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Justin Roberts, hell even a fan!

Many fans jump at the opportunity of facing off against Haas.

Charlie Haas: But none of you are even worthy of being in the arena much less in the same ring as the “Suplex and Submission Specialist” Charlie Haas!

Haas still can’t put a smile on his face despite the fact he’s got these fans really pissed off. Haas moves from side to side trying to control his anger.

Charlie Haas: I said it this past Sunday and that is that I am not done with you Brent Albright. I’ve wanted to announce it and now’s the time. Next week…meet me in this ring because I’m cashing in my rematch clause. When I’m done with you…you’ll have had the shortest reign with the Intercontinental title in history.

Haas drops the mic making his exit as Michael Cole and Josh Matthews come back on to discuss Haas’s comments.

Michael Cole: A man of few words is Charlie Haas and really I can’t blame him because he lets his actions and talent do the speaking for him.

Josh Matthews: Charlie Haas really is a dangerous man Michael and I have a feeling that Albright may be in trouble next week.

Michael Cole: I’m not so sure Josh. Brent’s a good kid and I have a feeling that he just might pull out another win over the former champion.

Josh Matthews: I certainly hope so because as you said Albright is a good kid but I’m not so sure if he can make another miracle happen like he did this past Sunday at Night of Champions! But I guess we’ll see next week won’t we?

We now get ready to head to a commercial break but before that we see a video package begin to play.

Narrator: He goes by the nickname of “Friday Night Delight”…

Shots of Johnny Nitro in action is shown.

Narrator: “The Guru of Greatness”…

Nitro attacking his former partner Joey Mercury on his last appearance on Raw is shown back in March.

Narrator: “The Shaman of Sexy”

Nitro posing on the top rope in numerous matches is shown to the fans.

Narrator: And finally the “A-list Elitist”

Nitro meeting up with many famous superstars in snapshot pictures is the last images shown in the video. Many moves of Nitro’s diverse repertoire is shown right now before it shows Nitro at the top of the ramp. The video slows down (just like his current entrance video) and shows him raising his hand in the air. It ends with the words John Morrison.

Narrator: His name is John Morrison…and he’s debuting on Smackdown…next week!

The final thing seen in the video package is “John Morrison – Next Week” before we head off to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

Match #3 – Singles Match
Carlito vs. Paul London

These two superstars meet for the first time ever one on one as London and Carlito get about eight or nine minutes to showcase what they’ve both got. It’s an even match and it goes down to the wire towards the end but it seems to favor Carlito. Carlito was able to capitalize after London hit the Dropsault and got a two count but shook the ropes knocking London off after London went for a Mushroom Stomp onto Carlito. Carlito watched London fall onto the mat before Carlito walked over to London dragging him back into the middle of the ring. London ended up fighting back with some hard rights though as London kneed Carlito in the gut before running off the ropes. Carlito missed London with a clothesline before London leaped onto the shoulders of Carlito hitting a big Hurricanrana but only got a two count! This angered Carlito as Carlito clotheslines London from behind before dragging London into the middle of the ring. Carlito tries for a Back Stabber but London quickly got away from Carlito before it was too late. London dropped Carlito with a big enzuiguri before heading to the top ropes and hitting a big 450 Splash for the victory!

Winner – Paul London

Paul London is going nuts on the outside as he runs around ringside slapping hands with the fans. Carlito slaps the mat in anger as he pulls his hair out in disbelief that he just lost the match to Paul London. London clearly is on fire despite having lost his match at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: WOW! Paul London just upset Carlito and this has to be the biggest victory in young Paul London’s career!

Josh Matthews: He’s steadily making his way to the top Michael and I always knew that he had it in him! After all he’s a two time Cruiserweight champion and he’s been one half of the WWE Tag Team champions!

Michael Cole: I know that Josh but wow! I never would have expected London to pull off this upset here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown!

Josh Matthews: Well one thing is for certain Michael. Paul London has the heart of a lion and with that heart, it just may carry him all the way to the top of the mountain!

We head backstage once again to see Brent Albright standing by with Maria.

Maria: Brent. Next week you’ve got a big match here on Smackdown with Charlie Haas and your Intercontinental title is going to be on the line. Are you nervous since this will be your first title defense as the new champion?

Brent Albright: I’ve only been here two short months but nervous is certainly not how I’m going to be feeling next week. That’s the last thing I will ever feel when I’m in that ring because I’m always excited to go out there and wrestle my butt off for these fans.

Maria: Brent you are one of quickest superstars to ever earn a singles title after shortly coming to the WWE. How does this feel to know you’ve already got a hold of one of the most prestigious titles here in the WWE?

Brent Albright: It’s great to know I’ve got the same title that the Honky Tonk Man, Ricky Steamboat, and many others have held. But at the same time, I want to defend this title as much as often so I can try and get my name to be remembered at the time along with the other great champions that have held this title.

Maria: One final question Brent. With many people going to be gunning for your title – including Haas- does this concern you at all?

Brent Albright: Once again this goes back to the nervousness Maria. I’m not at all concerned about anybody wanting to take my title away. I’m going to be a fighting champion and put my title on the line wherever and whenever I see fit. If I want to defend it every week, then so be it. If it’ll make me remembered forever, then I just may have to do so.

Albright walks out of the scene as Maria looks at Albright as Smackdown heads to another commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

Match #4 – Singles Match
Chuck Palumbo vs. Kid Kash

Palumbo has been on a roll recently since turning face and using his biker gimmick. It seems Kid Kash very well may be his next victim here tonight. Kash did put in a good match but of course it was Palumbo that dominated the match. Kash tried to put up a good fight but once Palumbo hit him with the Big Boot it was pretty much over. Palumbo went on a string of offense hitting Kash with numerous clotheslines, etc. before finally dropping Kash in the middle of the ring with his finisher, the Full Throttle, before covering Kash and getting another victory here on Smackdown.

Winner – Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo gets back on his bike revving it back up before riding out of the arena with his fist clenched high in the air. Palumbo finally rides out of the way before we head backstage once again this time to see WWE Tag Team Champions, the Mexicools, talking to each other before in walks the tag team of Jesse and Festus.

Jesse: Hey Psicosis, Super Crazy! What do you two say to a challenge next week? Festus and myself are looking for a bit of tag team action and well we thought it wouldn’t be too bad to see if the champs were up for some action next week?

Jesse slaps Festus in the back as Festus is standing there with his blank look. Super Crazy looks at Psicosis as they both nod their heads in agreeance.

Super Crazy: Si.

Jesse shows a smile to Festus as he’s happy.

Jesse: Alright that’s great! Well thanks guys. We’ll se…

The tag team of Fashion Inc. walks in interrupting this so called “challenge” as they clearly don’t look happy about it.

Danny Doring: Hold it right there.

Doring looks as Jesse stops in his tracks as all three teams come face to face with one another.

Danny Doring: I think it’s clear that Sylvan and I deserve another title shot after what happened this past Sunday…

Doring and Sylvan argue for a bit with the Mexicools and Jesse and Festus before Deuce and Domino enter the argument.

Deuce: Yo…I think that Domino and myself also deserve another title shot. After all we’re da’ former champions out of all of the other teams. I can’t recall seeing any of you jerks being the champions here.

Deuce and Domino both make their case for why they should be champions as suddenly in walks the GM John Bradshaw Layfield (who was making his way to the arena for the main event)

JBL: Stop this bickering right now! Listen I’ve got an idea. How about next week on Smackdown…we have a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match with the Mexicools defending the titles against Deuce and Domino, Jesse and Festus, and finally Fashion Inc.

All four teams nod in agreeance as JBL walks off as he yells at Christian, Edge, and Finlay to come on as they make their way towards the arena.

Michael Cole: Coming up next! Finlay goes one on one with the Big Show and if the Big Show wins, he gets a title shot next week here on Friday Night Smackdown!

---Commercial Break---

Match #5 – Singles Match
Finlay vs. The Big Show

A lot is on the line for the Big Show as he knows he has a possible title shot riding on the line for him in tonight’s main event. But the match really is about Finlay proving his worth to the group and showing just what he is capable of doing. Finlay was able to take Big Show down thanks to a distraction from Christian in the get go as Finlay took the shillelagh to the leg of the Big Show getting the World’s Largest Athlete down on one knee. Finlay would later get another chance to take advantage with the shillelagh this time whenever his leprechaun friend in Hornswoggle would come running into the ring. However Hornswoggle came face to face with the Big Show who went to go pick up Hornswoggle and he threw the leprechaun out of the ring into the arms of Christian. Edge was at ringside on commentary watching the match as he felt the need to get up and interfere. Edge came onto the apron distracting the Big Show before the Big Show head butted Edge off of the top ropes. Big Show turned around as the referee was distracted with Edge as JBL checked on the champion. Finlay had the shillelagh in hand but he dropped it? What in the hell is going on? Finlay doesn’t swing the shillelagh at Big Show but instead walks right into the Showstopper (it looked as if he did it on purpose) as Big Show covers Finlay for the victory.

Winner – The Big Show

The Big Show celebrates his victory confused as to what Finlay did. He looks towards the outside as JBL has a big smirk on his face. JBL doesn’t show this smirk to Edge though as Edge had his back turned. The Big Show looks at JBL as if he is confused before JBL helps Edge back up showing concern for the champion. Christian looks on as he heads in to “help” Finlay back onto his feet. JBL helps Edge back up as Smackdown ends with the Power Trip making their way up the aisle with the Big Show looking on confused but confident heading into next week’s big title match.

Michael Cole: I’m shocked Josh. What a night it has been but next week’s Smackdown may be the biggest in recent history! Three titles are up for grabs and well…I guess you can say it’s going to be another edition of Night of Champions here on Friday Night Smackdown!

Josh Matthews: Why would Finlay just give up the match like that? I’m certainly confused but this night has been rather confusing as well.

Michael Cole: Indeed it has been Josh. But next week is going to be big as I’ve already mentioned because first off we’ve got a Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Tag Team titles, Brent Albright defends the Intercontinental title against Charlie Haas in a Night of Champions rematch, and then finally we’ve got Edge putting his World-Heavyweight title on the line against The Big Show! What an amazing show it is going to be next week!

Josh Matthews: So much has happened this week from what occurred in the main event to the Cruiserweight title being thrown into the Gulf to Shawn Michaels being laid out. I just can’t imagine what is going to happen next week here on Smackdown. Good night everybody!
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