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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

The right choice to open the show methinks, as you cant go wrong with a nice high paced cruiserweight match. Did it’s job to open the show, and will probably be the best wrestling match of the night. Some good spots were used in the match to try and get the crowd into it, even though I sense that as this is WCW, they probably weren’t. Good false finish with the ref stopping Chavo from using the tights, which leads to his downfall. Helms retains the belt, and I see him with it for a bit longer

Totally buff get the win in the tag match, but to be honest, I couldn’t give a damn about them, as both of them have never done anything to interest me. Hopefully this is the blow off match in the feud, as I don’t think I could take another match between them. Match never got going to be honest, but with the heel ending, I sense one more match

Next up is the Anderson squash match, but I guess this is how most people debut. He showed a bit of potential in the match to be honest, but I don’t see him ever getting beyond the midcard. But he will be a decent face for the next few months or so, so I guess this wasn’t a total filler

The tag match is now no DQ, which leads me to think that maybe we will see the return of Rey Mysterio, who will give one of the sides the win. Decent enough tag match to be honest, with it being the basic tag match that you get, when you have the face team as cruiserweights, and the much bigger heels. We get the brawls, and then Rey does come down to the ring. Rey takes out Kronik with the chair, before turning heel on the filthy animals. Bit of a shock, but the NO DQ element of the match did sort of give away the heel turn from Rey, as why else would it be added? Kronik then finish Kidman off, and get the win to keep the belts

Ladder match next, and this could end up as a good match, or a bit of a dud to be honest, as I don’t know how these two will function in a ladder match. A decent start to the match, and for the most part, the match would have kept the reader interested, but with the two men in the match, it never was going to be the big match with the big spots that ladder matches are famous for. Seems as you gave this match a gimmick just to crown the champion, and didn’t seem to think about whether these two would work in a ladder match. Ive never seen Lance Storm do a shooting star press before, but he has definitely turned it up for the match, doing all he can to make it watchable. He gets the belt, but the ladder is moved, and he is left hanging. But he falls, and then surely Morris has the match won. But instead of getting the belt, he goes for the no laughing matter. Without reading I could tell you he misses, and then Storm gets the belt, which says that the ending was a bit predictable. Storm now has the belt, and I guess he will have a nice run with it

Interesting promo with Flair and Anderson, which could be done to throw people off for the main event, or could actually be signs of a turn from one of them. First promo of the night though, which is a bit of a problem. Needs to be more

Booker/Steiner is next, and I don’t see this being a great match, as nothing with Steiner in can be. You did a good job with this match, but it was never going to be great. Booker did his best to carry the match, but it did get a tad boring at times, and really could have done with a gimmick to hide the weaknesses that these two have. Last two paragraphs were a bit of a squash for Booker, which hurts the match a bit, but it does make him look like the champion he is in the thread. Also means that Steiner has no grounds for a rematch, and especially with the amount of damage he did to booker, it buries him a little bit.

Now the main event, and the oh so obvious heel turn from someone in the match, and you even announced it with the announcers earlier in the show. With the expectancy so high, it does cheapen it a bit, simply as we know that it is coming. Bischoff to turn is my guess, as the earlier promo was used as a cover up for it I think. Nice opening to the match with the 27 chops from Flair to Awesome, who would be in serious pain at the end of that. Early scorpion drop from Sting, but doesn’t get the three, as it is interrupted. I sense quite a bit of that happening in the match. Clean kick of the stroke was a bit of a surprise, but it is still early in the match I guess. Flair gets beaten down quite a bit, before making the tag to Sting, who plays the hot face well in this match, as Flair always seems to take all the punishment in his matches. Sting actually enters the match illegally before then but Bischoff doesn’t care, which is great to see. Figure 4 is locked in, which I thought may end the match, but Awesome does break it up, and the heels regain the advantage., only for Anderson to come down to the ring, and to attack Awesome, as he is still a face. Jarrett gets out the guitar, only for Eric to take it off him, as the match is really get good now, although it is more a booked match than a wrestling match. And now the heel turn happens, as Eric smashes the guitar over Flair’s head. Great turn here, although a bit predictable. Awesome then nails Sting with the baseball bat, and after an unnecessary fast count, the heels have the win. The heels then beat down on the faces, only for Booker and Cal to come and make the save, but then Steiner takes them out, and the heels leave standing. Typical WCW ending to be honest, but a good one to end the show this way
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