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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Some comments on RAW

Okay first I'm a little confused as to whay there was two RAW's posted simultaneous. Have I missed something?

Anyway the opening promo certainly gave the limelight to some of the new draftee's. It all looked really interesting, and I like that you didn't go for the general one vs one match for backlash. Instead you have four massive competitors in the match, making Backlash look readable already. I ws a little bit dissapointed with the generic tag team match with the competitors for Backlash. Only because it's something that happens all the time. However they have to get warmed up somehow I guess, and the tag match does look pretty good, so I'll let you off for now

Interesting stipulation to say the least, with Birchill giving Matt Hardy a week to give his answer for the United States Championship match. However I can see Hardy saying yes. Plz make the mystery last longer, have him say no first or something so Birchill has to prove himself, otherwise it's the same old thing. However, saying that, I like how you are making the show realistic, it's certainly entertaining, just like I'm watxhing RAW on TV. I know I basically contradicted myself there but, meh. Things can be boring, but exciting at the same time right?

Hmmm, I like the concept of Benjamin and Burke. The angle of them being held back because they're black looks nice. However, you now have two matches at backlash that could be great title matches, but instead are just number one contenders matches. However I'm see how this one pans out. Hopefully you have some goof stuff up your sleve KOP.

I like the way you had Victoria try and distract the champions Pheonix, and her still to pick up the victory. Usually when people have distractions, the person that is being distracted usually loses, so well done on making this different. I like the physcho Victoria being back, however will a heel vs. heel match work? More than likely. It has the potential to be a bloody good feud, and it would surely give the Women's Championship some well deserved credability.

Oh fuck, did I just mark? I'm sure I did. The Undertaker on RAW tonight. That has to be good. Like I said in my last set of comments about the draft, Undertaker on RAW is way better than seeing him on Smackdown. RAW is where he belongs. Let's hope you give him something good to do. I'd literally declare my love for you if you had him return as the American Badass, but sadly I can't see that happening. I can dream though right?

Okay, I know you have to continue the feud instead of stopping it dead in it's tracks, and I'm usually a fan of Khali because of his monster character, but I would love to see Undertaker in a decent storyline. Hopefully Undertaker kicks Khali's arse at Backlash and moves on. Although saying that, if he stays in the feud with Khali, it won't be the end of the world, because he will be coming out of it the victor anyway

Lol I like the sexual inuendo's with Marella. Hardcore Horny, Val Penis, and Bitchoff. That was class. I can see a bright future for Marella, and rightfully so too. Let's hope he feuds with someone decent to get off the marks, rather than Val Venis and Hardcore Holly.

Chavo going over Mercury was predictable, however I must say I love how refreshing it is to see Mercury as a face. I always wanted to see MNM as a face tag team, but sadly I am yet to come across it. Hopefully Mercury has a bright future on RAW. Hell even put him in a feud with marella for a bit. I wouldn't wind seeing that.

Orton and Jericho staredown during the interview. I can see Jericho retaining at Backlash and then having a title match with Orton at Judgement Day. I wouldn't complain with that. Hopefully Jericho retains on both occasions though because it's great seing him as the WWE Champion. Would have loved him to be heel as well but meh, that's not a big problem. he will still be entertaining as hell with a quality writer like you writing him.

Well I didn't see that one coming. I can't wait to find out who Punk's partner is. Someone unexpected plz.

Nice finish to the main event, orton getting the last laugh. However for some reaosn I find Orton intriguing tonight, almost as if something huge is going to go down. I'll have to wait but, you have done a good job in hyping up Backlash, not just for Orton but Backlash in general too. Some nice matches announced.

Raw Comments again for London England

Starting off with Bischoff I see, the usual cheap heat attack on the United Kingdom. not cool man not cool anyway I can't wait til all four members come together in the ring tonight, it's more than likely that some kind of brawl will take place.

I must say, I now realize that Judgement Day will not see Orton and Jericho for the WWE Championship, because I see that they are not interbrand PPV's, and I also realize why RAW has been posted three times in a row. nice way of doing the shows, easy to read, and it means I can comment more often lol.

Anyway back to RAW. Again, nice to see Phsycho Victoria. She plays the part so well. You have built the Women's Championship match up nicely for Backlash, and I actually can't seea clear winner. You have build Victoria up so much that she will either win cleanly, or she will lose cleanly. Either way I'm just happy you're giving the divas something good to do, instead of wasting them.

Nice hype for Punk's partner. I thought the laughing at the tatoes was a bit weak, just didn't sound like a very good insult that's all. Anyway Punk and the partner to go over these at Backlash, then you can have the Golden Standards start a storyline about being black and mistreated.

Okay, Kendrick was not the partner I had in mind, but hell he's damn entertaining in the ring, so the match at Backlash will be great. I would have liked a physical confrontation between the two teams tonight seeing as it was the final RAW before their scheduled match, but it's no biggie. Just nitpicking on my part. I seem to do that alot.

More hype for Backlash. Hardy and Birchill does sound interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing Birchill win if I'm being perfectly honest. Give him a good United States Championship reign and he will be a main eventer in no time. Unlesd you job him out and forget about him

Well I didn't expect to see Chavo vs. Mercury announced for Backlash. To me it sounds like a filler match, however with the PPV's being split branded, you need these sort of matches. Anyway mercury for the win hopefully and then a push. mercury vs. Birchill for the United States Championship would rock in my opinion.

again the sexual refrences by Marella. he's gold. I'm glad you're starting his RAW career off slowly, rushing into things would be a bad idea, so well done for that. I wouldn't mind if he just stayed backstage and made secual refrences for the rest of his carer lol.

Meh, not very good hype for the Undertaker/Khali match at Backlash. Hardly any builduo at all. let's just hope Undertaker kicks his arse on Sunday. I'd rep you though if Khali won...red rep of course

Looking forward to Mack's RAW career. Nuff said!

Nice ending to RAW. I knew Orton would have the last laugh again just like last week, and I am also looking forward to seeing whether or not he does anything during the WWE Championship match at Backlash. Entertain me plxnthnk.

Overall a nice build to Backlash, it could have been better, but I'm still excited for the event. Good luck with it.

Official Card for WWE Backlash
Sunday April 29, 2007
Phillips Center - Atlanta, Georgia
Official Theme Song: "There and Back Again" by Daughtry

WWE Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Winner of Fatal 4 Way
Special Referee: Randy Orton

#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Winner Faces WWE Champion in the Main Event
Triple H vs. Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

The Deadman vs. The Punjabi Giant
The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Paul Burchill

Women's Championship
WrestleMania 23 Rematch
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Victoria

Tag Team Challenge Match
The Golden Standards vs. CM Punk and Brian Kendrick

Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury

Most of these picks is what I want to see, rather than who I think will win. Anyway I'll be reading Backlash KOP.
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