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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

First off, thanks for the feedback kidman and Showstopper. I appreciate it.


Yes, Showstopper, I wrote the matches fully. The wrtie-ups from EWR are about one paragraph with choppy sentences, and move for move. EWR doesn't write 4+ page matches on Word.

There was a lack of promos because 7 out of the 8 booking segments were matches, leaving one slot for a promo. However, I am tired of my PPV's just being mostly matches, so for Fall Brawl (and other PPV's), I am going to just add in promo's and video's to the PPV's. Fuck EWR for the PPV's, I'm going to add in stuff.

As for the promo's being lackluster, yeah, they probably are. I can easily say I'm better at writing matches than promos, but over time, I hope to try and improve in that aspect. Hopefully within the next month of shows I can write some more decent promo's to advance some feuds.


I'm glad you liked the PPV. I put a good amount of work into it, and definitely found it to be better than Slamboree.

The cruiserweight's are a typical way to start off a WCW PPV, and when you put two great talents like Chavo and Helms together, you're going to get a great match. I tried my best to make that match a good all-around cruiserweight match.

Totally BUff/NBT was meant to be a good ole' fashioned WCW filler, and shit fest. 'Nuff said there.

Cal Anderson is the former CW Anderson. Cal is playing the newphew of Arn Anderson, although he has no real relation. He just looks like an Anderson, so he used the Anderson last name in the ring. In real-life, Cal/CW wrestled in ECW during it's dying days, having a great feud with Tommy Dreamer. He also was a main star in Major League Wrestling, an was a member of the Extreme Horseman. Cal wrestles like Arn; great brawler and mat worker.

I've recieved quite a bit of flack for turning Rey Misterio Jr. heel at EWB IV, but I like the idea. Misterio as a heel is something new, and with his mask back on, I think he could be taken as more of a threat and legitimate wrestler. He looked like a 2 year old without it. And KroniK are a great tag team, despite their skills. Plus, my tag division is weak, so they're getting a nice, healthy reign.

I was tempted to go all out with the ladder match, but decided I didn't want to kill the crowd heat for the next two matches. Plus, a great ladder match with Hugh Morris? Nope, not happening.

Goldberg and WCW are finished. He walked out of the company after they tried to push him back in the main event. He returned at Slamboree, but I lost the USA TV deal the next day. Now, no one walked out of the company when I lost the deal. I decided to play off of it though, and had Goldberg leave, as well as other "talent". I wasn't expecting much from this match. Steiner is terrible, but he can get over with the crowd at least. Booker needs a push to try and stay over as a legitimate champion. He never got that in WCW, so I am trying to help make him seem a bit ore legitimate.

I loved the main event. I had the tease turn between Arn and Flair; it was obvious someone was turning here. Hell, I even said it in the write-up! I thought with the tease turn, and Bischoff favoring the faces, it'd seem better when he turned. I loved the match though. With the turn, the crowd excitement for Sting, and the intensity going on in the match, it made for a great main event.


I was typing this as you replies, CGR. All I say is for the odd ratings for the show; it's an EWR glitch. For some shows, the averages are much lower than what they should be. Well, the overall rating is. It was like that for all the matches for Souled Out.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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