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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling- Souled Out

Before the Pay Per View comes on-air, a video plays, hyping each and every match. The video runs down the debut of WCW Wednesday Nitro on NBC, and then the event that led to each and every match. The video ends, and Souled Out officially comes on pay per view with a magnificent showcase of fireworks going off throughout the Spectrum, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, it is my esteemed privilege to welcome you to World Championship Wrestling on Pay Per View! It is Sunday night, August 26, 2001, and you are watching the fifth edition of Souled Out! I am Tony Schiavone, alongside me, as always, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you for the welcome, Tony Schiavone, you truly are, the ‘Voice of WCW’!

Schiavone: Professor, there is electricity on the air throughout the Spectrum because WCW is once again, live on pay per view! It is time for Souled Out, and Mike, what an event it is going to be!

Tenay: The WCW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line tonight, Tony! Booker T defends his coveted World Title against ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! Also, the first ever North American Champion will be crowned when Hugh Morris and Lance Storm meet in a ladder match!

Schiavone: And Shane Helms will defend his WCW Cruiserweight Title against former champion Chavo Guerrero Jr.! Plus, KroniK and the Filthy Animals will meet in the ring to see who the unified and undisputed Tag Team Champions are!

Tenay: WCW will see the debut of the ‘New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson as well! The nephew of ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson will make his WCW in-ring debut against ‘Das Wonderkin’ Alex Wright!

Schiavone: Plus, Totally Buff will square off against Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire to see just who the better team is!

Tenay: And of course, our main event. With Eric Bischoff serving as the referee, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair will team up with Sting to take on ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett and ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome!

Schiavone: It is a match about hatred, pride, and so much more, Professor! Those four men are going to try and rip each other apart in the squared circle tonight, in the main event!

Tenay: It’s going to be an action-packed three hour spectacle, and we here at WCW thank you for purchasing Souled Out! However, we have to get going right into the action! Up first, the WCW Cruiserweight Championship match!

Shane Helms © vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.- WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Hey, what a shocker ladies and gentleman; the cruiserweights open up another pay per view! Like always, the cruiserweights put on a great match, that was thee match of the night. As the bell rings, Helms and Chavo slowly circle each other in the ring, stalling as the match starts, trying to get something of a crowd reaction. Surprisingly, the crowd is actually excited in the match! Chavo has a fan base from over the years, and Helms continues to excite fans with his matches and finisher, the Vertebreaker. After circling each other a few times, the two men lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. The two cruiserweights fight for a better position, but nothing is happening from the tie-up, and they break it off. After one stalemate, the two circle again, and then re-lock up. This time, Chavo strikes, locking in a hammer lock. Guerrero tries to wrench in on the hold, but Helms fires back with a reversal into a hammer lock of his own. The two continue a slow chain wrestling sequence, as Chavo slowly tries to find a reversal. Chavo is able to escape the hold, and reverse into an arm wrench, although Chavo quickly and smoothly transitions into a wrist lock, followed by another quick and smooth transition into a waist lock. Helms fires off several back elbows with his right elbow, but the youngest of the Guerrero clan evades the elbow strikes. Helms finally connects with a right elbow after several attempts, freeing himself of the waist lock. Shane tries to land another strike, this time a 180 degree roundhouse kick to the side of Chavo’s head. Guerrero is ready, and gets his hands up to the projected path of impact, slapping Chavo’s foot away. Helms crashes to the canvas hard.

Chavo drops down to the canvas and launches a ground attack on the current Cruiserweight Champion. With Helms on his abdomen, Chavo drives a knee to the small of the back, and locks in a modified hammer lock. Helms’ neck arches back as yells in pain from the hold. Shane makes his neck vulnerable to an attack, and Chavo wraps his free arm around Helms’ neck, adding more pain and pressure to Helms. The Cruiserweight Champ shouts in pain, but thankfully, for his sake, he is right by the ropes, and locks onto the bottom rope with his left hand. Chavo releases the hold right away, only to land a boot to the back of Helms’ neck. Helms falls down to the canvas, and promptly rolls out of the ring, under the bottom rope. Chavo has gotten the better of Helms so far in the match, and it shows as Helms is visibly frustrated on the outside. As referee Scott Dickenson starts a ten count, Chavo runs off the ropes opposite Helms, and charges back towards the ropes near Shane. Chavo feigns a suicide dive, diving into the air, but smacks his head off of the third rope, bouncing right back onto his feet, fists raised for combat. Chavo stands at the edge of the ropes after the fake dive, taunting the champ. Helms glares at Chavo, but then quickly jumps up into the air, and connects with a diving right hand to the nose of Chavo! Helms quickly gets up onto the apron while Chavo staggers backwards. Chavo regains his composure in the middle of the ring, just as Helms springboards from the third rope, and takes Chavo down with a springboard missile dropkick!

Helms somersaults straight to his feet after landing the missile dropkick, and makes a cover. One! Two! Kick Out! No way that was going to end the match. Helms brushes off of the kick out, and pulls Guerrero to his feet. Helms connects with a forearm, and runs off the ropes. Helms comes roaring back at the challenger, and wraps his legs around Chavo’s neck, and starts twirling himself around Chavo’s body- tilt-a-whirl head scissors! Chavo hits the canvas, and Helms quickly drops an elbow, and makes a cover, but only scores two again. The reigning Cruiserweight Champ keeps his offensive streak going, pulling Chavo to his feet, his arms wrapped around Chavo’s neck. Both men are up on their feet, and Helms lands his next maneuver, a jaw breaker. Chavo staggers backwards, and Helms connects right away with a stiff dropkick! In a nice little show of athleticism, Helms moonsaults after the dropkick, landing on his stomach. Chavo stays on his feet however, staggering around the ring more. Helms is up to his feet right away and charges Chavo, rolls himself up on Chavo’s chest right up onto his shoulders, and hits a hurricanrana! Helms stays on top after the hurricanrana, grabs a hold of Chavo’s legs in a pin- One! Two! Thr- Kick Out!

Helms looks a bit agitated by Chavo’s kick out, but keeps moving along, trying to finish off Chavo. Shane pulls Chavo up to his feet, and connects with four knife edge chops. Helms hooks Guerrero up for a hip toss, but Chavo puts on the brakes, staying on his two feet. Helms has a counter though, landing a left knee strike to Chavo’s gut. Chavo keels over, Helms places his right leg on Chavo’s neck, and back flips. What that move accomplishes, I still don’t know, but it looks nice. Helms lands on his feet and charges Chavo with a clothesline, but Guerrero makes a quick counter, landing a perfect STO! Both Helms and Guerrero are down! Dickenson starts a ten count, but only needs to reach five, as Chavo is up to his feet rather quickly. Helms is on his hands and knees as Chavo is up on his feet. Chavo rakes his foot off of Helms’ head, but Shane fights through the pain of the scrape, and gets up to his feet. That may not have been the wisest decision though because Helms just gets drilled with a hard right hand from Chavo. Chavo whips Shane into the ropes, who comes charging back. Chavo attempts a back body drop, and almost connects with it fully, but Helms lands on his feet after getting thrown over Chavo’s shoulder. Helms lands facing Chavo’s back, and goes for a quick reverse DDT, but Chavo rams his buttocks into Helms’ gut, causing him to keel over. Chavo locks in a side head lock, and runs at the ropes, Helms in tow. Chavo springboards off the second rope for springboard bull dog, but Helms wraps his arms around Chavo’s waist, and keeps Guerrero in the air! Helms has Chavo lifted up in the air, and looks for a back suplex, but Chavo finds a way to land a thumb to Helms’ eye! Shane drops Chavo as he starts to attend to his eye. Chavo lands on his feet, and uses this opportunity to land a great jumping knee strike right to Helms’ face!

Helms does down hard, and Chavo makes a quick cover- One! Two! T- Kick Out! Helms isn’t going to go down that easily. Chavo shows his disinterest in the two count, but looks to simply take out his frustration on Helms, not Dickenson. Chavo lands a stomp to the upper back of Helms, and then a jumping knee strike to the back. Helms rolls off his stomach and onto his back, trying to get the attack off of his back. Chavo just simply lands a boot to Helms’ upper chest, and then throat, before pulling him up to his feet. Chavo connects with a right hand, and then a left, before whipping Helms into the corner, hard. Shane’s back hits off of the corner turnbuckles, but gets no time to rest, as Chavo lands a leaping clothesline! Chavo flies out onto the apron as Helms staggers into the middle of the ring. Chavo scurries up to the top turnbuckle, and dives off the top, and connects with a cross body block! Helms rolls through into a cover- One! Two! Thre- Kick Out! Shane Helms almost stole a victory after rolling through the cross body block! Chavo looks shocked at almost losing there, but dives right on top of Helms right away, who was still hurting from the pain he’s endured throughout the match. Helms is sitting down as Chavo lunges at him, and gets pelted with a knee to the back of the neck! Helms goes down onto his back, while Chavo exits the ring and onto the apron. Just like his uncle Eddie, Chavo slingshots over the top rope, and connects with a slingshot senton!

Helms is down, and this could be over! Chavo makes a cover, One! Two! Thr- Kick Out! Not yet! Shane Helms is a resilient champion, and he shows why by kicking out of the slingshot senton. Chavo is furious with the count by Dickenson, and gets into his face, yelling at him for a “slow” count. Dickenson tells Chavo how it is, Helms kicked out before two. The two continue to argue until Chavo finally notices Helms getting back up to his feet. Guerrero gives Dickenson one final glare, and then turns on his heel, and plants a stiff kick to Helms’ ribs. Shane falls down onto his chest, and Chavo looks to apply more pain to the Champion’s back, locking in a surfboard stretch! Chavo firmly has a hold of Helms’ arms, and has his foot placed in the small of Helms’ back, putting torque and pressure on Helms’ back. Shane yells out in pain, but has nowhere to go, he’s in the middle of the ring! Chavo keeps the stretch locked in for about twenty seconds, but then, for whatever reason he had, releases the hold. Chavo releases Helms’ arms, only to drive his right foot into the back of Helms’ head, driving him face first into the canvas with a curb stomp! Helms’ face brutally smacks off of the ring canvas! Chavo with a cover, One! Two! Thre- Kick Out!

Chavo had a smile on his face during the cover, thinking he had the victory. His face suddenly turns sour, like he dry swallowed a pill. Chavo is pissed that Helms kicked out, and glares at Dickenson. Guerrero gets right into Dickenson’s face, and shouts at him for the repeated slow counts, blaming him for Helms’ kick out. Dickenson has had enough of Chavo’s childish antics, and starts shouting back at him. The two continue to argue, giving Helms all the time in the world to recover, and make his way to his feet. Helms finally does, and charges Chavo, not understand why he has his back turned. Helms charges and goes for a dropkick, but Chavo knew it was coming, and rolls out of the way, and Helms connects with a dropkick to the gut of Dickenson! Dickenson falls back into the corner, and is down and out! Helms goes over to Dickenson to try and check on him, turning his back on Chavo. You never turn your back on a Guerrero, as Chavo sneaks up and wraps Helms in a waist lock. Chavo German suplexes Helms, but Shane back flips, and lands right on his feet! Helms lands an atomic elbow to Chavo’s right shoulder, and then connects with the Nightmare on Helms Street! Helms makes the cover, and he gets three, but it is only from the Philadelphia fans; Dickenson is out!

Shane pins Chavo for almost tens seconds, and then after realizing that Dickenson is out of it, Helms gets up to his feet. Shane goes over to Dickenson, lightly slaps him in the face a bit, trying to revive him. It somehow works, as Dickenson slowly opens up his eyes, and starts to shake out the cob webs. Dickenson starts getting up to his feet, just in time to see Chavo sneak up behind Helms, and school boy him! Chavo grabs a hold of the tights too, One! Two! Three! No, no wait! Dickenson caught Chavo having a hold of the tights! This match is still on! Helms quickly rolls right to his feet after the school boy, and charges Chavo, who is on his knees shouting at Dickenson. Chavo doesn’t even notice Helms coming, and Shane drills him with a shining wizard! Chavo is down! Helms nips up to his feet after hitting the shining wizard, lets out a testosterone-filled yell, and signals for the end. Helms brings Chavo up to his feet, lands a kick to the mid-section, and then connects with the Vertebreaker! Helms makes the cover, ONE! TWO! THREE!

Shane Helms def. Chavo Guerrero Jr. at 11:39 to retain
Star Rating: *** ½
Overall Rating: 80% (Crowd 79, Match 100)

Schiavone: Cheaters never win, Professor!

Tenay: Well, they at least don’t win the Cruiserweight Championship! Chavo Guerrero Jr. tried to cheat on multiple occasions in this match, and almost had the victory too! Chavo used a school boy with a hold of the tights to get a three count, but Dickenson caught Chavo with his hand on the tights, and voided the call. From there, all Helms needed was a shining wizard and the deadly Vertebreaker to retain his WCW Cruiserweight Championship once again!

Schiavone: Shane Helms has knocked off all opponents thrown at him, and tonight, he did it again. Chavo Guerrero Jr. wrestled a good match, but Shane Helms was the better man, and that is why Shane Helms is still the Champion. And because Scott Dickenson has a keen eye!

Tenay: Congratulations to Shane Helms, but ladies and gentleman, we don’t have any time to waste, we have to keep things moving along. Up next, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire take on Totally Buff.

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire vs. Totally Buff (w/Miss Elizabeth)

Once again on pay per view, WCW opens up with a great cruiserweight match, and then books a shit match right after. Palumbo and O’Haire set to take on Totally Buff in the third match between the two, to “see what team is better”, but also known as, “we need to fill up pay per view time”. The most talented wrestlers of the teams, Sean O’Haire and Buff Bagwell, start things off as referee Charles Robinson has the bell rung. The two men lock up, but Bagwell overpowers the young gun, shoving him down to the canvas. O’Haire smacks off the canvas, and glares at Bagwell, not happy about getting out powered by the veteran. O’Haire slowly gets to his feet as Bagwell looks on, a cocky expression on his face. The two lock up again, and once again, Bagwell shoves O’Haire down to the canvas. The process is repeated as O’Haire gets to his feet. The two lock-up again, but this time O’Haire lands a knee to the gut of Bagwell. Buff keels over, and O’Haire connects with several clubbing forearms to the back. Bagwell staggers forward, and O’Haire pulls Buff upright. Sean O’Haire lands a right hand, and whips Buff into the ropes. Bagwell takes his time going into the ropes and coming back at O’Haire, and then knocks him down with a shoulder block. Bagwell taunts the crowd as O’Haire gets back to his feet.

The two stare each other down, and go into another lock-up. Sadly, the two men try and actually wrestle, which just degrades the word even more than what it has been. O’Haire makes a sloppy transition from the tie-up to a side head lock. However, O’Haire doesn’t even fully have the head lock in correctly, showing you that the Power Plant really was the worst training facility ever. Bagwell escapes the head lock, pushing O’Haire into the ropes. Bagwell goes for a back body drop on O’Haire, but O’Haire is quite the athletic bad wrestler, landing on his feet behind Buff. Bagwell thinks O’Haire is on the ground, but is surprised when Sean hits him with a neck breaker. Buff haggardly goes down, and O’Haire makes a tag out to Palumbo. Chuck Palumbo comes into the ring, and connects with a running leg drop onto Bagwell. Chuck makes a cover, but it is only a one count. If he would have cupped his hand to his ear before hand, he may have been able to get a three count. However, Palumbo did not, and a one count is all he got. As the crowd starts to go take a bathroom break, Palumbo pulls Buff up to his feet. Forgetting that he has just been worked over briefly, Bagwell hits a forearm to Palumbo, and then a right hand. Buff The Stuff lands several more right hands, and then knocks Palumbo down with a clothesline. After just being in the ring for two minutes, Bagwell needs a breather, and tags out to Lex Luger.

The (Not So) Total Package comes into the ring, and mounts the fallen Palumbo; uh-oh, how is he going to screw this up? Luger starts pounding Palumbo in the forehead with a flurry of right hands, but after about six right hands, Luger has to stop and catch his breath. Lex then gets off of Palumbo, hits a terrible looking elbow drop, and makes a cover. Palumbo gets a shoulder up at two however. Luger gets to his feet, catches his breath, and flexes his steroid-injected muscles to the crowd. The Philadelphia fans really don’t give a shit, and another pile of them head out to the bathroom. Palumbo starts getting to is feet, but gets hit by a Luger right hand. Chuck keeps fighting up to his feet, but Luger keeps connecting with right hands. Palumbo gets all the way to his feet, only to almost get knocked down by another Luger right hand. The Total Package connects with several more right hands, and then, to showcase his wide-spread move set, hits a left hand! Palumbo staggers, and Luger then knocks him down with a semi-botched clothesline. Luger is incredibly exhausted after being in the ring for almost two minutes, and has to tag out to Bagwell.

‘The one with all the stuff’ gets back into the ring, and connects with an elbow drop. Bagwell makes a cover, but O’Haire actually thinks that will end the match, and breaks up the count at two. O’Haire gets back into his corner while Miss Elizabeth cheers on Luger and Bagwell. Poor Mike Tenay is stuck trying to say how Luger and Bagwell are trying to wear down Palumbo with that old-school style of wrestling, when everyone else knows they just suck. Bagwell finally busts out a move that isn’t a right hand or a clothesline, slamming down Palumbo with a, you guessed it, scoop slam. Bagwell stops to flex his muscles and taunt the crowd, but he gets no reaction. His (enormous) ego bruised slightly, Bagwell lays the boots to the chest of Palumbo, before making another cover. Chuck Palumbo gets a shoulder up though before the three count. Buff is getting tired from the match, and he takes his time pulling Palumbo up to his feet, but makes sure to yank on the young gun’s hair roughly the whole time.

Palumbo has taken a severe beating thus far, and looks to almost be finished. Bagwell thinks so to, as he whips him into the corner and then calls for the Blockbuster. Bagwell charges and hits an avalanche to Palumbo, who then staggers forwards. Bagwell climbs up onto the second turnbuckle, and waits for Chuck to turn around. Palumbo knows what Buff is planning, and takes his time to turn around. As he starts to turn around, Palumbo shows he is also quite an athlete, jumping and hitting a diving forearm after rotating 180 degrees. Bagwell practically no-sells it, so Palumbo hits him three more times. Bagwell starts losing his balance, and jumps off the second turnbuckle onto the ring canvas. As soon as he gets onto the canvas, Palumbo decks him with a Jungle Kick! However, the Jungle Kick looked very set-up with Bagwell jumping down, but then again, he was supposed to hit Bagwell when he was on the second turnbuckle, but Buff decided to jump off. Bagwell takes a terrible bump after taking the Jungle Kick, and both men are down. Robinson starts a ten count, as both men recuperate rather quickly, and start crawling to their respected corners. Bagwell reaches his first, and tags in Lex Luger. Luger gets into the ring just as Palumbo tags in O’Haire!

Sean O’Haire gets into the ring and charges Luger, who stands waiting. O’Haire hits a clothesline, but Luger no-sells it. O’Haire connects with a right-hand, but Lex no-sells that too. Finally, O’Haire decks Luger with a stiff right hand that makes Lex stagger backwards. O’Haire then takes Luger down (by force) with a stiff clothesline. Luger takes a shitty bump, and fails to sell the clothesline as Bagwell charges O’Haire. Buff will at least try and sell for O’Haire, taking a back body drop. Luger slowly gets to his feet, not looking like he has a care in the world about the match. He takes too long, however, so Bagwell gets to his feet and charges O’Haire again. O’Haire is ready, and takes down Bagwell with a nasty looking drop toe hold that almost saw Bagwell land right on his nose. Luger finally gets to his feet, and hits O’Haire with a double sledge from behind. O’Haire didn’t seem to be expecting it, and no-sold it. But then again, that wasn’t scripted in the match, so O’Haire had to be a bit confused. Luger laid into O’Haire with a forearm to the back of the neck, which O’Haire slightly sells. Luger turns O’Haire around, and whips him into the ropes. O’Haire charges off the ropes and runs back at Luger at full force, and dives at Lex, knocking him down with a vicious clothesline!

Luger is down after literally getting taken down by O’Haire, who starts getting up to his feet. As soon as O’Haire is up, however, Bagwell connects with a right hand to the kidneys. Bagwell whips O’Haire into the ropes by his corner, leading to Palumbo making a blind tag in. Bagwell took O’Haire down with a back body drop, but then was hit right away by a Chuck Palumbo Jungle Kick! Palumbo makes a cover, and would’ve had the three, but Robinson won’t count it! Luger is the legal man, not Bagwell! Palumbo can’t believe, and gets off of Bagwell and up to his feet. As soon as he gets up to his feet however, Luger sneaks up and hits a back suplex! Palumbo goes down, as O’Haire gets to his feet. O’Haire focuses on Bagwell instead of Luger, however, and drags Buff to his feet. O’Haire scoop slams Bagwell, and then heads up to the top turnbuckle. O’Haire comes off the top with the Seanton Bomb, but Miss Elizabeth pulls Buff out of the way! Elizabeth somehow pulled a 250+ pound man out of the ring, saving her man’s partner from defeat. In the ring, Luger pulls Palumbo up to his feet, and calls for the Torture Rack. Yepp, that’s what this match has been, torture. Palumbo is out of it, and gets racked! Luger has him in the Torture Rack! O’Haire tries to get up to his feet to break the submission, but Buff and Elizabeth pull O’Haire by the legs out of the ring! Bagwell hits O’Haire with a right hand, just as Palumbo submits. Totally Buff have won the match!

Totally Buff def. Palumbo & O’Haire at 7:02 (Luger def. Palumbo)
Star Rating: DUD
Overall Rating: 58 (71, 53)

Schiavone: Totally Buff get the victory, but in my opinion, they got some help from Miss Elizabeth.

Tenay: They definitely got some help from Miss Elizabeth, Tony! If Elizabeth didn’t get Buff Bagwell out of the way of the Seanton Bomb, I think O’Haire and Palumbo could, and would, have went to town on Lex Luger. Instead, Lex locked in the Torture Rack, and got the submission victory for him and Buff Bagwell.

Schiavone: Nevertheless, this is a big victory for Totally Buff, who now move themselves up in the rankings to be considered for a Tag Team Title shot at either KroniK, or the Filthy Animals!

Tenay: Well Tony, we’re going to have to keep things moving. But, I think you and I both know what time it is. It is time for the debut of the ‘New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson!

Alex Wright vs. Cal Anderson (w/Arn Anderson)

As the bell rings to start the third match at Souled Out, the fans of WCW get set to see the debut of Cal Anderson. His opponent, ‘Das Wonderkin’ Alex Wright, is also returning to the company, but it doesn’t really seem like many people care. The two men go straight into a collar and elbow tie-up to start things, but after just a few seconds, Cal shoves Wright straight down to the canvas. Anderson blankly stares at Wright, ready to wrestle. Wright gets up to his feet, and the two combatants circle each other in the ring. After a few moments, the two lock up again, with Anderson transitioning straight into a wrist lock. Anderson wrenches back, causing Wright to yell out in pain. Cal shows no mercy, wrenching on the lock even more, before transitioning into a hammer lock. Cal Anderson continues to show his dominance, using his free left arm to connect with several forearms to the back of Wright’s head. Anderson releases the hammer lock, as Alex staggers forwards. Cal steps right up to Alex’s back however, wraps on a waist lock, and drops the German star right on his head with a release German suplex!

Anderson sits up after dropping Wright on his head, a blank, but focused, look on his face. Cal gets up to his feet, connects with a fist drop, and then an elbow drop. Cal with a lateral press for a cover, but Wright kicks out before three. Cal Anderson doesn’t seem to care that Wright kicked out, and simply rams his elbow into Wright’s face, and then starts grinding his elbow off of his face. Referee Nick Patrick isn’t allowing it thought, and starts a five count. Anderson honors the rules, and stops right away. Anderson just looks to keep taking it to Wright though, wrapping his arms around Wright’s head like a vice. Cal pulls Wright up to his feet, and lands drills Wright’s head with his own! Wright staggers backwards, only to nearly get his head rammed off with a Cal lariat! Wright drops to the canvas like a ton of bricks, and Cal makes another cover, but once again Wright gets a shoulder up before three.

Anderson face shows a bit of frustration at Wright’s resiliency, but looks to continue to out-wrestle the German. Cal grabs a handful of Alex’s hair, yanking him up to his feet. Anderson whips Wright into the corner, and charges. Wright goes back first into the turnbuckles, and then is hit by a running clothesline from Cal! Wright staggers forward as Anderson hops up onto the second turnbuckle. Wright turns to face Cal after recuperating quickly, but gets knocked down with a double axe handle! Cal makes another cover as his uncle Arn cheers him on, but Wright gets a shoulder up at two. Anderson continues to get frustrated by Wright’s resiliency, but continues to try and dish out the pain so he can finally get the three count. Cal drags Wright up to his feet, and connects with a European uppercut to the throat of Alex Wright. Wright staggers, but is then whipped into the ropes. Anderson slices his throat to signal for the Anderson Spinebuster as Wright comes charging back. Anderson grabs a hold of the oncoming Wright for the Spinebuster, but Wright has it scouted, and slips up Cal’s chest and shoulder, landing behind Cal. Before Anderson can even turn around, Wright hits his signature German suplex! Wright bridges it, One! Two! Kick Out!

Alex Wright made a nice counter on the Anderson Spinebuster, somehow managing to hit the German suplex. However, both men are down now, as Patrick starts a ten count. Both men slowly make their way to their feet, and get back up on their own two feet simultaneously at a count of seven. Once up on their feet, the two men meet in the middle of the ring, standing face-to-face. The two stare each other down, waiting for the other man to make a move. Wright doesn’t make a move, so Cal does, slapping Alex across the face! Wright sells it briefly, and then returns the favor, slapping Cal in the face. Cal gives Alex a blank look, and slaps him again! Alex slaps him back! It’s a slap battle! The two start exchanging right-handed slap after right-handed slap, going at it for almost fifteen seconds at a fast pace! The two go back and forth, but Cal Anderson eventually gets the upper hand after slapping Wright in the face with his right hand and then hitting Wright with a quick right knee strike to the gut, followed by a left hand to the jaw! Wright staggers around, and Cal goes for a lariat. Wright ducks the lariat, goes behind Cal, and hits another German suplex! Bridge into a cover- One! Two! Thre- Shoulder Up!

Alex Wright pulls another German suplex out of nowhere, and almost picks up the upset victory, but Cal Anderson isn’t going to be pinned that easily. Arn Anderson looks relieved on the outside momentarily, but his face then becomes focused, and he shouts out words of encouragement to get Cal going. After a few moments, Wright gets up to his feet, and Cal starts gets to his knees in an attempt to get up. Wright lands a kick to the ribs, but Cal keeps trying to get to his feet. Wright waits for Cal to do so, and then lands a right hand to the skull of Cal. Cal’s head was lowered during impact, but after the blow, Cal raises his head, and stares down Wright. Wright looks at the face of Cal, showing a bit of fear. Wright runs off the ropes and comes back at Cal, trying to launch an attack. Wright leaps at Cal for a cross body, but Cal catches him. Wright kicks his feet, trying to break free, but Anderson throws him over his head with a fall away suplex! Wright bounces right off the canvas, but instead of making a cover, Cal connects with a running knee drop to the face! Cal gets right up to his feet, looks at Arn, smiles and nods his head, and then slices his throat. Cal pulls Wright up to his feet, and sends him into the ropes. Wright comes back at Cal, and Anderson connects with the Anderson Spinebuster! Wright is down and out! Cover, ONE! TWO! THREE!

Cal Anderson def. Alex Wright at 6:26
Star Rating: * ¼
Overall Rating: 62% (65, 75)

Schiavone: What an impressive victory for Cal Anderson in his debut!

Tenay: Cal Anderson made easy work of the German superstar Alex Wright tonight, trying to live up to the Anderson name.

Schiavone: Well if you ask me, Professor, I think Arn was impressed by his nephew’s work in the ring tonight!

Tenay: Arn Anderson seemed impressed indeed with Cal’s win over Alex Wright here tonight, but now, time will only tell if Cal will continue to be able to rack up the victories in World Championship Wrestling. However, we have to move on ladies and gentleman, but coming up next, the Tag Team Titles will be decided when KroniK take on the Filthy Animals!

Schiavone: This match is going to be very personal, and that is why, WCW President of Operations Eric Bischoff has just informed me that through my head piece that this match will now be no disqualifications!

Tenay: Wow! What an addition to that match! This match is already personal, and with a stipulation like that added, this battle is going to be very physical!

Schiavone: Well, there’s no more time to waste, this match is up next!

Filthy Animals (w/Tygress) vs. KroniK- WCW Tag Team Championship

Both teams make their entrances, the crowd already starting to get into the match. The two teams stand in their respective corners, staring each other down as referee Billy Silverman orders for the bell to be rung. Adams and Clarke are in their usual KroniK attire; Adams in his tank-top and tights, Clarke in the singlet. Kidman is in a wife beater and black shorts, Konnan in matching black shorts, boxers showing like always. Kidman and Adams start the match off, with Adams laughing at the huge size advantage he has over Kidman. Adams stands in at 6’7”, and weighs 315 pounds, compared to Kidman’s 5’11” and 195 pounds. Kidman quickly circles Adams, and goes right into a lock-up, not fearing the big man. Adams easily over powers Kidman, shoving him right down to the canvas. Adams laughs at Kidman, who in return, nips right up to his feet. Kidman yells out in intensity, and is ready to go. Billy walks right up to Adams, and yells at him to hit him. Adams looks at Kidman, slightly confused, laughs, and then swings a right hand. Kidman is ready though, and ducks it, running under Adams’ arm and off the ropes. Kidman comes back at Adams, and connects with a diving forearm to the face of Adams! Adams staggers a bit, so Kidman gets right back to his feet, runs off the ropes, and comes back at Adams again. Kidman keeps using his speed to his advantage, this time connecting with a dropkick to Adams’ left knee! Brian Adams falls to one knee, but Kidman isn’t satisfied yet. Billy Kidman gets right back up to his feet after the dropkick, runs off the ropes and back at Adams, and takes him down with a shining wizard!

Kidman nips right up to his feet, yells out intensely again, and runs at Clarke in the corner! Bryan Clarke isn’t expecting the cruiserweight to attack him, and Kidman connects with a diving forearm, knocking Clarke off the apron to the outside of the ring! Kidman yells Konnan into the ring, and the two men quickly go after Adams. The two men whip Adams into the ropes, charge, and send him over the top rope with a double clothesline! Adams tumbles over the top rope and lands right next to Clarke. The Filthy Animals try and get the crowd going as Konnan runs off the opposite ropes and back towards KroniK, and dives between the second and third ropes. Konnan takes out both members of KroniK with a suicide dive! The Filthy Animals are looking to pull out all the stops tonight! Billy Kidman hurries over to the ropes near the three men on the outside, who all are getting to their feet. The three men get to their feet, and Kidman attacks, Kidman jumps up onto the third rope, springboards off to the outside, and connects with a shooting star press to all three men! All four men are down on the outside, and the crowd springs to life with chants of “Holy Shit!”

Silverman is quick to start a ten count, with all four men slowly starting to get to their feet at the count of four. Kidman is up first, and he rolls right into the ring at the count of seven. Adams is in at the count of eight, while Clarke and Konnan engage in a brawl outside of the ring. Adams crawls into the ring under the bottom rope, so Kidman pounces on him, laying into him with right boots to the back of the head. Adams tries to fight up to his feet, managing to get to his knees. Kidman keeps laying the boots to Adams, trying to keep him at a horizontal base. Adams tries to get to his feet, but the stomps are too much, and he collapses onto his belly. Kidman quickly rolls Adams over, and makes a cover. Adams’ stamina is well up there, though, and pushes Kidman right off of him at one. Kidman flies right off of Adams and lands chest first on the canvas about two feet away from him. Kidman rolls right to his feet though, and charges Adams, who is getting up to his feet. Meanwhile, Konnan and Clarke continue their brawl on the outside, with Clarke eventually ramming a knee into Konnan’s gut, and then whips Konnan shoulder first into the steel steps. Back inside the ring, Kidman charges Adams, who is getting up to his feet, and Kidman almost gets his head taken off with a vicious Adams right-arm clothesline!

Konnan is down outside of the ring, and Kidman is down inside the ring. KroniK reigns supreme at the three and a half minute mark! Clarke gets back onto the apron, while Konnan recovers on the outside. Inside the ring, Adams lays the boots to the back of Kidman, trying to take out the “godly wrestler”. Adams grows tired of the simple stomping attack, yanking Kidman up to his feet by the hair. Adams sends Kidman into the ropes, and then back body drops him from one side of the ring to the other! Adams laughs at the fallen Kidman, makes his way over to Bryan Clarke, and tags him in. Adams takes his time to tag in Clarke, giving Kidman the time he needed to crawl to his corner. Kidman was at his corner, ready to make a tag, but Konnan was still on the outside of the ring, trying to get over to his corner. Kidman realizes Konnan is still making his way over to his corner, and pulls himself up to his feet. Kidman turns around to face Adams, but instead, gets squashed by a running Bryan Clarke avalanche! Kidman falls down into the corner from the impact, just getting squashed by the 300 pound Clarke. Clarke grabs a hold of Kidman by the ankles, and drags him into the center of the ring when he sees Konnan getting towards his corner. Konnan gets onto the apron, ready to go, just as Clarke drops an elbow to the gut of Kidman. Clarke isn’t finished yet, highlighting his severe strength advantage by grabbing Kidman at the shins, spinning around 360 degrees, slinging him up into the air, and then crushing him with a clothesline right to the throat!

That move was vicious! Clarke showcased his power and then clotheslined the fuck out of Kidman. However, Clarke was a bit sloppy in doing so, and got Kidman hard in the throat. Billy gasps for air, his wind definitely knocked out of him. Clarke makes a well advised cover, but Konnan breaks the count up before three, coming into the ring and landing a boot to the back of Clarke’s head. Silverman goes over to Konnan and walks him back into his corner, allowing Brian Adams to illegally come into the ring while Clarke recuperates from the stomp. Adams quickly pulls Kidman up to his feet, locks in a front face lock, and hits a nasty vertical suplex! Clarke gets to his feet, claps his hands together loudly, making it seem like a tag was made, and exits to the apron. Konnan gets onto the apron after witnessing Adams’ illegal attack on his partner, angry at not being able to help Kidman. Adams drops an elbow to the sternum of Kidman, and makes a cover, but Kidman gets a shoulder up before three. Adams sits up from the cover, looking annoyed at Kidman’s resilience. Adams stands up, grabs a hold of Kidman’s hair, and pulls him up to his feet. Kidman is out of it for the most part, but sluggishly, yet wildly, throws his arms around, trying to connect to any part of Adams’ body. Brian Adams laughs at the feeble attempt of Kidman, and sends him into the ropes. Kidman comes running back at Adams, but gets taken out with a nasty big boot!

Billy Kidman has just been annihilated in this match! Adams thinks he’s finished, and makes a cover. Adams probably would have had the three, but Konnan broke the count up again! Silverman quickly gets Konnan back into his corner, while Adams and Clarke exchange a tag. Bryan Clarke walks into the ring, and eyes up Kidman, who is trying to get to his feet. Kidman find the feet of Clarke, and tries to use Clarke’s legs to pull himself up to his feet. Clarke helps him out, pulling him up the rest of the way, by the hair. Clarke connects with a stiff right hand to the temple, followed by another one. Kidman would have fell over after the first shot, but Clarke kept him on his feet by yanking on his hair. Clarke connects with another right hand, and sends Kidman into the ropes. Kidman comes back, but gets hit with a rough knee to the gut. Kidman keels over, and Clarke capitalizes, hitting a gut wrench power bomb! Clarke covers, but Konnan breaks up the count again! Oh thank goodness for Konnan! If it wasn’t for his partner, Billy Kidman would have been finished a long time ago!

KroniK seem to be slightly frustrated at Konnan’s constant pin fall breaking, but Clarke carries on, pulling Kidman up to his feet. Clarke laughs at Kidman, whose eyes are glazed over. Clarke takes his time to attack Kidman, hitting a right hand after much stalling. Kidman starts to fall, but Clarke has his left hand tightly yanked onto Kidman’s hair, keeping him on his feet. Clarke laughs at Kidman again, and taunts him, calling him a godly wrestler. Finally, Clarke hits another right hand to Kidman’s temple. Kidman almost falls again, but Clarke keeps him on his feet. Clark laughs for a third time, and taunts him yet again, taking a pot shot at Rey Misterio Jr. Clarke then hits a third right hand, but Kidman no-sells it! Kidman glares at Clarke, and starts shouting at him not to insult his friend, Rey-Rey! Clarke looks a bit shocked and scared after seeing Kidman get a second wind out of nowhere. Clarke hits Kidman with another right hand, but Kidman no-sells it again! Kidman takes his two hands and moves them up to Clarke’s left hand, and yanks it off of his hair. Kidman and Clarke stare each other down, and Clarke connects with another right hand. Kidman no-sells it again, and hits Clarke with his own right hand. The crowd was expecting Clarke to sell it like the hardest punch ever, but Clarke simply looks right back at Kidman, and laughs. Kidman shrugs it off, steps on Clarke’s toe, rakes his eyes, and knees him in the groin! Clarke keels over, and Kidman quickly runs off the ropes. Kidman comes running back at Clarke, but gets taken out with a vicious spear!

Oh my God; that was brutal! It looked like Kidman was about to make a comeback, but Bryan Clarke was able to counter Kidman’s plan with a hellacious looking spear. Kidman rolls into the fetal position, clutching his stomach in pain from the spear. Clarke gets to his feet rather slowly, but is able to make a quick tag out to Adams. Brian Adams comes back into the ring just as Kidman is slowly getting to his hands and knees. Adams grabs the back of Kidman’s beater, pulling him up to his feet by it. Adams connects with a forearm to Kidman’s kidneys, followed by a forearm to the back, and then one to the back of the head. Adams turns Kidman around, connects with a right hand, and sends Kidman into the corner. Adams slowly makes his way to the opposite corner after Kidman bounces back first into the turnbuckles. Adams taunts the crowd and the Filthy Animals, taking another pot shot at Rey Misterio Jr., drawing some jeers from the crowd. Finally, Adams charges Kidman in the corner. Adams runs for an avalanche, but Kidman is ready. As Adams gets near the corner, Kidman lifts his legs up, and uses the leverage and momentum to back roll himself up to the third turnbuckle in a nice display of athleticism, leaving Adams to run chest first into the corner. Adams staggers backwards, and Kidman connects with a missile dropkick from the top! Both men are down, and Silverman starts a ten count! Silverman reaches four, with neither man moving. At five, both men start “coming too”, and start crawling to their corners. Silverman reaches seven, and Adams is just about at his corner. Silverman gets to eight, and there’s the tag to Bryan Clarke! Clarke gets into the ring, and Kidman tags Konnan!

The fan explode as Konnan gets the hot tag from Kidman, and explodes into the ring. Konnan meets Clarke head on, and takes him down with a clothesline! Clarke gets up, but gets sent down with a big right hand! Clarke gets up again, but Konnan sends him down to the canvas again with another big right hand! Clarke gets to his feet a little more slowly this time, but Konnan pounces on him right away. K-Dawg connects with a right hand, and sends Clarke into the ropes. Konnan somersaults, and hits the rolling clothesline! Brian Adams comes into the ring after Konnan, but K-Dawg flips him over with a back body drop! Adams gets up to his feet rather quickly, but Konnan sends him over the top rope with a clothesline! Adams goes to the outside of the ring by the announcer’s table, and Konnan is left in the ring alone with Clarke. Clarke gets to his feet, and Konnan connects with a DDT! Cover, One! Two! Kick Out!

Clarke isn’t finished yet, and kicks out before three. Konnan shakes off the pin count, and gets up to his feet. Konnan drags Clarke up to his feet, and whips him into the corner. Konnan charges, and connects with another rolling clothesline! Clarke staggers out of the corner, Konnan runs off the ropes next to the corner, and hits a bulldog! Clarke is down! Kidman is back up onto his feet on the corner, and gets a tag from Konnan! Billy Kidman climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and is ready to hit the Shooting Star Press! Kidman is about to leap off the top, when WHAM! Brian Adams hits Kidman in the back of the head with a steel chair! Brian Adams grabbed a steel chair from the outside, got onto the apron, and clobbered Kidman with it! Adams tosses the chair into the ring, and gets into the ring as well. Konnan meet him, and the two start brawling! The two men exchange lefts and rights in a wild slugfest! Bryan Clarke starts getting up to his feet, and he eyes Kidman in the corner! Konnan and Brian Adams are brawling! Kidman is crotched on the top turnbuckle! The ring is filled with chaos…

Rey Misterio Jr. is running down the aisle! Rey Misterio Jr., back in a lucha libre mask, runs down the ring aisle and dives under the bottom rope into the ring. Misterio grabs the fallen chair, and whacks it over Bryan Clarke’s back! Clarke staggers and turns around, and Misterio bends the chair over Clarke’s head! Bryan Clarke is down and out! Misterio then turns his attention to Brian Adams, who is now working over Konnan in a parallel corner to Kidman. Adams connects with a right hand to Konnan, when Misterio hits Adams over the back of the head with the chair! Adams falls into Konnan, who then hits Adams with the 187! Rey Misterio Jr. is back in WCW, and he just took out KroniK! Konnan and Misterio embrace in the center of the ring! Konnan raises Misterio’s arm in the air as the crowd cheers the Filthy Animals on! LOW BLOW! Rey Misterio just kicked Konnan in the groin! Misterio has turned on the Filthy Animals!

Konnan doubles over in pain from the low blow, and Misterio whacks him over the head with the steel chair! Konnan crumbles to the canvas! Rey Misterio Jr. has just taken out Konnan! Misterio sets his sights on Billy Kidman! Rey walks over to Kidman, who is still crotched in the corner. Rey adjusts Kidman’s legs, and climbs up onto the second turnbuckle. Misterio slaps Kidman in the face, and connects with the Frankensteiner! That’s Misterio’s old move! Referee Billy Silverman has to sit on and watch; the match is no disqualification! Rey Misterio Jr. has taken out the Filthy Animals and KroniK! KroniK start stirring to their feet, and Misterio decides he’s had enough, and leaves the ring. Clarke and Adams slowly get to their feet, and together, they pull Kidman up to his feet. The two set him up, and finish him off with the High Times! Bryan Clarke falls on top of Kidman in a cover, ONE! TWO! THREE!

KroniK def. Filthy Animals at 14:49 to become sole WCW Tag Team Champions (Clarke pins Kidman)
Star Rating: **
Overall Rating: 66% (75, 72)

Schiavone: Oh my God! I cannot believe it!

Tenay: Rey Misterio Jr. has returned to WCW after suffering a severe head injury back in May at Slamboree, at the hands of KroniK! It seemed like Misterio would help the Filthy Animals win the WCW Tag Team Championship, but then, Misterio turned on his friends, the Filthy Animals!

Schiavone: I can’t believe Rey would turn his back on his friends like that! Why, Rey Misterio Jr., why!?

Tenay: Why is the question indeed, and we will have to find an answer for that on Wednesday Nitro!

Schiavone: I still can’t believe it, Professor!

Tenay: I can’t either, Tony, but we have to keep things moving. Coming up next, is the ladder match to crown the first ever WCW North American Champion!

Schiavone: This should be good!

Hugh Morris vs. Lance Storm- WCW North American Championship

Remember ladies and gentleman, this is a ladder match; the only way to win the match is to grab the ladder on the outside of the ring, take it into the ring, climb it, and grab the title belt on the strap suspended 15 feet up in the air. Both men make their entrances into the ring, eyeing up the ladder at the end of the entrance aisle the whole time. When both men get into the ring, they look up at the prize above the ring, waiting to be clutched by their hands. Referee Scott Dickenson says this pup is ready to get under way, and orders for the bell to be rung! The ladder match is underway! Storm and Morris both continue to look up at the North American Title Belt, and then the ladder on the outside of the ring. Finally, their eyes lock on one another, and get ready to duel. Morris and Storm walk right up to each other, meeting at the center of the ring. The two men stand toe-to-toe, staring right into the other man’s eyes. Finally, Lance strikes first, slapping Hugh in the face! Hugh touches his cheek where he was slapped, and fires back with a right hand! Morris’ right hand connects to the skull of Storm, who drops to the canvas. The crowd pops at Lance getting knocked onto his ass. Lance looks a bit frustrated at first, but shakes off the embarrassment and gets back up to his feet. With Lance back up on his feet, he charges Hugh. Morris is ready for the Storm attack, and side-steps Lance. As Lance goes rushing past Hugh, Morris flings Storm forward, sending him over the top rope and to the outside of the ring!

Storm bounces off the concrete floor, and lands next to the ladder as the crowd cheers Hugh Morris on. Hugh quickly gets the crowd behind more, yelling out [I]“USA, USA!”. Patriotism sells, folks. As the crowd continues Hugh’s chant, Morris gets out onto the apron and then to the outside of the ring. Morris lands on the floor as Storm starts getting up to his feet. Morris delays the process, nailing Storm with a right hand to the skull, sending him back down onto his ass. Hugh quickly steps over Lance, and hits a toe kick to the spine! Storm arches his back forward in pain, but Hugh capitalizes on that, connecting with a running knee strike to the back of Lance’s head. Lance falls down backwards onto his back, but Hugh fails to show mercy, hitting an elbow drop onto Storm’s chest. Hugh keeps his momentum going, yanking Storm up to his feet, and locking in a front face lock. Morris insults Storm briefly, trying to get the crowd behind more, and then connecting with a vertical suplex on the concrete floor!

So far this match has been all Hugh Morris, who is just taking it to Lance Storm in the early goings. With Lance down on the floor, Morris turns his attention to the ladder right next to him. Morris walks over to the ladder, eyes it up, folds the supports in between the ladder, and picks it off the ground. Hugh carries the ladder over to the ring, and slides it underneath the bottom rope. Hugh shoves the ladder towards the center of the ring, and then climbs back into the ring. Morris picks up the ladder, and sets it up in the center of the ring. Morris starts to slowly climb the ladder, ready to grab the title. Hugh took his time getting the ladder set-up however, and is only up three of the rungs when Storm is back in the ring. Lance hurries over to Hugh, and connects with a double sledge to the kidneys of Morris. Morris stays onto the ladder, but his climbing ceases. Lance tries to knock Morris off the ladder with a right hand to the back of the head, but it doesn’t work. Seeing the brawling tactics not working, Storm goes for a more “speedy” approach. Lance runs off the ropes, and comes charging back at Hugh, who is once again trying to climb the ladder. Lance dives into the air, and gets great elevation, nailing Morris in the back of the head with a drop kick! Storm’s drop kick must have had great momentum because Morris and the ladder start falling over! The ladder doesn’t hit the canvas, however, as the third rope gets in the way. The ladder bounces off of the third rope, and because of Hugh’s bigger stature, Morris is flung over the ladder to the outside of the ring!

That was awesome! Normally the ladder would falls backwards, but with Hugh’s size, the ladder and Hugh flung over the top rope to the outside of the ring. Hugh smacks chest first off the concrete floor, only for the ladder to then land on top of his back! The crowd pop at the (accidental) spot. Needing to improvise after the ladder and Hugh went overboard, Storm makes his way over to the ropes, waiting for Hugh to get up. Hugh slowly gets to his feet after getting the ladder off of his back, a bit woozy from the tumble. Hugh is up on his feet, but gets knocked back down when Storm leaps over the top rope and takes Hugh down with a flying cross body block! The spot only looks even better when Morris falls right onto the ladder! Morris crashes onto the ladder back first, while Storm is thrown off of Hugh on impact with the ladder. Storm lands about a foot away from Morris, with both men now down on the concrete floor. The two men start getting up to their feet after a couple moments, but Lance is up first. Storm is up on his feet when Hugh is still on his hands and knees, allowing Lance to connect with a stiff kick to the ribs. Hugh falls back onto his belly, while Lance grabs the fallen ladder from the floor. Storm leans the ladder up against the side of the ring, and then pulls Hugh up to his feet. Storm connects with a knife edge chop, and then whips Hugh face first into the ladder! Morris staggers backwards, right into a diving reverse DDT on the concrete floor! Heads up guys; the ladder is falling down! Lance Storm rolls out of the way just in time, and the ladder falls right onto the body of Hugh Morris!

That looked like it hurt! Lance takes a deep breath in relief; that ladder almost landed right on his head! Lance quickly gets the ladder off of Hugh, and sets it up on the steel guardrails. Storm then pulls Morris up to his feet slowly, probably checking to see if he is okay after the ladder accidentally fell on him. Once on their feet, Storm connects with a fore arm, and then rams his shoulder into the waist of Morris, driving him back into the side of the ring. Storm rams his shoulder into the waist of Morris three more times, and then whips him into the ladder again. This time, however, Morris goes back first into the ladder. Hugh stays put on the ladder, allowing Storm to charge him, and hit a leaping corkscrew spinning heel kick! Storm just kicked Hugh right in the jaw! Morris takes a front bump from the impact, landing face first on the concrete floor, as Storm bounces off the guardrail and then smacks against the concrete floor. Both men are down momentarily, but Storm is up to his feet rather quickly. Lance still isn’t finished with the ladder, as he picks it up and lays it across the apron and guardrail. The ladder barely can reach both sides, but the ring crew made sure to tighten the gap between the guardrails and the apron.

With the ladder now resting horizontally in the gap between the apron and guardrail, Storm pulls Hugh Morris up to his feet. Lance fires off a fore arm, and then a knife edge chop to briefly daze Morris. Lance quickly locks in a front face lock, and vertical suplexes Hugh right onto the steel ladder! Ouchies! Morris is laid out on the ladder, his neck and legs hang over the sides. Storm look at the fallen Morris, and then hops up onto the apron. Storm stands over the ladder, one foot on one side of the ladder, then other foot on the other side. The crowd wonders what Storm is going to do, and get their answer when Lance jumps up onto the third rope, springboards, and connects with a moonsault onto Morris! Lance bounces off of Morris and the ladder, and then rolls off the ladder onto the concrete floor. After resting on the floor for a few moments, Storm gets up to his feet, and walks over to the ladder and Morris. Hugh isn’t moving, still in pain from the moonsault. Storm shoves Morris off the ladder, and Hugh smacks of the floor with a loud thud. Lance then grabs the ladder and pushes it under the bottom rope and into the ring. Storm rolls into the ring as well, and picks up the ladder. Lance sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, taking his time to unfold the supports. Satisfied with the ladder, Lance slowly starts to climb it. Lance takes his time, yelling out his Canadian superiority while climbing. Storm gets a third of the way up the ladder when Morris starts getting to his feet on the outside. Storm keeps climbing, oblivious to the fact that Hugh is getting up; his back is facing Hugh. Morris slowly rolls into the ring as Storm reaches the halfway mark on the ladder. Hugh gets to his feet, as Storm continues to climb up the ladder. Storm’s hands are inches away from the North American Title Belt, but Hugh Morris locks his hands on Storm’s left ankle! Morris starts yanking on Storm’s ankle, trying to make him fall off the ladder. Lance holds on for dear life, refusing to let go. Hugh gives up on yanking Lance off, deciding to start climbing up the ladder as well! Morris only climbs up a couple of rungs, as his head meets the groin of Storm. Morris lifts Storm up onto his shoulders, and falls backwards off the ladder, slamming Storm down to the canvas as well!

Both men are down on the canvas now, with only the ladder and Dickenson left standing! The crowd cheers on both men for the performance, hoping they’ll get to their feet soon. After about twenty or thirty seconds, Morris and Storm start making their way to their feet slowly. Finally the two men make it back up to their feet after about a minute after the spot. The two men slowly exchange right hands, trying to get a vibe back into the match. the two slowly slug it out, seeing who will get the advantage. To probably no one’s surprise, Morris gets the advantage soon after the brawling commences, his strong punches too much for Lance. Morris has Lance reeling after several shots, and then whips Lance into the ropes. Lance comes back at Hugh, but Morris lands a knee to the mid-section. Lance doubles over, and Morris goes for a hip toss. Lance reverses the toss by landing on a ladder rung! Hugh still has a hold of Lance’s arm but not for long; Lance jumps off the ladder and hits a swinging hurricanrana to Morris! Hugh smacks off the canvas and rolls to the outside of the ring, while the ladder falls over, landing on the third rope near Morris. The ladder landed in an awkward position; only one half of the ladder is in the ring, the other half is dangling on the outside. Storm gets to his feet inside the ring, while Hugh slowly gets to his on the outside. Lance continues to put on a showcase tonight, running up the ladder, leaping off once he gets to the end, and hitting a shooting star press vault to the standing Hugh Morris!

Holy Shit! The fans pop at the great spot by Storm, and the Philadelphia crowd pay homage to their former love, chanting “E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub!” in regards to the now defunct promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling, a promotion in which Lance Storm was a former Tag Team Champion. Both men are down on the outside, as they are both totally drained from the all the events in this match. After being down for almost thirty seconds, Storm starts getting up to his feet, using a steel guardrail for support. Storm gets up to his feet, shakes the cobwebs out, and makes his way back into the ring. Lance rolls under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Lance quickly uses the ropes to help get to his feet, and lifts the ladder up into the air. Storm carries the ladder over to the center of the ring, and sets it up accordingly. With the ladder set up, Storm begins his climb up to the top, looking to grab the North American Championship! Lance is tired from the match, cannot climb the ladder as fast as he normally would. Storm makes his way up the ladder, slowly but surely, with the crowd actually cheering him on! The Philadelphia fans are cheering more for their former ECW-superstar than Hugh Morris. However, the fans only cheer him because of his ECW heritage, almost like he was in Canada. Anyways, Storm gets up about ¾ of the ladder, trying to climb the rest of the way as Morris starts getting into the ring. Morris rolls under the bottom rope, and quickly gets to his feet. Morris walks over to the ladder, and Storm has his fingertips on the Title Belt! Storm is about to grab the belt, but Hugh pushes the ladder over!

The ladder falls over, but Lance Storm is hanging onto the bars that the Title is attached to! Storm is hanging 15 feet in the air! All Lance needs to do is unhook the Title as his body dangles above Morris. Hugh jumps up to reach Storm’s foot, but Lance lifts up his feet! Lance tries to pull his legs all the way up to the rest of his body, but he is too tired, and his legs collapse! Storm dangles, now holding onto the bars for dear life! Morris jumps up again, and he grabs a hold of Storm’s foot! Morris yanks Storm down, and Lance falls! Storm starts falling 15 feet to the canvas, but Morris catches him on the way, and plants him with a spine buster! Lance Storm is down! Morris is slow to get to his feet, but he is up after just a few moments! Hugh could win this! Hugh walks over to the turnbuckle, and calls out for the No Laughing Matter! This isn’t smart on Hugh’s part, he should try and climb the ladder! Morris climbs up to the top turnbuckle slowly, yells out, and connects with the No Laughing Matter! Storm just got squashed like a bug! Morris is down on top of Storm, and is slow to get to his feet. Hugh gets to his feet, and rolls the immobile Storm to the edge of the ring. Hugh walks across the ring to the fallen ladder, and sets it up. I don’t know if Hugh realizes this, but the ladder isn’t really in the center of the ring! Morris must not notice, as he starts his ascent up the ladder. Morris slowly makes his way up the ladder, climbing at a slow rate because of the injuries he’s sustained in the match. Finally, Morris gets up to the top of the ladder, standing on the second to last rung. Morris yells out for another No Laughing Mattter, and climbs all the way up to the very top of the ladder! Morris yells out, and moonsaults off the top of the ladder!

The No Laughing Matter from the top of the ladder only finds canvas! Lance Storm saw Hugh coming off the top of the 12 foot ladder and rolled out onto the apron! Hugh crashes chest first onto the canvas! Hugh Morris is knocked out! The crowd is electrified after that bump, chanting “Holy Shit, Holy Shit!”. After a few moments, Storm, who was sitting on the apron, starts pulling himself up to his feet with help from the ropes. Storm then enters into the ring between the second and third rope, and slowly walks over to the ladder. Storm drags the ladder into the center of the ring, and starts to climb up the ladder. The exhausted Storm slowly makes his way up the ladder, trying to find the extra strength to reach the North American Title Belt. Storm slowly gets to the halfway mark, and Morris is still out cold! Lance keeps climbing, hoping he can get the belt. Lance reaches the ¾ mark, and Morris is still out cold! Storm keeps climbing, and the realization is kicking in. Lance Storm reaches the top of the ladder, and unhooks the North American Title Belt! Lance Storm has won! Lance Storm is the first ever WCW North American Champion!

Lance Storm def. Hugh Morris at 18:13
Star Rating: ** ½
Overall Rating: 69% (78, 78)

Schiavone: What an amazing match, Professor! These two men pulled out all the stops to try and win the North American Title, but only one man could walk away the winner!

Tenay: And tonight at Souled Out, that one man was Lance Storm! Lance Storm is one hell of a pure wrestler, but tonight, he showed he can get extreme too!

Schiavone: Yes, Lance Storm wrestled one hell of a match, but I have to think Hugh Morris should be the one clutching that Title right now! Hugh Morris had the opportunity to grab the North American Title, but instead, he tried to hit a No Laughing Matter moonsault from the top of the ladder!

Tenay: It was a bad decision on Morris’s part, and he is paying for it now. Morris is being helped to the backstage right now by Doug Dillinger and his crew of security; he may be seriously hurt Tony!

Schiavone: Well while Dillinger helps Morris to the backstage, let’s send you backstage where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, Sting, ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson, and ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson!

Dissension in the Ranks?

Backstage, the quartet of men are standing next to ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund. Flair, Sting, and Cal are in their wrestling gear; Arn in slacks and a casual shirt. Okerlund is in his normal tuxedo, ready to interview the quartet.

Gene Okerlund: Ladies and gentleman, I am standing backstage, alongside ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, Arn and Cal Anderson, and the man called Sting! Ric, Sting, you two have a huge tag team match coming up in just a little while. What are your thoughts on this huge match?

Ric Flair: MEAN GENE! WOOO! Gene-O, tonight, me and the Stinger are going to go out into that ring and do what we do best! And that, Mean Gene, is win! Tonight! Tonight, me and the Stinger are going to kick Jeff Jarrett’s and Mike Awesome’s teeth in! Mike Awesome, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, the three of you want to try and take out the Nature Boy! The three of you want to try and take out Arn Anderson! You want to take out Booker T! Well tonight, me and Sting, are going to take you BOTH out! WOOO!

Okerlund: How confident are you Ric in your chances of winning this match with Sting?

Flair: Mean Gene, me and the Stinger have never been more ready for a match than we are tonight! Tonight, this battle is personal! Me and Sting have an issue to settle with Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome, and no one is going to get in our way of that! Not Scott Steiner, not Midajah, and certainly not Eric Bischoff! But even you, Arn, won’t get in the way of what I need to do tonight.

Arn Anderson: What in the hell does that mean, Ric!? I’ll be in your way tonight!? What is that all about?

Flair: Look Arn, tonight, I need to beat Jeff and Mike on my own. It needs to just be me and the Stinger, and Jeff and Mike. No one else. This is something I have got to do, Arn.

Anderson: Ric, you and I both know they’re going to fight dirty! And Eric Bischoff, you can’t trust that slimy yellow-neck bastard! C’mon Ric! I should be down there to make everything go as plan! I’m an Enforcer, damn it! It’s what I do!

Flair: You were the Enforcer, Arn, but not anymore. You’re not the man you used to be! Your nephew right there, Cal, is the Enforcer. And he won’t be at ringside either. It will be me! It will be Sting! I need to do this alone! I need to settle things on my own! I need to execute my plan!

Things are starting to get really heated between the two, as Arn starts shouting.

Anderson: I’m nothing now, huh, Ric!? I may not be able to wrestle anymore, but I am still the best damn Enforcer in this industry today! I’ve helped make you what you are today, Ric, me! Arn Anderson! I will show you what I can do, Ric! I will prove to the world that Double A is still great!

Cal Anderson intervenes, getting in between Ric and Arn. Cal takes Arn off-screen, trying to cool him down. The camera focuses back on Flair and Okerlund. Flair is looking stressed out.

Flair: I still think my decision was right; I need to win this match on my own tonight, with Sting as my partner. This is personal for the Nature Boy, and I don’t want anyone to mess up what I have to do. If Arn Anderson wants to try and challenge me, then so be it. Tonight, Ric Flair is going to do, what Ric Flair has to do. WOOO!

Flair walks off-screen, still looking stressed out from the fight with his close friend, Arn Anderson. Only Gene Okerlund is left on-screen. Gene stands silent for a few moments, but then, a black baseball bat slowly rises on-screen and points at the microphone. Sting then steps back on-screen, who stepped off during the fight between Arn and Cal. Sting lowers the back, and Gene angles the mic towards the Stinger.

Sting: No matter what kind of drama is going around between Arn and Ric, all the Stinger has to say is, it’s SHOWTIME folks! Owww!

The Stinger walks off-screen, leaving Gene Okerlund alone to wrap things up.

Okerlund: Well there you have it folks, there is definite tension between Flair and Anderson! Why does Flair need Arn away from the ring tonight? Will Arn really do something to show he can still be the Enforcer tonight? These are just some of many questions that have aroused now, but we have to keep this amazing pay per view going. Let’s send you back to ringside for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship match!

Segment Rating: 89%

Booker T © vs. Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)- WCW World Heavyweight Championship

As the two men make their separate entrances, Schiavone and Tenay hype up the previous segment, and hyping up the fact that someone is going to turn in the tag team match tonight, which has been heavily rumored on the internet for the past week now. I’m still shocked that this match isn’t main eventing the show. They preach this is the “new” WCW, but the main event is featuring Flair, Sting, and Bischoff. Psh, fuckin’ egos. Anyways, the two men finish making their entrances, and Booker gives Nick Patrick the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt. Patrick raises the belt into the air while David Penzer does the introductions for both men.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentleman, this is one of your main event contests of the evening, and is for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and has an hour time limit! First, the challenger. He is hailing from Bay City, Michigan, weighing in at 276 pounds, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! Finally, the champion. Hailing from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 250 pounds, he is your WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T!

The introductions completed, the bell rings, and the first main event is about to get underway! Booker T is ready to get Big Poppa Pump, and charges him right away! Big Poppa Pump wasn’t ready fro the oncoming Booker, and gets tackled down to the canvas! Booker lays into Steiner with right hands, but Patrick is quick to force Booker off of Steiner, starting a five count. Booker gets off Steiner at four, but re-mounts him again, laying into his blood rival with a flurry of lefts and rights. Patrick enforces another five count, however, and Booker is off Steiner at four again. This time, the World Champion gets to his feet, and allows Steiner to do so as well. Big Poppa Pump gets to his feet, but Booker jumps him right a way, landing right hands to the temple of Steiner. Booker’s punches knock Steiner back into the corner, where Booker continues to lay into his challenger. Steiner does his best to cover up to protect himself from the onslaught of punches, but Booker just keeps firing away. Booker finally stops momentarily, leading to Steiner lowering his hands to see what’s going on. Bad idea on Steiner’s part, however, as it leads to him getting nailed with a hard right hand to the face!

The stiff right hand knocks Steiner down onto his ass in the corner. Booker switches from right hands to right feet, putting the boots to the chest of Big Poppa Pump. Patrick orders Booker out of the corner, but the Champion isn’t listening; he wants to kick the crap out of Steiner tonight. After threatening to disqualify Booker T, Booker plays the clean face, and obliges to Patrick’s order; get out of the corner. Booker backs off briefly, but then lands a running leg lariat to the face of Steiner, ala, Ole Kick. Booker T then wastes no time, pulling Steiner up to his feet in the corner. Booker lights up Steiner’s chest with several knife edge chops and then whips him across the ring into the opposite corner. Steiner bounces off the corner turnbuckles, and rests on them. Booker pauses, and then charges, looking for an avalanche. Steiner is ready for it, and evades the running Booker T, leaving Booker to crash chest-first into the turnbuckles! Booker staggers back towards the center of the ring, and Steiner capitalizes, hitting his patented overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

Booker T almost landed on his head from that vicious suplex, but Booker was smart, and tucked his head into his chest just in time. Steiner lazily gets up to his feet, and stands next to the fallen Booker. Steiner flexes his right bicep, kisses the steroid-injected top, and drops his massive elbow onto the chest of Booker T! Instead of going for the cover, he does his trademark push-ups right next to Booker. Steiner does 3 push-ups, and then covers Booker with a lateral press. One! Two! Kick Out! Steiner wasted too much time with the push-ups; he may have been able to get the victory if he went for a cover right away. Never the less, the match continues, with the pace slowing down rapidly. Steiner takes his time getting to his feet, and then helps pull Booker T to his, who was attempting to get to his feet as well. Big Poppa Pump connects with a hard right hand to the skull of Booker, and then a sharp left uppercut to the jaw! Booker wobbles around the ring, and gets near decapitated with a Steinerline! Cover, ONE! TWO! THR- Kick Out!

‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner almost had the victory there, hitting a nasty Steinerline. Booker T shows his resiliency, kicking out before the three. Steiner looks a bit unhappy with the count, but carries on, ramming and raking his elbow off of the forehead of Booker T. Steiner appears to be trying to bloody the Champion, but his elbow doesn’t appear to be the best object to do it, as Booker’s head’s isn’t getting bloody at all. Steiner realizes his plan bombed wore than Hoover’s attempts to stop the Great Depression, and gets himself and Booker to their feet. Steiner connects with a heavy forearm to Booker’s face, and then whips him into the ropes. The Champion comes firing back off the ropes, but gets dropped with a back body drop. Booker bounces off the canvas, but starts getting back to his feet rather quickly. Steiner charges Booker, however, and hits a running (see light jogging) forearm to Booker, knocking him into between the first and second rope to the outside of the ring. Big Poppa Pump gives chase, walking over to the ropes and exiting the ring. Steiner hops off the apron to the outside, hitting Booker T with a double axe handle to the head as well. Booker staggers, and Steiner capitalizes, whipping him hard, right into the steel ring post!

If Steiner wanted to bloody Booker T, he got his wish, because that’s exactly what that collision with the ring post caused. Booker T did the blade job, and his forehead is now seeping drops of blood. Steiner looks to deepen the cut, stomping down on the cut with his right boot! Steiner repeatedly smashes his right boot into Booker’s cut, increasing the blood flow from his forehead, through the flesh, and out of Booker’s forehead. Steiner finally ceases this act, pulling Booker T up to his feet. Steiner rests Book on the side of the ring, and connects with a loud open palm slap to Booker’s chest! Book just about doubles over in pain, but Steiner rams him back into the side of the ring. Steiner keeps his attack going, whipping Booker across the ringside floor into the steel guardrail. Booker collides back first in the steel guardrail, but has no time to rest, as Steiner whips him from the guardrail, back into the ring post! Booker collides face first with the post again, and falls down to the concrete floor! Booker has taken quite a beating in this match now!

Big Poppa Pump smirks at the fallen Booker, knowing he is beating the crap out of him now. Steiner pulls Booker to his feet, and then military presses him up into the air. Steiner shows his strength, pressing him up and down twice, before dropping him face first into the steel guardrail! Steiner is just doing a number on that open wound of Booker T! Booker collapses to the concrete floor, and referee Nick Patrick has seen enough. Patrick, who failed to start a ten count once they first got to the outside, orders Steiner to get back into the ring. Steiner obliges, while Patrick starts counting Booker T out. Those silly WCW officials, honestly. Patrick starts a ten count, as Booker T lays motionless on the floor. Patrick reaches five when Booker finally starts to stir. Patrick reaches seven, and Booker starts crawling towards the ring on his hands and knees. Booker reaches the ring at eight, and tires to pull himself up to his feet at nine. Patrick reaches ten, but Booker T rolls under the bottom rope, saving the match!

Booker T got as close as close can get on the ten count, saving himself from getting disqualified. Booker gets no time to rest, however, as Steiner immediately starts laying the boots to Booker as the match reaches the seven and half minute mark. Patrick tries to get Steiner away from Booker, but Steiner won’t budge, continuing to lay the boots to him. Patrick starts a five count, saying Booker is under the rope, awarding him a rope break. Steiner stops right before five, and allows Booker T to get to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up. As soon as Booker gets up to his feet, Steiner pounces, nailing a hard right hand to Booker’s forehead. The right hand connects to the open wound, which continues to pour out more and more blood. The heavy right hand knocks Booker back into the corner, and Steiner makes his way into the corner as well. Steiner connects with a big forearm, followed by another one. Booker is glazed over, and Steiner looks to finish him off. Big Poppa lifts Booker up into the air, and lays him horizontally across the third turnbuckle and rope. Steiner stands on the first rope, picks Booker T up, and climbs up to the second rope. Steiner’s looking for the super fall away slam! Booker knows it’s coming, and tries to fight it off, throwing right hand after right hand to the back of Steiner’s head. His plan isn’t working, so he starts ramming his knees into the side of Steiner’s back as well! Booker is flailing like a madman, trying to prevent the huge impact move. After much effort, his punches and knees work, and Steiner falls backwards off the second rope to the canvas!

Booker lands on top of Steiner, ONE! TWO! THREE- Shoulder Up! Scott Steiner just barely gets a shoulder up! Oh my, did Booker T ever get lucky there. Booker was about to get a fall away slam from the second turnbuckle, but instead, ended up scoring a very near three count. Both men are down, and Patrick starts a ten count. Both men are down, but start getting to their feet at seven. Steiner is up to his feet fully by nine, while Booker T has to use the ropes to get up then, blood still dripping from his forehead. The two men stare each other down, standing across the ring from another. Booker breaks the stare however, charging at Steiner! Big Poppa Pump charges too, and both men go for a clothesline! Booker pulls his arm back and sucks Steiner’s, running under Scott’s arm. Booker runs through off the ropes, and back at Steiner. Scott turns around to face Booker, just in time to get knocked down with a diving clothesline! Steiner and Booker go both down, but get to their feet rather quickly. Booker is up first, and lays into Steiner with right hands right away! Booker connects with hard right hand after hard right hand, dazing Steiner. Steiner staggers backwards, and Booker knocks him off his feet with a standing dropkick!

Steiner goes down, and Booker is starting to rally momentum. Steiner staggers to his feet, getting up slowly. Booker pounces on him again, connecting with more right hands. Steiner staggers back, and Booker sends him into the ropes. Steiner jogs back towards Booker, clearly exhausted now. Steiner slowly reaches Booker, and Booker connects with a Harlem Side Kick! Steiner stays on his feet! Wow, Steiner, thanks for no-selling one of our Champion’s trademark moves! Steiner only staggers back, so Booker sends him back into the ropes. Steiner takes him time going off the ropes and comes back at Booker. Booker looks to end things, hitting Steiner with the 110th Street Slam! Booker makes the cover, ONE! TWO! THRE- Kick Out! Steiner kicks out, and Booker T can’t believe it! He thought his old finisher would have been able to get him the victory, but Steiner still has some gas left in the tank! Booker slowly gets up to his feet, drained from the beating he has sustained thus far. Booker drags Steiner up to his feet, and Booker quickly goes for the Book End! Booker goes for the Book End, but Steiner lands a knee to the mid-section! Booker doubles over, and Steiner tries to capitalize with a power bomb. Yepp, here comes the Night of Champions finish. Steiner lifts Booker up for the power bomb, but Booker T counters while in mid-air, rolling out of the ‘bomb, and landing on his feet in front of Steiner. Booker scores with a toe kick, and connects with the Book End! Big Poppa Pump is down! Cover, ONE! TWO! THREE!

Booker T def. Scott Steiner at 12:18 to retain
Star Rating: * ¾
Overall Rating: 74 (89, 70)

Schiavone: He did it! Booker T did it! Booker T retains the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Tenay: Booker T took one heck of a beating in this match, Tony, but he fought through like he always has, and won after hitting the Harlem Side Kick, the 110th Street Slam, and finally, the Book End!

Schiavone: You can see the blood-stained canvas, and the blood still coming out of Booker’s forehead. Scott Steiner did a number on Booker T, but he is a Champion, and Champion’s never quit, especially Booker T. Booker T has overcome the odds once again, and still proudly represents WCW as their World Heavyweight Champion!

Tenay: Congratulations to Booker T, Tony, but now, we have to move on to our main event! Ric Flair and Sting team up against Mike Awesome and Jeff Jarrett, with WCW President of Operations Eric Bischoff serving as the referee!

Schiavone: Things are about to heat up, Professor!

Jeff Jarrett & Mike Awesome vs. Ric Flair & Sting (Eric Bischoff ®)

Pre-Match:Jarrett and Awesome make their entrances together, while Flair and Sting make separate entrances. The fans in attendance nearly blow the roof off of the Spectrum when Sting makes his entrance. Bischoff was out first, in a referee’s shirt. Once everyone is in the ring, Penzer does the introductions.

Penzer: Ladies and gentleman, this, is the main event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and has no time limit! First, the referee of this contest. He is the current WCW President of Operations; he is, Eric Bischoff! Next, at a combined weight of 522 pounds, they are the team of ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome and ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett! Finally, first, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing in at 243 pounds; he is ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! And his tag team partner, weighing in at 252 pounds, he is the man…called… Sting!

As the crowd blows the roof off of the Spectrum again for Sting, Penzer leaves the ring, and after a long, drawn out, pause, Bischoff orders for the bell to be rung, and the main event to get underway! Ric Flair and Mike Awesome start the contest, with Flair looking incredibly focused for the contest. Flair and Awesome slowly circle each other, the crowd buzzing for the match to start. The two lock up, and the crowd starts to cheer already. Awesome has the sheer size advantage, and shoves Flair down to the canvas with ease. Flair gets up to his feet quickly, and locks up with Awesome again. Again, Awesome is too strong for Naitch, this time picking him off the ground and tossing him to the other side of the ring! Flair’s pride is bruised, but he’s Ric Flair, damn it, so he gets up to his feet, and goes into another lock up. Third time’s always the charm, and Flair locks in a hammer lock. Flair yanks back on the lock, but Awesome counters with stiff elbow strikes to the side of Flair’s head. Flair releases the lock, and staggers backwards. Awesome runs off the ropes and comes back at Flair, and takes down Naitch with a stiff lariat!

Flair bumps off the canvas, and Awesome follows up with a high-elevation knee drop! Awesome with a lateral press cover, but Flair makes an easy kick out before two. Flair sits up after the pin, but Awesome sends him back down to the canvas with a lethal knee strike to the face. The Career Killer makes another cover, but Flair gets a shoulder up before three with ease. The fans continue to make noise, cheering on the Nature Boy, trying to get him back into the match in the early goings. Awesome gets to his feet, and brings Flair with him. Awesome connects with a forearm to the face, and whips Flair, but Ric reverses, sending Awesome into the ropes. Awesome comes charging back at Flair, and Naitch hits a back body drop! Flair is ready to go, waiting for Awesome to get up. Mike is up quickly, but Naitch lights him up with a stiff knife edge chop! Flair starts laying into Awesome with a flurry of chops, while the crowd yells out “Woo!” after each chop. Flair keeps the chops going, nailing a total of 27 chops! After the 27th chop, Awesome, whose chest is now bright red, falls to the canvas!

That was freaking awesome! Flair just connected with 27 straight stiff knife edge chops to the chest of Mike Awesome, knocking him down after the final one. The crowd digged it, cheering on Flair throughout it all. Hell, Flair’s so over, a small “Holy Shit!” chant popped out of the Spectrum. With Awesome down, Flair gives the fans what they want to see; Sting. Flair tags in the Stinger, and the Spectrum has its roof nearly blown off yet again. Sting comes into the ring, which brings in Jeff Jarrett as well. Jarrett’s entrance into the ring brings Ric Flair back into the ring, and chaos is about to erupt! Jarrett makes a beeline for Sting, but Flair cuts him off with a knife edge chop! Flair starts laying into the chest of Jarrett with his stiff knife edge chops, while Sting focuses his attention on Mike Awesome. Sting connects with right hands to Awesome’s skull as he gets to his feet. Mike makes his way to his feet, and Sting keeps his right hand attack going. Sting whips Awesome into the ropes, and hits a spine buster! Sting makes a cover, while Flair continues to lay into Jarrett with chops. Eric Bischoff makes the count, but Awesome kicks out before three. Bischoff receives some heat from the crowd, not liking the fact that their beloved Sting didn’t rack up the victory. Bischoff has had enough of the chaos in the ring, making his way over to Flair and Jarrett while Sting pulls Mike up to his feet. Bischoff pulls on Flair’s arm, which causes Naitch to chop Bischoff! Flair realizes what he did, and apologizes, thinking it was Mike Awesome. The apology is short, as Flair turns his attention right back towards Jarrett. The short time Flair used to apologize to Easy E is enough for Double J, who pokes Flair in the eye when he turns around. Flair staggers, and Double J throws him out of the ring. Bischoff looks pissed off at Flair for the chop, but brushes it off, ordering Jarrett to get back into his corner.

The match regains order as Sting lays into Awesome with more right hands. Jarrett got back into his corner, and Flair made his way over to his corner after recuperating on the outside. Sting whips Awesome into the corner, and Sting runs in for the Stinger Splash. Awesome evades at the last minute, and Sting finds nothing but the turnbuckles. Sting’s face smashes off the top turnbuckle, and Awesome quickly capitalizes, hitting a German suplex to the Stinger! Awesome makes the tag out to Jarrett, who enters the ring legally for the first time. Double J, with a smirk on his face, lays the boots to Sting, targeting the chest and abdomen. Double J stops after about ten or fifteen seconds of said stomping, pulling Sting up to his feet. Double J looks directly at Flair, flicks him off, and connects with a knife edge chop to Sting! Flair is irate in the corner, and is about to come into the ring when Sting knocks Jarrett down with a stiff knife edge chop of his own! Sting no-sold Jarrett’s chop, and took him down with a chop of his own! Flair laughs in the corner, continuously shouting at “Woo!” because of the chop.

Jarrett gets up to his feet after the chop, but nails Sting with a low blow on the way up! Sting doubles over, and Jarrett capitalizes, hitting a Russian leg sweep! Jarrett makes a cover, but Bischoff refuses to count! Easy E reprimands Jarrett for the low blow by refusing to count the pin! Jarrett gets into Bischoff’s face, shouting at him for not counting the pin. Bischoff shouts back at Jarrett, but Jeff shoves the Bisch! Easy E isn’t having any of Jeff’s crap and shoves him right back! Jarrett smirks, and feigns to hit Eric, but Sting grabs Jarrett’s arm and turns him around. Jarrett looks at Sting, eyes agape and in fear. Sting nails him with a right! Jarrett staggers around, only to get planed with the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting makes the cover, ONE! TWO! Awesome breaks the count up! Yeah, you bought that as the finish, but remember folks, this is a tag team match, Awesome would’ve needed to be down too. Sting gets up to his feet, a little annoyed, he thought he was going to grab the victory too. Sting grabs a handful of Jarrett’s hair, pulls him up to his feet, and sends him into the Stinger’s corner. Sting walks over to the corner, lands a kick to the abdomen, and tags in ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

Flair gets into the ring as Sting departs, and lights up his rival with a stiff knife edge chop. Flair (and the crowd) fill the Spectrum up with a loud “Wooo!” afterwards. Flair hits eight more knife edge chops, lighting up Jarrett’s chest as well. Flair stops the chop attack, locking Jarrett in a front face lock. Flair steps back towards the center of the ring, and connects with a vertical suplex. Flair gets up to his feet, yells out with another “Wooo!”, and hits a knee drop. Flair with a quick cover, but Awesome lands a boot to the back of Flair to break it up. Bischoff orders Awesome back to his corner. The Career Killer simply flicks Bischoff off, and slowly walks back to his corner in a cocky manner. Bad move, Mike, you pissed off the Nature Boy. Flair gets up to his feet, walks up behind Awesome, and connects with a low blow from behind! Awesome keels over, and Flair throws him through the second and third ropes to the outside of the ring! Flair shouts out at Awesome, and then turns his attention back to the match. Little too late though, Ric, because Jeff is up on his feet. Flair turns around, gets planted with a toe kick, and Jarrett hits The Stroke! Jarrett makes a cover, ONE! TWO! THREE- Kick Out!

Jeff Jarrett almost scored the pin fall with the Stroke, but Flair still has enough stamina to kick out from the Stroke. However, just like that, the tides have turned on Ric Flair and Sting. Jarrett slowly makes his way to his feet, and looks to tag in Mike Awesome, but he is still recovering on the outside. Jarrett must stay in the ring with his rival, Ric Flair. Jarrett lays into Flair with stomps to the knee, trying to possibly soften him up for the Figure 4. Jarrett puts the boots to Flair’s knee, but stops after about thirty seconds of this. Jarrett pulls Flair up to his feet, only to take him out with a chop block to the knee! Flair goes down, and with Awesome now back up in the corner, Jarrett tags out to Awesome. The big hoss gets into the ring, ready to take it to the 16-time World Champion. Awesome grabs Flair’s banged up leg, and lifts Flair up into the air by his leg, only to slam Flair’s knee right onto the canvas! Awesome shows no remorse, as he starts stomping on Flair’s knee right away again. Awesome kicks down at Flair’s knee multiple times, but stops after just a few moments. Awesome mocks Flair a loud, calling him “a washed up piece of trash”, drawing instant heel heat. Mike flicks off the crowd, which leads to quite a few fans chanting “You sold out! You sold out!”, in regards to Awesome walking out on ECW for WCW. This leads to Mike Awesome yelling out “ECW sucks!”, drawing even more heel heat. Deep down, Eric Bischoff is grinning in the ring, even though he has a straight face right now. Flair is getting up to his feet now, having time to recuperate when Awesome was jawing with the Philadelphia fans. Flair probably would have been able to make a tag to Sting, but it took Naitch a while to get to his feet because of his hurt knee. Flair starts hobbling over to his corner when Awesome returns his attention to Flair. Seeing Ric about to make the tag, Awesome runs and dives at Flair, taking him out with a chop block! Flair was inches away from the Stinger’s hand!

The crowd groans as Flair falls to the canvas, so close to his corner. Awesome quickly grabs a hold of Flair’s ankle, and drags him back into the center of the ring. Awesome picks Flair’s bum leg up into the air again, only to slam it back down to the canvas, knee first. Awesome then drags Flair up to his feet. Awesome connects with a right hand, and lifts Flair up for a back suplex. Instead of dropping Flair with a belly-to-back suplex, Awesome hits a knee breaker to Flair! Flair crumbles to the mat, and Awesome tags in Jeff Jarrett. Double J gets into the ring, a smug look on his face. He knows he has Flair’s number right now, and has one up on Naitch. Jarrett yells out a “Wooo!”, and then starts strutting around the ring like Flair. The crowd immediately reigns down chants of “Asshole!” at The Chosen One, who simply shrugs the Philadelphia crowd off. Double J takes Flair’s leg, and kicks Naitch right in that injured knee! Flair howls out in pain, but Jarrett only seems to want to inflict more pain to Naitch. Jarrett pulls Flair up to his feet, and whips Naitch into the heel corner. Flair hobbles his way to the corner, but gets there eventually. Jarrett feigns a charge, but Awesome drops down off the canvas, and pulls Flair’s feet out from under him! Flair flops chest first onto the canvas, and Awesome grabs a hold of Flair’s ankles. The crowd knows what’s coming, and it’s not too pretty; Awesome yanks Flair, groin first, into the steel ring post!

Yeah, that would fucking hurt! Flair yells out in pain, while Bischoff has to keep Sting at bay in his corner. The Stinger wants in the ring, and is yelling out at Jarrett, promising to take him down. Jeff looks scared at Sting’s statement, and hurries over to his corner to help take out Flair. Awesome pushes Flair out from the post a bit, only to slam Flair’s injured knee off of the steel post! Bischoff orders Sting to stay in his corner, and then hurries over to the opposite corner, getting Jeff out of the way, and pulling Flair away from the ring post. Jarrett turns to see if Sting is in his corner or not, and when he looks, he sees Sting stand in the ring! The crowd pops at the sight of a possible confrontation, but Jarrett quickly tags in Mike Awesome! Jarrett ran like a coward! Awesome gets back into the ring, and walks right up to Sting. The two star each other down, with Awesome breaking the stare down by nailing Sting with a right hand! Sting no-sells it! Sting just continues to stare at Awesome, acting like nothing happened. Awesome hits Sting in the face with another hard right hand, but Sting only yells out his signature “Owww!”. Awesome goes to toss a third right hand, but Sting blocks it! Sting blocks it with his left, and hits Awesome with a right hand of his own! Awesome staggers, and gets whipped into the corner. Sting charges- Stinger Splash!

Sting is the illegal man, but Bischoff has been getting Flair out of the corner, so he just took out Mike Awesome! Awesome staggers out of the corner, and Sting connects with the Scorpion Death Drop! Awesome is down and out, and Sting exits the ring to his corner as Bischoff finishes getting Flair away from the ring post. Bischoff turns and sees Awesome on the canvas. Eric simply looks at Sting, grins, and shrugs his shoulders before laughing. Bischoff knows what Sting did, but he doesn’t care, he loathes Jarrett and Awesome! Both of the legal men are now down in the ring, and the crowd cheers Ric Flair on, hoping he can get to his corner and tag in Sting. Bischoff starts a traditional ten count, while Flair and Awesome convalesce. Flair and Awesome recuperate, “coming to” at the count of five. Both men slowly start crawling to their corners while Bischoff continues his count. Awesome reaches his corner first, and tags in Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett gets in the ring and sprints to Flair, trying to prevent him from making the tag. Flair is only inches away from Sting’s hand, but Jarrett grabs a hold of Flair’s bum leg! Jarrett starts pulling Flair away from Sting! Ric dives, trying to make the tag, but Jarrett yanks Flair’s leg harder, and Flair’s hand just barely misses Sting’s! Flair keeps fighting though, trying to make the tag. Thankfully for Naitch, he is on his good leg, and Jarrett has his bum leg. Due to this, Flair is able to do a forward roll, breaking Jarrett’s grasp on his leg, and tag in Sting!

The fans blow the roof off of the Spectrum at Sting slowly gets into the ring, staring down Jarrett, a smirk on his face. Jarrett slowly starts backing away from Sting, not wanting to wrestle Sting. Jarrett gets into the center of the ring, but he trips! Eric Bischoff stuck out his foot and tripped Jarrett! Jeff falls right on his back, and Sting pounces on him! Sting starts laying into the Chosen One with right hands! Double J tries to cover up, but it’s to no avail! Sting just punches right through! Sting hammers away at Double J, but almost gets his head taken off with a Mike Awesome leg lariat! Mike Awesome entered the ring and hit Sting with a leg lariat! Sting falls backwards off Jarrett, and onto his back. Awesome mounts Sting, and he starts laying into the Stinger with right and left hands. Awesome lays into Sting, but the Stinger gets his hands under Awesome’s legs and shoves him off! Sting shoves Awesome right off of him! Awesome lands a foot to the side of Sting on his hands and knees. The Career Killer tries to score with a quick right-arm lariat as Sting sits up, but Sting lays back down, leaving Awesome to hit nothing but air. Sting rolls away from Awesome, and then gets up to his feet. Mike charges however as Sting gets to his feet by the ropes. Sting is ready for the big man, lowering the upper half of his body, flipping Awesome over his body, and over the top rope! Sting hits a modified back body drop, and Awesome smacks off the apron and rolls onto the concrete floor!

Sting has no time to celebrate, however, as Jarrett jumps him right away! Double J connects with a double sledge to the upper back of Sting, and quickly attempts The Stroke! Sting fights off the attempt however, connecting with an elbow to the gut of Jarrett. Jarrett keels over, and staggers into the center of the ring! Sting walks up behind Jarrett, arches Jeff’s neck backwards, and drops him with the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting makes a pin, ONE! TWO! THREE! No! Jeff Jarrett got a shoulder up at 2.99! That was so close! Sting can’t believe it! Sting, exhausted from the match, slowly gets up to his feet. As he does so, Ric Flair also gets back into the ring, limping on his injured leg. Flair and Sting look at each other, and Sting gives Ric the notion to lock in the Figure 4. Flair smiles, struts one his one good leg, and applies the Figure Four Leg Lock to Jarrett! Jarrett howls in pain, while Sting heads over to the ropes near Mike Awesome, who is getting to his feet. Sting holds onto the top rope, and then sling shots over the top rope to the outside with a flying vertical press! Awesome moves out of the way though, and Sting crashes to the concrete floor! Jeff Jarrett is howling in pain still from the Figure 4 inside the ring, but help is on the way, Jeff! Mike Awesome gets onto the apron, climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and hits Flair with a Frog Splash!

The Figure 4 is broken as all 292 pounds of Mike Awesome squashes Ric Flair! Awesome is on top of Flair in a pin, but Bischoff won’t count it; both are the illegal men. All four men are down, Sting on the outside, everyone else on the inside! The crowd in the Spectrum is buzzing, cheering on Flair and Sting. Awesome, Jarrett, and Flair slowly start making their way to their feet about ten seconds, each man using the ropes to help them up. As the three men get up to their feet, Arn Anderson storms out from the curtain! But he’s not alone, he has a steel chain wrapped around his right fist! Double A storms down the aisle, climbs up the steps, and gets into the ring. I smell a turn. Double A, fist clenched, waits for the three men to get to their feet. They do, and Ric spots Arn, staring him down, the chain in his hand. Flair begs Arn not to do anything, but Arn just grins sadistically at Ric. Arn pulls back his fist, and he hits him! Arn Anderson just hit…

Mike Awesome! The fans thought Anderson was going to hit Ric Flair, but he clocked Mike Awesome in the chest with the chain! Anderson smiles at Flair, as does Flair to Anderson. The two embrace! Ah, well how nice, we have a match going on! The two forget about the match, and Jarrett tackles both men! Flair goes down hard, but Anderson stays on his feet. Double A takes a swing at Jarrett! Jarrett ducks, and hits Anderson with The Stroke! Arn is out down and out! Jeff quickly rolls to the outside of the ring, and grabs his acoustic guitar! Jarrett and the guitar get back into the ring, and Double J waits for Flair to get to his feet. Ric slowly gets to his feet, and Jarrett pulls the guitar back to swing, but Bischoff takes the guitar away from Jarrett! Bischoff got behind Jarrett and snatched the guitar away from Double J! Bischoff quickly moves from behind Jeff to right in front of him, standing in between Jeff and Ric! Eric holds the top of the guitar, pointing the thick end at Jarrett. Easy E shouts at Jeff that “Jeff isn’t breaking any guitars tonight!”. Bischoff shouts it, and the cameras can easily pick it up, and relay it throughout the Spectrum! The fans hear this, and start cheering on the Bisch! Eric shows his true colors! He’s with Flair and Sting!

The fans start chanting “Easy E, Easy E!!”, praising him for sticking it to Jarrett. Bischoff and Jarrett stare each other down, but Jarrett and Bischoff both smile at each other! Bischoff turns around, and breaks the guitar over Flair’s head! That bastard! Eric Bischoff just swerved everybody! He’s turned on Flair! The Nature Boy never saw it coming! Flair is out cold, but things aren’t over yet ladies and gentleman! Sting is standing in the ring, ready for a fight! Sting charges Jarrett, and takes him down with a clothesline! Jarrett quickly gets up to his feet, but Sting lays into him with hard right hands! Double J is staggering, and Sting whips him into the corner! Sting charges, and connects with the Stinger Splash! Stinger Splash to Jarrett! Flair and Sting still have a chance! Sting turns around to deal with Eric Bischoff, but Mike Awesome breaks the baseball bat over Sting’s head! Mike Awesome grabbed Sting’s baseball bat from the outside, and hit Sting over the head with it! Ric Flair is out! Sting is out! Awesome lines Flair and Sting up shoulder-to-shoulder, and puts Jeff Jarrett over top of both men! Eric Bischoff with a fast count! ONE!TWO!THREE!

Schiavone: Oh my God! I cannot believe it! Eric Bischoff has just screwed over Ric Flair and Sting! He’s sided with Mike Awesome, Jeff Jarrett, and Scott Steiner! These fans are furious! They’re littering the ring with their trash, irate at Bischoff’s actions. Oh my God, they’re not finished! Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, and Mike Awesome are now attacking the fallen Sting, Ric Flair, and Arn Anderson! This is just terrible! Someone needs to stop this!

Well, Tony, ask and you shall receive. The music of our WCW World Heavyweight Champion hits, and Booker T, his head bandaged, comes sprinting down the aisle. He isn’t alone, though, Cal Anderson is with him! The two men sprint down the aisle, and dive into the ring, ready to help their friends and in Cal’s case, family. The two men engage into a brawl with Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome! Booker and Jarrett go at it, while Cal and Awesome exchange punches as well! Booker T and Cal Anderson are getting the upper hand! Booker knocks Jarrett into the corner, while Cal knocks Awesome down with a clothesline! Awesome staggers to his feet, and Cal hits the Anderson Spine Buster! Eric Bischoff tries to intervene, but Cal hits him with a right hand! Booker T then moves out of the way as Cal squashes Jarrett with a running avalanche! Jeff staggers out of the corner and into the ring. Booker looks for the Book End! Double J is about to get planted, but- WHACK!

Scott Steiner hits Booker T in the back of the head with a lead pipe! Scott Steiner came out and saved Jeff Jarrett from a Book End! No one even noticed it because of all the mayhem going on in the ring! Booker T drops like a ton of bricks, leaving just Steiner and Cal standing. Cal charges Steiner, but Big Poppa Pump stabs Cal in the gut with the lead pipe! Cal doubles over, and Steiner nails Cal in the upper back with the pipe! Booker T is down! Cal Anderson is down! Arn Anderson is down! Ric Flair is down! Even Sting is down! Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett are standing as Mike Awesome and Eric Bischoff get to their feet! The four men, along with Midajah, who was with Steiner, all raise each other’s hands in celebration, stand tall as Souled Out comes to a close!

Jeff Jarrett & Mike Awesome def. Ric Flair & Sting at 21:01 (Jarrett pins Flair)
Star Rating: *** ¼
Overall Rating: 79 (94, 77)

Schiavone: This is absolutely disgusting! Disgusting and downright terrible!

Tenay: Ladies and gentleman, this is no joke. Eric Bischoff has turned his back on Ric Flair, Sting, Booker T, Arn Anderson, and Cal Anderson! He broke a guitar over Ric Flair’s head, and screwed him over in this main event match! Eric Bischoff has truly, sold out!

Schiavone: What a fitting name for this pay per view, that bastard! Eric Bischoff sold out those 5 astounding individuals! He sold the fans out! And he sold out to this company! Eric Bischoff is a sell-out!

Tenay: And he’s not even the only sell-out this evening! Rey Misterio Jr. did too!

Schiavone: This has been a dark night, Mike Tenay, a very dark night, for World Championship Wrestling!

Tenay: WCW has been a company plagued by wars, Tony, and it looks like we’re about to see another war!

Schiavone: And that is not good!

Tenay: It isn’t good at all, Tony! This company could be shaken to its very foundation with a war as huge as this! But the only way to find out is to tune into Wednesday Nitro this Wednesday night at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time!

Schiavone: I encourage you all to tune into Nitro this Wednesday, and find out just why Eric Bischoff has screwed everyone over! We are out of time ladies and gentleman, but thank you for ordering this WCW pay per view event! We appreciate it greatly, and we hope you enjoyed the show, even though Eric Bischoff showed what kind of bastard he is!

Tenay: Nevertheless, thank you again, and be sure to tune into Wednesday Nitro for all of the Souled Out fall out! I’m Mike Tenay,

Schiavone: And I’m Tony Schiavone! So long and goodnight everybody!


Overall Rating: 72%
Buy Rate: 1.11

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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