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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling- Wednesday Nitro



Before Wednesday Nitro can cut to Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay for the opening introductions, ďBack in BlackĒ hits the sound system in the C. Mathewson Memorial, home of the Bucknell Bison. Bischoff walks out onto the stage and down the small entrance aisle, now receiving all cheers from the Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, crowd. Bischoff is dressed in his business suit as always, looking ready to lay down the law in WCW. Bischoff gets into the ring, and gets a microphone from ring announcer David Penzer, and begins to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Bucknell University, welcome to WCW Wednesday Nitro, brought to you by me, the WCW President of Operations, Eric Bischoff!

Bischoff cracks his trademark ear-to-ear grin while the fans give him a cheap pop. Yepp, The Bisch is still a cocky one.

Bischoff: You know something Lewisburg, Souled Out is only six days away, and I feel that something is missing from the card. I mean, you have some great matches on the card. You have a great Cruiserweight Title match between Shane Helms and Chavo Guerrero Jr., plus a personal battle between KroniK and the Filthy Animals, with the Tag Team Titles on the line. Youíre going to get to see a ladder match for the new North American Championship, fought by Hugh Morris and Lance Storm. Youíre gonna see the newest Enforcer debut, Cal Anderson. Oh, and yeah, youíre going to see Booker T and Scott Steiner wage war for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd pops at the World Title match. Well, Scott Steiner may not be able to wrestle worth shit, but at least the crowd can get behind him as a heel.

Bischoff: But ya know, something is just missing from that. Iíve been thinking about what match I should book for Souled Out, and after last week, I think I got my match.

Bischoff is immediately cut off by a loud chant of ďWe Want StingĒ. Bischoff cracks a grin and continues to talk through the chant.

Bischoff: Oh yes, the Stinger is back! And he will be in action at Souled Out!

The crowd bursts into cheers at the announcement. Sting is the savior of WCW, and without a doubt, the most over star in the company.

Bischoff: As we all know, for the past month and a half, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and Mike Awesome have been wreaking havoc on Ric Flair, Booker T, and Arn Anderson. They have had the numbers in their corner usually, and have gotten the better of your beloved heroes many times. However, last week, the cavalry came. Last week, the one, the only, Sting, returned to World Championship Wrestling, and beat the crap out of Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and Mike Awesome!

Sting garners more loud cheers, forcing Bischoff to pause for a moment. The chants die down, and The Bisch continues.

Bischoff: And well, Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett, those two have unfinished business dating all the way back to Slamboree. It is only necessary that those two meet up in the ring at Souled Out. But, but wait, thatís not all of it. If I recall, about a month ago, Mike Awesome put Ric Flair through the announcerís table with an Awesome Bomb. He did quite the number on the Nature Boy. And you something, Lewisburg, Ric Flair never got his revenge on Mike Awesome! Ric Flair has a score to settle with Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome.

Bischoff pauses briefly, and chants of ďStingĒ and ďNaitchĒ quickly start up. They die down very quickly, however.

Bischoff: And when Sting returned last week, Sting broke a baseball bat over the back of Mike Awesome, and proceeded to drive his ass through a table with a Stinger Splash. I think Mike Awesome may want to get himself some of the Stinger at Souled Out. And even more, last week, Sting took out the Chosen One himself with a Scorpion Death Drop in the middle of this very ring. I think it would be safe to assume Jeff Jarrett would like to get his hands on Sting at Souled Out.

Bischoff pauses again, and mock thinks.

Bischoff: So let ole Easy E get this straight. Flair and Sting want Awesome and Jarrett, and Jarrett and Awesome want Flair and StingÖ they should have a tag team match at Souled Out! At Souled Out, Ric Flair and Sting will team up to take on Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome!

The crowd immediately pops at the announcement, going crazy at the match being made. They are ecstatic!

Bischoff: But you see, I have a problem with that. When you have four wrestles with the intensity that they have, things may get a little chaotic. Referees might get attacked. And from what I saw last week, and from what I have seen within the past month and a half, Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome have no respect or regard for authority whatsoever. If theyíre going to be in such an important match on pay per view, there needs to be a referee who wonít back down from Mike Awesome or Jeff Jarrett. There needs to be a referee who isnít afraid to flaunt his power. That match at Souled Out, needs the WCW President as its referee! Iím the one with the power, and Iím the one who is out to stop Jeff Jarrett, Mike Awesome, and Scott Steiner, so at Souled Out, Eric Bischoff will referee the tag team match!

The crowd once again burst into cheers at Bischoffís latest addition to the match. They clearly want to see the odds stacked up against Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome.

Bischoff: So Jeff, Mike, enjoy your six-man tag match tonight, but be ready for Souled Out, and when you get inside that ring this Sunday, donít cross the boss!

Bischoffís music plays as he drops the microphone and heads backstage. The fans continue to cheer as the cameras cut to commentary.

Segment Rating: 84%

Tony Schiavone: Wow! What a huge match just made by WCW President Eric Bischoff! Ric Flair and Sting versus Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome! Professor Mike Tenay, that could be one of the biggest tag team matches in the history of World Championship Wrestling.

Mike Tenay: That is definitely going to be a huge match at Souled Out, Tony, no doubt about it. With an addition to the card like that, Souled Out is just continuing to look like another phenomenal pay per view, put on like only WCW can!

Schiavone: Remember ladies and gentleman, Souled Out is a mere four days away, and you can order this spectacular pay per view by calling your local pay per view provider!

Tenay: The cost is a low thirty dollars, and is not a pay per view youíre going to want to miss!

Schiavone: The road and the hype to Souled Out will continue throughout the rest of the night ladies and gentleman, but before the road can continue any further, we must take a commercial break!


Chuck Palumbo & Sean OíHaire vs. Filthy Animals (w/Tygress) vs. KroniK vs. Totally Buff (w/Miss Elizabeth)

WCW throws four tag teams into the opening match on Nitro, and only one of the wrestlers is a good worker, and that man is Billy Kidman. The match is nothing exciting, and is nothing more than a giant cluster fuck. The only thing important to know is that during the match, it was announced that Chuck Palumbo and Sean OíHaire will take on Totally Buff at Souled Out. After four and a half minutes of total shit, all eight men end up in the ring, brawling. Soon after, Totally Buff and Palumbo and OíHaire are both brawling out of the ring, through the crowd, and out of sight. The Filthy Animals and KroniK are left in the ring; hey, at least itís better than the other two teams in the ring. After about thirty seconds of action, Kidman takes down Bryan Clarke with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, and ascends to the top turnbuckle, while Konnan hits Adams with a Rolling Clothesline and a 187. Kidman then comes off the top with a Shooting Star Press, and gets the pin on Clarke to give his team the victory going into Souled Out.

Filthy Animals def. KroniK, Totally Buff, and Palumbo & OíHaire at 5:07 (Kidman pins Clarke)
Star Rating: ľ * (69, 71, 66)

Schiavone: The Filthy Animals, Kidman and Konnan, get a big win in this four team tag match on Wednesday Nitro, heading into Souled Out this Sunday!

Tenay: And even better for the Animals, it was against their opponents at the pay per view, KroniK! The Filthy Animals now have one-up on the current WCW Tag Team Champions.

Schiavone: But the question is, will KroniK be the undisputed Tag Team Champions after Souled Out this Sunday? Or will the Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman and Konnan, be the champions!? Only one way to find out, and thatís to order the pay per view!

Tenay: Alright, well weíre going to send you backstage now because ďMeanĒ Gene Okerlund is standing by with the former, and only, Canadian National Champion, Lance Storm!

Speed is the Advantage, Fat American

Cut to backstage, and there is ďMeanĒ Gene, dressed in his tuxedo, standing next to Lance Storm. Even though Lance has the night off, he is still dressed in his wrestling tights, and a Lance Storm/Canadian Maple Leaf t-shirt.

Gene Okerlund: Lance Storm, once again, I am here to interview you. This coming Sunday, live on pay per view, you will fight your long-time rival, Hugh Morris, for the new North American Title, in a ladder match! This is a dangerous and risky match for anyone to be in, Lance. What all is going through your mind right now?

Lance Storm: Gene Okerlund, shut your mouth so I can be serious for a moment. I am Lance Storm, the best, hybrid, pure-wrestler, that you are going to find in the great nation of Canada, the continent of North America, and in this whole entire planet! If Eric Bischoff wants to put me and the fat tub of lard, Hugh Morris, in a ladder match this Sunday at Souled Out, then so be it. At first, I thought maybe Eric was afraid Iíd just out-wrestle Morris in a regular match, so he made a ladder match. But then I thought about it.

Okerlund: And?

Storm snickers quickly before replying.

Storm: Iím in a ladder match with a stereotypical American! In a match where speed is a key to win, my opponent is a fat slob! Thereís no way Hugh Morris could climb a ladder faster than I can! Heís that stereotypical American, while I am a quick, agile, and in-shape Canadian. Thereís no way Hugh Morris will be able to get that North American Title belt before I can this Sunday at Souled Out.

Okerlund: Well you may be quicker than Hugh Morris, but as you said, Hughís going to have a size advantage over you. Donít you think Hugh will be able use his size to wear you down to a point where you canít climb a ladder?

Storm: Another typical American, always doubting the skills of a fine wrestler like myself. Gene, I think youíre forgetting something. I am a former Hardcore Champion here in this country, and the best Hardcore Champion, might I add. And in case youíre forgetting something, this Sunday, Souled Out is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city that first helped make Lance Storm a name. Iíll be wrestling in the former hometown of a little promotion called ECW, a promotion that was hardcore to the bone! A promotion that Lance Storm was a champion in multiple times! I know a thing or two about getting rough and tough, Gene, and thatís exactly what I am going to do. This Sunday at Souled Out, I am going to take things, to thee, extreme!

As a fan, I mark to that last part of Stormís promo. But that doesnít matter. What does matter is Lance Stormís face suddenly turns to disgust as his opponent for Souled Out, Hugh Morris walks onto the screen.

Hugh Morris: I couldnít help but overhear Lance, but it seems to me like youíre thinkiní youíre gonna be my ass at Souled Out.

Storm: Iím not thinking that; I know Iím going to beat your ass at Souled Out!

Morris: Is that so, huh? If youíre so confident, then how about we donít wait till this Sunday!? How about we do this right now!

Morris quickly lunges at Storm, and tackles him to the ground. Hugh starts laying into his pay per view opponent with a flurry of rights and lefts. Storm does his best to cover up while Okerlund calls for Head of Security Doug Dillinger. Dillinger and his screw of security show up in a matter of seconds, and are quick to break things up. Security grabs Morris by the arms, and start to pull him away. As they do, Morris yells out at Storm.

Morris: Just you wait, Storm! This Sunday, Iím gonnaí win the North American Title and beat your Canada loviní ass!

Morris is then dragged off-screen. Storm gingerly gets to his feet, runs his thumb over his lip for blood, and then walks off, clearly pissed. This leaves Mean Gene on-screen to wrap the segment up.

Okerlund: Things continue to heat up between Lance Storm and Hugh Morris tonight on Nitro! Only one man will walk away from Souled Out the new North American Champion, so be sure to order Souled Out this Sunday to find out!

Segment Rating: 73%


Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Jamie Noble vs. Lash Leroux & Shane Helms

In the ring, Nitro has sucked so far. Thankfully, they put a cruiserweight tag match to make up for the horrible four team tag match earlier. As always, the cruiserweights deliver the goods, especially tonight with Guerrero, Noble, and Helms in the ring. The match is fast and furious in the early goings as all four of the men hit their best aerial maneuvers on each other to try and get the crowd pumped up. And in a complete shocker, it is actually working. The crowd is starting to get more into Shane Helms, and Chavo Guerrero already has built himself a small heel fan base. After a quick paced opening to the match, things slow down as Chavo and Noble work over Lash Leroux with a more mat-based attack. Chavo Guerrero slips up though at the four minute mark, missing a flying leg drop off of the top turnbuckle. Tags are made, and Shane Helms ends up doing a number on both of the heels. Helms works over Noble and Guerrero with a fast-paced attack. After about a half a minute of this, Helms takes out Noble with a shining wizard, while Leroux looks to finish off Guerrero. Chavo counters any attempt from Leroux to end things, connecting with a kick to the groin. Chavo then hit the Gory Bomb to Lash out of nowhere, taking him out of the match. Chavo got up to his knees after delivering the Gory Bomb, only to get drilled with Shane Helmsí knee with a shining wizard! Lash is out. Chavo is out. Noble is staggering to his feet. The Cruiserweight Champion stands alone, and he waits for Noble to get to his feet. Noble gets to his feet, but walks right into the Vertebreaker to get the victory. After the match, Chavo got himself some revenge at least, hitting Helms with a low blow, and then the Gory Bomb.

Shane Helms & Lash Leroux def. Jamie Noble & Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Helms pins Noble)
Star Rating: ** Ĺ (80, 72, 89)

Schiavone: Shane Helms continues to win here in World Championship Wrestling, getting a pin fall over Jamie Noble. I got to tell you, Professor, Shane Helms has all the tools to hold onto that Cruiserweight Title for a long time.

Tenay: Shane Helms does indeed have all the tools, but his tools will be tested this Sunday at Souled Out against Chavo Guerrero Jr.! Chavo has beaten Shane before, and he can do it again. Chavo is just as talented as Shane Helms, plus, Chavo will cheat to win if he has to!

Schiavone: I guess the question is, will the cheater win at Souled Out this Sunday!? And the only way to find out, is to order the pay per view!

Tenay: Well ladies and gentleman, it is time for another commercial break, but soon to come, the big six-man tag team main event! Donít turn that channel!


Naitch and The Enforcer

When Wednesday Nitro returns, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, and The Enforcer, Arn Anderson are backstage in Flairís locker room. Flair is lacing up his boots, while Arn sits in a chair adjacent to Flair.

Arn Anderson: You ready, Naitch?

Ric Flair: Double A, Iíve been ready to beat these three punks down for a long time now! Booker T is all set to beat Big Poppa Pump from here to Timbuktu, and me and the Stinger, WOOO, me and the Stinger are ready to bring a world of pain to Jarrett and Awesome!

Anderson: I donít know about you, but Iím still shocked Sting showed up.

Flair: Iíll be honest with ya Double A, I had no idea he was gonna show up last week. I know the Stingerís been lurkiní around in the rafters for the past month or so now, waiting to strike. But I had no idea the time to strike was last week.

Anderson: Yeah, well itís a good thing he struck last week because if he didnít, Iím not so sure youíd be here right now.

Flair: I may be the man, Arn, but I think youíre right there. Those three punks have had a numbers game on me and Book for far too long now, but now, with the Stinger by our side, their world is about to get turned upside down!

Anderson: And donít forget, my nephew, Cal, is going to be joining the side of you and me this Sunday at Souled Out!

Flair: Oh I havenít forgotten about the New Enforcer, Arn. Iíve seen what Cal can do, I know heís going to be great! Not as good as you of course, but heíll be good.

Anderson: I think I can teach him a thing or two.

Flair: Oh yeah, Double A, I think you can teach him how to hit the killer Anderson spine buster! But Arn, itís time me, Booker, and the Stinger go win ourselves a match! Letís go do this thing!

Segment Rating: 97%

Schiavone: Oh boy, Professor, the main event is next! Donít go away ladies and gentleman because itís right after these quick commercial breaks!


Booker T, Ric Flair, & Sting (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Jeff Jarrett, Mike Awesome, & Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)

And so we get our last main event for Souled Out! The crowd is really into the match, which helps make up for a mediocre match. The faces start out strong in the match, taking it to the heels in the early going in one huge brawl. Booker T and Steiner brawl in one corner of the ring, while Flair chops the hell out of Jarrett in another corner. Sting and Awesome exchange punches in the middle of the ring, but the Stinger takes the advantage. After about a minute into the match, Jarrett flees the ring from Flairís knife edge chop attack, and Booker T sends Steiner out of the ring with a running clothesline over the top rope to the outside.

Things looked good for the faces at first, but of course, things eventually switched up, and the heels got the advantage after a Jarrett low blow to Booker T, who was brawling with Steiner in the ring, both men legal. The heels roughed up Booker T for most of the match then, keeping him in their corner, and taking any cheap shot they could at the Booker Man. Booker almost made the hot tag to Flair or Sting several times, hitting Steiner with a Book End, Jarrett with a Harlem Side Kick, and Awesome with a Harlem Axe Kick. However, one of the legal men were able to prevent the tag. Finally, after almost five minutes of being the face in peril, Booker T countered a Jeff Jarrett back body drop into a DDT, and fought off Steiner with a clothesline, before making the tag to the Stinger!

Sting came into the ring, now the legal man, as Jarrett tagged out to Awesome. The two legal men met in the middle of the ring, while Ric Flair got into the ring and began a one-on-two brawl with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. Sting beat down on Awesome with a barrage of right hands, while Flair did his best to fight off Jarrett and Steiner. The Chosen One and Big Poppa Pump got the upper hand eventually, but Booker T then came to Flairís rescue, dropkicking Jarrett into the turnbuckle, and then hitting Scott Steiner with a hard right hand. Booker and Steiner erupted into a wild brawl, that soon led to them brawling on the outside of the ring, and then by the announcerís table, leaving Flair, Jarrett, Awesome, and Sting in the ring. Sting stays red hot, hitting Awesome with a suplex, and then hitting Jeff with a running clothesline while he and Flair were brawling. Meanwhile, on the outside, Steiner lands a heavy forearm to the face, and then belly-to-belly suplexes Booker T and himself straight through the announcerís table!

Both Booker T and Scott Steiner are out of it now, leaving the remaining four men in the ring to duke it out. Flair uses the advantage Sting gave him to lay into Jarrett with knife edge chops, while Sting waits for Awesome to get to his feet. Awesome does so in the corner, and gets hit with a Stinger Splash! Awesome staggers, and gets hit with the Scorpion Death Drop! Meanwhile, Flair takes down Jarrett, and puts him in the Figure Four! Jarrett is howling in pain while Sting covers Awesome, and gets the win! Sting gets the victory for his team by pinning Mike Awesome! After the match, Sting throws Awesome from the ring, while Flair does the same to Jarrett. The two faces go over to the announcerís table, along with Arn Anderson, and help Booker T to his feet. Steiner had already gotten to his feet, and walked up to the entrance stage with Jarrett, Awesome, and Midajah. The four heels stand on the entrance stage and stare down the four faces as Nitro comes to a close.

Sting, Booker T, & Ric Flair def. Mike Awesome, Jeff Jarrett, & Scott Steiner (Sting pins Awesome)
Star Rating: ** (83, 88, 74)

Schiavone: What a way to end Wednesday Nitro, Professor! Sting, making his in-ring return to WCW, gets the big pin for his team against one of his Souled Out opponents, Mike Awesome!

Tenay: This main event was going to give the winning team some momentum going into Souled Out this Sunday, and now, Booker T, Ric Flair, and of course, Sting, are going to have some much wanted momentum for their matches now!

Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, donít forget, Souled Out comes to you live from the Spectrum, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this Sunday night, only on pay per view! Souled Out is going to be a huge pay per view extravaganza, and you are not going to want to miss it! Call your local pay per view provider to order this amazing show! Until Souled Out, for Mike Tenay, Iím Tony Schiavone, see you this Sunday, at Souled Out!

Overall Rating: 81%
TV Rating: 2.18

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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