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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Match Preview Day 3-5


The Animal vs. The Big Red Machine
Batista vs. Kane

The battle of the two titans. It's set to come to a head at the twenty third annual WrestleMania whenever Batista meets Kane one on one. Many big man matches have taken place in WrestleMania history but these two men are certainly looking to make an impact on the mark of WrestleMania when they step into the ring against one another this Sunday. For months these two men have been hinting that they've wanted to clash in one final match and this all got started last fall. At No Mercy Batista and Kane met one on one but due to controversy Batista was able to pull a win out. A few months later though at the Royal Rumble the feud got started back up again and it was because of the Royal Rumble Match in which Batista disposed of Kane. But that's not the main reason because a few weeks later at No Way Out Batista and his partner Umaga were victorious in the reuniting match of the Brothers of Destruction. But Batista couldn't let that end there. Kane was facing Mark Henry one on one whenever Batista felt the need to interfere but paid for his problems whenever Kane chokeslamed him square in the ring. But payback is a bitch and Batista returned the favor the following week in a tag match getting the win for Henry and himself. Ever since then though these two men have been at one another's throats and even came close to not even being able to have the match at WrestleMania due to Batista spearing Kane through a wall. But now that the date is upon us...which one of these titans will walk away victorious come WrestleMania?


Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Victoria has been making claims that she is the best diva that has ever stepped foot in a WWE ring whether it's Fabulous Moolah, Trish Stratus, or anybody else, SHE IS THE BEST! (According to herself that is) At No Way Out a ten diva Battle Royal took place in which the winner would move onto WrestleMania to face Victoria. Victoria thought the talent pool in the match wasn't rather intimidating to her and thought she'd have it easily but instead the returning Beth Phoenix came in and won the match setting up this epic divas match. Shortly after Beth let Victoria know she was for real whenever she pushed Victoria down onto the mat embarassing her big time. But it's more or less the fact that this will be the hardest hitting divas match in WrestleMania history. Never before has two divas this strong met one on one with the title on the line. For weeks Victoria and Beth have been at one another not only in competition but to also see who is the strongest diva. It even went as far as to show Victoria working out in her hometown local gym and benching a defying amount of weight. But of course Beth was able to one up Victoria whenever she lifted five more pounds than Victoria! But all of that aside, these two divas are set to clash on the biggest stage of them all and the question is...is Miami actually ready for these two strong and powerful divas to come to town?


3rd Annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Ric Flair vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy

The following shows how each man qualified to make it to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Jeff Hardy def. Carlito in a Steel Cage Match (Raw Roulette night)
MVP def. Sabu
Matt Hardy def. Kenny Dykstra
Charlie Haas def. Ric Flair
Rey Mysterio def. Jamie Noble
Shelton Benjamin def. Elijah Burke
CM Punk def. Paul Burchill
Ric Flair won a Last Chance Battle Royal

For these eight men they have one common goal. To gain the briefcase and get that guaranteed World title shot. Whether it's the ECW, WWE, or World-Heavyweight title...that is up to them. But they know that if they win that briefcase that it can be a life changing moment. Just ask Edge who won the briefcase back at WrestleMania 21 and later cashed in at the Royal Rumble in 2006 to earn his first World title. All eight of these men had to earn a spot into this match and certainly this is going to be an interesting mix of superstarts in the match. First off you've got Jeff Hardy who hasn't wrestled at WrestleMania in five years (WrestleMania X8 was his last) and he's certainly feeling very comfortable at home in his third ever WrestleMania ladder match. The same can be said for Matt Hardy but this will be his fourth as he competed in last year's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. MVP and CM Punk make up the two men who will make their WrestleMania debuts but certainly that doesn't mean they don't stand a chance at winning. MVP is always looking for more gold to add to his collection and Punk certainly wouldn't be a shock upset if he pulls this off in only his fourth month in the WWE. Then you've got the interesting dynamic of former tag partners in Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Will they be able to function or will Haas get too distracted by his rival Ric Flair. Flair certainly wants to earn himself another World title shot as he is eying that 17th World title. But with Haas in the match there is no telling what goes down. Shelton Benjamin will be the only man that has competed in all three Money in the Bank Ladder Matches so far so you know that's he got a bit of experience in these big time matches. Or will Rey Mysterio be able to shock the fans and walk away with a big World title shot? Anything is possible but there is one thing that is certain. Eight men will walk in, eight men might not walk out but one career will be changed forever.


Ok well I kind of got lazy these past few days haha. Well actually I've been doing some work around the house, etc. and I've only had time to write these up at night and well I'm tired haha. But other than that I decided to go ahead and write up tomorrow's as well. This leaves only five previews and who knows, I might just throw those five up tomorrow since there seems to be not many people reading them. Maybe it's because I'm too lazy to post in other threads haha?
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