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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Crackdasher! Just going to reply to some of your feedback, try and spark up discussion about it.

I think I can capture The Bisch well. As long as he has the cocky swagger, he can work. Right now, he can do great things as a face, so I don't think I'll change that soon. The Bisch could do good fighting against the evil forces instead of being with them.

Lance Storm right now is only getting the Anti-America/Pro-Canada rub for right now. Once the feud with Hugh Morris dies out, I plan on repackaging him a bit. Same with Hugh; I plan on dropping the whole USA deal. It's just for cheap heat to get the feud over. :P. And for the ladder match... I was anti-ladder match when I first thought of it, but it seemed like a right decision to make. New title up for grabs, seemed best to have it be settled in a ladder match.

O'Haire and Palumbo are overrated. I was high on them at first, but then I saw some tapes, and realized they're not that good. Palumbo can brawl, and O'Haire can brawl a bit better, and hit a flashy swanton. They both lack charisma, but have a great look to them. Totally Buff, also suck. However, they're two over stars in the company, and can do some good in the tag division. Give 'em a chance, and they could possibly get over very well.

I have no idea if Chavo talked like that at all. I always thought he used to on SD when he was tagging with Eddie. I just think now he is dropping the whole accent because it was a faked accent. But right now, I'm going to push the dirty Mexican type- cheating to win. But I'm not going to mention Eddie of course, only Gory and his father and other uncles.

The Flair/Jarrett feud definitely needed that promo on Nitro. The feud had shifted more towards a tag team war, which is a good thing to some extent, but I also need to keep focused on those two as well. Flair had a coutner for Jarrett trying to trash his legacy, and really just, in my eyes, intensified their feud.

And for Big Poppa Pump, well, he's the only heel I got to face Booker T. Jeff Jarrett is tangled up with Flair, and Awesome's not ready for a World Title match. We're stuck with Steiner for now. I have a very depleted main event, which is quite the problem. In time, I hope to build up more stars for the main event.

I'm going to push Cal Anderson as the nephew of Arn, I think. That will seem better since Cal Walker is known as CW Anderson in the indies and ECW, and it is very well known he isn't Arn's son, but could be linked to the Anderson family. He will be a singles wrestler in WCW, however, and Arn wil manage him and Flair. Arn Anderson's left arm is paralyzed. He has nerve damage after doctor's botched a neck surgery. I've been complentating having him recover so he can work a match or two in the future, but that is still very sketchy.

I absolutely loved writing Sting's return. I've been waiting to write that segment for a long time now. i thought I did it in a very Stinger-esque fashion with the signs beforehand, and then Sting just showing up and kicking ass. Vintage Sting I thought.

Again, thanks for the feedback. I'm looking to try and get Nitro done by Thursday, although I haven't started it yet. Plus I have to write a paper before I leave for my trip. Bah, school's retarded.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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