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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

2 last Nitro Reviews ( I'm a little late with the previous review so I'll just put the two reviews together)

1st Nitro Review

That opening promo with Bischoff was just phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal! I look forward how you're gonna handle Bischoff as a face commissionner and so far its been great! Even though it was just one promo, it was one promo I really enjoyed and it set the tone for the feud against the heel faction of Jarrett, Steiner and Awesome. Also some great matches have been made here.

(You made a little mistake with the commentating: "And in a huge main event for tonight, Scott Steiner will face Booker T, and if Big Poppa Pump wins, he faces Steiner at Souled Out for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship." Steiner vs Steiner at Souled Out?

Happy to see O'Haire and Palumbo win against the crap Totally Buff. I have said this before but the way you write you're crappy matches are just great. At least now you enjoy it a little bit when you're reading through a crap match. Good you kept it short.

Good Lance Storm interviewed where he bashed Morrus and America which adds to Lance's heel persona and furthers his feud with Morrus. I think you went a little overboard with the anti-america thing. Also Chavo Guerrero doesn't talk like that. I didn't watch him in WCW but in WWE he talked like a normal guy not like Eddie Guerrero.

The tagmatch looked solid with 3 good workers and one boring worker. To bad you had to keep it short but you're in a one hour timeslot so thats understandable. After reading the tagmatch, I think you're trying to make Chavo Guerrero a second Eddie Guerrero. I have no problem with that but it just sounds weird.

The Flair/Jarrett promo was just unbelievablely good. You put them both in character perfectly and Jarrett gave an excellent heel promo about Ric Flair which really hypes up their match next week, and the comeback by Ric Flair was even better! You said stuff there that I didn't even know untill now. I really liked how you used the career thing on both men. It really gives that "honor" feel to the feud. Highlight of the show IMO.

The mainevent was decent enough. I don't like Steiner at all and the forced short lenght didn't help the match either, but still we saw Steiner use an illegal move to win the match which sets up the IMO bad mainevent at Souled Out. I really hope you can make something decent out of this match because the Booker T vs DDP vs Steiner match at Slamboree was ruined by Steiner IMO.

Overall: This show was one of your better so far. All the promo's were topnotch( especially Flair and Jarrett) and the matches weren't to bad(excepts for O'Haire & Palumbo vs Totally Buff). And with Awesome/Booker T and Flair/Jarrett booked for next show, I'm really looking forward to the next show( which I'm gonna read after this review).

Last Nitro

The show immediately starts with a high profile match. The fact that you didn't show Awesome's entrance gives you that rushed feeling of a one hour show. It makes the show realistic which is good.

The tables match between Awesome and Booker T was excellent. Awesome is really good to use in a hardcore environment and the ending spot was great. Booker T picks up the win which builds him up for Souled Out.

A video vignette shows which hypes up a debut of a new worker. Cal Anderson, I don't know if he's real or fiction but I like how you connect him with Arn Anderson being his son and being a big machine in the ring and all. I wonder if you're gonna put him in a tagteam with Arn or debut as a single worker with Arn as his manager? Maybe its better to put him in a tagteam because the division needs more tagteams. A nice match is setup for Souled Out with Cal Anderson vs Alex Wright.

Another bad match with Buff Bagwell involved. WHile I aprreciate how you invoke the backstage politics into your show, I really hope that Luger and Bagwell get fired or something. Because Palumbo and O'Haire can make way better matches then this. Anyway the match was below average but it furthered the feud.

an Eric Bischoff promo where we see 2 titles unify in the Northern American Title. Awesome way to handle Storm's Canadion belt thing! THe match is setup for Souled Out but I have my doubts about the stipulation: Hugh Morrus in a ladder match?

The mainevent match was great! It was a true old school WCW-Style match and I liked it. And the recap writing style made it easy to read. Good job! To bad it ended in a DQ but its for the better feudwise.

The aftermath was extremely well done. THe 3 heels showing their dominance by beating down Booker T, Flair and Anderson and then in a great moment. Sting returns! He cleaned house and we close with a great moment with Sting hugging FLair.Truly fantastic job!

Overall: This show was your best so far. It had 2 great matches, all the promos were wicked, it setup 2 good matches for Souled Out and the return of Sting happened! I can't wait for your next show! Souled Out is looking fantastic!

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