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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ok so here's the deal....

I've been working on recaps, etc. and have found myself pretty much just wanting WrestleMania done and dusted. This happened last year but I was writing full shows, etc. to try and get myself ready for my first WrestleMania. Two years later with my second I could really care less. I started WrestleMania about two months ago and want it done now. So pretty much over the next ten days I am going to post a match with a preview and breakdown, etc. of how it came to be. This will be easier and give me a bit more time to finally finish up WrestleMania as it is 3/4 done as of right now. Just three matches remain and it will be up...

So nevertheless here is the first preview...


Inter-Promotional Grudge Match
John Cena vs. Finlay

Ever since the Royal Rumble back in January Cena has been on a mission. That mission you ask? Take out Finlay. Both Cena and Finlay were the two men who kicked off the Royal Rumble match back in January but it was Finlay who was eliminated by Cena. Hungry for revenge Finlay came back in about halfway through the match dumping Cena out of the ring and eliminating him ruining his dreams. If you asked John Cena if he thought he'd be facing Finlay at WrestleMania this year, he'd say hell no but this is personal now! Cena challenged Finlay to come to Raw a few weeks back to accept his challenge but Finlay declined. So it was Cena that instead headed to Smackdown to get the challenge accepted from Finlay. Back at No Way Out Finlay had a representative in MVP beat Cena thanks to some help from Finlay and Hornswoggle angering Cena even more. But Cena said he won't back down and he never has so far in his career. Just a few weeks ago Finlay did finally show up on Raw but it was with his good friend, the shillelagh. Finlay brutally attacked Cena until he had to be carried off onto a stretcher. But that didn't even stop the psychotic Finlay as Finlay beat Cena down with the shillelagh while he was tied to the stretcher! Finlay gave Cena an evil look as he was wheeled off. The next week on Raw Cena vouched (via satellite) that he'd be back and that he would whip some ass come WrestleMania. So now the challenge is laid down. Will Cena be able to come through and beat the holy hell out of Finlay like he has wanted to since January or will Finlay pull of a shock surprise and will it take the help of a shillelagh to do it?


FINAL WWE WrestleMania 23 Card
Sunday April 1, 2007
American Airlines Arena - Miami, Florida
Official Theme Song - Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho

ECW Championship - Extreme Tournament Finals
Special Referee: Mick Foley
Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Kennedy w/ Paul Heyman

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Cruiserweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Jamie Noble (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London

Inter-Promotional Grudge Match
Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

Inter-Promotional Grudge Match
John Cena vs. Finlay

Inter-Promotional Casket Match
The Undertaker vs. Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas vs. MVP
vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Ric Flair vs. CM Punk

The Animal vs. The Big Red Machine
Batista vs. Kane

Special Edition of Carlito's Cabana
The Special Guest - The Rock

Special Pre-Show WrestleMania 23 Battle Royal
Chris Masters, Chuck Palumbo, Eugene, Gregory Helms, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, JTG, Shad,, Deuce, Domino, Hardcore Holly, Jimmy Wang Yang, Juventud, Super Crazy, Psicosis, Shannon Moore, Balls Mahoney, Danny Doring, Marcus Cor Von, Rodney Mack, Sabu, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer

2007 WWE Hall of Fame Class

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig
"Soul Man" Rocky Johnson
"High Chief" Peter Maivia
"Mean" Gene Okerlund
The Original Shiek
The Wild Samoans
"Sensational" Sherri

Alterbridge will be on hand to perform Edge's entrance.


Other News and Notes:

On the go home edition before WrestleMania 23 of Smackdown, (the March 30th edition) we saw the Mexicools (Psicosis and Super Crazy) capture the WWE Tag Team Championships from Deuce and Domino in a special match since the Tag Titles wouldn't be featured at WrestleMania. Super Crazy and Psicosis had already picked up single wins over Domino and Deuce respectively but earned it in a Number One Contender's match the week prior. This is the Mexicools' first taste of gold in WWE so far as a tag team.

The Golden Standards have continued their racist gimmicks saying that the only reason they had to compete against one another in the MITB Qualifying Match was because there is not enough room for three black men? (MVP is in the match as well) After Benjamin defeated his partner Burke, Burke looked dazed and confused but said he'd still be there to help Benjamin win at WrestleMania.

Just like he did last year to Mr. McMahon Eugene ran around on Raw rampant trying to book himself a match at WrestleMania. But once again Eugene was told that he'd have to settle for a spot in the Battle Royal prior to WrestleMania.

Mr. McMahon announced that after WrestleMania there would be a new Raw General Manager named since Coach is unable to fulfill his duties.

(This news is pretty much just for the on-screen things for the people that weren't going to be appearing at WrestleMania ie. The Mexicools. There might be some more added if I forgot or feel like adding more. But these will be added to the next day's preview.)


NO PREDICTIONS YET! That can be done once all of the previews are done and dusted. I'm going to throw up a contest so that is why I am wanting you to wait.

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Banner Credit: Crazian
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