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Small update of sorts I guess concerning the thread.

As you saw a page back I posted Smackdown and ECW in recap form. Well that's because I had started to write it and trust me it was bad. VERY BAD. Nothing was working right at all so I just decided a recap would be better and more effective. It gets the same thing done pretty much as a full show does and saves time. But anyways what I've pretty much decided on leading into WrestleMania is recaps. These are going to be fairly detailed recaps but the way I'm going to do this I've yet to decide. I've still got five weeks until WrestleMania so that leaves 15 shows.

Most likely what I am going to do is post the 5 Raw's together, the 5 ECW's together, and then the 5 Smackdown's together. Shortly after that I'll give a bit of time to get a WrestleMania preview up, predictions and contest, etc.

So right now I'm gunning for WrestleMania to be up within the next month or so. I've got six matches written already and there are going to be ten. So just keep your eyes open to see what's going to happen in the thread soon and there could be a big recap of Raw coming this week. It's all on just what I decided between now and then.

Monday Night Raw
Monday February 26, 2007
Fresno, California

Raw gets kicked off tonight with Mr. McMahon once again reminding the crowd that Jonathan Coachman will not be able to return to Raw until after WrestleMania and even then his future might be in jeopardy! McMahon says that while he never really “liked” Coach he must enforce the rules and that is why Chris Jericho must be “punished” tonight. Jericho must go one on one tonight with the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer in this ring tonight! Mr. McMahon continues speaking a bit before announcing that he will be the acting GM until after WrestleMania.

The night’s action gets kicked off with another Money in the Bank Qualifying Match as this week it’s Ric Flair taking on Charlie Haas in a rematch from No Way Out to rekindle their feud. It’s clear Flair and Haas are not done with one another and it shows in their match tonight. Both men beat the holy hell out of one another until the match comes to an end whenever Flair suddenly hits a chop block onto Haas taking him out from behind and tries to lock in the Figure Four but Haas rolls through with a cradle! Haas holds the ropes and gets the win moving on to WrestleMania as he backs up the ramp looking at his former mentor before pointing to the WrestleMania sign.

Backstage Mr. McMahon is walking towards his office before once again he bumps into the Golden Standards. Benjamin says that last week they complained about not appearing on No Way Out and then having to fight in a Street Fight last week but this week they’re not even in a match once again! Burke says that this is blatant racism and that it’s clear Mr. McMahon is not “down with the brown” Benjamin says that it’s okay before Mr. McMahon interrupts him. Mr. McMahon says he is tired about hearing how these two are treated wrong and books them in a match against one another next week for a Money in the Bank spot! Benjamin and Burke walk off saying, “is there not enough room for two black men in a ladder match?” as the crowd laughs.

Triple H makes an example of Eugene next as he runs roughshed through the special superstar and hits his key moves (i.e. the Spinebuster, high knee, etc.) before dusting off the match with the Pedigree and covering. But that’s not enough as Hunter drags Eugene up before hitting another Pedigree. Medics come down to help Eugene to the back as Hunter grabs a mic and goes on talking about how that will be Kurt Angle when he gets his hands on Kurt. Hunter says that if Kurt knew what was best then he should never show up in a WWE ring again.

Backstage Carlito is interviewed concerning his loss last week in the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Carlito says it was wrong that he had no time to plan for a Steel Cage Match. Carlito says that had he had time he would have won and went onto WrestleMania. But Carlito says this doesn’t mean he won’t be at WrestleMania. Oh no! Carlito’s presence will be felt and that it will be announced next week here on Raw!

In the ring after the break John Cena is patiently waiting for Finlay to come down and answer his challenge to come to Raw this week. Cena says that he has all night and that he will wait here if he has to. Cena says that he’s tired of these games that Finlay is trying to throw at him and that if Finlay doesn’t want to come here…then Cena’s going to have to go to Smackdown. Cena waits a few more minutes before Finlay doesn’t come out and says that he’ll see Finlay this Friday.

The next inductee into the Class of 2007 WWE Hall of Fame is… “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig.

WrestleMania 23 – 34 Days Away!

In the third match of the night we see Jeff Hardy who has already qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match put his title on the line against Gregory Helms. Helms and Hardy go at it for a bit before Helms was able to get a bit of offense in. This was simply used as a way to get Hardy to defend the title tonight but Helms does put up a good fight. Helms was caught by surprise though as Hardy hit a nice Twist of Fate before hitting the Swanton bomb and covering to get the win in about a ten minute match up.

The manager of Umaga, Armando Estrada is pumping Umaga up for his main event match tonight. Estrada says that while they have more important things on their mind (The Undertaker) but says that he cannot let the streak be lost tonight. Umaga yells out random words as Estrada yells “That’s it ese’) before the camera cuts out.

The WWE champion Randy Orton is shown talking to Mr. McMahon in his office backstage. Mr. McMahon says that next week will see the return of Pick Your Poison and that this time around will see Jericho and Orton be able to pick ANY SUPERSTAR FROM THE WWE to wrestle Orton or Jericho. Orton says he’s got the perfect person in mind for Jericho if he can survive Umaga tonight.

The fourth match of the night is a quick divas match pitting Beth Phoenix in her first singles match on Raw in nearly eight months as she takes on Candice Michelle. Phoenix runs right through Candice finishing her off quickly with the Glam Slam before she forces Candice to tap out! Victoria was sitting at ringside looks on but it doesn’t scare her at all! Victoria ambushes Phoenix from behind with the title finally getting her revenge from No Way Out two weeks ago as Victoria stands over Phoenix before kicking her square in the stomach and laughing with a very sadistic laugh.

Chris Jericho is interviewed up next concerning the main event. Jericho says that finally he has his Jerichoholics behind him but that tonight he’s got a big task ahead of him in Umaga. Jericho says that he hasn’t backed down from a challenge before and certainly won’t do it tonight. Jericho says that he knows Umaga is undefeated but that tonight he’ll end the record.

The main event takes place next as Umaga goes one on one with Chris Jericho. The match was actually halfway decent until Randy Orton felt the need to come down to ringside and watch the match. Umaga was taking care of business on Jericho until he missed the Samoan Wrecking Ball in the corner. Estrada told Umaga to watch out but it was too late as Jericho hit a big Enziguiri. Jericho ran off the ropes trying for the Lionsault but Orton grabbed the ropes. Jericho stopped himself before leaping over the top rope with a Plancha and knocking Orton down. Jericho goes crazy on Orton on the outside before Umaga grabs Jericho slinging him back into the ring. Jericho slides back to the outside before throwing a chair at Umaga getting the DQ. Its clear Jericho isn’t concerned about the match as he grabs the chair and hits Orton over the back with it once on the outside of the ring. He goes to swing it again but Orton escapes through the crowd holding his back and looking at Jericho! Jericho holds the chair high in the air and celebrates with the fans as Raw comes to an end.

Quick Results:

Charlie Haas def. Ric Flair to advance to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Triple H def. Eugene
Jeff Hardy def. Gregory Helms to retain the Intercontinental title
Beth Phoenix def. Candice via submission
Umaga def. Chris Jericho via DQ


ECW on Sci-Fi
Tuesday February 27, 2007
San Jose, California

ECW tonight kicks off with a big match as it pits Smackdown’s MVP going one on one with ECW’s Sabu in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match. Originally MVP’s match was going to be on Smackdown but it was never specified so it got moved tonight here to ECW. Sabu and MVP actually go about seven to ten minutes in the ring to kick the night off and it does turn out to be a decent match. Sabu made a big mistake though as he tried to go high off the ropes at the end of the match but missed and collided with the mat. It didn’t take much time for MVP to deliver the big kick to the face in the corner and then hitting the Playmaker to book his spot at WrestleMania 23!

Backstage Mick Foley is shown talking to Rob Van Dam. Paul Heyman walks in and Heyman and RVD stare straight at one another. Heyman reminds Foley that at WrestleMania he MUST DO THE RIGHT THING or there will be hell to pay for Foley. Heyman walks off as RVD asks him what the hell that was about? Foley says to not worry and that he will call it right down the middle at WrestleMania. RVD nods his head and shakes hands with Foley as we head to a commercial.

Just like he did in his ECW debut Mr. Kennedy goes one on one with Justin Credible before making quick work of the ECW original. Kennedy hits Credible with the Mic Check before stating that at WrestleMania 23 there will be a new ECW champion….champion! Kennedy says that Heyman and himself have had this planned the entire time and that he knew he was going to screw RVD over from the start. Kennedy says that there still is a bit of hatred for still being here but tonight that ends when RVD is the first original to be gotten rid of.

Danny Doring is backstage hyping himself up and talking about how “dashing” his looks are. Doring says that next week he makes his biggest challenge yet here on ECW when he goes one on one with a fellow ECW original…The Sandman!

A small video package plays before the break stating, “Back the Mack” before it ends with next. After the break Rodney Mack makes his way down the ramp with Theodore Long following behind. Long yells all the way down the ramp showing his obnoxious character that he has had in the past and yells, “He’s back!” Mack gets into the ring and takes on Balls Mahoney but it really doesn’t turn out to be much of a squash match. Balls got his fair share of offense in but as always this was for the returning Mack to dominate. Mack hits the Black Out (the Sit out Double Underhook Powerbomb) before covering Balls and getting the win.

The WrestleMania 23 Video Package airs before stating that WrestleMania 23 is only 33 days away!

The main event takes place now as Marcus Cor Von goes one on one against Rob Van Dam. The new rookie gets a lot of offense in on RVD but it seems that halfway through RVD is going to pull it out. Of course though Mr. Kennedy has to interfere during the match. Halfway through the match Heyman announces that it is Extreme Rules ONLY FOR COR VON! So if any one of RVD’s Original buddies wants to interfere they will be fired on the spot (announced last week) Cor Von and Kennedy take advantage of this by slamming RVD through a table! RVD’s back collides with the table before Cor Von gets Kennedy to hold RVD up. Kennedy quickly moves as Cor Von explodes off the ropes with the Pounce to get the win!

After the match Paul Heyman gets into the ring and says that he just made an example out of all of the ECW originals. Heyman says that this is a new generation of ECW and that once he gets his wish there will not be an ECW original left on this roster. ECW comes to an end with Heyman, Kennedy, and Cor Von all standing tall in the ring over RVD. Foley slowly comes down the ramp to help check on RVD as the show ends.

Quick Results:

MVP def. Sabu in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Mr. Kennedy def. Justin Credible
Rodney Mack def. Balls Mahoney
Marcus Cor Von def. Rob Van Dam


Friday Night Smackdown
Friday March 2, 2007
San Jose, California

Smackdown tonight kicks off with John Cena from Raw! Cena is in the ring as he says that he waited for Finlay to come to Raw this past week but clearly he didn’t. Cena says that he’s been waiting for those moment for two weeks since No Way Out ended and that tonight he will get his hands on Finlay. About halfway through Cena’s speech Finlay walks down the ramp interrupting Cena. Finlay says that he wasn’t about to go to Raw and get ambushed by Cena’s friends over there. Finlay says he’s smarter than that. Cena says that he doesn’t have any friends on Raw and that he’s pretty much got only himself to trust. Cena says that he wants Finlay at WrestleMania! Cena says he’s tired of all this running away bullshit that Finlay has tried to pull the past few weeks and it ends at WrestleMania. Finlay and Cena come face to face as Finlay mouths “You’re on” before leaving and pointing his shillelagh at Cena.

The night’s action gets started with a bang as Rey Mysterio meets Jamie Noble in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match. The Cruiserweight champion Noble puts up a great fight against one of his former rivals a few years back but Mysterio is too much for Noble. Noble gets tripped up into the ropes for a 619 but the cunning Noble moves out of the way! Mysterio leaps onto the top rope trying for a West Coast Pop but Noble hits a dropkick to the sternum. Noble quickly grabs Mysterio trying for the Tiger Bomb but Mysterio lands on his feet and hits a big Hurricanrana sending Noble into the ropes! Noble falls face first into the ropes before Mysterio hits the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop for the win!

Backstage JBL is shown talking to Edge about the big Gauntlet Match tonight. Edge and JBL seem to be going over there strategy for what is going to happen and Edge shows a smile. Edge and JBL shake hands as the World-Heavyweight Champion leaves the office with the title around his shoulder.

Kurt Angle is shown on the titantron stating that he’s talked to his doctor and that he will be medically cleared by April 1st! Kurt says that he’s counting down the days until he gets the chance to be in the ring with Hunter. Kurt says that he’s laying down the challenge for the match come WrestleMania. Angle says that those words that Hunter spoke two weeks ago are awful ironic because they describe Hunter in everyway!

The second match of the night sees one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions in Domino go one on one with Super Crazy of the Mexicools. Last week Deuce and Domino had a run in with the Mexicools backstage so this is a little match after last week’s incident. Juvy and Psicosis are at ringside supporting Super Crazy as Deuce and Cherry are at ringside for Domino of course. The match goes about six minutes before Super Crazy caught Domino by surprise with a big Moonsault for the pin fall! Super Crazy celebrates their win as Deuce slides in as Domino looks shocked. The Mexicools celebrate the big win on the outside before hopping on their lawnmowers and riding off.

Backstage Maryse catches up with Batista and Mark Henry. Batista and Henry aren’t seeing exactly eye to eye with one another but that tonight they’ve got to team together to take down Kane. Batista is reminded that he speared Henry last week trying to interfere in the Henry/Kane match but Batista says that this week it’s different. Batista says that tonight he will TAKE OUT Kane whether Henry helps him or not.

The third match of the night pits Batista and Mark Henry teaming up to take on Kane and Hardcore Holly. Holly really seems like the odd one out but he does get a bit of offense in on Batista but it’s really nothing major. However the match is of course focused on Batista and Kane so it really didn’t matter who the tag team partners were. Batista charged into the ring trying for a Spear onto Kane but reminiscent to last week Kane moves but Batista stops himself before he charges into Henry. Henry plows over Kane with a clothesline before Batista knocks Holly off the apron! Batista tells Henry to let him take care of business after Henry hit a World’s Strongest Slam! Batista drags Kane back onto his feet before hitting the Batista Bomb and covering to get the win!

MVP brags backstage about winning his MITB Qualifying Match this past Tuesday on ECW on Sci-Fi over Sabu. The fans listen to MVP talk about how he’s already money but at WrestleMania he’ll add even more money. MVP says that it’s ironic that at his first WrestleMania he will not only be the highest paid star but the most watched star. MVP says that the buy rates are going to skyrocket this year and it’s all because of one big name…Montel Vontavious Porter!

The WrestleMania 23 video package plays before stating that WrestleMania 23 is only 30 days away. Shortly after a Hall of Fame package for Mr. Perfect plays similar to the one on Raw and ECW.

After the break the fourth match of the night takes place as it sees Chavo Guerrero go one on one with Paul London. Both men got stuck in this match after last week’s Cruiserweight Open saw a controversial finish where London hit the 450 Splash but apparently Guerrero’s foot was underneath the rope. This week they get about eight or nine minutes to showcase their best as Smackdown is running a bit behind but it’s a good short match. Once again the match ends in controversy this week again whenever Jamie Noble hit the ring and pulled both London and Guerrero out of the ring before ramming both into the steel pole. The ref calls for the bell and declares the match a No Contest and we still don’t have a number one contender.

Umaga and Armando Estrada are in the arena and say that they are here tonight to finally “end the issues” with the Undertaker. Estrada says that Umaga got what he wanted done and that the Undertaker should move onto better things. Estrada says that if Undertaker were to choose to mess with Umaga then Umaga simply would run right through Undertaker like he did at No Way Out! Estrada continues on speaking until suddenly the lights go off. Undertaker is standing behind Estrada in the ring! Umaga charges at the Undertaker but Undertaker clotheslines Umaga to the outside of the ring! Undertaker grabs Estrada hitting him with a big Choke slam! Undertaker dares Umaga to come back into the ring but instead Umaga yells random words at Undertaker and we have no clue what he is saying! Undertaker tells Umaga that he will “Rest…in…Peace”

The United States Champion Matt Hardy is interviewed backstage concerning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and the opportunity of being in another WrestleMania match with his brother. Matt says that it’ll be great to be in there with Jeff again but also says that if it comes down between Jeff and himself that he will not hesitate to knock Jeff down and grab the briefcase. Matt promises though that it will be a Hardy walking out with the briefcase at WrestleMania.

The Gauntlet match takes place next as Shawn Michaels kicks off the match against Paul Burchill. Burchill and HBK go for about seven minutes but it was HBK that caught Burchill off guard literally out of nowhere with the Sweet Chin Music to move on! Suddenly after down came Mark Henry who had already competed in the tag match earlier. HBK met Henry in action a few weeks ago so basically it’s pretty much whom HBK has wrestled since coming to Smackdown. Henry looks a bit tired after wrestling earlier and HBK took advantage as he worked over Henry somewhat. Henry had enough though and took a steel chair hitting HBK over the back with it! Henry was DQ’d and JBL had seen enough! JBL quickly slid into the ring to go after HBK and he ran off the ropes trying for a Clothesline from Hell but HBK ducked underneath it! HBK had trouble moving because of his back but somehow he was able to hit Sweet Chin Music to the Smackdown GM! HBK fell on top of JBL to get the win. HBK thought it was over as his music started to play but Edge (who was sitting at ringside with JBL) explodes into the ring and hits a big Spear to HBK before covering and getting the win! The fans boo as the ref holds Edge’s hand high as Smackdown comes to an end with Edge gloating over HBK.

Quick Results:

Rey Mysterio def. Jamie Noble in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Super Crazy def. Deuce
Batista and Mark Henry def. Kane and Hardcore Holly
#1 Contender's Match- Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London was a No Contest
Gauntlet Match #1- Shawn Michaels def. Paul Burchill
Gauntlet Match #2- Shawn Michaels def. Mark Henry via DQ
Gauntlet Match #3- Shawn Michaels def. JBL
Gauntlet Match #4- Edge def. Shawn Michaels


WWE WrestleMania 23
Sunday April 1, 2007
Miami, Florida
Official Theme Song: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho

ECW Championship - Tournament Finals
Special Referee: Mick Foley
Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Kennedy w/ Paul Heyman

Inter-Promotional Grudge Match
John Cena vs. Finlay

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. MVP vs. Charlie Haas
vs. Rey Mysterio vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Class of 2007 Hall of Fame
"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig
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