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Re: Being the booker

Official Judgement Day Preview:

In 48 hours time, WWE Smackdown will be hosting it’s first Pay Per View event since WrestleMania XXI. Judgement Day will be coming from the PNE Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada.
Seven matches have been announced, with no other matches expected to be announced. Three Championships will be defended, pride will be at stake, revenge will be on the cards, and many feuds will come to an end, lets run down the card…

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
tackles one of his most heated rivals for one last time in a Streetfight. Austin faces the man who cost him his job at last years Judgement Day, Brock Lesnar. This rivalry dates back a whole year, beginning at Judgement Day 2004, when Brock Lesnar screwed the Rattlesnake out of his job, when he faced Mr. McMahon.
Austin’s name was forgotten for the remainder of 2004, until the lead up to the Royal Rumble began. Bret Hart made the announcement that when tickets went on sale in Houston for the Rumble, a man, fitting the description of Austin, bought a ringside ticket for the event. Immediately, this caused great concern for Brock, who immediately knew the Rattlesnake would be after him.
At the event, Stone Cold made an emphatic return, costing Lesnar a shot at the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. With the weeks following that, Austin cost Brock two more chances at a title shot, further infuriating Lesnar.
Brock then pleaded with the Board of directors to allow Austin back on the roster, which was accepted, and eventually, this led to a match at Wrestlemania between them, with Paul Heyman in Brock’s corner, Bret Hart in Austin’s and Mr. McMahon as referee.
McMahon was completely biased towards Lesnar, helping him at every turn, but in the end, thanks to Bret Hart, Austin came out as the winner.
Since then, the mind games between the two have become the forefront of their feud, with both men turning down offers from the other to face them one more time, with the General Manager finally stepping in, and announcing one last match at Judgement Day…a STREETFIGHT!!!
In the weeks of build up towards the event, Austin has claimed Brock cant beat him in his environment, whilst the other point made by Lesnar’s manager, Paul Heyman, is that Brock has never lost any of his first ever matches, and that will be the same at Judgment Day.
Which man will end the feud on top?? What lengths will Austin or Lesnar go to to put his foe away?? No interference, no rules, just Austin and Lesnar, this Sunday, at Judgement Day…

In a match made just last week, Simon Dean will make his in ring debut, taking on a man he has not endeared himself to. After trying to convince a Smackdown crowd that the Simon System was legitimate, he showed pictures of some people who have used his product. However, this didn’t turn out as a good idea for Mr. Dean, as one of the pictures he showed was a mock up of Rikishi, with the big man’s head, but a skinnier mans body.
Rikishi didn’t take kindly to this, and made his feeling’s known to Simon. However, in the last two weeks, Simon hasn’t even attempted an apology, instead has dug a bigger hole for himself, with constant jibes at Rikishi, which has forced the big man to come after Simon, and this Sunday, Rikishi will finally get his hands on the man behind the Simon System.
Will Rikishi shut Simon Dean up?? Or will Simon prevail past this huge test??

Following WrestleMania, one man came from the event unhappy. Unhappy about being left off the card for a third straight year. That man was Bradshaw. The week after the big event, he vowed to his partner Faarooq, that next year, he would make sure that he wasn’t overlooked for a place at WrestleMania.
That wasn’t the end of the story though. Bradshaw then went through a change of attitude, going ballistic after a tag team defeat, being more selfish in the ring, not tagging Faarooq in at times. Bradshaw stopped having any fun.
It was a matter of time until it happened. The APA lost a match to William Regal and Lance Storm for a Place in the Fatal Four Way Tag Match at Judgement Day, then Bradshaw snapped. He savagely attacked his best friend, and officially went his separate way.
The following week, Bradshaw arrived to Smackdown in a Limo, dressed for success, and the attitude adjustment was complete. Bradshaw introduced himself as John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. No longer a beer drinker, or someone that got paid to beat people up, he wanted to be himself, and once again, he vowed to make sure he made the Wrestlemania card next year.
Bret Hart then informed JBL that his first singles match would be at Judgment Day, against his former friend, Ron Simmons aka Faarooq. JBL wasn’t pleased to say the least. Just ten days before the event, JBL and Faarooq ended up face to face, which soon turned into a brawl, which JBL came out on top of.
This Sunday, these two go at it to settle the score. Is JBL right that Simmons held him back?? Or was Faarooq the main man of the APA?? It goes down this Sunday, at Judgement Day.

In a meeting of two of the toughest men in the wrestling business, Smackdown’s Colour Commentator, Tazz, steps into the ring for the first time in over three years, in a match all about pride.
Six weeks ago, Goldberg savagely attacked Michael Cole, and blindsided Tazz after a defeat, leaving both men in a terrible state.
The following week, Tazz was hell bent on revenge on Goldberg, and made his point clear that he wouldn’t be bullied by anyone, giving Goldberg a taste of his own medicine, attacking the bigger man.
After this, the two engaged in a bitter war of words, ending up in another brawl, this time with Goldberg coming out on top. The two men continued to brawl in the coming weeks, with neither set to back down, and eventually, they agreed to face off at Judgement Day, but on that night, Tazz left Goldberg with a chilling message, a message he backed up on the same night, “Tap Out, or Choke Out”. Tazz then demonstrated this, choking out Goldberg at Madison Square Garden. Tazz also left his nemesis one other message that night…“Beat me if you can…SURVIVE if I let you”.
The two men then on the final edition of Smackdown leading to this Sundays event, engaged in another war of words, this though, it didn’t come down to any fighting, instead they left it for Judgement Day. Can Tazz roll back the years and defeat the loose cannon in Goldberg?? Or will he simply be NEXT??

In terms of Championships, this Sunday see’s three defended. The first of those is the Tag Team Championships, which have been vacant since the holders, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were drafted to Raw.
Bret Hart made the decision that the titles would remain vacant until Judgement Day, where four teams will battle it out, in an Elimination Style Match, with the winners becoming the NEW Champions.
The four teams to qualify would eventually end up being; The Dudley Boyz, who defeated Akio & Sakoda to qualify, La Resistance, who beat off Rikishi and Scotty for their place, whilst the APA were defeated by the team of William Regal and Lance Storm, and the fourth team to qualify where America’s Most Wanted, who defeated the Basham Brothers to earn their spot.
Since the four teams qualified, the last three weeks on Smackdown has seen a number of matches take place between the teams. Sylvain Grenier took on Chris Harris, in a match which Harris came out on top. Lance Storm cheated to overcome Bubba Dudley, James Storm lost out to William Regal, thanks to Brass Knucks, whilst Robert Conway was beaten by D’ Von Dudley. Then last week on Smackdown, D’ Von teamed up with Chris Harris, to take on Lance Storm and Robert Conway. Storm and Conway came out on top, after Harris and D’ Von got into a fight with each other.
Coming into Sunday’s match, it looks like Regal and Storm have the momentum, but that doesn’t guarantee the titles…

In the second of three championship matches, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship belt will be on the line, as the challenger, Paul London, looks to taste the gold for the first time in his career, but he needs to defeat the king of the cruiserweight division, the man who has been the lynchpin of the division for the past year, Chavo Guerrero, who will be backed up by his father, Chavo Classic.
In the last year, Chavo has held the Cruiserweight title a total of three times. He defeated Rey Mysterio in mid July, then lost the belt to the Hurricane at Survivor Series, but won the belt back just four weeks later from the Hurricane.
Then, at No Way Out, Tajiri ousted Chavo as Cruiserweight Champion, but once again, Chavo was holding the gold a mere five weeks later, beating Tajiri and four other men in a six pack challenge at WrestleMania.
Perhaps then, it’s safe to say that Chavo’s assumption of Paul London as a “Flavour of the Month” is justified. London appears to be following in the footsteps of Hurricane and Tajiri, getting the upper hand over Chavo for a number of weeks, until the final match, where Chavo finds a way to walk away with the gold, but London disagrees.
Paul London believes he will defeat Chavo at Judgement Day, and rule the Cruiserweight Division for months and years to come. He has been the most exciting prospect in the division since WrestleMania, and it looks as if he has Chavo’s number over the past four weeks.
This Sunday, Paul London will have the chance to prove he is more than a flavour of the month, and make Chavo eat his words, but the champion also has the chance to prove his point that London will be no more than a flash in the pan. Who will be right, who will be wrong?? More importantly, who will be champion, and who will have nothing??

Then, it’s the main event. Six men will do battle for the WWE Championship, inside a structure surrounded by two miles of chain, weighing ten tonnes, known simply, as the Elimination Chamber.
On April 21st, Smackdown General Manager made the announcement that six of the premier superstars will do battle in the Devil’s Playground after weeks of arguments, clumsiness on the General managers part, controversy, and so much more.
After The Rock became the WWE Champion on March 20th at WrestleMania, the list of challengers wanting a title shot has been endless.
With the bickering seemingly endless, Bret Hart took the first step towards ending the #1 Contender status mess, and declared a three week series, where eight men would begin, until one became the #1 Contender to face The Rock. Four one on one matches took place, with the four winners going on to meet in a Fatal Four Way, and the winner of that match would move on to face The Rock in Los Angeles on April 14th.
Kurt Angle advanced, defeating Christopher Nowinski…… Goldberg tapped out to the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit……Triple H overcame the challenge of Matt Hardy, and thanks to Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero advanced over Brock Lesnar.
The Fatal Four Way was where the controversy kicked in…Kurt Angle pinned Triple H, gaining a three count, but un noticed to the referee, Triple H had his foot on the rope.
Enter Chris Jericho. Y2J asked Bret Hart to include him in the title picture, and Bret did so, in his own way, giving Jericho the bait, that if he could call the Angle - Rock match down the middle, he would be in line for a title shot. Jericho obliged.
But Triple H wouldn’t step aside. He forced Bret Hart to offer him a reward too, for the ‘screw job’ the previous week. Bret was backed into a corner, knowing that HHH was in the right, and told Hunter, if he didn’t attack Angle in the title match, he too would be in line for a title opportunity down the road. Triple H listened carefully, and agreed.
In the Title match, Chris Jericho was close to cracking and loosing his cool with both men, but in the end, it was Triple H who couldn’t keep away, and attacked The Rock, causing the DQ.
Bret confronted Triple H, and told him he just cost himself a title match, but Hunter reminded Bret that he never said anything about touching The Rock.
The following week, Kurt Angle demanded a rematch after never losing…Chris Jericho demanded his promise to be fulfilled, as did Triple H. Bret Hart then hit all three with the bombshell…at Judgment Day, The Rock would defend against Angle, Jericho, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit…inside the Elimination Chamber.
The story doesn’t end there…the following week, all six men faced off in an over the top rope battle royal, with the winner being the last man to enter the Elimination Chamber at Judgement Day. In the end, it was Chris Jericho being the man to enter last, winning the battle royal.
Following that, Triple H then realised he needed an edge. He wouldn’t be entering last, so he needed something else, and he found it…in Brisbane, he orchestrated a plot to have the other five men at one another’s throat, and it worked perfectly. All five opponents bought it, and without lifting a hand, Triple H was now in the driving seat.
Despite being rumbled three days prior to Judgement Day, Triple H still comes into Judgement Day unscathed, with the other five men fighting it out once again, this time battling over who would get at The game first.
Now with Judgement Day 48 hours away, it’s Triple H in the driving seat, with the other five men lagging behind.
With Chris Jericho being last to enter, will he be the one to cut The Rock’s title reign short?? Can Eddie Guerrero, the United States Champion Lie, Cheat and Steal his way to victory?? Will Kurt Angle reach the promised land for a seventh time, and a sixth WWE Championship?? Or will Chris Benoit FINALLY fulfil what he believes to be his destiny, and win the WWE Title?? Has The Game played a masterstroke, or will his plan back fire, with five men after his blood in a small confine?? Or, can The Rock come through the Satan Structure, still holding the gold?? It all goes own this Sunday, on PPV.

Any last minute predictions?? Judgement Day will be up Sunday, 3pm (UK time that is. God knows what time it is in the rest of the world.)

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