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Re: Being the booker

Great Shows man. The Banners and posters are great as well. Great job from Calum.


I like the way you started off the show, with Evolution calling out Orton and asking for an apology. This fued should be great and I would be surprised not to see Orton take on Batista at the next PPV.

Carlito's being used well.

I cant wait for the Undertaker and DX to come to blows. Will The Undertaker be going at it alone though?

WGTT wins again is great. I will be very unhappy when they lose the titles lol.

Loving the Christian push, hopefully we will see Christian/Cena at the next Raw PPV. Although I want Christian to be the champ, Cena isn't ready to lose it yet.

Edge/Cena next week will be great, cant wait. Raw this week gets a 9/10.


Nice way to start off the show with Triple H talking about his plan and then the 5 superstars coming out, which made him shutup. Elimination Chamber is going to be amazing.

Great idea with the tag match with seperate partners. I knew one of the teams would start fighting, nice way to make it the face teams.

London foils Chavo's plans again. Nice touch.

Nice interview with Jericho and great promo between Austin/Heyman/Lesnar. Really in character.

Simon Dean getting the advantage of the Kish' is another nice touch. You are really pushing the heel's in the past couple weeks.

Trememendous interview by Beniot. He sure sounds "Hungry". LoL.

Goldberg beats Josh Matthews? Didnt see that coming :P . Great to see more buildup between Goldberg and Taz. I mean Tazz. lol

Nice 10 man tag match with Triple H getting the advantage again. Triple H is an evil genious!

Nice way to finish the show with Lesnar going crazy and Heyman getting suspended. I wonder how Lesnar will do well on Smackdown without Heyman?

Great Smackdown and great buildup to Judgement Day. 9.5/10


The Rock retains at Judgement Day. You have really put the focus on everyone but The Rock lately, so I see The Rock slipping through the cracks and retaining.

AMW wins the tag titles.

Chavo retains the CW title. I dont know why I just think that Chavo will pull what seems like an upset, after London's luck lately.

Austin beats Lesnar. I see the fued ending with Austin coming up on top.

Tazz beats Goldberg. Tazz seems for real lately and if we see "Taz", then I see him winning.

JBL beats Ron Simmons. I want to see Simmons win but it seems like JBL is getting the push, while Farooq is getting pushed the other way.

Simon Dean beats Rikishi by cheating.

Cant wait for Judgement Day!

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