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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

August 1, 2001- Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky- 2:18PM

Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, and Steve Borden were backstage in the Freedom Hall, the site of tonightís Wednesday Nitro. The three men have been having a meeting for the past hour and eighteen minutes, and are currently wrapping up their meeting. The main talks have been about Stingís return to TV, and what all to do with the feud involving Booker T/Ric Flair, and Jeff Jarrett/Scott Steiner/Mike Awesome. Right now, they are talking about who Booker T should drop the strap to. However, this has been a peaceful meeting. Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair have gotten along smoothly, almost as if they were friends.

Eric Bischoff: Okay, so are we in agreement Booker drops the title to either Jeff Jarrett or Scott Steiner?

Steve Borden: Itís the best idea to do. I agree with it fully.

Ric Flair: I think the idea is great Bischoff; Steiner or Jarrett would be good choices to win the World Heavyweight Title off of Booker T. However, if I make a suggestion, I really think we should go with Jeff Jarrett over Scott Steiner.

Ric Flair threw out his bait, now he waits for Eric Bischoff to go after him. However, it was Borden that called out his suggestion.

Borden: And why should we go with Jeff over Steiner?

Bischoff: Yeah Ric, you donít own him a guaranteed World Title reign, now do ya?

Bischoff and Borden start laughing, knowing that what Eric said was a complete and total joke. Good thing they laughed too because that meant they couldnít see the shock on Flairís face when Bischoff said that. Flairís jaw dropped, and his eyes widened. After seeing the two laughing though, he realized Eric was joking. He forced out a laugh.

Flair: Ha, ha, that was a joke funny joke, Eric.

Bischoff: I thought it was a pretty nice one seeing as ya know, thatís something I did left and right back in the day.

The trio all share laughs again.

Bischoff: But speaking of the old days, Ric, and you to Steve, I want to apologize to you both. I was a creep back then. I screwed you both over to make my name more famous, to make my creation more famous. I had no one to stop me, and I screwed you both over and over again. Now, thankfully, something like that wonít happen at least; I have you two to control me. But thatís not the point. The point is, I apologize to you Steve for forcing you to basically go on a year long hiatus, and screwing over your Title reign at Starrcade Ď97.

Borden: The Lord forgives all sins, and as do I. Youíre forgiven in my eyes Eric, and are a new man.

Bischoff: Thank you, Steve. And Ric, well, I think we all know what Iíve done to you. I tried to fire you; I tried to humiliate you. I tried to turn you into a laughing stock, and ruin your legendary name. I apologize for that sincerely. I hope I have made myself up in your eyes because you have in mine. Iíve changed the way I look at you. I now see you as the legend you are, and an all around great man who I have utmost respect for.

Bischoff and Flair share a smile. Ric on the inside however, was yelling at himself. Bischoff now basically thought of him as a friend, but Ric was screwing over both Steve and Eric, and the company. He made that secret deal with Jeff Jarrett, promising him a guaranteed World Heavyweight title reign. He launched himself into a feud with Jeff, and made him a bigger star. He has set Jeff up for a title reign, and has almost seemingly become obsessed with Jeff. Ever since the meeting began, The Nature Boy had talked about Jeff Jarrett. He praised Jeffís charisma and ring work a lot, and now once again that there was a silence, he started to talk about Jeff again, almost as if he had word vomit.

Flair: I donít believe I ever said why Jeff should be champion, didnít I?

Bischoff: No you didnít say why, but I thought we kind of moved on from Jeff and the World Title thanks to my joke.

Flair: I guess we did, but thatís not the point. I should explain it. Jeff is the best talent we have in WCW. His ring work is as solid as it can be, both in a technical and brawling manner. His ring psychology and in-ring charisma is great, and he can work the mic and the crowd really well too.

Borden: We know, Ric, youíve said all this stuff about five times now.

Flair: OhÖ right.

Borden and Flair shared an uncomfortable stare. Bischoff saw it, and seemed to be thinking the same thing Borden was. What was Flairís deal with Jarrett? They both realized he had been talking about Jeff profusely in their meeting lately, and it almost seemed like Ric was in love with the man. However, before anything could be discussed about it, Flair escaped the future problem.

Flair: Well hey guys, look at the time, itís already 2:35. The pre-show meeting begins in ten minutes, and the taping starts at four. We better get out of here and go to the pre-show meeting with the talent.

Flair gets up out of his chair, and heads for the door. Bischoff and Borden stay seated.

Flair: Uh, are you two coming?

Bischoff and Borden give an uneasy stare at one another, but start to get to their feet.

Borden: YeahÖ weíre coming.

Bischoff and Borden walked out of the room with Flair, and headed towards the meeting. However, both men were suspicious on what was going on between Flair and Jarrett. Something was up, but they had no idea just what it could be.

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