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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry this is a bit late, KOP

Good video package to kick things off. I would have liked a little more emphasis on the Rated RKO domination of the WWE, but I expect we might get that at WrestleMania.

Yeah, like Wolfy, I had Carlito/Hardy or Hardy/Dykstra down as the match that would kick off the show, so a strange choice with Punk and Regal getting that honour. I say that because it is essentially a glorified squash match, and there was never any doubt that Punk would go over. One thing I don't like is the way you have Punk use the GTS and then lock in the Anacona Vise. It seems like you're making the GTS look a bit weak. One or the other should win the match I feel.

Wow, Rated RKO really do > the WWE right now. The fact that this stable is still together and on different shows is awesome. Shouldn't Paul Burchill be with them though??

I'm glad that you're actually making Carlito's heel turn more of a gradual thing, rather than just rush it right away. You did the same with Batista last year. Nice little tweenerish interview with Maria before the IC match with Hardy. I'm a bit gutted that 'Lito didn't get the win and the title, but I loved the way he couldn't put Jeff away and so had to resort to heelish tactics {spitting apple} which ended up costing him the match in the end. This feud isn't over I imagine, as, like Wolfy said, these two are essentials for Raw's MITB entrants {along with Haas or Flair}. Hardy is a bit stale as the Champ too, so I hope a heel Carly gets the belt soon.

Bit of a wierd segment from Benjamin and Burke to be honest. You should bring in Teddy Long to be their manager if this is the roaf you're taking with them. "down with the brown" I guess these kind of skits is all The Gold Standards will have until they get some genuine competition for the titles.

Yes, yes, yes, YES, it's so good to see Charlie Haas finally getting the kind of push in this thread that you've hinted at doing before. Wolfy pushed him but ended it quickly, and now, me, you, and Mac are all pushing him, so Haas > BTB now. Loved the way you mixed up the Submissions in the match, as Haas is probably more technically sound that Flair in terms of how many holds he knows. Making Flair tap out clean to the Figure Four is absolutely huge for Charlie, and if he isn't in MITB now it'll be a huge, huge waste. Flair will probably start to fade out now, but the future sure does look bright for the Submission Specialist

Interesting boast from Hunter. I'll be interested to see this promo with Angle on Raw, as it will be the first time they've been in the same ring since Trips attacked Kurt on SmackDown!

Wierd and intriguing situation between JBL and Edge. I know JBL is heel and all, and still technically active, but would he really go to that much effort to protect Edge??

No real surprise that Hardy retains the U.S Championship, and does so with relative ease. Dykstra isn't at Matt's level yet, so he was never really in with a chance. Not sure why Kenny and Ashley are arguing already in their relationship, but at least Ashley seems to have turned heel. Either man could be in MITB, although I find that unlikely for Kenny at this early point of his career. Perhaps Matt will face off against Rey at 'Mania for the U.S title, giving you the chance to put someone else in the MITB match from SD??

Nice to see Jericho and HBK get some interraction. I'd prefer some more tension between the two of them, but, honestly, I can't see them winning tonight at all.

Wow, I think I knew a heel turn was on the cards for Heyman ... but I thought it would come much later in the year Awesome way for him to do it as well, nailing RVD in mid-air. Could this be the start of the whole 'New Breed' angle again?? Kennedy and Cor Von really don't need a mouthpiece so let them keep talking on ECW please. With KK pinning RVD, I can see Van Dam getting revenge at WM by pinning Ken to win the belt. As for Cor Von, did you say there will be ECW superstars in the MITB match?? Get The Alpha Male in there now

Oh, right, with Mysterio saying he's "moving on to better things" tahn the U.S title, I would imagine he'll be going after the MITB briefcase this year. I hope he doesn't win it though

I really love the idea of Victoria-Beth Phoenix getting it on at WrestleMania. This could very well be one of the most physical women's matches in ages. I thought Mickie would get the duke, but her and Vickie has been done to death, and Beth is definately fresh. I hotly anticipate their 'Mania encounter now.

Semi-Main Event time with BOD versus 'Mags/'Tista. at how Batista and Kane were only there to make up the numbers. This was all about Umaga and Taker, plain and simple. I though Kane would be pinned by 'Maga, but the beast pinning the Deadman was absolutely awesome. Taker is obviously coming out on top come 'Mania, but the weeks up to that event will likely feature the Samoan just straight up murdering the Phenom's ass. The Kane/Batista situation needs to end NOW Batista just has way too much credibility to have a 'Mania feud with Kane, as the BRM is washed up beyond belief. End it quick.

WOAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!! Porter beat Cena????? Damn, that is so awesome, KOP, and I never saw it coming. I thought MVP would just be a stepping stone for Cena to Finlay, not the other way around. The finished worked excellently too, with Hornswoggle taking one for the team and Montel using his $ chain. The beat down to Cena's leg afterwards was brutal too, really giving Finlay an almighty push too. I'm torn between which match I want to be a Street Fight {any kind of Hardcore really}, Finlay-Cena or Angle-Hunter?? Either will be brilliant. As for MVP, if he's not in MITB or at least at 'Mania after this huge win, it'll be an injustice. He could realistically win MITB after a result like this.

Wolfy made his predictions, so I'll make mine too: Carlito, Jeff, and Haas from Raw; Mysterio, MVP and Punk from SD!; and Cor Von and Sabu from ECW

Another wild Main Event, just like on SmackDown! I would have preferred a match like this on SNME, with Edge having a title defence on this show rather. Jericho the sacrificial lamb and all that jazz until JBL gets involved again Just what the hell is going on with him?? Assaulting HBK twice in three days?? His agenda should be made clear on Friday Night. Another big story though, as Orton pins Jericho clean as a whistle. Orton's a complete beast at the moment; I'd even say more so than Edge. I actually thought that Orton would retain at 'Mania, since he only just won the title at Survivor Series, but with thising owning of Y2J, could we see the King of the World on top of the world again???

A very, very solide NWO recap, KOP, with you sublime booking skills showing yet again. Everything has me intrigued leading into 'Mania now, especially the JBL situation. You also gave some huge pushes tonight to Cor Von, MVP and Finlay. I can't wait for Raw Roulette
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