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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Another top of the range video package. A lot of No Way Outs at the end, lol.

Nice to mention that it's the first ever tri brand event. History in the making.

Punk and Regal opening was an odd choice imo, as there were many matches that had potential to kick this shin dig off. It's a prominent spot for Punk though, with the responsibility of opening a PPV, and it's a good win too, beating a veteran figure like Regal, and in style.

Good touch to have Orton & Edge arrive together. Shows their bond as a unit.

Carlito & Hardy would certainly be a match to whet the appetite. Strong pre match promo from CCC, and sets the seeds of doubt over Hardys ability to retain the title, given how well put together the heel turn has been. Had a feeling once you made the point of saying the match didnt get much time that Hardy would keep the gold. This feud certainly has a lot more mileage in it before it's all said and done. Both men should get a MITB spot at WM, then their feud will likely explode after that for a month or two.

Was the Golden Standard skit ssupposed to be a piss take of Cryme Tyme?? If so, that'd be cool, and we might even see the usual laid back Cryme Tyme get a little worked up ... or not. Thinking or not .

Whoa. Haas gets the submission win ... with the patented Figure Four. MITB beckons for Haas surely @ WM, but god knows what is next for Flair now. If this is the start of a major push for Haas, it better be kept up as good as it's started. Whether he'll have longevity in the upper tier is questionable, and will likely be the greatest challenge you'll face in this push.

Given it's hype, the HHH - Angle showdown on Raw damn sure better not disappoint.

So, was the JBL in ring return a one off?? And surely as SD GM, his investment is the main event of WM, not just Edge?? EXPLANATIONS REQUIRED~!!

No surprises that Matt Hardy holds onto the U.S Championship, but big things lie ahead for Dykstra. I dont think he'll be in for a WM spot, unless there is a big battle royal, but his push will steadily continue following the big one. Hardy I'd guess has a spot in MITB waiting for him, and he wouldnt surprise me as a winner. Hope you arent breaking up Dykstra and Ashley so soon. I'd love to see a volatile relationship between the two for a long period, where they just yell at each other all the time. Would be like a real life relationship

Lots of backstage shenanigans this evening it seems. Good to see interaction between HBK & Y2J though since it's obvious Edge & Orton are on the same page.

Now, now. There's a shocker. Didnt see the Heyman heel turn coming. This could be the shot in the arm that the ECW brand needs, even if a Heyman heel turn isnt exactly earth shattering. It could well build a spark to make the ECW show a must see piece of television each week. The explanation though will be what makes or breaks the heel turn and the whole angle itself imo. From the aftermath, I'd guess that Heyman has a new vision for ECW and it doesnt include Originals. Good win to add credibility to Kennedy & Cor Von, and surely Kennedy will be the first to hold the ECW Title.

MITB for Mysterio anyone?? He'd be an awesome addition to the pack imo.

Now, this came as a huge surprise. I fully expected Mickie James to get the nod, but it's the Glamazon going to WM instead. Not complaining. I like the element of surprise as much as anyone, and it's not like Phoenix is inferior to Mickie in terms of ability (unless you're Mac). Could be a real barn burner of a womens match at WM with two tremendous female grapplers going for the gold. New champion imo.

Big man tag match is up, and indeedy, I called it as it went ... clean win for Youmanga (If your name is Willy Regal). As you said, it wasnt meant to be a special match, just more for the purpose of hype for Mania. Please god dont let Batista & Kane loose one on one at WM. That match alone kills the show for me (overstating it a bit maybe ). Kane is done, plain and simple. Put the guy out to pasture. Taker & Youmanga at Mania reeks of RATINGS!!! Streak remains in tact, but Umaga to really give the Deadman a fright methinks.

Pleased that MVP didnt want to listen to Finlays words of advice. This could well be his break out match.

AND BALLIN!!! MVP with an enormous win to boost his SD profile. Certain to get a spot at WM (MITB anyone??), and with this win, he could instantly perch himself into position for a U.S Title shot (although a Hardy - MVP BTB feud wouldnt go down well atm, given their really long rivalry). In the end, despite predicting it, I didnt think MVP would win once Finlay was kicked out, but you gave us a surprise, and MVP, thanks in part to Hornswoggle scores the biggest of wins for his fledgling career, taking out Cena.

Aftermath with Finlay making his opresence felt just about telegraphs a bout with Cena at Mania, which I'll look forward to. It;s not quite a headline making match that you'd expect Cena to get, but it shouldnt disappoint, that's for sure.

BTW, as a sidenote - MITB predictions; Carlito, Jeff, Haas, Matt, MVP, Rey. All six predictions made on this show .

NOW IT'S TIME FOR OUR MAIIIIIIN EVENT. TM Todd Grisham. Adamle>Grisham>Cole>J.R . Hmmmm. Back to the point. This could certainly become an annual tradition, with champions vs challengers, although maybe next year it could be at SNME, rather than the PPV. All seems to be your by the numbers big tag main event ... until JBL interjects himself. Firstly no showing to his music, just as it seems Michaels has it wrapped up, then a sneak attack. Just what is his motive for this vendetta though?? . I <3 you. Clean Orton win over Jericho was just what the doctor ordered, and hey presto, we now have a strong champion on Raw heading into Mania. THAT QUICK, THAT SUDDEN!!! Orton with an RKO ends this as quick as a flash, and sets up the chase nicely for Jericho over on Raw now. But we need answers as JBL's involvement. It's extremely interesting to say the least right now, but why JBL?? WHY??? Looking forward to answers.

Gotta say, you're just hitting form at the right time KOP. Plenty of talking points coming from this badboy; Heyman heel turn, Umaga pinning Taker clean, MVP over Cena, JBL involving himself with Edge & HBK. The interest is beginning to suddenly peak, and you can blow the roof off the WM build up if the Angle - HHH showdown goes down well. It;s looking rosy in the garden of UTF, just at the right time
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