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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

No Way Out Review:

Great opening video, as it fit well with the theme of No Way Out. The event being a tri-branded event is a great idea as well. Decent opening match between Punk and Regal. At first look, I thought that it was too much to have Regal be hit with the GTS and then tap out to the Anaconda Vice, but it works as it effectively puts over Punk, and I guess ends the feud between the two.

Rated RKO has arrived! The Main Event should be a great match. As far as Carlito's comments before his upcoming match, while good I see Jeff retaining the title here tonight.

Not surprised to see Jeff get the win and retain the title. Also due to the amount of matches on the card, not surprised that this match wasn't given much time.

Benjamin/Burke as a tag team and champions=Ratings! Great name for the team as well. I saw that you mentioned that you plan to do this storyline with the two of them back in the discussion thread. This should be an interesting storyline based on how you book it.

Surprised to see Hass get the win over Flair in this type of match, but like you mentioned the point was to get Hass over in this thread.

I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow on Raw between Hunter and Angle. I see a possible Mania match between the two to take place though, imo.

Matt and Kenny's match while good and for a title, seemed more like a filler match. Hardy wins as expected, as really it never seemed like either of the two titles that were on the line tonight were going to change hands.

What a tag match! Heyman turning on Van Dam was kind of expected, as honestly it is starting to become the norm recently in BTBs with ECW coming in as a third brand or team, with Heyman turning on the originals and aligning himself with the heels. With that said Kennedy and Cor Von getting the win is huge, and it looks like Kennedy vs. Van Dam might take place at Mania 23.

Beth Phoenix is back in this thread and...she is going to Mania to face Victoria for the Women's Championship! What a match that is going to be, IMO! After the post match showdown between the two, it looks like Beth might just become the NEW Women's Champion.

Heyman and company quickly high tail it out of the arena via limo. Hopefully a good promo will come from them on the next ECW show in this thread.

The tag match was as you put it simply a way to hype up the two feuds between the four men involved in the match! Umaga pinning Taker was huge, but really in a sense makes it certain that the two will face off at Mania, in which should be a huge match!

MVP gets the huge win in this match over Cena! Should MVP be in MITB at Mania, I think that he should win it, because he deserves it, IMO.

Excellent Main Event! Smackdown GM, JBL, interfering and hitting the CLH to Michaels was great booking. Great counter from Orton to Jericho leading to the RKO and the 1-2-3 pinfall and victory for the champs! Great way to end the show with the champs and JBL standing tall to end the show.

Even though this PPV was in recap form, it still was well booked and progressed the feuds in a great way. Looking forward to the buildup for Mania in this thread, and then Mania 23 which I'm sure is going to be an excellent PPV here in BTB!

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