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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Presents No Way Out
Sunday February 18, 2007
Sacramento, California
Official Theme Song: Powertrip by Monster Magnet

2nd Annual Champions vs. Contender's Match
Randy Orton (c) and Edge (c) vs. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels

Nobody could have seen the random pairing of Rated RKO back in the Summer of 2006 but nobody could have seen the reunion coming either. After coming to blows on the Raw after SummerSlam Randy Orton won a match to earn a spot on the Raw roster sending Edge back to Smackdown. But what is even more random is now the pairing of Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. We all know the history Jericho and HBK have dating back to 2003 but it struck up once again last summer. Jericho owns a victory over Michaels now where he forced the Heart Break Kid to tap out at Vengeance. But now Jericho has found a change of heart and despite failing to appear on Smackdown two weeks ago when HBK was beat down, Jericho and HBK seem to be at one another's side now (at least for tonight that is) Edge finds himself competing in another Champions versus Contender's match after he competed in one at last year's Saturday Night's Main Event before WrestleMania 22. But this year is different. Can Rated RKO get along despite their recent differences and the main problem is will Jericho and HBK be able to stay on the same page? But maybe the main question is why did JBL attack Shawn Michaels on Smackdown this past Friday? Will we get an answer at No Way Out or could we expect to see the Smackdown GM out there once again?

Inter-Promotional Tag Team Match
The Brothers of Destruction vs. Batista and Umaga

This will not be the first time BOD has teamed together at No Way Out as they teamed together back in 2000 at No Way Out. But things change over seven years and for the first time in six years Kane and the Undertaker are back together again at least for one night. Why you ask? Their soul mission is to take down the two men that have bothered both of them for months upon months. Each man has a history with one another including the storied rivalry between the Undertaker and Batista, Umaga and Kane's differences but most recently Umaga has been having problems with Undertaker and Batista the same with Kane. So Smackdown GM John Bradshaw Layfield saw fit to book the matchup at No Way Out to let all four men settle their problems. Will BOD reign supreme in their first tag match together in six years or will the tandem of Umaga and Batista surprise everybody and run through their respective rivals?

Extreme Rules Tag Team Match
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Mr. Kennedy and Marcus Cor Von

For weeks Mr. Kennedy and Rob Van Dam have been at one another's throats. Ever since that cold night in January when Paul Heyman drafted Mr. Kennedy and RVD to ECW the fans have watched both men go at it. Kennedy's move to ECW shocked the fans and many wondered why Heyman would pick a superstar such as Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy has already booked his spot in the ECW Extreme Rules Title Tournament Finals against the winner of next week's match with Rob Van Dam vs. Stevie Richards. On the other side of things Marcus Cor Von burst onto the scene on the February 6th episode of ECW whenever he Pounced Sabu right through a table eliminating Sabu from the tournament. Cor Von came in and made an impact immediately stating that he is here to wreck havoc on the roster of ECW. Now with two best friends and ECW originals in RVD and Sabu having problems already having problems with two non-Originals, the question is can RVD and Sabu stop these two men. Or will Kennedy and Cor Von continue on their rolls that they have been on since ECW started off three weeks ago?

Inter-Promotional Match
John Cena vs. MVP w/ Finlay

Finlay made it clear to MVP that he "wasn't doing this for Finlay but that MVP was doing it for himself" What started off as a simple elimination in the Royal Rumble shortly after became personal. Cena and Finlay battled for close to 20 minutes in the Royal Rumble before Cena dumped Finlay out. But thanks to the help of Hornswoggle, Finlay was able to dump Cena out exacting the revenge. Cena came to Smackdown the following week wanting Finlay at No Way Out but Finlay stated that he couldn't wrestle at No Way Out but that he found somebody for him to do his buisness. Enter MVP. MVP was weary at first not wanting to do anything for anybody but himself but after the pep talk from Finlay it became clear just how big this match could be for MVP if he were to win. Can Cena steer clear of the obstacle that is MVP and head to Finlay or will MVP pull out the biggest win of his career yet?

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Carlito

A change in attitude of Carlito has become apparent and it all started back in January on Raw. Shortly after Hardy defeated Carlito in a non-title match. What started off as a friendly match on Raw has now become personal. Carlito, a former Intercontinental Champion, has been gunning for his first singles title since 2005. Shortly after Carlito suffered a loss at the hands of Hardy, Carlito was shown to be very visibly distraught in the ring. Carlito was shown slapping the mat in anger but this didn't bother the fans. They still loved Carlito and they even loved him when he beat Hardy in the middle of the ring clean. But what occured over the following few weeks would change things. Carlito had gained his "edge" back that he had when he first came into the company. Carlito had gained back that side of him that showed why he was the coolest superstar around. No matter who it was Carlito made sure that he was going to "spit in the face of people who weren't cool" and he first did that to the backstage interviewer Maria. Now that both men have a singles win over one another could we see a new champion crowned? Or will Hardy keep his momentum heading into WrestleMania 23 with the title around his waist?

Inter-Promotional #1 Contender's Divas Battle Royal
Winner Faces Victoria at WrestleMania 23
Candice vs. Maria vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Ashley Massaro vs. Jillian vs. Kristal vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Trinity

Ten divas all vying for a shot at the Women's Championship at WrestleMania. All ten divas stand a good chance of winning but it's been Mickie James that has shown her worth the past few weeks. Mickie has gained wins over numerous divas including Melina and even Victoria in tag team action. But all ten divas has a stake as to why they deserve a spot in the match at WrestleMania. Could we see a shock win from someone like a former Playboy model in Candice or Torrie Wilson, a Smackdown surprise such as Ashley, Kristal, or Jillian, or even an ECW vixen in Trinity or Kelly Kelly.

Submission Match
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "The Suplex Specialist" Charlie Haas

Rewind back to August of 2006 and you can remember Charlie Haas holding his tag team sign ups. As crazy as it sounded they worked because he found a tag team partner in Ric Flair. Flair was fresh off the Steel Cage Showdown at the time and needed to take a break from the big scene. So Flair agreed to help breed Haas into a future star. Flair and Haas eventually went on to win the World Tag Team titles from MNM at Unforgiven before holding the titles until the Royal Rumble just three weeks ago. Flair lost the match due to miscommunication costing his team the titles but Haas promised it was ok. Haas and Flair both competed in the Royal Rumble later that night and shortly after Haas was eliminated we thought he was gone for the night. Well we were wrong! Haas helped with the elimination of Flair and beat down on his mentor after Flair's elimination. Ever since then Flair has vowed revenge on Haas. Haas asked for this Submission match to not only prove that he is the "Suplex Specialist" but that he is a "Submission Specialist" Haas even took it far enough to take on Flair's son Reid who is training in OVW and keep the Haas of Pain locked in possibly ending the career of Reid that has yet to even start. The feud has been taken up a notch but the question is can Flair exact his revenge he desperately wants.

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Kenny Dykstra

Matt Hardy had been fighting Mr. Kennedy for nearly a year before finally he was able to reach his dream and earn the United States title at the Royal Rumble. Shortly after Hardy was being pestered by a young up and comer on Smackdown in the form of Kenny Dykstra and his new girlfriend Ashley Massaro. Kenny asked for a match against Hardy on the February 2nd episode of Smackdown before he fell unsuccesful but was able to gain a clean win on February 9th to set up this match. However the following week Dykstra made his claim that he is the future of the WWE and that the United States title will very well be his in the near future. Can Dykstra end the three week reign of Hardy before it even gets off it's feet or will Hardy roll right through Dykstra?

Grudge Match
CM Punk vs. William Regal w/ Dave Taylor

It's evident that William Regal is jealous of the success that CM Punk has brought to the table in his one and a half month run so far on Smackdown. After debuting on the first Smackdown of 2007 Punk has yet to lose a match and Regal clearly is jealous of this. It also doesn't help that Punk has wins over Regal and his friend and partner Dave Taylor in singles matches! Regal exacted revenge though when Punk came so close to winning again two weeks ago in the form of brass knucks. Regal and Taylor did a beatdown on Punk giving him a lesson to learn. That is to not mess with the veterans. So will Punk be able to keep the streak in tact or will Regal give another lesson to the young rookie?


No Way Out 2006 Flashback

The Mexicools def. UKliq (Finlay, William Regal, and Paul Burchill)
JBL def. Bobby Lashley
Jamie Noble def. Kid Kash to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
MNM def. Brian Kendrick and Paul London in a Tornado Tag Elimination Match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships
Mr. Kennedy's Open Challenge: Mr. Kennedy def. Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio def. Booker T to retain the United States Championship
Randy Orton def. Chris Benoit
Christian def. The Undertaker in a Number One Contender's Match
Edge def. Batista to retain the World-Heavyweight Championship


Questions - 2 Points a Piece

1. Who will take the fall in the Champions versus Contenders Match?

2. Will any titles change hands? If so which ones?

3. Will there be any surprise apperances? If so whom?

4. Guess the card order in the order you feel they will take place. (One Point a Piece)

(You can get a total of 15 points if you get each one right)


Ok well that pretty much covers everything. I know a few more reviews might come in but that's ok becuase I had this preview ready and thought why not throw it up now. But um No Way Out will probably go up mid-week in recap form so don't expect much. Shortly after that the road to WrestleMania will "officially" kick off per say because once NWO is over most of the shows heat up. Reminder that the first Raw after NWO is Raw Roulette.

Oh and that No Way Out flashback thing is just a nostalgia thing for my thread. Those are the results that took place at last year's No Way Out. Most people are new around here and won't have read it or what not but yeah it's just a fun little thing to see how much has changed in a year, etc.

I'm going to start on reviews this week for Wolfy, Mac, and Legend and then get around to some other's hopefully. So yeah just check out the shows if you want and leave some predics and picks for NWO.

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