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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


ECW title finale has Kennedy vs RVD written all over it imo. I guess a Dreamer vs RVD match wouldnt be beyond the realms of possibility, but Kennedy & RVD looks like the likely contest.

Decent looking opening promo. As much as I have my gripes against this version of ECW, I must say that the push and direction of Kennedys character is one of the few positives to take atm. Cor Von gets himself involved for a beat down, and naturally after his random attack on Sabu last week, the Homicidal maniac looks for some old fashioned revenge. Tag match at NWO has potential, and is a steady addition to the show. I just wish you could give a little bit more of a story for why Cor Von has an issue with Sabu instead of just 'doing what he wants'.

Another win for Danny Doring, and I see already that he is going to be a player on this show. Couple more weeks of getting wins, and I think we'll soon see him develop a full blown feud with someone.

Looking forward to see how you handle The Mack. Just really pleased to see Theodore Long in his natural role .

Cor Von vs Nunzio. Pounce. The end.

Foley makes a random appearance, but I'm assuming next week when he appears we'll be seeing his next angle get kicked off, possibly / hopefully leading to a WM match for the Hardcore Icon. Cant imagine anything else it could be.

Nice to see ol' Stevie getting promo time. Highly doubt he'll be winning any championships though any time soon.

No shock that Kennedy is in the final of the ECW Title tournament, and I'd make him favourite for the win, leading to the chase from Van Dam for a long term feud. Two main events in two weeks for Dreamer, who'd a thunk it.


Friday Night Smackdown

YAY!!! Promo time for the PPV main event. This match definately needed a bit of promo time to give it some much needed hype. Looks like a little bit of tension now between the previously well oiled machine of Rated RKO. Anyway, 8 Man Tag tonight comes as a bit of a curveball, but could serve as useful build up for this Sunday, and I'd expect fireworks to create some carnage going into the main event on Sunday.

Burchill gets counted out like a wuss to Mysterio. TBH, I was expecting a by the numbers win for Rey, so the count out is an interesting finish. Does this feud have legs now to go a little further?? My guess is both men are heading for MITB. The feud itself doesnt have WM written on it, I dont think it would be strong enough to warrant a spot on the card, but they could keep their issue going if both went into MITB.

MVP is beating John Cena, and that win is going to send this guy over the freaking edge. Superstar is in the making imo, and Sunday is his platform .

Angle heading to Raw this week to see what The Game has up his sleeve. Already waiting with baited breath to see how it goes down.

I'd say D&D will be moving on to new challengers following the injury of Kendrick and the victory tonight, along with, of course, the on going feud with Noble. With Kendrick out of the picture, London looks primed to go it alone, and set his focus firmly on Noble, heading into Mania. I'm left scratching my head though, when it comes to trying to figure out opponents for the new tag champions. That's a situation I'll be keeping my beady eyes locked on in the coming weeks.

Punk beats Moore with no surprises. I'd be shocked if he lost to Regal at No Way Out. Seems like just another stepping stone to me, and surely a spot in the MITB match awaits him.

As much as I'm a fan of pushing different talent, I still dont want to see Hardy lose the U.S Title to Dykstra. After just winning the belt from Kennedy, Hardy deserves more. I'd imagine he'll get it too. Still, I do like the Dykstra / Ashley pairing .

Well, I'd guess that neither Yang or Chavo will be winning the #1 Contender match. That pick surely has to be a certain Paul London.

Little bit confused by the Batista segment tbh. Could he hear the noises or not?? Hard to tell by the contradictory descriptions given. Regardless, I've never been a fan of those type of segments, but it's par for the course when Takers involved .

HUH??? JBL making an in ring return?? That was sudden. Really surprised that this return to the ring was just thrown in, with no prior build up, or even any hints. Very shocking move. I wonder what the reasoning is for it??

Very, very peculiar end to this show. From the sudden JBL return announcement, to JBL taking out HBK?? Still, their team wins thanks to Orton pinning Henry, but it's a very odd set up on Smackdown right now. Just what is the deal with JBL????? Odd turn of events to say the least. It could well add another dimension to the Michaels - Edge feud @ WM, if there is a long term plan for JBL's actions. I hope that's the case. Could be an interesting No Way Out now with these recent developments surrounding Edge, Michaels & JBL. I'm actually quite excited to see where this goes, as it feels like it's been a while since this thread has had a really unique angle going on, and better still, it's right at the top of the card.

WWE No Way Out - Predictions:

2nd Annual Champions versus Contender's Match
Randy Orton (c) and Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho
Orton may have got the three count on SD, but that was against Mark Henry, so big whoop. He needs a big win, and it needs to be clean imo. RKO dead centre of the ring to Jericho should do the trick, and set the road for WM as Jericho looks to take the precious title away from Orton, despite a clean loss at this event.

Inter-Promotional Tag Match
The Brothers of Destruction vs. Batista and Umaga
Taker is a shoo in for a WM win, so he & Kane lose this one to at least give Umaga a little bit of a rub beforehand. Kane takes the fall though, not Taker.

Extreme Rules Tag Match
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Mr. Kennedy and Marcus Cor Von
Cheap heel tactics imo. It's also a perfect opportunity to put the heels over as 'hardcore', and on a par with RVD & Sabu.

Inter-Promotional Match
John Cena vs. MVP w/ Finlay
Path to superstardom starts here . It also sets up Cena and Finlay for WM.

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Carlito
Carlito completes his heel turn with a title belt, thanks to heelish tactics. Possibly feet on the ropes.

Inter-Promotional #1 Contender's Divas Battle Royal
Winner Faces Victoria at WrestleMania 23
Candice vs. Maria vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Ashley Massaro vs. Jillian vs. Kristal vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Trinity
Just because that is what is gonna happen. No doubt.

Submission Match
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "The Suplex Specialist" Charlie Haas
Hard to call. I was all set to bold Charlie Haas, but I've went with the legend instead. Not sure why, as I have a strong feeling that Haas is in line for a push, but meh, Flair to win is my call.

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Kenny Dykstra
Soon, but not yet for Dykstra. Hardy to retain, and this feud to maybe continue after all the WM buzz dies down. Then, a title switch is possible.

Grudge Match
CM Punk vs. William Regal
Punk is on the way up. Regal is on the way down. You do the math.
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