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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW on Sci-Fi
Tuesday February 13, 2007
Seattle, Washington

Joey Styles and Tazz hype tonight’s semi-final match, which will pit Mr. Kennedy taking on Tommy Dreamer and next week will see Rob Van Dam take on Stevie Richards. But first off down to the ring tonight comes Rob Van Dam! RVD talks about how great it is to see ECW up and running yet again and now that they are in their third week he feels that ECW is going to be around for a lot longer! RVD keeps talking for a bit before he gets interrupted of course by Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy and RVD get into a quarrel and Kennedy keeps on reminding the fans of how crappy the original ECW was and the only reason that it is here now is because of Mr. Kennedy! After Kennedy shouts his name he reminds the fans that despite him not wanting to be here he’s got a goal. He’s got to get the ECW Championship! Kennedy and RVD argue for a bit before Kennedy cheap shots Van Dam! Kennedy attacks RVD until we see the mysterious man from last week known as Marcus Cor Von appear. Cor Von attacks RVD along with Kennedy and out runs SABU! Sabu runs down the ramp with a chair as Cor Von and Kennedy ditch the ring! Sabu throws the chair to the outside daring either one of them to come out. Paul Heyman interrupts this saying that since Mr. Kennedy has a match tonight that this issue has to be solved another time! That is why this Sunday at No Way Out we’re going to be having an Extreme Rules Tag Match with Mr. Kennedy teaming with Marcus Cor Von to take on Rob Van Dam and Sabu!

First up after the commercial “Dashing” Danny Doring makes his way down to the ring. Doring cuts a small promo similar to last week’s about how he’s the NEW face of ECW and how he won’t be denied, etc. Down the ramp comes CW Anderson! Anderson and Doring put on a decent match that sees Doring of course get the victory this week but having to resort to using the tights! Anderson knows that Doring cheated to win as Doring rolls out of the ring grabbing his coat and making his way out of the arena!

Shortly after a video plays hyping the return of “The Bayou Beast” Rodney Mack. The video shows Mack’s clips in WWE back from 2003 and what not and how he ran rampant through all the white boys in his famous White Boy Challenge! The video ends with a still shot picture of Mack and Theodore Long standing together stating “Coming in two weeks”

After the break our second match of the night takes place as Marcus Cor Von goes one on one with Nunzio. Of course this match was used for Cor Von to make his in-ring debut and run right through Nunzio in the process. Mamaluke and Trinity at ringside try to get Nunzio into the match but it all goes down hill once Nunzio gets taken down with the Pounce! Cor Von hooks the leg of Nunzio who was shot literally halfway across the ring to get the win.

Backstage we see ECW GM Paul Heyman standing by with Mick Foley! Foley says it’s great to be back here in Seattle! Heyman says that Foley will be here next week making a big announcement about himself and ECW! Heyman says it’s great to see a good friend back here with him. Foley and Heyman talk for a few more minutes but end it as Foley walks out yelling Have a Nice Day!

Kelly Kelly is standing by with Stevie Richards interviewing him about his big win last week over Sabu in the tournament. Kelly Kelly asks Stevie how it felt to win in a “big upset” Stevie says that he knew all along that he could win and he just had to go out there and do it. He knows that he got some help from Cor Von but still he made the best out of it and now he is going on to the second round next week against Rob Van Dam! Kelly Kelly once again questions Richards about his match next week with RVD and if he feels he can gain another “upset” Richards says of course he can do so and he has a feeling that the ECW title might just be around his waist VERY SOON!

Shortly after a video package airs for WrestleMania 23 – Hotter than Hell – stating that WrestleMania is only 47 days away!

Backstage Sandman is talking to Tommy Dreamer before the main event. Both men talk about their match last week and how they went out there and rehashed some memories of the original ECW. Sandman tells Dreamer that he’ll have his back tonight.

In the main event Tommy Dreamer and Mr. Kennedy lock up in an Extreme Rules Match in the second round of the ECW Championship tournament. The match gets about 10 minutes or so due to the fact that the other matches ran rather short tonight. Either way Kennedy and Dreamer put on a good main event similar to last week’s with a lot of weapons being thrown around. Dreamer was able to capitalize after a steel chair shot to the head! Dreamer went to hit Kennedy with the DDT but Kennedy shoved Dreamer off into the ropes only to run back into a big boot from Kennedy! Kennedy grabbed a trashcan throwing it at Sandman on the outside before using the ropes to hit a dropkick straight into the face of Sandman! Sandman falls down on the outside as Kennedy makes his way to the top rope and hits the Kenton Bomb before covering Dreamer and moving on! Kennedy has advanced to the finals of the tournament but as he looks ready to leave we see RVD and Sabu at the top of the ramp! Kennedy eyes RVD and Sabu face to face at the ramp as the show comes to a close.

Quick Results:

Danny Doring def. CW Anderson
Marcus Cor Von def. Nunzio
ECW Extreme Rules Tournament Match: Mr. Kennedy def. Tommy Dreamer


Friday Night Smackdown
Friday February 16, 2007
Seattle, Washington

Smackdown kicks off tonight with a surprise visit from WWE Champion Randy Orton. Orton makes his way down the ramp talking about this Sunday’s main event at No Way Out. Orton says that Edge and himself have been on the same page all along but the question is will HBK and Jericho be able to get along? Orton says he seriously doubts this and Orton gets Edge to come down to the ring now. Edge and Orton both taunt HBK and Jericho for a bit as Edge first off apologizes for the Spear this past Monday on Raw. Orton says he understands that Edge was trying to help with the match but that he didn’t need Edge’s help! Orton watches as the crowd “ooo’s” as Edge looks offended by Orton’s words. Edge and Orton look ready to come to blows before out steps Jericho! Jericho talks about his big win this Monday on Raw before he talks about the two idiots in the ring arguing. Jericho says that he knows the Jerichoholics would love to see him “break the walls down” tonight in Seattle and he will do so tonight. Jericho marches towards the ring before Sexy Boy hits across the arena. HBK comes out stopping Jericho from going down to the ring before they both head into the ring together. All four men bicker for a bit before JBL steps out onto the stage. JBL announces that despite their match this Sunday at No Way Out, he is forcing all four men to team together tonight in an Eight Man Tag Match! It’ll be Orton, Jericho, Edge, and HBK teaming up to take on Mark Henry, Finlay, MVP, and Batista!

The first match of the night pits Rey Mysterio taking on Paul Burchill after their backstage confrontation last week. Mysterio and Burchill get about ten minutes to kick off the night in in-ring action that is and it goes over well with the fans. Burchill came so close to pulling it out with the C-4 but Mysterio was able to shove Burchill off into the ropes before connecting with a Hurricanrana! Mysterio got a two count on the pin before he dropkicked Burchill off into the ropes! Mysterio ran off the ropes trying for the 619 before Burchill slides to the outside of the ring. The British Nightmare doesn’t want anything else to do with Mysterio as he gets counted out giving the win to Mysterio in the process.

Backstage Kristal interviews MVP about his big match this Sunday at No Way Out. MVP knows that this is a big moment in his career and he knows if he gets this win it will carry him to big heights! MVP says that he’s not doing this for Finlay but that it’s all for him. Finlay knows that is how it is and Finlay is fine with it! But MVP says once he beats John Cena and gets the biggest win of his career he’ll prove just why he makes all of the big bucks here on Smackdown!

A video plays showing the rehabilitation of Kurt Angle as he is prepping to get ready to make his return. It shows Angle’s shoulder being wrapped up. The video shows Angle training and what not before his injury in his personal weight room and features a few comments from him now with his injury behind him. Angle says that he’s interested to see what Triple H has in store for him this Monday on Raw.

The New WWE Tag Team Champions are in the ring now as Deuce is getting set to go one on one with Paul London! Brian Kendrick suffered an injury last week and won’t be back till early April so now it seems that London is all by himself. London and Deuce put on a decent match with the time they are given which sees London hit a big Hurricanrana and follow it up with a big Spinning Heel Kick before heading to the top rope! London got ready to leap off the top rope trying for the London Calling just like last week before Cherry was able to distract the ref. This gave her brother Domino time to push London off the top rope and back onto the mat. Deuce shortly after recovered hitting the Crack ‘em in Da Mouth for the win! Deuce, Domino, and Cherry leave the arena celebrating their win tonight while Jamie Noble hits the ring. Noble attacks London brutally beating him down before finishing him off with the Tiger Driver! Noble stands over the body of London and for whatever reason this is Noble’s third week to mess with one of London’s matches.

After the break CM Punk is in the ring getting ready to be in one on one action. Punk takes on Shannon Moore in a decent match. Moore got a bit of offense in but of course this was all for Punk to try and gain a big win tonight! Punk watched as Regal and Taylor walked down the ramp halfway through the match for Regal to scout his opponent this Sunday but it didn’t bother Punk as he went on to finish Moore with the Go to Sleep before locking in the Anaconda Vice! Moore taps out and soon as that happens Dave Taylor hits the ring. Taylor runs right into a big Roundhouse kick from Punk! Regal thinks about sliding into the ring but hesitates and instead decides to wait it out.

Backstage Matt Hardy is seen holding his United States championship. Hardy is getting ready to walk out of somewhere before he bumps into Kenny Dykstra and Ashley. Ashley looks at Kenny and tells Kenny to man up and tell Matt. Dykstra gets into the face of Matt Hardy and says that he’s tired of being remembered because he was a “Cheerleader” Dykstra says that he’s no longer worried about what anybody thinks about him. Dykstra knows that he has got to go out there and take the title this Sunday and he will do it! Hardy laughs it off walking right past Dykstra as if he wasn’t even there. The crowd gives a loud pop for Hardy!

In a bit of a Cruiserweight showcase to hype next week’s number one contender’s match we see Jimmy Wang Yang go one on one with Chavo Guerrero. This isn’t a squash match but actually appears to be a good competitive cruiserweight match. The match goes about eight or nine minutes before Chavo was able to duck underneath a Moonsault attempt from Yang before rolling him up and using the tights with the help of the ropes! Guerrero was able to roll out of the ring getting one under his belt before heading into the #1 Contender’s match next week.

Backstage Batista is seen in his locker room warming up for the big main event tonight in which he keeps on thinking he is hearing voices. The fans watching and in the arena can hear the voices but apparently Batista cannot. The voices are from the Undertaker and Kane saying “You will rest in peace” “Hell on earth” “Your time has come” and many other random things. Batista just shakes it off as he continues warming up.

JBL is seen backstage talking on the phone in his office about something. Suddenly in walks the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge talks about how this is bullshit that he has to compete in a match tonight and that he might suffer an injury before No Way Out and more importantly WrestleMania! JBL says he completely understands and he’s taking sympathy with Edge now! JBL says that tonight he steps back into the ring and that he will take Edge’s spot!

The WrestleMania 23 video package airs before showing that WrestleMania 23 is only 44 days away!

And finally the main event goes on which pits the WWE Champion Randy Orton, the Smackdown GM JBL, Chris Jericho, and Shawn Michaels all teaming together to take on Mark Henry, Finlay, MVP, and Batista. Edge is at ringside watching despite him getting the GM to compete since he might be injured. The match gets a decent bit of time considering it’s got eight big names in it and many frequent tags are thrown in and out during the match. The match ends whenever HBK is the legal man in the ring right now along with Mark Henry. HBK is tuning the band up for Henry before JBL slides out of nowhere and hits the Clothesline from Hell on HBK! JBL looks down at HBK and the fans boo and wonder just why JBL has clotheslined HBK tonight! Michaels lays on the mat as JBL motions for Henry as Henry walks over towards the middle of the ring attempting to pick Michaels up but Orton out of nowhere hits Henry with the RKO! Orton looks set to pin Henry in the ring to get the victory and he does! After the match the entire thing breaks down into a big brawl with Orton and Jericho going at it, Cena runs down to fight off Finlay and MVP, Batista meets Kane in the ring, and whenever HBK recovers him and Edge brawl for a bit. The show ends with the brawl continuing on for a bit before No Way Out this Sunday.

Quick Results:

Rey Mysterio def. Paul Burchill via countout
Deuce def. Paul London
CM Punk def. Shannon Moore
Chavo Guerrero def. Jimmy Wang Yang
Randy Orton, JBL, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho def. Batista, Finlay, MVP, and Mark Henry


WWE No Way Out
Sunday February 18, 2007
Sacramento, California
Official Theme Song: Powertrip by Monster Magnet

2nd Annual Champions versus Contender's Match
Randy Orton (c) and Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho

Inter-Promotional Tag Match
The Brothers of Destruction vs. Batista and Umaga

Extreme Rules Tag Match
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Mr. Kennedy and Marcus Cor Von

Inter-Promotional Match
John Cena vs. MVP w/ Finlay

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Carlito

Inter-Promotional #1 Contender's Divas Battle Royal
Winner Faces Victoria at WrestleMania 23
Candice vs. Maria vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Ashley Massaro vs. Jillian vs. Kristal vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Trinity

Submission Match
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "The Suplex Specialist" Charlie Haas

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Kenny Dykstra

Grudge Match
CM Punk vs. William Regal


WrestleMania 23
Sunday April 1, 2007
Miami, Florida
Official Theme Song: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho
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