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Post Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Sabu versus Stevie Richards is a solid opener and I thought Sabu would pick up the definite win. It is good to see Richards win this match even though he didn’t do anything to pick up the win. Glad you brought Cor Von, I really liked this guy when he was in TNA and his brief stint in WWE, I hope he comes back some day. I also love the pounce … PERIOD!

I am not a big fan of Doring and I honestly can’t see him going anywhere. I read your notes about how he is similar to Sylvan and if that is true there is no way he would get over with the fans. The ending bit was funny and got a laugh out of me.

I <3 Rodney Mack and I am pumped you are bringing him in. Long as manager = ratings TBH. Sweet new nick name too, Mack should be ECW Champ in 2 weeks.

Mr. Kennedy being in ECW is a creative way to build Kennedy up, because at this time he was nowhere new a world champion. However an ECW Champion, yes. Good things going for Kennedy.

No love for you squashing the FBI. They are a great tag team and with the right build they could go down in history! I liked the detail you put into this match up, how RVD and Kennedy shared tags, looks etc. Kennedy hitting the Mic Check was a good choice, hope Kennedy wins the strap.

Great main event and I’m sure the ECW original fans would’ve been happy. I like Dreamer a lot and he deserves a push. Sandman blows in my mind but the history between these two made this match a good one.

Overall there isn’t a lot of WOW moments or anything spectacular. It was just a good show. However I think that will change because of the angles you are building. Cor Von is in, Mack is coming, the ECW Championship tournament, Doring’s pending push, things look good and tbh I am interested.


This is an obvious promo coming from HBK after he chose Edge for ‘Mania and I’ve always wanted a long term feud between this two. Back forth between these two about who’s done more at ‘Mania and all that good stuff. This was a good way to kick off the show, however if Michaels versus Henry is the M.E, I’d be turning of my TV.

Punk versus Regal would be a great match, if given the proper time. I like how Regal and Taylor take advantage of Punk and Regal is able to pick up the win. Punk not gaining a superstar push right away is different and I love it, so kudos to you.

I like this pending push for Dykstra and this mini-feud with Hardy. I remember back when EVERYONE was on the Ken Doane bandwagon and it is good to see some haven’t forgotten. Dykstra then going over Hardy is great. Matt Hardy is washed up tbh, time to let the future shine.

Not too much between Finlay and MVP, seems like a filler. Now this interview from Angle is important. It explains why he will be gone from TV and also you are giving him his break, which he didn’t get and ultimately led to him going to TNA. I see Angle playing a part in ‘Mania still.

I love Deuce ‘N Domino so seeing them win the tag belts makes me happy. Good job! London and Kendrick a great team, but everyone loves them and gives them the belt, so again kudos for being different.

Interesting stuff from Guerrero and JBL here, which just leads to two new matches for No Way Out. Great additions tbh, I see Hardy and Punk going over.

Rey Mysterio will beat Burchill no problemo. I see Paul snapping after and destroying him with a chair or something.

Does Batista vs. Moore count as a match? Great BOD things here and I am really enjoying this feud. Batista and Umaga is a creative team, but I see all this leading to Umaga over Taker at Mania!

Michaels over Henry is obvious, please send Henry to ECW. Orton on Smackdown and hitting a RKO is cool. Love this Rated RKO stuf still going on, probably will continue all the way till ‘Mania.

Overall this Smackdown was enjoyable. The main event was a bit lack luster but served its purpose. Deuce ‘N Domino made this show so keep their push going. I am looking forward to No Way Out and those two new matches.


With Jericho apologizing to HBK his face turn comes full circle. So now its Rated RKO feuding with Year of Heart Break Kids or Y2HBK! I never really liked Palumbo and Jericho together and now that it is over I see Palumbo falling down the card fast. Jericho over both Orton and Palumbo please.

This is how a Raw should start off! This is a great battle royal and even better winners. I love Cryme Tyme more than Deuce ‘N Domino. Please make them tag team champs, ‘cause then both shows will have the best champs in history.

I can’t wait for Haas versus Flair, it should be a classic. I look for this match to steal the show, Haas over though.

More BOD-Batista/Umaga stuff. Classic BOD poses and mind games, however it would’ve been amazing if Kane turned on Taker and joined Batista and Umaga.

This Angle and Triple H stuff is really turning up. When these two finally meet inside the ring it shall be a classic.

Reid Flair, too early tbh. He gets owned by Haas and rightfully so. However this puts an emotional attachment onto this angle and makes it more personal. This heats things up for sure.

Haha Carlito spat on Maria, PWNED! Love heel Carlito; please push him to the moon.

I am leaning towards MVP going over Cena with the help of Finlay, thus helping his push, but I still don’t know. If this was the real WWE Cena would own MVP, but it isn’t so I am intrigued.

Good hype for the women’s battle royal. In all honestly no one should defeat Victoria, she is a great champ.

Good main event, but an interesting thing happens in it. Edge spears his own friend, Orton…mmmh this makes me wonder. Will Rated RKO break up, or can they prevail? Nonetheless Jericho pins his former friend for the win as his new friend HBK watches on. A lot of “friendship” going on here. I don’ t think this win will help Jericho too much, because although he and HBK will beat Rated RKO, they will both loose at Mania.

Overall this Raw set up No Way Out very good. The main event was great, as was the Triple H stuff. More BOD, Cryme Tyme and Carlito please. Good stuff, keep up the good work.
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