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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Heh, looks like I dropped in at just the right moment...

Monday Night Raw

Good to see the #1 Contender open up proceedings ... yet if I were reading for the first time, I wouldnt know it . Not a mention of Jericho going to the Raw main event of Mania in the opening moments of the promo, but an apology for HBK instead. Out comes Palumbo (pleased to see he hasnt been forgotten), and reignites his mini feud with Jericho. Then, out comes the champ, giving No Way Out a little hype, before we get our main event announcement - handicap match main event. Like the added stipulation on lack of HBK involvement, although handicap matches generally suck ass .

Never been too keen on Cryme Tyme, but they appear to be the only viable face team on the show to take on Gold Standard right now. If that's the case, you need a serious overhaul on the face side of the Raw tag division imo.

I'd doubt Charlie Haas turning on Flair would be his most bitter backstab in his career ... BUT- it is one of those things we always hear in this type of situation to try and add fuel to the fire. Could certainly be a crossroads for Haas at No Way Out imo. A win could send him skyrocketing, but a loss would likely see him stuck in the mid card forever.

More Undertaker tricks in the build up for the monster tag match. I see a heel win at No Way Out to give Umaga some momentum for his natural WM match with Taker, before doing the job.

Triple H gets to talk some more about Kurt Angle via satellite. This feud right now is poised to be the big one imo for WM. Just needs something massive to send it over the edge imo, and that could be whatever next weeks surprise is. Hope it's huge .

Reid Flair. TBH, I wasnt expecting to see this, with Haas taking on Rics son. Again, it makes things a little more personal now for the PPV. See my comments from the Flair interview earlier for my other thoughts here.

YAY!!! Carlito spits apples again . Good to see, as he works much better as a heel. The match with Hardy at No Way Out could be a real cracker.

Cena vs MVP could be a really interesting match on the No Way Out card. A win for MVP in any way would be enormous for him ... and I think he'll get it thanks to Finlay in order to really get the fireworks going in the Cena - Finlay feud.

Surely Mickie James is winning the Battle Royal?? The only real contender for Victoria imo, although if you wanted to follow WWE, you'd be going for this years Playboy cover girl. I dont see that happening here, so Mickie is winning ... hopefully.

Huge win for Jericho against the odds to boost his credibility. Orton though could do with a win now imo, as he lost to HBK last week, and now in a 2 on 1 environment lost to Jericho, even that it was due to a mix up, it's still a loss that would hurt. Clean win over Y2J at No Way Out would be the remedy imo.

Not sure what the deal is with Michaels and Jericho. Could there be some sort of double cross between them at No Way Out?? It doesnt seem likely, but something just doesnt seem right about their current relationship.
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