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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry it's late. Illness imo

ECW Feedback

Quality bout to kick the night off with. Richards and Sabu are two of the Originals with a bit more credibility. I really did have Sabu down as a dead certainty to advance mind you, so having him lose was a ... nice change, especially if it means an unsung legend like Stevie Richards getting a little bit of a push. POOOOOUUUNNNNNCCCCEEEE~!!! I will be doing that weekly from now on, just to let you know, because The Alpha Male is in the house. A feud with Sabu will be a great way to debut Cor Von in ECW. I hope Elijah Burke is on his way too. I don't really have a problem with the name change either. Brown or Cor Von?? They're both good.

Wow, you're certainly high on this Doring fellow aren't you?? I wish I actually knew who he was, but I'm afraid I don't. You mentioned in some notes that he's like Sylvan, so I'll go with that in my head. HEAD~!!! Now that's what I call old school. You've got a dirty mind, sonny jim

The Bayou Beast, WTF You have to love the originality of it. Is that all your own invention, becauseif it is it's very nice. Plus, Teddy Long getting his groove back on as a heel manager makes me happy. I honestly can't remember all that much about Mack though. I'd be careful not to turn ECW into land of the heels though.

Kennedy is awesome in ECW already. You won me over with it last time, as he just gets to dominate the entire show really. Love the idea of him teaming with RVD against the FBI; kind of reminds me of what happened earlier this year with Kennedy and HBK, with KK hitting the Mic Check after the match. If these two don't meet for the ECW Championship at WrestleMania, I'll be very surprised.

Like Wolfy said, it's definately a respectful move to have these two guys Main Event the show, really showing the stakes. I too would have chosen Dreamer to advance, simply because I think he has more left in the tank than Sandman. Great way to close the show. So now it's Richards/Kennedy and RVD/Dreamer??

SmackDown! Feedback

With Edge and HBK together in a feud at least you have a guranteed great promo each and every week eh?? Solid way to kick off the show with their first real one-on-one encounter{Orton and Jericho absent}, which cranks up the tension. I think the similarities should be built on. The choice of Mark Henry for Michaels' opponent fits Edge's character perfectly, stacking the odds against The Showstopper. I expect HBK to get back to his giant killing ways though and put Henry down.

Wow, this CM Punk/Bluebloods feud has actually been given quite a lot of attention hasn't it?? I honestly didn't think it was anything other than a squash feud to build Punk up more. Hopefully this leads to the Punksters first PPV appearance.

I agree with Wolfy that it is good that you a pushing guys like Kenny who disappeared in reality, but I think the manner in which he went over Hardy damaged Matt's credibility as champion somewhat. Hardy has only held it for a short while, and I think he should have gained more momentum before losing. A title decider at No Way Out now looks a certainty. I still have no idea why Ashley is there though

There we go, that makes much more sense now with MVP just wanting to break through the glass ceiling with a win over Cena at No Way Out. Makes more sense than simply having Porter simply being someone's lackey.

I'm really enjoying this set up for the Hunter/Angle feud at WrestleMania, especially with the emphasis on Kurt's injury. With him being out for a few weeks, I can see Hunter really bringing some intensity to the feud, but I do think it's a nice way to build it.

NEW TAG CHAMPS~!!! Ignore Wolfy, Deuce and Domino are a great heel team no doubt. They're no Cade and Murdoch admittedly, but they're still entertaining as hell if given time to shine. Jamie Noble has to be interfering only because he's bored without any challengers.

Chavo Guerrero plz. JBL has to make it happen. Punk getting a PPV spot so early in his career has me hopeful of a MITB spot for him. Hardy should deal with Dykstra quite comfortably though.

Rey Mysterio is now officially the most directionless man in the WWE I thought the Edge/Burchill appearance seemed a bit random at first, but if it serves to set up a small, short Burchill/Rey Rey feud for the next couple of weeks it could work.

Nothing really special about the build up for the BOD/Umaga and 'Tista. I don't think Big Dave has done much of anything but squash jobbers like Shannon Moore, so I hope his match at No Way Out straightens him out.

No shocks at all that Michaels managed to run right through Mark Henry and head ninto 'Mania like a house of fire. I think perhaps Burchill should have done more than just get complete flattened, and if Orton was there ... where was Jericho?? Luckily, I read your notes, so I understand why he wasn't. A bit of tension between the face team perahaps? The heels need dominance anyway.
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