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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News and Notes

Looking at the Raw side of things first the show was said to have gone over well. There really was no doubt all along that the main event was going to be Shawn Michaels vs. Edge. It's a relative new feud and creative is very happy going into WrestleMania now with this match on the table.

It seems as if Carlito is going to be slowly turning heel once again. He started his current face run before WrestleMania last year but creative knows he works better as a heel. So really it doesn't seem as if it's going to be too much longer before we see the old Carlito back since hints have been dropped on Raw recently.

There had been talks of having Finlay interrupt the Fatal 4 Way this week but once WWE settled on Kurt intefering they felt that it was big enough. Apparently they didn't want to overshadow any appearance, etc. of Angle on Raw. Pretty much overcrowd the interference in the match is what was not wanted to be done.

Raw Roulette is making it's return to televesion next week for the first time in about three years and four months. There have only been two before so hopefully this one can deliver well in the ratings.

Charlie Haas's push is seeming to go over real well backstage. It all was a part of the grand scheme that started last August where he went on the streak of losing matches to finding a tag partner to now. Creative is really happy with how he's been built up and they feel he could be a big mid-carder by the end of the year.

Overall on the ECW scheme of things now ECW is starting to slowly kick off with a bang. Nothing really "major" has been done yet but there is a possibility of something soon happening in the near future. WWE wants to mix it up by using a bit of it's Extreme tradition but at the same time allowing stars to appear on ECW to "hone their craft" and then move back or to the main rosters.

Marcus Cor Von formerly known as Monty Brown made his television debut on ECW this week. Cor Von signed with WWE last September after he was released from TNA. Cor Von is liked backstage so they felt the best way to introduce him of course would be to shock the fans and have him Pounce the hell out of Sabu.

"Dashing" Danny Doring is a project of ECW writer Dave Lagana. Lagana likes Doring and the new character that he has and he feels that Doring has that "look" to do at least something decent on ECW. The character is kinda a resemblance to the Sylvan character "bar the Ambassador of Quebec" with the shades, long coat, and etc. Sylvan hasn't been seen on TV in months so Lagana felt fine by using this gimmick for Doring.

Rodney Mack will be making his return to the WWE on the ECW TV tapings on the 27th of February. Mack is coming back underneath a new nickname "The Bayou Beast" Apparently they are going to keep with his old character and all but add a new twist to it making him seem as if he is a dominant beast from the South.

Moving onto Smackdown now. Edge and HBK both kicked off their program rather well this week. Creative was happy with how the promo came off on TV and feels that they have many more good ones ahead of them.

Kenny Dykstra has been rewarded with a small push over the past few weeks. Dykstra is seen to have a good attitude and willing to listen backstage to advice from the veterans. Dykstra is only 20 years old so he is currently the youngest star on the roster and knows he doesn't want to make a bad rubbing on anybody backstage.

Kurt Angle is set to have a few weeks off on Smackdown. It seems as if Triple H vs. Kurt Angle will take place at WrestleMania as of now but it's unsure as of whether Angle will be set to go for WrestleMania. If so he most likely won't wrestle at all (and if he does it'll be small matches) WWE knows that they need one of their biggest stars at WrestleMania but if something were to happen WWE has a back up plan right now in effect if Angle can't wrestle.

Deuce and Domino coming in and winning the WWE Tag Team titles this early was unexpected but had to happen due to Brian Kendrick injuring his leg this past weekend at a house show. Kendrick worked the tapings with his leg taped but he'll be out until after WrestleMania.

Rey Mysterio indeed is "floating around right now" without a program. Currently he most likely won't be wrestling at No Way Out in a week but anything is possible.

Chris Jericho was not able to attend the Smackdown/ECW TV tapings Tuesday night so he wasn't able to come down after the HBK vs. Henry match of course.

And finally concerning No Way Out. No Way Out looks to be having eight matches but there is a possibility of one more being added. A few of the matches are set to run short so a few might be thrown out there. Last year's had nine and was a Smackdown only show so it seems as if WWE might throw out one more match.

HEAT Tapings

Test def. Val Venis
Torrie Wilson def. Candice
Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke def. The Highlanders to retain the World Tag Team titles


I might edit in some news and notes if I forgot some later. Anyways as you can tell I've posted a few of the past few week's shows in recap. Well that will continue for this week so I can get to No Way Out. I have or never did have any desire to write No Way Out in full as it's really not THAT big of a Pay Per View but still...it'll be recapped in detail. Other than that look for a recapped Raw tomorrow night most likely.
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