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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Indeed, it is a turning point, and breaking point for WCW. The company needs to have success on NBC, or else any chances of WCW surviving are quite slim. However, the problem is, WCW is lacking in star power. They have Ric Flair, Sting, Booker T, Jeff Jarrett, and Scott Steiner. Problem there is, only Booker T and Jarrett can go and put on a ****-***** match. Steiner is just shit. Sting is best in small doses. Jarrett gets bland and stale. Flair... well, Flair no matter what, is God. :P

But anyways, it is a turning point for WCW. New stars need to try and be made, old ones may need to come back to give some additional star power, and there needs to be something big that will, in-game world, want to make people see the WCW product. To say this is WCW's last shot for greatness would be completely accurate.

Personally, I am neither pro nor con for bringing back old talent like Hogan, Nash, Piper, Savage, etc. They have star power, charisma, and bring in ratings and can help put over talent. Needless to say, some more talent needs to be brought in, whether it is older stars, or new faces.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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