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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW Feedback

Hmm, not alot of people start their shows with a match. Some even have commentary first before the match you didn't, I'm not criticizing though as its better to not jump onto the bandwagon. Richards against Sabu, Sabu was my favorite to win but I'm pleased you give Stevie the chance with a upset victory. Doubt he will win it all though.

Cor Von on ECW is awesome as I really liked him and I wish he never left, I like how he did the pounce on Sabu last match. I have a feeling your going to make him look strong by just destroying everybody? I hope he gets a good push though as he deserves it

First off laughing my arse off at “Doring just gave head to Snow”. I don't actually know who Doring is So I can't comment much on the match. He gets a decent victory over Snow which is good.

Theodore Long on ECW? I don't understand does he run ECW and SmackDown or something? Sorry if I seem an idiot lol. Anyways I don't know this Rodney Mack dude, must be before my time is he a oldie if you know what I mean???

I'm loving this thing with Kennedy, him hating being on ECW is quite enjoyable to read. I like how he doesn't wanna wrestle but is then made by Heyman. I can see Kennedy and Rob Van Dam getting the win and maybe the two start brawling?

I was right! Rob Van Dam and Kennedy easily defeat FBI, imo. Kennedy then attacks Rob Van Dam with the Mic-Check which furthers their 'feud' and gives the tournament more credibility. I think either Rob Van Dam or Kennedy will win the tournament and then win the ECW title. Most likely Rob.

Two ECW legends against one another, Nice! I'm pleased Dreamer got the win as he is more over imo. Like how they showed respect for each other being friends, and how Dreamer helped Sandman back up.

Overall, A very good ECW imo. Good booking decisions and you have a good thing going with Kennedy and also the tournament is shaping up to be Awesome. Its only the early going for ECW but I can see its going to be awesome when it gets more people on the roster.

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice promo to start things off, I like how Shawn Michaels is facing Edge at WrestleMania. It was obvious Edge would cut him off or something but it was still good how he went over everybody he has beaten at WrestleMania. Would of liked to have seen Shawn Michaels vs. Edge but I guess you have to save it for the Royal Rumble. Shawn Michaels vs. Mark Henry is decent, I guess.

William Regal and Taylor are awesome imo. Good to see CM Punk get the win but you made it so that Regal and Taylor still looked strong which is a good booking decision. If Punk had finished it with the Go 2 Sleep Regal would have looked weak.

I like the Hardy and Dykstra feud you have going, is Ashley a heel diva since she is with Dykstra? I hope to god you don't put the United States Title onto Dykstra. Please don't do that, continue the feud by all means but keep the title on Hardy

An upset win on Hardy by Dykstra, I still hope you don't give Dykstra the strap. To answer my own question before I think Ashley is a heel diva as you had her run into the ring and congratulate Dykstra.

You answered the criticism I see, as you had MVP say he doesn't like doing dirty work for people. I like how Finlay reassured him by saying he was doing it for himself and if he beat Cena he would guarantee himself into stardom.

Kurt repeated himself abit then imo. Decent promo, I think that Angle might appear at WrestleMania and interfere with Hunter, but thats just my opinion. He said he wants to appear at WrestleMania so thats why I think that.

Deuce and Domino as tag team champions? I like London and Kendrick. I wish they could be champions forever Oh well, I guess if your wanting to push Deuce and Domino this is the best way. I see they won them cheating like they usually do which is good, as it would have been less effective if you made them win cleanly.

I wonder who the new Number One Contender will be? I don't think it will be Chavo as it would be too obvious. Dykstra versus Hardy for the title Please don't give the title to Dykstra, CM Punk versus Regal is an okay announcement

Squash match for the heel Batista? I like how he calls out Kane but Undertaker comes out too, Next week on Friday Night SmackDown, Batista and someone versus Kane and the Undertaker? I can read minds

Shawn Michaels got the win over Mark Henry which is no surprise. Orton attacking him was abit of a surprise but they do have a tag match at No Way Out. Edge attacking Michaels before Orton was no surprise however, still I enjoyed reading

Overall, A great SmackDown. The booking decisions were awesome, you had the right people win under the right circumstances Keep up the good work, Raw should be good as will No Way Out.
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