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Re: Being the booker

Alrighty, here they are. Sorry bout the delay, but just as an announcement, there will be no shows next week, as I have just found out that I will be sending my PC away on Wednesday, to get it fixed, hopefully anyways...enjoy.

Just to clarify, no shows next week, but hopefully two weeks time should see the next shows.

April 25th 2005; Madison Square Garden:

Opening Video


J.R and King welcome everybody to the show, from the worlds most famous arena. They briefly talk about last nightís PPV, with Undertaker being buried alive by HBK, thanks to Luther Reigns, Garrison Cade, and Mark Jindrak.

The Worldís Greatest Tag Team defeat A-Train and Rhyno to retain the World Tag Team Championships.

After the commercial, we see Ric Flair entering the Evolution locker room looking excited with some news. He tells Orton that he talked Foley into giving Evolutionís #1 guy a title shotÖTONIGHT!!! Orton is shocked, and asks Flair how he got Foley to change his mind, after last night the GM said if he lost to Cena, he would be out of the title picture. Flair then tells Orton when he said Evolutionís #1 guy, he was talking about Batista. Orton looks disappointed, and a little angry, whilst Batista looks happy with the news, high fiving Flair.

We see the arrival of Carlito along with Stacey Kiebler.

Lita and Gail Kim defeat Jazz and Molly Holly in an average at best divaís tag match.

We are given an update on the injuries coming from Backlash last night, with HBK suffering a broken arm, Trish suffering a concussion, and Kane tearing his quad, which will keep him out of action for up to eight months.

Eugene apologises to Mick Foley about Kaneís injury last night, thinking he was to blame. Foley tells Eugene it wasnít his fault at all, and tells Eugene he was impressed with his performance last night. Eugene celebrates Foleyís endorsement, in only the way Eugene can.

We see the arrival of Shawn Michaels, with his arm in a cast, along with Luther Reigns, Garrison Cade, and Mark Jindrak.

Christian faces Rey Mysterio, defending the Intercontinental Championship. Christian looks a little worse for wear, after last nightís brutal cage match, where he cheated Edge out of victory. In a thrilling fast paced match, Mysterio hitís the 619, followed by dropping the dime, but Tyson Tomko then pulls the referee out at the count of two. He distracts the referee, but it works against him, as Edge comes through the crowd, and attacks the Problem Solver. Mysterio then hitís the West Coast Pop on Christian, 1...2...3!!! NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!

Mysterio celebrates with Edge, whilst Tomko and Christian get the hell out of the arena. Edge tells Christian itís not over between them yet, whilst Mysterio continues the celebrations.

Mick Foley then makes the announcement that to commemorate Rawís first ever broadcast from Australia, next week it will be Raw Roulette from Melbourne.

Shawn Michaelís then enters the arena, looking worse for wear, certainly not 100% after last nightís brutal Buried Alive match, along with his new found cohorts.

Michaels announces he wont be in active competition for at least 8 weeks after suffering a broken arm last night, but to make up for it, he has a huge announcementÖtonight marks the beginning of a new era, and era which he will lead, and an era that will bring Raw to itís kneeís. He talks about DX in 97/98, and that he was forced to leave it due to injury, but now, itís a second coming, lead by the originator of DX, himself, but now it has Luther Reigns as the insurance policy, with Garrison H-B-Cade and the ĎMark of excellenceí Mark Jindrak coming along for the ride.

Mick Foley then interrupts DX, and lets the four guys know that after last nightís event, paramedics searched the grave for Takerís body, but it had mysteriously disappeared. Michaels, Reigns, Cade, and Jindrak look totally shocked by the news as we cut to a commercial.

Carlito then makes in his ring debut, being accompanied by Stacey Kiebler, taking on Stevie Richards, being accompanied by Victoria, one of the women Carlito attacked last night. Carlito has a good showing, but needs to cheat in order to beat Richards, thanks to his valet, who distracts the ref with his legs, whilst Carlito spitís the apple into Richards face, temporarily blinding Stevie, and Carlito follows up with an STO for the victory.

Backstage, Christian is irate over his loss, blaming Edge. Mick Foley then enters, and informs Christian that next week, the rivalry between Christian and Edge will end once and for all, when they meet one on one in Melbourne, and the Roulette wheel will decide the match, next week.

We see Batista preparing for his title match, and Orton enters. He tells Batista he has some advice for him. He tells him that he should go it alone, and do it himself, because he has learned from the past that although he has been champion, to him now, it means nothing, because 9 times out of 10, he has needed to cheat to win title matches, and if Batista is smart heíll go alone.

Ric Flair then interrupts, and tells Batista not to take Ortonís advice, and reminds Orton what happened at WM when he went alone against Cena, and lost. Orton and Flair then argue, whilst Batista then steps in, and tells Orton that Flair is right. He then says he wants Flair with him at ringside, but tells Orton to stay here.

In the main event, Cena puts the title on the line against the animal, in a hard hitting affair. Ric Flairís involvement throws the match in Batistaís favour, with the distraction against Cena helping the big man.

Cena knocks Flair off the apron late on, then goes for a clothesline on Dave, but Batista ducks, with Cena hitting the referee. Flair then grabs a chair, throwing it to Batista. Batista looks set to nail the champion, but Orton then gets in, and takes the chair from Batista. He and Batista argue, with Orton telling Batista he needs to do it on his own, without the chair. Flair then gets in, and grabs Orton, but Orton knocks down Flair with a right hand out of fury. This turns out to be a distraction for Batista, and Cena pushes him into Orton, sending the Legend Killer out of the ring, and Cena then hitís the FU on Batista, 1...2...3!!! Cena retains!!!

Cena celebrates, and leaves, whilst Flair and Batista recover, with Orton on the outside. Batista gets to his feet, and looks ready to go nuts. Orton walks up the ramp, away from Evolution. He turns back, and shakes his head at his two supposed friends, whilst in the ring, Flair tries to calm Batista, as the logo fades to black.


down; Madison Square Garden; April 28th:

Highlights from last week, with the announcement of the Elimination Chamber

Before we go to the opening video, we see Bret Hart sitting in his office, ready to speakÖ

Bret Hart: Last week, I made the announcement of the Elimination Chamber match at Judgement Day, but tonight, on the road to the chamber, LIVE in Madison Square Garden, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit will all be in the ring at the same time, in a six man over the top rope challenge, with the last man standing gaining a massive advantage going to Judgement Day, as he will enter the Chamber matchÖLAST.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: The worlds most famous arena is sold out, for what promises to be another action filled night on Smackdown. The six competitors scheduled to compete at Judgement Day in the Elimination Chamber will battle it out tonight, in an over the top rope challenge, with the winner being the last man to enter the Devilís Playground. Folks, it is my honour to welcome back Tazz, after missing last week on commentary, after an assault from Goldberg.

Tazz: Thatís right Cole, Iím back, and Iím ready if Goldberg is planning any attacks tonight. Goldberg wants me, he knows where I am, Iím right here.

Michael Cole: Its great to have you back partner. But as we look into the ring, I think we all know what is about to go down.

Tazz: Oh yeah!!! Austin - Lesnar, the contract signing. Weíre gonna make the Streetfight at Judgement Day official Cole!!!

** HERE COMES THE PAIN** Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring, along with Paul Heyman, set to sign the contract for Judgement Day.

He gets into the ring, and begins to wait patiently for the rattlesnake.

**GLASS SHATTERS** Steve Austinís music hits to a thunderous pop from MSG, as the Bionic Redneck enters the arena in his pick up truck, and speeds to the ring. He exitís the vehicle, drinks back a beer, then enters the ring. A line of officials stand between Austin and Lesnar, as Austinís music dies down.

**HITMAN** The GM then enters the arena, and quickly walks to the ring, to look over proceedingís. He enters the ring, and is handed a mic from Chimmel.

Bret Hart:
Okay guys, letís make this official. Steve, if youíd like to take a seat, Brock, you too.

Neither man takes their eyes off the other, before both slowly take a seat, either side of the table.

Bret Hart:
(Holds up contract to the crowd) In just a few moments, these two men will sign this contract, which will stipulate that both men have a requirement to face one another at Judgement Day, in a Streetfight, with the added stipulation that there will be no outside interference. To ensure there is no interference in the match, I will be requesting added security on May 15th, that will block off all entrances for the match, including emergency exits, and anywhere that anyone could enter the arena to interfere in the match. (Bret then sets the contract on the table) Gentlemen, please sign the contract, whoever wishes to do so first.

Austin and Lesnar continue to stare at the other, neither looking away. Austin motions to Lesnar for him to sign first. Lesnar then pulls the contract towards himself, and holds it in the air, with Heyman taking it. Heyman then motions to Bret that he will look over it first. Hart looks rather annoyed, but lets him go ahead anyway.

Heyman walks around the ring, looking over the contract, taking quite a while. Hart looks at his watch, while the fans grow restless. Austin and Lesnar both refuse to look away from the other, whilst Heyman walks around looking over the contract. He walks to the table, whispers in Brocks ear, then sets the contract on the table. He then stands at the table, reading over the contract again.

Stone Cold then rises to his feet, and begins to stare at Heyman, as if to say get on with it. Brock also gets to his feet, and stands in front of Heyman, and stares at Austin. Austin smiles at Brock, then looks to the crowd, who start an ĎAustiní chant.

Finally, Heyman finishes reading, and tells Brock to sign. Lesnar obliges, then pushes the contract in the direction of Austin.

The Rattlesnake then leans back on his chair, and stretches, trying to rile up Lesnar. He then grabs the contract, looks at it briefly, and looks to the crowd, who cheer for Austin again. He asks for a pen, then shakes his hand loose, and finally, puts the pen to the contract, but then just before writing, he pulls back again.

Lesnar jumps out of his seat in fury, and kicks the ropes. He walks to Hart, and tells him to make Austin sign. Hart then motions to Austin to sign the contract. Steve once again puts the pen to the paper, but again stops just before writing. Lesnar shouts across the table to ďGet on with itĒ. Austin smirks and flips the bird, further angering Lesnar. Austin then finally, signs his name on the contract, before passing it in Hartís direction.

Bret checks over the contract, then nods, before speaking again.

Bret Hart:
Ladies and Gentlemen, itís official. Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin, May 15th, Vancouver, in a Streetfight!!!

Crowd Pops. Brock Lesnar then gets up, and grabs the mic from Bret.

Brock Lesnar:
Austin, do you realise what you have gotten yourself into?? You are facing the most dangerous athlete in the world today. No rules, no stoppages, nothing to help you at all. That contract you just singed, may as well have been your death certificate.

Austin then thinks about Lesnarís comment, and gets up, and motions for a mic. He is thrown one from ringside, and begins to talk.

Steve Austin:
Realise what Iíve gotten myself into?? Son, when you get out of potty training, then you can ask me grown up questions like that.

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin:
That walrus agent of yours over there, obviously hasnít been doing a good job lately, because he obviously hasnít told you that I am THE WORLDS TOUGHEST SON-OF-A-BITCH!!!

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin:
Brock son, Iíve been fighting in streetfights while you were still bullying kids in the playground for their lunch money. Iíve fought the best, in streetfight situations, and Iíve come out, believe you and me, in a much better condition than the sum bitch that took me on.

You obviously are well and truly out of your league. Streetfights suit me, they do not suit you. Iíll give you this Brock, you are a fantastic wrestler, NCAA, all American, WWE Champion at 25, WWE Champion within 6 months, but son, you done it all within the confines of a situation filled with rules.

You need to realise that in two and a half weeks, there wont be any rope breaks, no countouts, no DQ, no interference, and itís in my environment.

I am, guaranteed, gonna open a can of whoop ass on yaÖIím gonna bust you open, Iím gonna break your teeth, Iím gonna break your bones, Iím gonna takes years off your career. Why? CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!!!!!

Crowd Pops. Brock Lesnar then looks worried after hearing Austinís words. Paul Heyman then pulls Lesnar, and ushers him out of the ring.

Lesnar and Heyman walk up the ramp, with Lesnar looking shaken after Austinís speech. In the ring, Austin goes to each turnbuckle, saluting the fans, as he music hits, and we go to the first commercial


Michael Cole:
We are back on Smackdown, but what a confrontation between Austin and Lesnar just moments ago Tazz.

Tazz: Cole, what we just saw was Steve Austin continuing to get in the head of Brock Lesnar, as we head to Judgement Day for an epic showdown, to settle the war once and for all.

Michael Cole: But Tazz, more importantly, do you agree with what Austin said??

Tazz: Well Cole, itís hard to disagree, but Brock has to remember, that although he hasnít ever competed in a Streetfight, he has wrestled inside Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker, a match he won by the way, heís competed in a cage match with Chris Benoit a little over a year ago, and last October, he beat Kurt Angle in a Chain Match. To say Brock Lesnar is uncomfortable outside a regular match would be unfair, BUT, he is facing Steve Austin in a Streetfight, thatís Austinís favoured environment.

1st Match:

Chris Harris w/ James Storm vs. Sylvain Grenier w/ Robert Conway

With both teams involved in the fatal four way at Judgement Day, we get this singles match as a little preview. Conway tries to get involved late on, but he is cut off by Storm, allowing Harris to hit the Catatonic on Grenier, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Chris Harris

After the match, Chris Harris and James Storm celebrate, sending a message to all of the opposition for Judgement Day, that they want the belts back.

We then cut backstage, where Kurt Angle is getting ready for tonightís main event, then sees Triple H walking towards him.

Triple H:
(In a chummy voice) Hey Kurt, howís it going buddy??

Kurt Angle: Iím not your buddy Hunter. What do you want??

Triple H: Listen, I just wanted to give you some information. Just a minute ago, I heard The Rock running his mouth about you.

Kurt Angle: (In an uninterested manner) Oh yeah, what did he say??

Triple H: Oh man, he was ripping into you big time. He was saying how heís gonna chuck you over the top rope tonight, then he said he probably wont even have to cause youíll fall over the top rope.

Kurt Angle: Cut the crap Hunter, and get the hell out of my sight.

Triple H then looks angry, realising he has been rumbled by Angle, breathing heavily, then storms out.

We then cut to J.B.L, who enters Bretís office with a toothy grinÖ

Bret!! Our esteemed General manager. Itís great to see you sir.

Bret Hart: Are you a dog John??

J.B.L: Of course not.

Bret Hart: Then stop my licking my ass.

JBL looks furious with Bretís comment.

Bret Hart:
Listen, I called you here for one reason. In seventeen days, youíre gonna be in action, at Judgement Day.

J.B.L: Fantastic. Who am I facing. Hold on, let me guess. Youíve added me to the Elimination Chamber match right?? Yeah, I know seven guys has never been done in a chamber before, but you are a man with a vision. Bret, that is a m-

Bret Hart: No. Not the Elimination Chamber.

J.B.L: HmmmmmÖ.are you brining in a special opponent?? Hulk Hogan?? Iíd wipe the floor with him. John Cena?? We could have an interpromotional war right?? Raw vs. Smackdown.

Bret Hart: Wrong again. Look, Iíll tell ya. At Judgement Day, youíre gonna get whatís coming to you, because I was given a request from a very pissed off man earlier in the week, wanting a match with you at Judgement Day. Before you start guessing that too, Iíll cut the long story shortÖat Judgement Day, itís you, vs. Ron Simmons!!!!

JBL looks enraged with Bretís comment. And storm out, muttering under his breath.


2nd Match: If Londonís team wins, he gets a CW Title shot at Judgement Day:

Los Chavoís vs. Paul London & Billy Kidman
The two Chavoís dominate proceedings cheating throughout, to keep London from getting in the match, working on Kidman.
Eventually Billy manages to tag in London, and immediately, Chavo Junior backs off in fear, letting Classic take care of business. London takes care of Chavo Classic, then tells Chavo Junior to come get some, but the CW champion backs off, almost in fear. London then hitís the Shooting Star on Classic, for an emphatic three count.
Winners: Paul London & Billy Kidman - London now has a Cruiserweight Title shot at Judgement Day
London points toward the cowardly Chavo, who is standing halfway up the ramp, clutching the CW Championship, with London telling Chavo heís coming for him.

Raw Rebound:

- Recapís from Backlash

- Introduction of DX 2005

- Mysterio defeating Christian to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

- John Cena successfully defending the World Championship against Batista, due to the involvement of Randy Orton, who accidentally cost Batista the match.

Michael Cole: Well, Raw was a heck of a night partner. And the situation between Evolution seems to lead to more arguments every week. It has to be a matter of time before Orton decides enough is enough?

Tazz: For sure, but Batista was not a happy man after his so called compatriot, Randy Orton cost him the match.

Michael Cole: Orton was trying to do the honourable thing Tazz. Heís learned from the past that taking the cheap way out to win a match isnít very rewarding.

Tazz: You know, I used to like that kid Orton, but lately heís just been a bit of a jerk.

Michael Cole: Oh címon Tazz, you cant rea-

Michael Cole is then cut off by Simon Deanís music. Simon makes his way out to the stage, with a number of products.

Simon Dean:
Madison Square garden?? Please, itís more like Madison ROUND Garden tonight by the looks of things.

Crowd gives Simon some heat.

Simon Dean:
No, no, no. Iím not going to be insulted two weeks in a row. Tonight, I have not only my patented Simon System with me, but I also haveÖPICTUREíS!!! Yeah, I have pictures of some of my clients that were once like you guys, oh man, they were HUGE. But, thanks to me, and my patented Simon System, they are normal, healthy human being now. Iíve talked enough, show the picturesÖ

The titan tron shows a picture of a mega sized middle aged woman, holding a Cheeseburger, then the picture changes to a super slim woman, that looks around the age of 20, holding a cup, which reads on the side ďSimon SystemĒ

Wow Cole, sheís hot!!

Michael Cole: Oh please, thatís not even the same woman from the first picture. Unless the Simon System is also an anti ageing device. She has different colour hair, and her eyes are blue in the second photo, not brown, like in the first. This is a joke.

The crowd donít buy it for a second, and start to boo Simon Dean.

Simon Dean:
You guys are jealous right?? Well, then címon and try some of the Simon System. Youíll go from looking like an elephant, to looking elegant. Itís a guarantee. Look, Iíll show you another photo.

A photo is shown of Rikishi, then a mocked up photo of Rikishi, which been clearly tampered with, as it has his head, and someone elseís body, to make him look slim.

The crowd start to chant ďSimon SucksĒ, totally bored with him.

Simon Dean:
Hey, if I can get that slob to look like Stallone, I could make any of you fat pigs into a slim good looking person, like normal people!!! You cant miss out on this!!!

Rikishiís music then plays, and the Phat man, enters the arena, to a good pop, bigger than normal, more likely due to him interrupting Simon.

Rikishi looks at Simon, mouths something, then points to the screen, and starts saying the Simon has just pissed off the wrong guy.

Simon begs off from Rikishi, then quickly jumps down from the stage, and runs off into the crowd, away from Rikishi who watches Simon run, telling him he wont forget.


Back to ringsideÖ

Michael Cole:
Folks, Iíd safely say that Simon Dean hasnít endeared himself to Rikishi. Whatídya think Tazz?

Tazz: I would say that goes without saying. Rikishi is someone you shouldnít piss off, and Simon Dean might find out about that the hard wayÖ

Backstage, we see Eddie and Benoit chatting. Eddie shakes hands with Benoit, then walks off. Triple H then approaches Benoit. Hunter puts his hand on Benoitís shoulder, then speaksÖ

Triple H:
You know Chris, I cant believe the gall of Eddie. He stands here chatting to you as if butter wouldnít melt. Do you know, heís been worming his way around here tonight, all night, asking Rock, Jericho, ME, and Angle to gang up on you, and eliminate you from the over the top rope challenge first tonight.

Benoit then grabs Hunters hand, and shoves it off his shoulder before speaking;

Chris Benoit:
That weird. He was just chatting to me about the fact heís been speaking to Chris, Rock and Kurt earlier, about eliminatingÖYOU first.

Triple H gulps back again, then nervously s......s, before backing off away from Benoit, knowing heís been rumbled again, whilst Benoit smiles at Triple Hís reaction.

3rd Match:

Bubba Ray Dudley w/Dí Von Dudley vs. Lance Storm w/William Regal

Not a very pretty match, but Bubba throws in some fairly comedic spots, which gets the crowd going. Dí Von keeps Regal quiet for the majority of the match, then towards the end, Storm rolls out of the ring, and talks with Regal, Regal smartly, and discretely hands Storm his Brass Knucks, then Storm rolls back in.

Regal then jumps on the apron, with Brass Knucks, which distracts the referee. Dí Von runs round to pull him down, and Bubba walks towards him, but then Storm takes advantage, and nails Bubba with the knucks he has in the back of the head, he covers, 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Lance Storm

Storm and Regal quickly run up the ramp, looking back to see the damage left to Bubba, whilst Dí Von tries to help his brother up.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are live in Madison Square Garden, two and a half weeks away from Judgement Day. So far, we have the Elimi-

**Goldbergís March** Goldberg makes his way out to the arena to a ton of heat. He smiles, then looks towards the announce desk by ringside, pointing at Tazz.

Cole, this could get ugly. Real ugly.

Goldberg pulls a mic from his back pocket, and begins to speak.

Goldberg: Thatís right Poppa Smurf. Iím looking at you. Last week, I hope you saw what I did to your other buddy Josh Matthews. I also hope you heard what I said when I mentioned you even looking in my direction would result you in you being next. Tazz, I see you eyeballing me, so I guess we could confirm that you ARE NEXT!!

Tazz then slowly rises from his chair, and picks up a micÖ

Goldberg, thatís right. Iím eyeballing you. What are you gonna do?? What else can you do?? You gave me a concussion, you speared me, hit the jackhammer, sent me to the hospitalÖBUT IíM STILL STANDING!!! Goldberg, how about you give it your best shot, how about you try, one more time to take me out, try and make me next, and letís see what happens.

Goldberg: (Smiles) Tazz, I honestly cant believe Iím saying this, but you really are more stupid than you look, and believe me half pint, you look pretty darn stupid.

Tazz: You didnít answer my question. Answer me. Give it your best shot, and letís see what happens.

Goldberg: You know, Iím thinkingÖyou obviously want a piece of me. I sure as hell want to kick your face in again, so howís about you and me, in seventeen days, at Judgement Day, we do this face to faceÖor really, face to chest, considering your about three feet smaller than me.

Tazz looks around at the MSG fans, who are going nuts. They start a Tazz chant, which soon degenerates into an ECW chant.

Tazz: Thatís what you want huh? Goldberg, you better bring your best, because I will bring everything Iíve got. YOURE ON!!!

Goldberg: Tazz, you have just made THE biggest mistake of your life. You have signed your soul to ME, and I wont play nice, I wont play fair. Not only will I beat you, I will decapitate you. I will break your legs, I will break your neck, I will make sure that your wife and children will never recognize their father and husband ever again!!

Tazz: Tell you what Bill. Howís about you get to your nearest video store, and you buy some ECW merchandise. You watch it, and you watch me. Goldberg, you have picked a fight with the wrong person, believe me. Once I lock in the Tazzmission, you will do one of two thingsÖyou can tap out, or be choked out!!!

Goldberg: -

Tazz: And Iím not finished yet. Goldberg, you talk about your streak, and how you mowed through an entire roster, well to me, that means jack shit. You never faced Tazz, and from where I come from, you ainít nothin till you go toe to toe with me.

Goldberg: Listen to me now. You have pissed me off long enough Tazz, and at Judgement Day, I will pass final judgement over you. I will be judge, jury, and executioner, not only to your wrestling career, but to your quality of life.

Tazz: Hey, Iím not promising a victory Bill, in fact the win comes as a second priority to me, no, in fact, Bill, there is a saying that goes around, a saying which I always stood by, a motto that rings true with me, a motto which echoed from my lips every time I stepped in the ring in ECWÖBeat me if you canÖÖSURVIVE IF I LET YOU!!!

Goldberg then steps back, a little shaken from the last comment. He then composes himself, drops the mic, and points towards Tazz before leaving the stageÖ


We then cut backstage to the locker room, and see Triple H preparing for the match later, pissed off over being rumbled twice tonight, after trying to cause trouble. He kicks over a chair in anger, then pounds the door in frustration.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole:
Folks, we are back on Smackdown, but I am at a loss for words after that last exchange between Goldberg and Tazz. After the weeks of brewing tension, Tazz and Goldberg will meet at Judgement Day, one on one.

Tazz: Cole, it had to come to this. There was no way this situation was just gonna dissolve overnight. Goldberg made the challenge, and Iíve never backed down from a challenge in my life. Goldbergís going down Cole.

Suddenly, we see Goldberg jump through the crowd, and attack Tazz at the announce table. He drags him into the crowd, and stomps him to the ground. Goldberg then chucks Tazz back over the guard rail, and continues to stomp him down. He picks Tazz up like a rag doll, and attempts to ram him into the steel steps, but Tazz then fights back, with a flurry of right hands. Tazz then hitís a Tazzplex on Goldberg, before pounding Bill down.

Goldberg then gets back to his feet, but is powered down by Tazz with a strong clothesline. Tazz then stalks Goldberg, setting him up for the Tazzmission.

He nearly locks the submission in, but Goldberg struggles free, and rolls into the ring. Tazz follows, but Goldberg drops an elbow as he gets in.

Goldberg then rams Tazz into the corner, and rams his shoulder repeatedly, before walking back out. He runs at Tazz, but Tazz moves, and Goldberg hitís the ring post. Tazz then quickly locks in the Tazzmission on Goldberg.

MSG comes to itís feet in approval for Tazz, who locks in the Tazzmission on Goldberg. Goldberg struggles for almost two minutes, without tapping, then he starts to fade badly, and soon passes out. Tazz refuses to let go, and in the end, four officials are forced to pull him off Goldberg.

Tazz then calls for a mic, and he stands over GoldbergÖ

Goldberg, I just told you less than five minutes agoÖyou can either tap outÖor BE CHOKED OUT!!!

Michael Cole: Tazz is a man that is not to be messed with folks. Goldberg has just been sent a message that Tazz says what he means, and what he says, he does!!!

Backstage, Maria is standing by with Chris Jericho;

Chris, later tonight, you face your five opponents at Judgement Day, in a six person over the top rope challenge, and the winner will be the last to enter the Elimination Chamber at Judgement Day. But my question to you, as why did you attack The Rock last week after you defeated Triple H??

Chris Jericho: Well Maureen, itís like this. The Rock and I donít get along, thatís a fact. I didnít appreciate getting clotheslined by him two weeks ago, accident or not, and last weeks, I didnít want, nor did I ask for his help. I wanted to beat Triple H one on one, but The Rock decided to try and help me. I donít want his help, I do things alone, and tonight, I will make sure I dump him, Kurt Angle, Benoit, Triple H and Eddie out of the ring and give myself the advantage going into Judgement Day for the title.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole:
Iím joined once again by Tazz. Partner, itís been a busy night for ya.

Tazz: That Cole, was what I plan on doing to Goldberg at Judgement Day. I have a feeling he wont be taking me as a pushover after I choked him out. Letís see how he likes it, lets see how he likes to be the one on his way to an emergency room, sitting at home for a week.

4th Match:

Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty vs. The Basham Brothers

A basic tag match, with Doug and Danny singling out Scotty from his bigger partner. Rikishi looks pissed off still from earlier in the night with Simon Dean, and looks like he wants to beat the hell out of someone.

Scotty eventually makes the tag to Rikishi, and the big man cleans house. He hitís a number of high impact moves, then goes for the stink face, but as he walks backwards towards Danny, Simon Dean races down the aisle, and cracks Rikishi from behind with his heavy bag, knocking Rikishi down, out cold. Danny Basham covers, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Basham Brothers

Bashamís quickly leave the ring, celebrating their win, whilst Simon slowly walks up the ramp, looking back at Rikishi, who is still down.

Michael Cole: I would love to know what has gotten into Simon Deanís head. Heís kissing his career away by targeting Rikishi.

Tazz: Cole, you could be right. Rikishi ainít gonna let this rest. Simon Dean is a marked man.


We return, and see Bret Hart making his way out to the ramp.

Bret Hart:
Folks, in one week from tonight, Smackdown will be headed down under. Brisbane, Australia. To mark this momentous occasion, I have signed a HUGE main event. Next week, in that ring, we will see two of the competitors in the Elimination Chamber go at it, in a grudge matchÖTRIPLE H WILL FACEÖÖKURT ANGLE!!!

You see a few weeks back, in the Fatal Four Way, Kurt Angle defeated Triple H to become the Number One Contender, despite Triple Hís foot being under the rope. Triple H didnít take too kindly to that, and decided to ruin the WWE Title match, making sure Angle didnít win the title. So next week, in Aussieland, those two men will do battle, one on one. Madison Square Garden, enjoy tonightís main eventÖup now!!!

Michael Cole: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT. That match, next week in Brisbane, Tazz, will be sensational!!!

Tazz: I cant wait to go to Brisbane next week Cole, that main event will be a rocket buster!!!

Michael Cole: And folks, when we reach Brisbane next week, we will be ten days from Judgement Day. The line up is looking pretty strong at this point in time.

Tazz: Ha, it sure is Cole.

Michael Cole: Well, there will be no laughing when Tazz steps into the ring for the first time in over three years, as he takes on Goldberg. Can Tazz roll back the years, and show Goldberg that he may have underestimated the man from Brooklyn.

Tazz: Like Iíve said already, Iím not making promises, but as Iíve always said, Beat me if you canÖsurvive if I let you.

Michael Cole: John ĎBradshawí Layfield faces his former best friend, and long term tag partner, Ron Simmonís, in what will no doubt be an emotional battle.

Tazz: Faarooq, or Ron Simmons as many call him, will realise just how determined JBL is to become a premier athlete on Thursday nights.

Michael Cole: Fatal Four Way for the WWE Tag Team Titles, AMW, Dudley Boyz, La Resistance, and the team of Regal & Storm. One team will walk away with the belts as the NEW Tag Champions.

Tazz: Those belts have been vacant, but not much longer, one of those four teams will walk away with the gold.

Michael Cole: After his victory tonight, Paul London has booked himself a shot at Chavo Guerreroís Cruiserweight Championship, will London prove to Chavo he is more than a flavour of a month??

Tazz: Remains to be seen Cole. Weíve seen a lot of guys come after Chavo, but one way or another, he has always come out smelling of roses.

Michael Cole: Itís Austin vs. Lesnar, to end the rivalry, once and for all.

Tazz: Thatís all you have to say about that one Cole, that match needs absolutely no promotion, itís a must see.

Michael Cole: And of course, the 6 Man, Elimination Chamber. The Rock defends, against five hungry challengers.

Tazz: Oh man, the aptly named Devilís Playground, where careers go to die, plain and simple.

Main Event: 6 Man Over the Top Rope Challenge; Winner will be last to enter the Elimination Chamber at Judgement Day;
  • The Rock vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero
  • The match starts out with Rock - Jericho, and then Benoit, Eddie, and Angle all after Triple H.
  • The Game is nearly eliminated early on, but Eddie blows it, as he tries to lie, cheat and steal, to get Benoit and Angle out at the same time.
  • In his comical way, he blames Jericho and Rock, who are still beating the crap out of each other. Benoit and Angle donít buy it, and go after Eddie, giving HHH a second chance in the match.
  • Jericho nearly gets The Rock out, but Rock fights back, and the two nearly send the other out on a number of occasions.
  • Angle goes at it with Eddie, while Benoit tussles with Triple H.
  • Rock has Jericho almost out, until Triple H spots a chance, and dumps The Rock out to the floor!!!
Eliminated - The Rock - by Triple H

  • Triple H laughs at The Rock, who takes the loss, and makes his way to the back, not happy, but knowing he was beaten.
  • The remaining five guys all try to get the others out with no allies.
  • Benoit hitís the three Germans on Jericho, then spots Eddie laid out, when in actual fact, Eddie is playing dead. Benoit then decides to go for the Headbutt on Eddie.
  • Eddie then jumps up as Benoit reaches the top, and pushes him off, to the floor.
Eliminated - Chris Benoit - by Eddie Guerrero

  • Eddie then dances around the ring, getting a big pop for his antics, but Benoit then in revenge, plays Guerrero at his own game, and grabs Eddieís U.S Title.
  • Guerrero is distracted by Benoitís actions, and asks him what heís doing. Kurt Angle then quickly throws Eddie over the top to the floor!!!
Eliminated - Eddie Guerrero - by Kurt Angle

  • Eddie realises he has just been out cheated by Benoit. Benoit leaves the belt down beside Eddie, smiles, then walks off. Eddie almost laughs, knowing he was just played at his own game, but still isnít too pleased.
  • Meanwhile, in the ring, Angle goes for an Angle Slam on Triple H, but The Game rolls through, then rolls out through the bottom rope.
  • Triple H then smartly takes a break, and allows Jericho and Angle to go at it, and wear each other down.
  • Angle and Jericho do go at it, in an entertaining four minutes of back and forth action, with both men coming close to eliminating the other on several occasions.
  • During this, Triple H sits on commentary, with his feet up, watching.
  • Jericho and Angle take each others best punishment, but neither refuses to go out, whilst Triple H rests up.
  • Angle locks in the ankle lock, and Jericho then tries to counter, trying to flip Angle over the top, but cant quite manage it.
  • Suddenly, we see The Rock sprint down the aisle, and goes right after Triple H.
  • The Rock and HHH go at it, with Rock on top. He hitís a Rock Bottom on the outside, then throws HHH back in, making it a three way match, like it should be.
  • Triple H looks to be worse for wear after the Rock Bottom, and Angle and Jericho decide to throw him out, rather than let his rest.
Eliminated - Triple H - by Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle

  • It comes down to Angle and Jericho, with both men giving it their all.
  • After a number of near eliminations, Jericho hitís the bulldog, then goes for the Lionsault, but as he hitís the ropes, Angle jumps to his feet, and pushes Jericho, who goes over the top, but hangs on!!! He skins the cat, then takes Angle by surprise, and dumps him out!!!
Eliminated - Kurt Angle - by Chris Jericho

Winner: Chris Jericho - Last Man to enter the Elimination Chamber

Jericho celebrates the win, and the obvious advantage going into the Elimination Chamber, as the last man to enter the match!!! We end the show with Jericho celebrating the winÖ

End of show

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