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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Honestly, so far, this new incarnation of ECW hasnt filled me with much hope. Okay, it's only two weeks old, but imo, it could've done with a really hot angle to kick start the show, but it's failed to do that. Right now, I get the feeling this is a third brand of the WWE, and not a stand alone entity. Maybe that's what you're aiming for, but I dont think it is. Not only that, but it's bordering on becoming as irrelevant as the WWE ECW if it continues on this route. If this ECW is to succeed, it needs an edge (and I dont mean the Rated R Superstar variety).

Anyway, surprising win for Stevie over Sabu to advance in the tournament. Nice to see Richards gain a win, even if it is down to the interference of a certain Monty Brown (assuming The Pounce = the giveaway).

Meh, Monty Brown > Cor Von. Name issues aside, I've always liked the Alpha Male, so he's a good addition to any roster in the WWE. His entrance to ECW was forgettable though imo, taking out Sabu, because he does whatever he wants. Not exactly cutting edge (two non related Edge puns in three paragraphs.)

Liking 'Dashing' Danny Doring. And he could certainly be a fixture in this thread with the right type of build. Doring giving Snow head = Priceless btw .

'Bayou Beast'. Another name I'm liking. Theodore Long as a manager > Theodore Long as a referee > Theodore Long as a GM. Good move putting him back as a manager, and it'll be nice to see what you do with Mack.

Kennedy (who looks like he'll get a real chance to get spotlight in this brand) and RVD get the predictable win, but you called it that way anyway, so no surprises. From here, it looks nailed on that Kennedy meets RVD in the final, but imo, it looks too obvious right now, so I think one of them will lose out before that.

Credit where it's due, Dreamer vs Sandman in the main event is definately more of an homage to old school ECW than a third WWE brand. Like that both men got to let loose, and ultimately the right guy went over, as Dreamer rocks .


Friday Night Smackdown

HBK coming to the ring to kick things off is certainly the right way to kick off proceedings given his big switch on Monday. Michaels & Edge get their first face off out of the way, and we're cooking up a great world title feud to roll into WM.

Havent followed the last week or so of SD, so I've missed what's been going on with Punk. Whether this is just kicking off a feud with Regal or the continuation doesnt matter really, as giving Punk a veteran like Regal should be a good platform for him to settle in as a WWE guy, and get him a couple of high profile-ish wins against a grizzled veteran.

I like the fact you havent buried the guys who have been buried IRL. Dykstra of course being a prime example of that. I dont see him winning the U.S Title any time soon, with Matt Hardy just getting his run started, but it's a solid little feud to get Hardys reign rolling.

Huge win for the youngster, and surely that = a title shot for Dykstra. His pairing with Ashley is cool too, as she's just as irritating .

MVP vs Cena @ No Way Out is certainly the one match (bar the main event), that stands out for me on that card. HUGE opportunity for MVP, and y'know, I think with help from Finlay, he might just pull off the upset.

WM spoiler - Angle to face Triple H. Should be awesome. Seeds have been planted there, and now we'll just sit back and watch the story unfold. It's been a while since they met, so it's fresh, which is what WM always needs.

Meh, Deuce & Domino just dont do it for me. If they are sticking as champions, I hope they play no part at WM. Very uninspiring tag team that lacks any real excitement. On the other hand, it's nice to see the CW title feud continue to develop.

Surprised to see Punk vs Regal making the card for No Way Out. Certainly would appear to show your intent to give Punk a push, and quickly. MITB spot at WM loom methinks.

Looks to me like Rey Mysterio is lost in the shuffle on Smackdown. No real feud for him would lead me to thinking he's just keeping low until MITB time where he could play a massive role. He should beat Burchill next week though, you'd think so anyway.

Excellent build up for the mammoth tag match at NWO, with the BOD getting the upper hand this evening. Nicely done too, with a slight touch on the lights and appearing schtick.

No shocks that the #1 Contender for WM beats Henry. Aftermath puts HBK over even more, outwitting the champion and his lackey with SCM into the chair, and face accordingly. I was expecting some sort of mention to the tag match at NWO at some point on the show, but it never came .
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