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Re: Being the booker

Since I haven't posted since before the Royal Rumble, I will not review all your shows. I will be reading the thread now though and reply to all your next shows. Anyway, I will start off with Wrestlemania 21. WOW!

It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it and it is by far the best PPV I've ever read. I liked Eddie Guerrero winning the U.S. Championship but I wish Benoit would have won instead. Also, no suprise to see the dominant Amazon retain her title. I think she will eventually lose her title to someone like Trish or Molly at Vengeance or SS.

Glad to see Trish side with Jericho and pull an upset victory over the monster Kane. Also, nice to see Angle go over Goldberg and I'm thinking he will stay on victory road and win the Elim. Chamber at Judgement Day. The over-the-top battle royal was great and I never saw Honky Tonk Man and Ricky Dragon coming either. I thought you would have had a legend win but a very nice win for Sting.

The brother vs. brother three stages match was awesome and was one of my favorite matches of the night. The Michaels, Undertaker match was great as well and glad to see Undertaker's Mania streak continuing. If anyone was to end his streak though, HBK would have been the man to do it.

This brings me to the last three matches. I know I skipped a couple but I touched on all the major ones. The Rock, Triple H match was off-the-hook as Tazz would say. I like the way you are currently using the Rock and all your promos with him in it are gold. I liked Orton leaving Evolution behind and I am smelling a turn. Orton is going to be mad he doesn't have a title shot for now but a great main event. Kinda knew Cena was going to win anyway because he is one of your favorite wrestlers.

The match I saved for last, in my opinion, stole the show. It was SCSA vs. Lesnar with special guest referee Mr. McMahon. I thought Stone Cold was going to lose with the odds stacked against him but that was a truly unique finish. I never would have thought of Hart putting McMahon in the Sharpshooter and making him tap out to make the pinfall. Very awesome ending to a awesome match.

Next I will jump to your Backlash.

Your tag team turmoil match was very good. Glad to see the newly drafted TWGTT retain. Kind of suprised therewasn't a title change in the match Shelton and Haas deserved the W. Dupree, RVD was good and glad to see the people that were drafted make names for themselves. Jericho got himself another title shot at SD which is cool.

I really liked Carlito's debut and I hope you use him. I feel that he has some great charisma and should really be used on the mic. Nice to see him and Stacy teaming up to take out the other divas. I possibly see him getting an I.C. shot at Vengeance or SS.

The Eugene, Kane match was pretty good but I didn't like Kane's injury. This means no more Big Red Machine for a while on Raw. Maybe when he comes back he will make an impact and go for the WHC. I was suprised Christian retained the Cage match but then again Tomko gets involved in the match. Liked the handcuff idea and it was a great way to finish off the match.

Shaniqua vs. Trish was a good match but don't see Shaniqua's title reign ending soon. When she does lose the title I think it will be to Trish. Nice to see Shaniqua actually showing a little fear and not remaining entirely invincible. Evolution vs. Cena, Rey, and Sting was a very good match. I'm glad you are giving Rey a push because he is very exciting to watch. Didn't expect Evolution to lose but I think the end of Evolution is near!

Lastly, the Buried Alive match was great. I wasn't sure who was going to win but nice to see HBK win through help. I do like the idea of you bringing DX back but I don't like Reigns, Cade, and Jindrak in it. The original DX had great charisma and all three of those men I just named do not. Would have liked to see cena in DX as I feel he would make a great addition.

This is a very amazing and successful thread and I will be reading and reviewing from now on.

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