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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I apologise for not getting your RR review done yet. I'll really put the effort in after my break. As for now, I hate falling behind, so here's some {overdue} reviews for you

Raw Feedback

You already know my opinion on Shawn Michaels winning the Rumble, so I won't go into that too much tonight I guess it would make me the ultimate hypocrite complaining about HBK Main Eventing WrestleMania again when, uhm, the exact same thing is happening in my thread. @ my own stupidity. Anywho, pretty standard opening from The Icon, as one would expect to open a post-Rumble show. I think it might have been quite a good idea to close the show with this segment actually, build up the suspense of hearing from the RR winner etc. I think, other than Flair, Michaels is the only guy on the roster with enough credibility to pull off that "one last run" kind of idea heading into W'Mania, so I was glad to see you incorporating that into his promo. I still don't think an HBK title reign at this point of his career will be all that interesting, but I'm sure you'll prove me wrong. Orton's little bit was ... okay, nothing special really. Seeing as we've only just seen Orton/Michaels hook it up in a pretty good feud from Cyber Sunday/Survivor Series, I don't know if it'd be a good idea to do it again. I loved Edge's attack. Rated RKO are still effectively together, which makes it seem like one huge Power Trip just ruling over the WWE right now. Greatness in my opinion. Hopefully we see the two Champs making regular appearances on both {or all three} shows. HBK/Edge would be a fairly awesome WM Main Event, although I wonder who Randy would face in that case. Jericho?

Awwww, you made it up to me the fact that Carlito got jobbed out last week to Jeff. Both of these guys are dead on certanties for the MITB match at W'Mania if you ask me. A nice little Intercontinental title feud running up to the PPV is a smart way to go about it.

Wow, that's a pretty nice idea for No Way Out. It does seem a little bit like what happened in real life with the Main Event versus Main Event match, but this has quite a twist on it. I guess No Way Out is just going to be a glorified Saturday Night's Main Event in that case. With Coach making the point to Edge and Orton that HBK's partner would be revealed on Raw, it looks fairly clear that man will end up facing Orton and Michaels will face Edge. Other than Jericho {who is turning face} and Cena {he's facing Finlay} I can't think of anyone else.

PUSH HAAS~!!! As a heel, Charlie is so much more effective. He can incorporate his "Tap the f**k out" gimmick that he used in the Indy's. Putting him up against Flair is a nice feud for both men too, and I can see it lasting until WrestleMania, when Haas should definately get into the MITB match. I'm glad you've noticed how much more fun Charlie is to write with when he's heel. The key thing ... intensity.

No way was Flair going over Umaga tonight. 'Mags is still undefeated right? If so than he'll most likely be dominant until WrestleMania when it's two undefeated streaks on the line, and 'Taker will go over. A great feud though. Haas screws Naitch again. Yeah, their blow off match will likely come in a MITB qualifier or something. Great little promo from Estrada; the man is awesomeness. I can't wait to use him. Perhaps an Umaga appearance on SmackDown?

Ah, I've been looking forward to this announcement from Paul E. I can safely say that Rob Van Dam heading over to ECW is one of the least surprising things in the history of the world He'll get the ECW Championship at WrestleMania; it would only be right, and it would continue his amazing run in this thread. KENNEDY~!!! I knew there would be a big draft from SmackDown, but I certainly didn't expect it to be Double K. I suspected Kane actually. I love the concept of KK being 'disrespectful' towards ECW; the feud between him and RVD could be quite a quality one. Kennedy completely owned this segment though, and I expect him to do much of the same on every ECW. Best mic worker on that brand in my opinion.

I love Burke and Benjamin as a team already, but I don't think they should be squashing Raw's teams week in and week out. Aren't The Highlanders your only face team on Raw right now? Anyway, I expect B&B to get a VERY long reign, due to the lack of credible teams around them. They need a team name though. Hmmmm...

Finlay you dumb Irish bastard! Hated that line for some reason. It's not even because I'm Irish; it just seemed a bit ... blah, if you know what I mean. The rest of this promo from Cena was actually quite fun to read. The Champ is much better to read when he's angry and intense. No Way Out match? I don't think so. This needs WrestleMania treatment really. This match would be a perfect candidate for a Street Fight or something.

Victoria is awesome. Again, she should hold onto that Women's title for a long time, since there isn't really anyone worthy enough to take it from her. Candice is a jobber. Are Mickie and Trish still lurking around? They are both possible WrestleMania opponents for Vicky.

Hunter is bit directionless really, but I expect his WrestleMania feud to make itself clear soon enough. Decent enough promo from The Game, nice and intense, but I loved the Main Event even more. Van Dam gets his Raw send off by completely squashing Triple H. Love it. Hunter needs to do some jobbing in his career. It looks as though Hunter's "pissed off" attitude could indeed lead to his WrestleMania match in some way. Perhaps an attack on someone?

ECW Feedback

Wow, ECW Feedback in a KOP thread. Who'd have thought it? Very nice way to kick off the show with the confrontation between Kennedy and Heyman. I must admit that I was very sceptical about KK on ECW, as it does seem like a bit of a step down for him {and RVD}, but with this kind of exposure, he might do even better than he was on SmackDown! I love these little promos he cuts, basically shitting on everything ECW, and I reckon they should continue up to WrestleMania. Those brackets for the ECW Championship tournament just made it clear just how poor the ECW roster is right now. Kennedy and Van Dam in the final at W'Mania is the only way to go. All of the others are jobbers. Thank god Kennedy killed Credible; he should mow through everyone on the roster other than Van Dam in my opinion.

Danny Doring gets a promo? Wow, ECW needs some serious drafts and fast. I don't mind Dreamer, Sabu, Richard and Sandman, but neither of them are really ECW Champion material in this day and age, so I doubt they'll make it to WrestleMania. Sabu and Dreamer will qualify most likely. Van Dam is the only other Main Eventer on the show, with Kennedy, so he was always going to go over a jobber like Balls Mahoney. RVD has been booked as the #1 guy in this thread since you began it, and I hope that doesn't end with his draft. Regardless of how much I mark for KK, Van Dam should probably get the belt at 'Mania. This could be a very nice feud, although I don't think it'll be able to carry and entire show.

SmackDown! Feedback

I'm glad that you're keeping Angle selling the injury he got in the "I Quit" match. It makes Burchill's Royal Mutilation hold look VERY deadly. Decent enough promo from Angle, with his usual intensity calling Edge out. The way it went it kind of reminded me of the promo between HBK and Randy Orton post-Survivor Series. Michaels demanded another title shot, Orton declined via the Titan Tron, and then Kennedy attacked. Replacing Kennedy with Triple H and it works out nicely. I thought that Hunter's behaviour on Raw hinted at this kind of attack from him, but I wonder why he chose Kurt? This is obviously setting up a WrestleMania match for the two, and that will be your THIRD inter-promotional contest {with 'Mags/'Taker and Finlay/Cena}. They've always had nice chemistry, so this could be pretty sweet too.

At last Paul London and Brian Kendrick have a credible team to face off against. Deuce and Domino are so underrated it's silly. Not sure why Jamie Noble had to interfere. I thought he was off doing his own thing in the Cruiserweight division? I thought the feud with London had ended? I'd mark if Noble got into MITB, simply because he's held that belt for over a year and has a LOT of credibility.

I don't know why but I just wouldn't be able to buy Kenny Dykstra as U.S Champ. I could buy him as Intercontinental Champ, but I see the U.S belt as holding more prestige for some reason. I can't see Hardy losing tonight, especially after just getting the belt. Hopefully he gets a nice long reign. I know you mark for Kenny though {I'll admit I like him too}, but I just don't kno how he's going to do from now on. Hardy will likely be defending his belt at 'Mania, so Kenny could slot into MITB well enough. This business with Ashley is still very confusing. If she doesn't like him, why is she even accompanying him?

I guess Rey Mysterio doesn't have much to do either, hence why he is just lending a hand to a newcomer like CM Punk. I don't like to see Regal and Taylor getting jobbed out, but I do like youngsters getting pushed, so I can live with it from that extent. Rey Rey could make it to MITB too, or he could face Hardy for the U.S title {that would actually make a lot of sense}, but I don't expect Punk to make the WM card.

dumb Irish son of a bitch I'm not really sure why Cena keeps calling Finlay "dumb", it sounds a little off. "son of bitch" was better than "bastard" though I think. Another good promo from Cena, again incorporating his much more entertaining intense streak of late. The latter part of this promo just really didn't make sense. Firstly, even as a heel, Finlay's gimmick is such that he doesn't back don from any fight. For an example, see his feud with Batista when he was a big time heel against a big time face, and he still came down to the ring when called out and fought Big Dave. But MVP as Finlay's No Way Out representative? Huh? That is out of character for Porter as well. He is not a lackey; his gimmick is such that he would have lackeys, but not be one himself. I'm glad you're saving Finlay/Cena till 'Mania, but this doesn't really make any sense to me.

NO, KID KASH GOT JOBBED~!!! I know you told me that I should be prepared for this, but, ugh, it sucked badly. Kane's time really is over, so I hate these squashes he constantly gets. Kash is all awesome

Interesting promo from Batista. He's in the same boat that Triple H was in before tonight, that being a big time heel lacking in a bit of direction. Odds are his constant references to Kane and The Undertaker are leading to something. Big Dave has a lot of history with both men, nut since he faced 'Taker at 'Mania last year, that wont be it. 'Tista/Kane at 'Mania this year would not be that bad as a match, but Kane doesn't have enough credibility anymore in my opinion. I don't know why but when people write Batista as this intense heel he sounds like Scott Steiner. It happened in kane01's thread a while back and it's the same deal here. Funny eh?

Yeah, Dykstra just gets squashed fairly convincingly, so there'll be no U.S title feud coming from this. It might though, serving as some kind of lead up to 'Mania. I hope you don't put Matt in MITB though, as I think at least one of the IC and U.S titles needs defending at 'WM.

Not sure what to make of this little segment from JBL and Chavo Guerrero. I would hazard a guess by saying that all of Chavo's constant references to his familia and such are hinting at a face turn, which could lead to him getting a shot at Jamie Noble at 'Mania. Both men can work pretty well as faces, but of the two Noble turned heel more recently. As for Edge's little bit; I'd say it's pretty clear that HBK is going to be here next week to announce his intention to face Edge at 'Mania. One more thing, I reckon JBL needs to be a bit nicer to his heels. A tweener GM JBL isn't really that interesting. Heel plz.

Damn realistic booking from you again, KOP. You are the most realistic booker in the history of the universe I think, with Mark Henry being the one who gets the bad end of the deal against 'Taker. I surprised Henry didn't just get squashed easily, but the aftermath was very interesting indeed with Batista and Umaga beating the crap out of the Deadman, before Kane makes the save. The Big tag match at No Way Out sounds very interesting indeed, but it is really starting to look like 'Tista/Kane at 'Mania, which I don't like. NWO really is SNME take two. Ha ha

Overall, all three of these shows were very well done, KOP. The only glaring omission I noticed was the absence of The King Of The World from any of the shows. Jericho needs some love Still the way things have been set up concerning HBK/Orton/Edge all worked well, as does the BOD/Umaga and Batista business. The debut of ECW was a treat also, especially with Kenney completely owning the show. Tbh, he own any show he's on
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