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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

May 28, 2001- Ric Flairís Mansion- 6:08AM

Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, and Steve Borden were all sitting down around the coffee table in Flairís living room. The table had three coffee mugs, and one paper. That paper is the statement from the USA Network, stating that they have dropped Monday Nitro from their station. All three men have expressions of anger, sadness, and paranoia. WCW had a successful PPV last night, and now, the very next morning, they are without a television show! None of the three men are sure where to go from here.

Eric Bischoff: Fuck! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

Ric Flair: Why the fuck did these USA bastards dick us over!?

Steve Borden: Guys, I know youíre both angry, but do we really have time to curse and swear the USA corporate's out?

Eric and Ric Fuck yes!

Borden smirks, but shakes his head.

Borden: No guys, we donít. We canít sit back and be pissy and moany about this. We have to lift up our chins, stand tall, and move on.

Bischoff: Steve, Iím glad you can try and be positive about this whole thing, but um, I see a problem with that. Where do we move on to!?

Flair: What do you mean, Eric?

Bischoff: What do you mean, what do I mean!? We have no TV show!? We have nothing to get our name out there each and every week! We have nothing!

Borden: Then we have to find a way to keep our name out there is.

Bischoff: Donít you get it, Ric!? Donít you get it, Steve!? Donít you understand the trouble weíre in!? Do you not see the chaos that is going to start!? He lost our TV show; we lost Nitro! Without TV, the fans will turn away, the sponsors will turn away, the PPV dealers will turn away! Weíll lose everything, even the wrestlers!

Flair: Donít be ridiculous, Bischoff, the talent wonít walk!

Bischoff: You wanna bet? The talent wants to work for a safe and secure company, not one without a TV show! The guys are going to want to walk, mark my words!

Flair: I donít think theyíre the only ones who want to talk then, Eric. I think you want to talk too.

There goes Flair again, start drama. Borden knows that Flairís comment is only going to start drama, so he quickly cuts of Bischoff before he can even make a retort.

Borden: The point is, we can rebound! WCW has been down before, and weíve always gotten back up. We got knocked down pretty damn hard at the start of the year, but we got back up. Yeah we may have just gotten knocked back down again almost as hard, but we can get back up once again! If we lose talent, we lose talent. The true talent will stay loyal to this company, and we will find a way to keep going.

The room goes silent, Borden having finished what he was saying. Bischoff and Flair think about what Steve just said, pondering what to do next. After almost a minute, Flair speaks.

Flair: Well then, what do you propose we do next?

Borden: Iím not the business guy out of this trio, Eric is. Ask him Ric.

Borden knows he just annoyed Flair with that response, but Steve knows he has to get Flair to ask Eric himself. Building up a better relationship between Flair and Bischoff is a necessity for Steve and WCW. Flair rolls his eyes at Borden, but asks Eric anyways.

Flair: Okay, Eric, what do you suppose we do now?

Bischoff strokes his chin with his hand and thinks. After a few moments, Bischoff comes up with a reply.

Bischoff: Well, there are a few options we can take. We could simply take a hiatus. Stay off-air, stay out of the public eye, and try and get another television deal. Last time, we tried to rebound too quickly, so maybe it would be good if we just took a break for a while, had ourselves a bit of an off-season. This could definitely be a good idea to do.

Flair: What else?

Bischoff: We could go-off air for a while until we can try and get a weekly pay per view agreement with our pay per view providers. Well, no matter what we will be forced to go off-screen for a while. Iím figuring that weíd be off-screen for a full month until we can get a weekly agreement. Doing a weekly pay per view show would be risky however. We canít count on our viewers to want to pay to watch us each and every week, and the production costs could be very steep. Doing a weekly pay per view will either make us genius for doing such a thing, or it will run this company bankrupt.

Borden: That is really risky, Eric, but it is a very creative idea. You have any other ideas?

Bischoff: Yes, I have one more. We could simply hold monthly pay per view shows. Weíd have no TV or anything except for the website to hype the pay per view, but it would still be a way to create revenue. Of course, both the pay per view ideas would only run until we found a new TV show. The main goal is to get a new TV deal.

Flair: Of course it is; we do need TV to keep our public image up.

Borden: Well I guess now the question is, what do we do?

What route should World Championship Wrestling follow?

A) Go on hiatus until a new TV deal is made
B) Try and run weekly pay per view shows starting in July until a new TV deal is made
C) Hold monthly pay per view shows until a new TV deal is made

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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