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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Slamboree review:

Evan Karagias vs Shannon Moore vs Shane Helms-CW Championship: 6.5/10

A decent cruiserweight bout that opened the show. Nice little comedy spot at the beginning and some solid wrestling followed. Maybe should have used some more high flying seeing how that gets the crowd excited.

Jim Duggan vs Rick Steiner: 2/10

Well the match was a stinker but the way you wrote it got a few giggles from me. 1 for the effort of writing it and +1 for the way you wrote it, 0 for the match. I could imagine you hated writing this match in your debut PPV.

O'Haire & Palumbo vs Kronik - TagTeam Titles: 6/10

I suspected a stinker of a match but you succeeded into actually make Kronik have a decent tagteam match! Cudos! Maybe you could have made O'Haire look a little stronger though.

Hugh Morrus vs Lance Storm - US-Title: 5/10

Like others have said: this match was boring cuz of Morrus' boring wrestling offense. But since I like Lance Storm and the match wasn't completely horrible I'll pass it. I really hope you book Storm against some good opponents as he can have some awesome midcard bouts.

Filthy Animals vs Yung Dragons: 8/10

MOTN. I love cruiserweight action and when you combine it with some decent/good tagteam psychology it makes for a very good bout. This match owned the other Tagteam match in every aspect. Also love the Shooting Star Press spot by Kidman at the end.

Ric Flair vs Jeff Jarret: 7.5/10

I liked the match as a whole as it put Jarret over but Flair really did look like a fool but you already stated you're reason for doing that. Conclusion: Very good match, would of been MOTN if Flair was made to look stronger.

DDP vs Booker T vs Scott Steiner - WHC Championship: 7/10

I was just hoping that this match would turn out alright, not great just alright for a mainevent. I hate Scott Steiner so that hurt the match alot but you managed to make it into a pretty decent title bout. So I ain't complaining.

overall rating: 60/100

Conclusion: Again you did good considering the crap roster you have to work with. But I still have no idea why you put Duggan/Steiner on this card?

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