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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

cena&torrierock's Review on Monday Night RAW

Opening Promo: That was really well-written. Shawn Michael's speech showed detail and emotion, which I really look for in promos and believe that they must have those qualities to be successful. Randy Orton coming out to take it to Michaels was expected, and I was expecting them to get physical and for some weird reason, I was shocked that Edge ambushed Michaels. I have a huge feeling that you're going to have a tag team match for the Main Event with Michaels & Partner vs. Rated RKO. Well back on topic, a great opening promo that was well-written and delivered the point nicely. All the text flowed and was good in detail, plus it showed emotion so good job!
Grade: 10/10

Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito: That was a good match. I enjoyed the recap as it highlighted the important parts of the match and several spots. Your choice of words also made it appealing, especially "Hardy kicked out with authority". Good job, I'm hoping for a Carlito vs. Hardy match for the IC Title at Wrestlemania. That'd be something great to watch, good job. I'm a bit confused though as to why the fans are cheering Carlito on after he pinned Jeff. Is Jeff heel? Anyway, great opening match.
Grade: 9/10

Jonathan Coachman & Rated RKO Backstage: I wasn't really expecting that, lol. When Coachman announced a tag match, I thought it would be for the Main Event, not No Way Out. Oh well, that's fine with me too. Hopefully you continue to build them up by possibly not having them physically interact that much to build the tension so you can increase the aggressiveness in the match come No Way Out.
Grade: 9/10

Todd Grisham & Charlie Haas Interview: This sounds very interesting. First off, I'd like to commend you for giving Charlie Haas a push. In many other BTBs I've read, the only mention of Charlie Haas was in the Heat results. Nice to know you're using someone really well. I'm wondering if you're going to have Flair vs. Haas at the pay-per-view, as good as it sounds, it just seems a bit weird to me. Maybe it's because I don't envision Haas as a pay-per-view person anymore after seeing the role has in the WWE right now but you could make that possible with some proper build-up and character development (which you've already succesfully begun with).
Grade: 10/10

Ric Flair vs. Umaga: Great match writing, and I liked how this match basically furthers two seperate feuds. However, I didn't like the idea of Umaga cleanly pinning Flair. If it were to further Haas vs. Flair, maybe Haas could've interfered to help Umaga cleanly pin Flair instead of him just sitting there.
Grade: 8/10

Armando Estrada Promo: Very nicely written. And I liked how you wrote it in a way that you can hear him say it in your head because of the words and spellings and such. I liked this promo because Estrada addressed Undertaker, hopefully there is some sort of interaction between the two next week or sometime before the next pay-per-view or whenever you have them face each other. I had an idea of them not interacting with each other at all until their pay-per-view match which would build tension and show dominance on their respective ends, and I can see you taking this sort of direction if you don't have them interact next week.
Grade: 10/10

ECW Promo: It was a bit predictable that Rob Van Dam would end up in ECW but I wasn't expecting you to draft a huge star in Kennedy to ECW. What Kennedy said was quite funny, seeing as ECW is the C-Show of the WWE but that's my opinion, others may see differently. Anyway, I can already see the beginning of a RVD/Kennedy feud which would "steal the show". It looks like the beginning of a feud that has potential to be great if booked right, and I'm sure you'll do that. Hopefully you can book ECW better than how it is being booked right now. Bring some "Extreme" back to it!
Grade: 9.5/10

Shelton Benjamin & Elijah Burke vs. the Highlanders: A good match that served it's purpose and like you said, to have the Champions get in a quick title defense. I'm hoping you go for two or three proper tag feuds with Burke & Benjamin before you even think of splitting them up. Burke vs. Benjamin would be great to see, but I'd like their partnership to last longer than one whole title feud. Have them feud against the Hooliganz, the Hardy Boyz, etc. Bring in some tag teams from the Indies, even! You can do a lot with these two and I'm really intrigued as to what direction you'll take them in.
Grade: 8.5/10

John Cena Promo: The promo was really intense and was written really well. The fact that you made Cena sound much smarter than he actually does on television deserves credit. He sounds like a 5-year old on crack on television when he makes promos but here he sounds like an adult with an agenda. Good job on making him sound much more mature than he really is.
Grade: 10/10

Victoria vs. Candice Michelle: I'm really glad you're having Victoria squash Candice as opposed to having Candice squash Victoria which is what I've seen in another BTB or two. This match continues Victoria's dominant streak, hopefully you're going somewhere with this. I'd hate to see her title reign end up consisting of squashes every week, and no proper storyline, much like Beth Phoenix's current title reign in the WWE. You should've had Victoria give Candice another Widow's Peak or have her cut a promo afterwards, IMO.
Grade: 8/10

Todd Grisham & Triple H Interview: A nice interview with Triple H expressing his ovbious disappointment of not Main Eventing Wrestlemania. I applaud you for not having Triple H main event Wrestlemania unlike several other BTBs that choose to do so otherwise. Not having Triple H in the Wrestlemania Main Events won't kill anyone and gives a chance for other superstars to shine. I just hope you don't place The Game in a feud against either Randy or Edge, basically whoever Shawn doesn't pick.
Grade: 9.5/10

Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H: A great match with a great ending. I'm really glad you had RVD leave RAW that way. I had to laugh when I tried imagining Triple H going ballistic with the sledgehammer, reminds me of Layla going ballistic with the wet noodle at the Memorial Day Bikini Blast Battle Royal. Anyway, nice Main Event. I was expecting Shawn Michaels to wrestle but hopefully you make up for it next week.
Grade: 10/10

Overall Grades:
Promos: 9.7/10
Matches: 8.7/10
Show: 9.3/10

It was a good edition of RAW - my only problems were the fact that not much was done to further the characters of the Champions in Burke/Benjamin and Victoria. Also, the fact that Haas didn't do anything but watch Flair get pinned cleanly annoyed me, he should've interfered to help that happen. But anyway, good job on producing an interesting edition of RAW. I'm eagerly awaiting your next show. ECW right?


Ugh, I just saw that you posted ECW & Smackdown! up. I'll get a review for both up soon either today or tomorrow.

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