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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW on Sci-Fi
Tuesday January 30, 2007
Houston, Texas

Bodies by Drowning Pool hits as the ECW video package plays. It closes out with the new ECW logo being shown before we cut into the arena.

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to the first ever edition of ECW on Sci-Fi! I’m Joey Styles and this is my partner Tazz.

Tazz: Joey it’s great to be back home, as I’d like to call it. I never would have thought that six years ago ECW would be alive again!

Joey Styles: Neither did I Tazz but thanks to a little bit of help from Mr. McMahon, Paul Heyman, and the ECW Originals we are back on air!

Tazz: And speaking of Paul Heyman he is here to kick our show off tonight…

This is Extreme hits across the arena as out steps the General Manager of ECW Paul Heyman. Heyman makes his way down the ramp dressed up in a suit before he gets into the ring and walks around as a big ECW chant breaks out. The fans are cheering big time as Heyman bows down and thanks the fans for being here.

Paul Heyman: Thank you!

The crowd goes wild as Heyman first speaks.

Paul Heyman: I never would have thought that we’d be back on the air ever again. But it’s thanks to each and every one of you fans that wouldn’t shut up! That wouldn’t be denied! That wouldn’t let them tell you that ECW is dead! That is why we are back here tonight and that is why we are on the road to WrestleMania for the first time ever!

Heyman looks around the arena smiling.

Paul Heyman: I’m sure most of you tuned into the Royal Rumble two nights ago. Well let’s just say things didn’t go exactly the way the ECW originals wanted it to. Rob Van Dam didn’t win the WWE title to bring back home with him to ECW. But not only is Rob Van Dam coming here to ECW but we’ve also managed to gain another “big name” if you’d like to call it that.

The crowd boos Mr. Kennedy, as they clearly don’t like him.

Paul Heyman: Mr. Kennedy is the future of ECW. I saw something in him a long time ago when he first arrived on Smackdown and I have a feeling that he is going to be something big here on ECW. I know most of you don’t like the fact he is here. I didn’t pick him for any reason. I know he doesn’t embody the ECW originals but I know that he has a future here and I’m positive about that.

The crowd boos Heyman for this part.

Paul Heyman: Just ba…

Turn Up the Treble hits across the arena as out steps Mr. Kennedy! The newest member of the ECW roster makes his way down the ramp looking pissed off to be here. Kennedy doesn’t even bother doing his own introduction as he walks over and grabs a mic.


The crowd cheers, as they clearly don’t want Mr. Kennedy here.

Paul Heyman: Listen Ken there isn’t a thing I can do about it. What’s done is done. You’re here and we’re go…

Mr. Kennedy: Damn it Paul! I’m not here to play games with you. It’s bullshit why I’m even here in the first place. You know that I don’t want to be here so you decide to pick me anyways in that stupid little draft? Just in case you missed the Royal Rumble not only did I lose my United States title but I also was the runner up in the Royal Rumble match that I did lose as well.

The crowd pops for this, as Kennedy looks very angry.

Mr. Kennedy: Shut up! It’s not funny. Unless you want me to screw over and bury ECW in the ground before it can even get started up again I suggest that you trade me back now or there will be severe consequences.

Heyman looks at Kennedy quickly interrupting him before he can talk again.

Paul Heyman: Ken calm down. I know you don’t want to be here more than anybody! But please just listen. You’re already in the running here for the ECW Championship. You see because I’ve arranged for an Extreme Rules Tournament to take place over the next few weeks. And it’s just your luck that you’re in this tournament.

Heyman points to the screen as the following brackets are shown for the tournament.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Justin Credible
Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman

Sabu vs. Stevie Richards
Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney

Paul Heyman: Oh and by the way…your match is next!

Kennedy looks irate as Heyman leaves to a nice pop for the tournament being announced. This is Extreme hits across the arena as Heyman exits before we head over to ringside.

Joey Styles: A big tournament has been set up and will last over the next few weeks here on ECW and I’m really excited to see who our first ECW champion will be.

Tazz: An interesting note is that only of the extremists in the match is not an Original and that is of course Mr. Kennedy!

Joey Styles: I still think Mr. Kennedy has just as good of a chance as winning as does any other Extremist in the match!


Mr. Kennedy and Credible both open up the first ever ECW on Sci-Fi with a very impressive match with one another. This match is the first ECW Championship tournament match being contested under Extreme rules. Kennedy is able to get a good match out of Credible, as this is Credible’s first appearance in WWE since 2003. Kennedy is hit in the face by a big steel chair shot from Credible early on in the match as Credible looks to capitalize on the match and get a big upset win over the former United States Champion. Credible pulls Kennedy up looking for the That’s Incredible! Onto the steel chair but Kennedy was able to boot Credible off. Justin bounced off the ropes right into a drop toehold sending Credible face first onto the mat. Kennedy picks Credible up and hits the Mic Check hard as he throws Credible over making the cover for the win.

After the match a quick interview takes place with "Dashing" Danny Doring hyping himself up. Doring talks about how he's the biggest thing in ECW history and how next week in that very ring he makes his return to the ECW ring!


WrestleMania Rewind - WrestleMania II

WrestleMania emenates from three different arenas as all three main events are shown from each arena.

We come back from the break to a video hype package on Sabu. The video package hypes the Homicidal, Suicidal, and Genocidal Death Defying Sabu. It closes out with him pointing to the sky before we head down to ringside.

In the second match of the evening we get a quick hype match towards next’s week’s tournament matches. Tommy Dreamer teams with Sabu to take on Sandman and Stevie Richards in an interesting pairing of teams. The match gets a small amount of time before the main event is set to go on next. The match ends whenever Sandman tries to bring his Singapore Cane into the ring, which is illegal in this tag match, but he swings and misses. Sandman turns around right into a dropkick from Sabu into the arms of Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer hits the Dreamer DDT before throwing Sandman over and covering. Sabu was able to knock Richards out of the ring before he could get in and it’s over! Dreamer pinned his opponent for next week as Dreamer and Sabu both have their hands raised.

We head backstage to get a small hype interview with Rob Van Dam. Kelly Kelly asks Rob how it feels to be back at home here on ECW. Rob says not only does it feel great but also that he will be the one to become the first ever ECW champion. Rob says that his dream of being both WWE champion and ECW champion were shattered this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble but now that he is no longer on Raw he has a priority ahead of him to go on to No Way Out and capture the ECW Championship. Because nobody gets higher than R…V…D!


In our main event Rob Van Dam takes on Balls Mahoney in the final match of the evening and the second opening match of the tournament. Balls puts up a good fight but it was clear from the get go that RVD came out here ready to fight tonight to redeem his loss. However Balls will not lie down as the Chair Swinging Freak throws his chair at RVD’s head laying him out. Balls walks over to pick RVD up for the Nutcracker Suite but RVD instead trips Mahoney face first into the turnbuckle. RVD picks the chair up and hits big Chair Surf but only gets a two count. RVD rolls Mahoney into the middle of the ring before RVD pulls a table out from underneath the ring. RVD sets the table up to which Balls attacks RVD from behind before throwing RVD onto the table. Balls looks to climb the ropes but RVD is able to quickly get off the table and Superplex Mahoney through the table with amazing strength. RVD crawls over to make a cover but only gets a two count again! RVD and Balls are putting on a clinic for the fans in the first ever-main event to which RVD now quickly climbs the top turnbuckle leaping off and finally ending the match with the Five Star Frog Splash, which Balls Mahoney was laying on a chair! RVD rolls over making the cover and moving on in the tournament. RVD gets to his feet celebrating his win as Mr. Kennedy is at the top of the ramp clapping sarcastically as RVD has his hand raised as the show ends!

Quick Results:

ECW Championship Tournament Match: Mr. Kennedy def. Justin Credible
Sabu and Tommy Dreamer def. Stevie Richards and The Sandman
ECW Championship Tournament: Rob Van Dam def. Balls Mahoney


Friday Night Smackdown
Friday February 2, 2007
Houston, Texas

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits across the arena as the Smackdown video package plays before it ends with Edge holding his World-Heavyweight title in the air. The camera pans around the arena before we head down to ringside.

Michael Cole: Fresh off the Royal Rumble five nights ago we welcome you to a special edition of Smackdown tonight here in Houston!

Tazz: That is right Cole. We’ve got a special guest from Raw here tonight in John Cena plus we’ve got a big main event as the Undertaker makes his return to the squared circle!

Michael Cole: Undertaker will meet the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry tonight in which will be nothing short of a classic.

Medal hits across the arena as out steps the man that fell short in the I Quit Match this past week at the Royal Rumble, Kurt Angle! Angle walks out with his shoulder wrapped up big time as apparently he might have injured his shoulder. Angle gets into the ring slowly as he walks over grabbing a mic.

Kurt Angle: As you can tell I did hurt myself this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

The crowd boos and a big Angle chant breaks out.

Kurt Angle: While I do appreciate the support there is not much I can do at this time as I must wait and let it heal. But I’ve been told that I should be ready for time to be in action at WrestleMania and I am damn well looking forward to April First so I can step into that ring at WrestleMania and steal the show once again!

The crowd pops.

Kurt Angle: Now this past Sunday I did come up short in my quest but I was robbed of my title match because I did not say I Quit! I never said those five letters and JBL damn well near knows that. But there isn’t anything I can do right now because I am not medically cleared to wrestle but what I can do is call Edge out right here now!

The crowd boos Edge.

Kurt Angle: So Edge get your ass out here right now!

Angle grabs at his shoulder as Angle waits for Edge to make his way out. However he looks up and sees that Edge is backstage standing by with his World-Heavyweight title and he has Paul Burchill by his side.

Edge: Hold it there Kurt! Hold it just right there!

The crowd boos the sight of Edge on the big screen as he soaks it in.

Edge: Maybe I need to remind you of what I just did to you only five nights ago? Do you remember that night Kurt? Do you remember when I drug you around the SBC Center and beat the holy hell out of you? Do you remember whenever I crushed your shoulder in thanks to that ladder? Is it all fresh Kurt? Because if it’s not I can make it fresh in your memory.

Edge points to the screen behind him as a few clips play of the match but focuses on Angle’s shoulder being crushed in as the crowd “oooo’s” at watching it. Shortly after the clip ends and we head back into the arena to see Angle.

Edge: That’s further reminder right there to you Kurt. You say that you didn’t say I Quit last week but I think the fans heard you clearly? I think they heard you shout it out across the arena and yelling that you really are a quitter! It’s obvious to all of these fans! You let them down Kurt! You showed that not only are you a quitter but that you are a fluke! Every title reign you’ve had has been a fluke and well you don’t have to worry about getting another title shot for a while because you can’t have another one as long as I am champion.

A visibly frustrated Angle is pacing from side to side in the ring looking ready to explode.

Kurt Angle: Edge I’ve really had enough of your constant shit. If I could wrestle you tonight I’d beat the living hell out of you. But since I’m not cle…

Edge: Kurt you wouldn’t do a damn thing!

The crowd watches Angle as he continues to pace from side to side.

Edge: Kurt you need to face it! You need to realize that I am over you. You won’t be getting another title shot for a while so you might as well back off. I’ve got more important stuff to worry about such as my Champions versus Contender’s Match at No Way Out! I’ve got a deranged lunatic in Shawn Michaels that is going to be in that match and he might end up coming after my title!

The crowd pops for HBK.

Edge: So I thi…

Kurt Angle: Shut up!

The crowd pops, as Edge looks ready to come into the arena and beat right into Angle.

Kurt Angle: I’ve had enough of your damn rambling on. I didn’t come here tonight to listen to this crap anymore. I’ve had enough of that for the past eight months. You thought you could pull one over my head Edge right? You thought that if you played that recording then you could get me to quit right? Well you’re wrong! I ddin’t cheat and I was wronged out of a title that damn well could very well be around my shoulders right now! Instead of this cast…

Angle points to his cast.

Kurt Angle: If you had any balls you’d come out here right now Edge and face me man to man! But I seriously doubt you will because you and Burchill need some alone time!

Edge and Burchill look irate as they disappear off the screen and march into the arena! The crowd boos Edge and Burchill making their way in, as they look set to run down the ramp. However the stop as Edge still has his microphone in hand.

Edge: Kurt very funny! But like I said earlier maybe it’s time for you to move on? I moved on so now you will too….

Angle wonders just what in the hell Edge is talking about! He turns around right into a sledgehammer shot to the shoulder! It’s Triple H! Triple H is standing over Kurt Angle in the ring and the fans don’t have a damn clue why! Triple H looks down at Angle as he picks Angle up and slings him into he corner. Angle is pretty much defenseless right now thanks to his injured shoulder as Hunter ends up Irish whipping Kurt into the opposing turnbuckles. Kurt comes off right into a big Spinebuster that shakes the ring! Triple H scoops Angle up before dropping Angle in the middle of the ring with a Pedigree as Angle rolls around the ring! Triple H looks around the arena as the fans are confused as to what just happened! Medics run down the ramp as Edge and Burchill are now gone as Hunter is making his way up the ramp slowly and methodically as he watches the chaos he just caused in the ring!

Michael Cole: I’d like to know just why Triple H stuck his damn business in this tonight! He has no business being here at all!

Tazz: I can tell you this though Michael! Triple H did lose this past Monday on Raw so maybe he’s looking to take his anger out on somebody?

Michael Cole: But come on Tazz! Why did it have to be Kurt Angle? Everybody knows he’s got a injured shoulder so why did Triple H have to take advantage of it!

Tazz: I have no clue Cole but when we come back from the break, we’ll be seeing our WWE Tag Team Champions in action!


Match #1
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Deuce and Domino

Match Overview: Deuce and Domino team together to take on the tag champs in a non-title match. Both teams put on a good match as we are first shown Deuce and Domino attacking London and Kendrick two weeks ago on Smackdown! This match gets a decent bit of time to kick the show off in which the match starts to boil down towards the ending. Domino is the legal man as he has Kendrick in the ring right now. The Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble, makes his way down the ramp slowly, which distracts Paul London in the process! Kendrick has no clue that London got distracted and it’s all thanks to Noble that distracts the referee. The referee tries to kick Noble out but it gives time for Deuce to tag in with a loud slap and have Domino hold Kendrick before he hit the Crack em in da mouth! Deuce quickly throws Kendrick over covering for the win

Winners: Deuce and Domino

Deuce and Domino slide to the ring yelling “OOOO….HHH” as they both help Cherry back to their car. Noble is on the outside of the ring as he looks down at London. Noble looks as if he is about to attack London but Kendrick quickly slides to the outside of the ring. Kendrick gets in Noble’s face as Noble backs up the ramp. Kendrick has London on his feet as the fans applaud the tag champs for their effort here tonight!

We now head backstage to see Maryse standing by.

Maryse: Ladies and gentlemen at this time I’d like to welcome the NEW United States Champion…. Matt Hardy!

In walks the champion Matt Hardy with his title around his shoulder. Hardy walks over to Maryse as he waves his title in the camera.

Matt Hardy: Maryse it’s great to be here tonight but it’s even better because right now you’re looking at the NEW United States Champion!

Maryse: Matt you’re fresh off winning your title this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble and now that Mister Kennedy is on ECW what are your plans for the title?

Matt Hardy: It’s a good thing that Mr. Kennedy is gone because well I’d grown tired of his act. He always came out here running his mouth about how he was better than Matt Hardy and so on and so forth. Well I proved this Sunday that I am the better man whenever I pinned Mr. Kennedy right in the middle of the ring.

The crowd watches Hardy throw his fingers up.

Matt Hardy: One…Two…Three!!!

Hardy looks over at Maryse as she is smiling.

Maryse: So whom do you consider right now your biggest “threat” to your title?

Matt Hardy: Maryse I’m rea…

Voice: That’d be me!

The camera shifts over to reveal Kenny Dykstra and Ashley Massaro. Ashley is with Kenny right now despite them not dating but they’re currently just friends.

Matt Hardy: And just who are y…

Kenny Dykstra: Matt don’t act like you don’t know who I am! I’m the man that you threw out of the Royal Rumble Sunday. The man that you feel that you’re just go…

Matt Hardy: Oh you looked awful familiar. What happened to the cheerleader act?

The crowd pops as Hardy looks at an irate Dykstra.

Kenny Dykstra: Very funny Matt! Very funny! You know I think it’s pretty funny as well that you actually think that you’re a big threat here on Smackdown now that you have the US title. But well I’ve talked to Smackdown GM JBL tonight and well I think he’s ready for someone to already take the title off of your hands….that’s where I come in!

Hardy is shown laughing as Ashley cracks a laugh too. Kenny looks at Ashley as she stops laughing and Kenny looks directly at Matt Hardy.

Kenny Dykstra: You just wait till later tonight. We’ll see who gets the last laugh! Come on Ashley let’s go!

Ashley walks off with Kenny as we head off to a commercial break.


Michael Cole: Well coming up right now we’ve been told that CM Punk is going to be in tag team action!

Tazz: I really wonder just whom Punk could have found to be his partner here tonight?

Match #2
CM Punk and Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal and Dave Taylor

Match Overview: This gets a decent bit of time as we get some fun and exciting tag team action here tonight on Smackdown. Regal and Taylor have been showcased a lot the past few weeks and it continue here tonight. Punk has been on a roll since debuting last month, as he has not been pinned yet! Punk’s winning streak looks to continue here tonight as him and Taylor are left in the ring right now! Regal tries to interfere and stick his nose in the match right now as the illegal man but Mysterio takes care of business by dropkicking Regal to the outside! Mysterio quickly hits a big Plancha over the ropes onto Regal on the floor! Taylor and Punk are going at in the ring as Taylor gets a rollup on Punk but it’s not enough! Taylor shoves Punk into the ropes as Taylor grabs Punk but Punk breaks through and hits a big DDT on Taylor! Punk grabs Taylor before he hits the big knee to the face in the corner! Punk watches as Taylor comes out off the mat right into his arms into the Go to Sleep! But Punk doesn’t stop there as he locks in the Anaconda Vice and Punk is the winner once again as Taylor taps out

Winners: CM Punk and Rey Mysterio

Punk and Mysterio celebrate their win as Regal is climbing back onto his feet. Regal is heard yelling “We’ll get you Punk!” as Mysterio and Punk celebrate with the fans.

Michael Cole: A big win tonight here for the fan favorites in CM Punk and Rey Mysterio! But it seems William Regal has some unfinished beef with CM Punk.

Tazz: I think that they are obviously jealous of what Punk has accomplished in his short time here in the WWE.

The camera shifts backstage to reveal John Cena walking backstage.

Michael Cole: Well when we come back we’ll be seeing John Cena in the ring!


My Time is Now rings across the arena as out steps the Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena! Cena makes his way down the ramp to a nice ovation for his first appearance on Smackdown since the summer of 2005! The fans pop for Cena making a homecoming to Smackdown tonight as he walks around with a mic in hand! Cena waits as the crowd is going nuts tonight as he looks around the arena with a smile.

John Cena: Yo…yo…yo…yo…yo!

The crowd goes nuts as a big Cena chant breaks out as Cena soaks it in.

John Cena: Now tonight I wanted to come here…kick back and have a bit of fun on my return to Smackdown but it seems that I’ve got something a lot more serious than that to take care of tonight!

The crowd boos knowing that Cena is talking about Finlay.

John Cena: As most of you know that dumb Irish son of a bitch robbed me of my spot in the Royal Rumble whenever he came out there and eliminated me. But oh it’s not about that anymore. This is personal. When Finlay put his hands on me he woke up a beast inside of me. He woke up a side of me that I’ve never seen before myself!

The crowd pops as Cena walks around the ring.

John Cena: It’s a side that I don’t want to see or let you the fans see. But what Finlay did I will not let is slide by! I cannot and will not back down from a fight and that is why I am here tonight! I issued Finlay a challenge for No Way Out and I want a damn answer…

John Cena: NOW!

The crowd pops wanting to know if Finlay is going to answer Cena’s challenge. Cena is waiting in the ring as he wants Finlay to come down now.

John Cena: Come on you stupid son of a bitch! You had no problem coming down here in the Royal Rumble so why don’t you get your ass down here right now?

Lambeg plays around the arena as Finlay makes his way onto the stage. Finlay stops at the ramp and points his shillelagh at Cena. Finlay slowly makes his way down the ramp as he is tempted to get into the ring but isn’t quiet so sure about it.

John Cena: What’s wrong Finlay? You had no problem blasting me with that shillelagh Sunday when I was down? Why don’t you grow some balls and get into this ring right now with me? That is if you Irish men do indeed have any!

The crowd pops as Finlay looks at Cena. Finlay slowly climbs the ropes before he gets into the ring. Finlay wields his shillelagh at Cena warning him to say something again.

Finlay: You say one more thing and I’ll shove this shillelagh so far up your ass that you won’t be abl…

John Cena: Able to what Finlay? I know you’re just trying to get into my head. You and the other twenty people that came before you! You damn well know that I’ve been in a lot of fights before and that I’ve never backed down from one fight before! You’re no different than anybody else that has gotten their ass handed to them by me!

Cena looks at Finlay as Finlay gets right into the face of Cena.

John Cena: I gave you five days Finlay. Now are you going to man up and fight me or are you going to be the real coward that you are?

Finlay: Ya’ see Cena. If I could face you at No Way Out I would…

Cena shows a smile knowing that Finlay is cowering out right now. Cena looks at Finlay once again.

John Cena: What’s wrong this time Finlay? Did you hurt your hip? What did you do?

Finlay looks at Cena as Cena still looks pissed that Finlay said no.

Finlay: Cena I’ve been experiencing some back problems recently and well I think it’d be for the best that I sit this one out.

The crowd boos Finlay, as Cena looks really pissed. Cena looks ready to explode as Finlay looks at Cena wondering why he’s pissed.

John Cena: Seems right. Most of you co…

Finlay: BUT! I have found a representative for me…

Down the ramp comes MVP! No music or anything as he rolls into the ring as Finlay rolls out. Cena tried to pull Finlay back into the ring but Cena turns around throwing rights at Cena. MVP springs off the ropes right into a big shoulder block from Cena. Cena bends down as he hits the five-knuckle shuffle! The fans go wild as Cena picks MVP back up throwing him onto his shoulders for the F-U but Finlay slides into the ring as Cena had his back turned and he hits Cena with a big low blow thanks to the help of the shillelagh. Finlay removes the shillelagh from the legs of Cena as Cena falls down as MVP rolls out of the ring! Finlay holds MVP’s hand high in the air as the fans boo Finlay.

Michael Cole: Finlay has backed out of facing Cena at No Way Out but instead he has picked MVP to represent him!

Tazz: I like Cena think that Finlay is playing this game because he really is scared of Cena!

Michael Cole: Well when we come back from the break…”The Big Red Machine” Kane will be in action! It’s next!


WrestleMania Countdown: 58 Days to WrestleMania

Match #3
Kane vs. Kid Kash

Match Overview: Quick match to get Kane in action tonight. Kid Kash of course doesn’t get much offense in on Kane as Kane was able to hit Kash with a big clothesline to turn the tide of the match late on in the match. Kane came off the top rope hitting Kash down onto the mat with a big flying clothesline before picking Kash up and dropping him with a quick Chokeslam! Kane quickly covers getting the win!

Winner: Kane

Kane rolls to the outside of the ring before we head backstage to see Kristal standing by with Batista.

Kristal: Batista what are your thoughts and comments on Kane’s match just right now?

Batista: Kristal if you think I’m concerned about that Big Red Freak then you need to think again! I eliminated both Kane and The Undertaker this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble! I’d like to meet a man that has the honor of doing the same feat I did because there is not one! Kane poses no threat to me and I’ll run right through him if I have to again.

Kristal: Batista you’ve had problems with Kane in the past before so do you think they are going to affect you now?

Batista: I don’t have any problems with Kane! I just know that he’s a lunatic but I’m a damn animal! I’ll tear right through Kane if I have to no matter where it is. I embarrassed him Sunday and I’ll be glad to do it again just to show that to you Kristal. I’m not afraid of a soul on this roster because I don’t have a reason to be. There isn’t a person here on Smackdown that can or will stop me regardless of what you or anybody else thinks!

Kristal: Any final comments on Kane?

Batista: Enough of Kane! Let’s just put it this way. Tonight I’m going to be “watching” The Undertaker’s match at ringside just to “scout competition” if you know what I’m saying. But let’s just put it this way. If Undertaker knows what he has coming to him then he wouldn’t even show up here tonight!

Batista walks off as we head off to another commercial break.


Match #4
Matt Hardy vs. Kenny Dykstra

Match Overview: Hardy and Dykstra get a decent bit of time in the ring tonight but it’s basically to start a quick feud with one another before rolling into WrestleMania. Dykstra works a good match as he has Ashley on the outside who is playing a tweener right now and deciding if she wants to date Kenny or not. Dykstra took a bit of offense in the match but it wasn’t much as the match showcased the new champion for a bit. Hardy went on the offense as he hit a big Side Effect but covered to only get a two count. Hardy quickly rolls back onto his feet before getting back up and teasing Dykstra for the Twist of Fate. Hardy kicks Dykstra straight in the sternum as he goes for the Twist of Fate but Dykstra instead gets shoved off the ropes! Dykstra charges back at Hardy but Hardy instead scoops Dykstra up and this time finishes him off with the Twist of Fate! Hardy quickly kicks Dykstra over to cover and get the win!

Winner: Matt Hardy

A black screen comes across before the WrestleMania 23 logo flashes across the screen. After the logo disappears we see shots of Rob Van Dam leaping off the top ropes of the turnbuckle.

Narrator: The desire to compete and win…

Shots of superstars hitting their maneuvers and having their hands held high.

Narrator: The burning desire and feeling inside of you that wants out…

Shots of superstars doing their trademark taunt moves.

Narrator: The need to know that you are the best in this business…

Shots of past champions holding their titles in the air such as Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and many others.

Narrator: The fact that you are willing to lay it all on the line…

Shots of great matches in WrestleMania history such as Jericho vs. HBK, Warrior vs. Hogan, Hart vs. Michaels, and many others.

Narrator: For that one night that comes only once a year…

Shots of each WrestleMania are briefly shown as they start to speed up.

Narrator: For the chance that your name could become embarked in the archives of history…

Shots of legends such as Hogan, Savage, Hart, DiBiase and many more are shown.

Narrator: Or the chance that you get to wrestle on the biggest stage of them all…

Shots of up and comers are shown with a few having wrestled at last year’s WrestleMania.

Narrator: WrestleMania 23 “Hotter than Hell”

The WrestleMania 23 logo comes back across

Narrator: Live Sunday April 1, 2007 from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida!


After the break we head backstage to see Smackdown GM John Bradshaw Layfield sitting in his office. In walks Chavo Guerrero, which is reminiscent of a few weeks back whenever Chavo walked in to JBL’s office asking for a favor.

Chavo Guerrero: Listen JBL ese’ I thought I would come in here and ask of a favor from you?

JBL: What is it Chavo? I’m kinda’ busy right now but I’ve got a little bit of time…

Chavo Guerrero: JBL all I’m asking for is a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. I’m the greatest Cruiserweight champion alive and I really…really want to win that title again and make my familia proud again ese!

JBL: Chavo let me think about that for a bit. I’ve got a lot of work and I’ll get back to you on that one next week. Ok champ?

Chavo looks a little bit frustrated as he looks back at JBL.

Chavo Guerrero: I’ll see you later JBL…

Chavo walks out of the office as JBL ignores him continuing his paper work. Suddenly in walks to the office Edge and Paul Burchill.

Edge: John you got a second?

JBL: That’s Mister Layfield to you. I don’t give a damn who you are! In your case you might be the World-Heavyweight Champion but I run this show and I demand some respect!

Edge looks at JBL a little embarrassed.

Edge: Sorry Mister Layfield. Listen I thought about it tonight. What if Shawn Michaels comes to Smackdown and comes after my title! I can’t just be unprepared for something like that be,,..

JBL: Listen I’ve got some work to do. Hurry up and get to the damn point Edge!

The crowd actually pops for JBL as someone is finally telling Edge to shut up whether it is a heel or not!

Edge: What I’m trying to get at is that I don’t have a damn clue as to whom I’m going to face at WrestleMania! Now if that’s not fair or what then I don’t know what is! I don’t think it’s right that I’ve got to wait till this Monday to find out if I face Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania!

JBL: I can’t help you on that one Edge but let’s just say next week that I’ve got a big surprise for you waiting in that ring…

Edge: Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

JBL: As for now I need you to go. I’ve got a bit of work to take care of so I’ll see you next week in the ring!

Edge walks out of the room storming as Burchill walks out with him. JBL gets back to work now as we head off to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well a big surprise next week for Edge and I just wonder what that is but right now it’s time for our main event!

Tazz: Whenever we return from the break it’ll be The Undertaker making his in-ring return to Smackdown for the first time since August as he takes on Mark Henry!


Match #5
The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

Match Overview: The main event gets a decent bit of time as it’s mainly used to hype up the Undertaker’s return to in-ring action on Smackdown for the first time in nearly six months. Henry works over ‘Taker for a bit as he locks in a big Bear Hug trying to force ‘Taker to tap out but Undertaker is not going to have any of it. Undertaker breaks free but as he tries to spring off the ropes Henry pulls him back down onto the mat by his hair. Batista is at ringside watching and applauding as Henry looks over at Batista. Henry walks back over to ‘Taker but ‘Taker trips him up sending him to the outside of the ring. Undertaker rolls to the outside before ramming Henry back first into the barricade. Undertaker picks Henry back up before he throws the World’s Strongest Man into the steel steps. Undertaker walks over as the ref is counting him out before he rolls Henry back into the ring. Undertaker goes for the cover but gets a two count. Undertaker picks Henry back up as he tries for a Chokeslam but Henry shoves him off into the ropes. Undertaker moves out of the corner as Henry misses and Undertaker twists the arm of Henry before hitting Old School! Henry falls down onto the mat as Undertaker picks Henry up looking possibly for the Last Ride but out of nowhere Batista spears the Undertaker down onto the mat! Henry rolls to the outside as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: The Undertaker

Batista watches as Umaga runs down the ramp. The Raw Superstar rolls into the ring as he is escorted by Armando Estrada. Estrada watches Umaga slide into the ring as Umaga gets Batista to pick Undertaker up. Umaga drops Undertaker with a big Samoan Spike before down comes Kane! Kane rushes down the ramp as Batista rolls out of the ring despite not being “afraid” of Kane. Umaga turns around right into a big Chokeslam from Kane! Kane watches Umaga roll to the outside now as Kane walks over to Undertaker who sits up! Batista is backing up the ramp right now before Longhorn hits across the arena stopping Batista.

JBL: Hold your horses right there gentlemen!

The crowd boos JBL appearing at the end of the show.

JBL: You see since all four of you can't seem to get along I've decided a way to settle this little ruckus we've got on our hands. Because at No Way Out it'll be "The Animal" Batista...

The crowd boos the Animal.

JBL: Teaming with Raw's Umaga...

The crowd boos Umaga as well.

JBL: To take on the reuniting Brothers of Destruction!

The crowd goes wild as Kane and Undertaker are in the ring showing a smile as the camera focuses on the BOD as the show ends.

Quick Results:

Deuce and Domino def. Brian Kendrick and Paul London
CM Punk and Rey Mysterio def. William Regal and Dave Taylor
Kane def. Kid Kash
Matt Hardy def. Kenny Dykstra
The Undertaker def. Mark Henry via DQ


WWE No Way Out
Sunday February 18, 2007
Sacramento, California
Official Theme Song: Power Trip by Monster Magnet

2nd Annual Champions versus Contenders Match
Randy Orton (c) and Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels and ???

Inter-Promotional Match
The Brothers of Destruction vs. Batista and Umaga

Inter-Promotional Challenge Match
John Cena vs. MVP w/ Finlay
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