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Re: Being the booker

RAW; April 18th; Indianapolis:

Opening Video


J.R & King welcome everyone to the show, then HBK’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring, along with the Insurance Policy, Luther Reigns.

HBK briefly talks about last weeks attack on the Deadman, and gives us some of Luther’s background, on being in prison etc. Luther also talks briefly, and hands back over to Michaels. HBK promises victory once again at Backlash, then Undertaker’s music hits, and the Deadman makes his way to the ring. Michaels hides behind Luther, and The Insurance Policy brawls with Taker, the fight soon becomes a 2 on 1 affair, with Michaels getting involved. HBK and Luther then leave Taker down, and celebrate up the ramp. Then, as they look back, Undertaker sits up, spooking out Shawn and Luther.

Kane defeats The Hurricane in a basic squash match. Afterwards, Kane’s Backlash opponent, Eugene comes to the ring, and attempts to apologise for annoying Kane two weeks ago. Kane at first pretends to forgive him, and asks Eugene for a hug, but then boots him down, and stomps on him, before leaving the ring. As Kane walks up the ramp, we see Eugene in the ring, starting to look almost in a trance, and he gets up, and goes ballistic, showing a different side to his own personality.

In an interview, The new World Tag Champs, Haas and Benjamin talk about this Sunday’s Tag Turmoil match for the titles. They say that there are five other ultra talented teams out there, but they are the very best, and will not be losing to any of them, anytime soon.

Backstage, Evolution chat, as Flair tells Batista that Evolution cant be embarrassed any longer, and he must destroy the jumping bean Mysterio, unlike Orton. Batista agrees, whilst Orton becomes more angry, and finally explodes. He tells Flair and Batista that he would have beaten Mysterio if they hadn’t screwed up, and to prove it, he beat Sting last week alone. Orton then challenges Batista to try and beat Mysterio alone. Batista tells Orton that isn’t the plan. Flair then tells Orton to lose the attitude, or Evolution wont carry him much longer. Orton responds, telling Flair that they should lose the attitude, or he wont carry them much longer. Orton then storms out of the room, leaving Flair and Batista mad.

Christian and Tyson Tomko defeat Edge and Maven in a tag match, with Christian cheating to win, grabbing the tights of Edge, heading into this Sunday’s Cage match for the I.C Title.

Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak are interviewed backstage. They tell Todd, in a more cocky manner than they normally would, that they are ready to show the world that they are ready to once again become the Tag Champs, because Gold looks good on them.

In a six pack match, as a little preview for Backlash, one member from each tag team involved in the Tag Title’s match is involved. Booker T w/Goldust, Sean O’ Haire w/Chuck Palumbo, Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas, A-Train w/Rhyno, Rodney Mack w/Orlando Jordan, Garrison Cade w/Mark Jindrak. The match ends in a no contest, with all six partners getting involved, leading to a twelve man brawl, with the fight going into the crowd, and backstage.

After watching highlights of Trish Stratus’ Count Out win over Shaniqua from Heat, we are told that Trish will challenge Shaniqua at Backlash. Trish, in an interview, say’s that despite the size and power advantage Shaniqua has, she has a bigger advantage, her heart. And with that, she will become the NEW Women’s Champion at Backlash.

We see John Cena, Sting and Rey Mysterio briefly chat about the 6 Man Tag at Backlash and tonight’s matches involving Mysterio and Sting.

A video plays hyping Carlito Caribbean Cool, who will debut this Sunday at Backlash……and that’s cool…

Batista defeats Rey Mysterio to become the NEW Hardcore Champion, thanks to interference from Ric Flair, and a less than happy Randy Orton. Cena and Sting attempt to make the save for Rey, but are too late.

We see Mick Foley chat to Rene Dupree, who begs Foley for a match with RVD @ Backlash, and Foley grants it.

Shaniqua and Rene Dupree tag together to face RVD and Trish. In a pretty decent match, Dupree gets the tainted win on RVD, using a low blow, followed by the Dupree Driver, for a shady 3 count.

Christian and Tomko are seen chatting about this Sunday’s Cage Match. Tomko brings up the point that he cant help Christian this Sunday, which Christian tells him not to mention, as he tries to think of a plan.

In the main event Sting faces Ric Flair. Both men roll the clocks back, and turn in a classic Flair - Sting match, which in the end disintegrates into a 6 Man war, with Orton, Batista, Cena and Mysterio all running in. Sting picks up the win on Flair with the Scorpion Deathlock, whilst Cena and Mysterio take down Orton and Batista. The show ends, with Cena and his two partners for this Sunday, standing tall.

Official Card for WWE Backlash:
Date: 24th April 2004
Location: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford; New Jersey
Event Music: Stone Sour; Bother

Buried Alive Match:
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

6 Man Tag Match:
John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Sting vs. Evolution

Intercontinental Championship:
Steel Cage Match:
Christian vs. Edge

Women’s Championship Match:
Shaniqua vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Turmoil Match;
World Tag Team Championships:
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team defend against;
Brotherhood, Booker T & Goldust, A-Train & Rhyno,
Natural Born Thrillers, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree

Eugene vs. Kane

Plus the debut of Carlito Caribbean Cool…

(Predictions are more than welcome for Backlash, but, please note, I will not be doing the full PPV, due to there being only seven days in a week, and not ideally ten. Instead the matches will be done in bullet point form, which might actually suit some people better, who prefer not to read long ass matches.)

Smackdown; Indianapolis: April 21st:

Highlights from last week, with the announcement of Austin - Lesnar @ Judgement Day, as well as the Main Event Title Match, ending in a DQ, after Triple H attacked The Rock.

**Time to Play the Game** We don’t have the usual opening video, and pyro, nor do we get commentary starting the show, but instead, Triple H immediately enters, and walks toward the ring.

Michael Cole: You are looking at the man, who ruined the first ever live Smackdown main event, ending the Championship match between The Rock and Kurt Angle in a DQ. I’m joined here tonight by our guest colour commentator, Jim Cornette.

Jim Cornette: Yeah, indeed you are son, but as for this title situation, blame Bret Hart, blame the General Manager. He said Triple H would be in line for a title shot if he stayed away from attacking Angle, but never mentioned The Rock.

Hunter gets on the apron, spits out his water, and immediately grabs a microphone, and begins to speak, with a huge smile on his face…

Triple H: I’ll keep this nice and short. Bret, you promised me a title shot if I refrained from attacking Kurt Angle last week, and I did just that. I never laid a finger on Angle, and you never mentioned The Rock. I’m not waiting another minute for my title shot, because as you can see, I’m ready to go now. Get the paper champ out here, and lets do it now.

**5-4-3-2-1...BANG** Chris Jericho makes his way out onto the stage, and walks down to the ring, also dressed ready for a match.

Chris Jericho: Triple H…would you please…SHUT, THE HELL UP!!! Preperation H, I’ve been on Smackdown for three weeks now, two weeks ago, I hosted the Highlight Reel, last week, I was the special guest referee between The Rock and Kurt Angle, and tonight, all I want is a god damn match!!!!

Crowd Pops and start a Y2J chant.

Chris Jericho: And I don’t just mean any match. I want my rightful shot at the WWE Championship. I kept my half of the bargain last week, now I want my reward

Crowd cheers in approval for Y2J

Triple H: Listen here Jericho, and listen good. I’m Triple H. I do not wait in line for anything I want. Whatever I decide to have, I take, and I want the WWE Championship, so therefore, I will take it.

The two men go face to face

Chris Jericho: Well you better start to get used to waiting in line junior, because I refuse to let you take my rightful WWE Championship shot.

**Medal Hits** Kurt Angle then makes his way out, down the ramp, to the ring. He takes a mic then begins to speak.

Kurt Angle: Wait just a god damn second. Last week you might both remember, that I wasn’t beaten, so therefore, since I was the rightful number one contender last week, and my match finished in a DQ, really, I should be the one to face The Rock, one on one.

Triple H: Kurt, you oughta track back a little bit buddy, and try to remember the fatal four way. You picturing that?? Yeah?? Well, try and remember where my foot was when you were declared the winner. IT WAS ON THE ROPE. You never won the fatal four way rightfully, and yet you got the title shot, so I don’t see how you can have any complaints, after losing by a DQ last week. Like the saying goes, two wrongs, make a right.

Chris Jericho: I think you’ll find that the saying is actually, two wrongs DON’T make a right, ass clown. And I couldn’t agree with that saying more. I have been wronged for two weeks on Smackdown, and tonight, I want…no, I DEMAND a match, and I demand a WWE Title shot.

Crowd pops

Kurt Angle: Chris, I un-

**HITMAN** Bret makes his way out to the ramp, with a microphone in hand, ready to speak.

Bret Hart: Chris, Hunter, Kurt. Do me a favour, and keep your mouths shut for a few moments.

Crowd pops slightly, in admiration of Bret’s no nonsense attitude, whether it’s from faces or heel’s

Bret Hart: Hunter, due to my own stupidity, you were able to sabotage the WWE Championship match last week, and also, through a verbal contract, you managed to wrangle a WWE Title Match. Well done…but you are still a son of a bitch.

HHH looks irate, as the crowd pops.

Bret Hart: Chris, I see that you are frustrated. This is your third week on Smackdown, and you have yet to have a match. You too were given a verbal agreement of a WWE Title Match, if you were able to call the match last week down the middle, which you done superbly, despite temptation to lash out. But Chris, you are doing yourself no favours, by running your mouth out here, and the more you talk, the longer I will make you wait for the title shot promised.

Crowd is split 50/50 on the last comment, not wanting to go against either fan favourite.

Bret Hart: Kurt, I understand your annoyance of the finish to last weeks title match, where you had absolutely no control on to stop. But, please realise this, I stuck my neck out on the line to give you a one on one title match, when the right thing to do may have been to make it a triple threat match, and acting like this is my repayment??

Triple H: Just get to the point Bret.

Bret Hart: You want me to get to the point!!?? Okay Hunter, I’ll cut the crap, and get to the point. On May 15th, Smackdown presents Judgement Day, but not one of you will face The Rock for the WWE Championship.

All three look to be fuming, whilst the crowd doesn’t seem to pleased either.

Bret Hart: Instead, ALL of you will face The Rock for the WWE Championship at Judgement Day.

Crowd Pops HUGE

Bret Hart: I’m not finished. You see, Hunter, you weren’t the only man that was wrongfully beaten in the Fatal Four Way two weeks ago. Two other’s where also losers, but they didn’t complain, or bitch, or moan. That’s why, Chris Benoit, and the United States Champion, Eddie Guerrero will also challenge The Rock.

Crowd Pops again.

Bret Hart: (Waits for crowd to die down) Oh, and I almost forgot…it will be inside the Elimination Chamber…

The roof almost literally blows off the arena with the announcement. Bret smiles down the ramp, with Jericho and Angle nodding, whilst Hunter looks to be thinking about the match already.

Bret Hart: And hell, how about tonight, saying as Chris and Hunter are dressed for a fight, we stick you two in the ring together, one on one. Chris Jericho’s first match on Smackdown. I hope everybody is happy, and enjoy the show, because I know I will.


Back to ringside with Cornette and Cole;

Michael Cole: What an announcement made by the General Manager, Bret Hart.

Jim Cornette: Michael, think about it…two matches announced for Judgement Day, and already, this Pay Per View could be bigger than Wrestlemania!!

Michael Cole: Indeed. The Devil’s Playground will once again re-emerge, as The Rock will be challenged by Kurt Angle, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, and Steve Austin tackles Brock Lesnar one last time in a streetfight.

Jim Cornette: I loved the first Austin - Lesnar match at WrestleMania, but this time, it’s just them, no interference, but anything goes!!!

Michael Cole: But that’s not all. By the end of tonight, we will also find out the final four teams for the Fatal Four Way match at Judgement Day for the Vacant Tag Team Titles.

Jim Cornette: I cant wait Michael.

Michael Cole: And, by the way folks, I am joined for one night only by Jim Cornette, who is sitting in for Tazz, who at the moment is at home, recovering from the beating he suffered at the hands of Goldberg last week, under orders from Bret Hart.

Jim Cornette: And speaking of Goldberg, he’s in action in a moment or too.

Michael Cole: Well, Jim, you better watch yourself, because he’s attacked me, and Tazz, so you may be next.

Jim Cornette: No way. Goldberg will look at me, and quiver in fear. I’m a monster!!!

1st Match:
Goldberg vs. Shannon Moore
As Goldberg enters, Tazz runs in behind him, and jumps Goldberg from behind, and the two men brawl. Security, and a handful of wrestlers, and backstage officials break it up, and restrain Tazz backstage, allowing Goldberg to wrestle.
Goldberg dominates Moore, and picks up a squash victory.
Winner: Goldberg
Goldberg celebrates the victory, but through the crowd comes Tazz, coming for Goldberg again already, and the two men brawl for the second time tonight. Tazz beats down Goldberg in the corner, showing his built up rage from last week. Eventually, security, and staff run down to break up the beat down, and drag Tazz off again, literally dragging him up the ramp, whilst Goldberg looks a little shaken up from the beat down.


We cut backstage, where we see Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero chatting.

Chris Benoit: Listen Eddie, I’ve been waiting for a title shot for too damn long now, in fact, the last shot I had was last July. Too damn long. No offence, but you had your shot at Triple H TWICE. You already have the United States Title, but I have nothing to show for my efforts, but that will change at Judgement Day. First time I’ve been inside the Elimination Chamber, but I will win my first WWE Championship.

Eddie Guerrero: Yo, homes, chill man. I know this means a lot to you, but at this rate, you might have a heart attack before Judgement Day. Just relax vato.

Chris Benoit: I cant relax Eddie. This is the biggest chance I might get for a long time. I don’t want to wait ten months for another title shot after this. I cant wait that long. At Judgement Day, I NEED to take the WWE Championship, I NEED to.

We then cut to the parking lot, with Tazz being taken from the building on a police escort, being placed in a police car, then driving off.

Back to ringside with Cole and Cornette…
Michael Cole: Oh my, this has been a raucous way to kick off this evening’s procedures.

Jim Cornette: Well Michael, what can I say. You’ve got the announcement of the Elimination Chamber, featuring six of the WWE’s premier stars, we’ve seen two absolute psycho’s tear each other apart, with one of them ending up being thrown out.

Michael Cole: I don’t see this situation between Goldberg and Tazz dying down to soon either. But folks, in a moment or two, we will find out the third team which will be part of the Fatal Four Way at Judgement Day. The Dudley Boyz will take on Akio and Sakoda, with a place up for grabs.

Jim Cornette: As I’m sure you know, I have a lot of history with successful tag teams, and I’ll be studying this match very carefully Michael.

Michael Cole: Also still to come tonight, La Resistance face Rikishi and Scotty, for the final place in the Fatal Four Way at Judgement Day. Eddie Guerrero defends the United States Title against Test, and lets not forget, Chris Jericho’s in ring debut on Smackdown against Triple H.

Jim Cornette: And, lets not forget, the icing on the cake, Jim Cornette on commentary.

2nd Match: For place in Fatal Four Way at Judgement Day for the vacant Tag Titles;
Dudley Boyz vs. Akio & Sakoda
Akio and Sakoda give a good showing of themselves, but are beaten in a short, physical match, after the 3D on Sakoda.
Winners: Dudley Boyz
Afterwards, Bubba and D’ Von celebrate, before we cut to a commercial.


Backstage, Josh Matthews is with Los Chavo’s for an interview;

Josh Matthews: Los Chavo’s, in the last two weeks, Paul London has pinned, you Chavo Classic, and of course, the current Cruiserweight Champion, that being you, Chavo Junior. But, you have a proposition for Paul London I believe??

Chavo Classic: Indeed we do, Josh. Tell him son.

Chavo Junior: Well, since Paul London has obviously became the flavour of the month, everybody is talking about him. But I’m used to it. There is always someone who steps it up for a few weeks, then blows it when it come the title match. But, saying as Paul has beaten both father and son, in separate weeks, I’d like to see him do it one more time, in tag team action. Next week, Los Chavo’s versus Paul London and a partner of his choosing. If he wins, he gets a title shot at Judgement Day, if he loses, then we can just get to the next flavour of the month.

Los Chavo’s then walk off, despite the fact that Josh was about to ask another question.

We cut to the ring, where a table is set up, with a number of products are sitting. The video’s hyping the debut of Simon Dean then play, and once they end, an unfamiliar music plays, and we see Simon Dean make his way to the ring, making his Smackdown debut. He introduced by Tony Chimel, then he begins to speak, wearing a headset type microphone.

Simon Dean: Looking around Indianapolis, it looks to me, that the only reason this place starts off with India, is because this town ate that country.

Crowd gives heat.

Simon Dean: So, this is your lucky day, because Simon Dean has brought his patented Simon System to Indianapolis, Indigestion!!!

Crowd gives heat again.

Simon Dean: Sorry, my bad, Indianapolis, Indiana. Whatever, I’ve got a great deal, for the month of April. If you make a one year subscription to the Simon System, you get the first month FREE!!! Think about it, think about all the weight you can shift, and all the muscles you people could gain!!

The crowd seem’s completely uninterested.

Simon Dean: Okay, okay, I obviously didn’t realise that this is eating time around here, well, actually, eating time here, is all the time…

Crowd gives heat.

Simon Dean: Gimme a break Indianapolis. I’m trying to help you. I mean, look at this guy, he hasn’t seen his belly button since the fifth grade.

Crowd boo’s

Simon Dean: Fine, I’m not wasting my time in some dingy, one track minded, hell hole, where everyone brushes their teeth with cheeseburgers, and aim to die of a heart attack before the age of forty.

Crowd gives heat, then as Simon leaves, they begin to chant “Na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, hey……GOODBYE!!!” Simon then goes nuts, and throws power into the crowd in anger, covering a number of fans in pink powder.


Raw Rebound;
- HBK promises victory at Backlash over Taker in the Buried Alive match, with Luther and Michaels beating Taker down.
- There is more tension between Evolution, with Orton distancing himself further from the group.
- Kane attacks Eugene again, but afterwards, Eugene looks to be in a scary trance.
- Christian cheats to beat Edge in a tag match, giving Christian the advantage going into this Sunday’s Cage Match.
- Batista beats Rey Mysterio to become the Hardcore Champion, thanks to help from Evolution.
- Sting beats Ric Flair, with all six men involved in the six man tag getting involved, leading to Sting’s win.

Back to ringside;
Michael Cole: This Sunday of course, Raw will present Backlash, and they have a great line up for the event from East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Jim Cornette: Either HBK or the Deadman will be buried alive, under ten tonnes of dirt. I don’t care what anyone says, a Buried Alive Match, is by far, the most dangerous in the WWE.

Michael Cole: It would be extremely hard to argue that Jim, but also on the card, the six man tag, where the World Champion, John Cena teams with Rey Mysterio and Sting, to face the distant Evolution. Edge and Christian meet one more time, this time, inside a solid steel cage for the Intercontinental Title, Tag Team Turmoil for the World Tag Titles, Trish challenges for the Women’s Championship, against the most dominating female in WWE history, Shaniqua.

Jim Cornette: And don’t forget, RVD faces the French Phenom, Rene Dupree, Kane takes on that weird little kid, Eugene, and Carlito…Caribbean Cool debuts!!!

Michael Cole: It all goes down, this Sunday, LIVE on Pay Per View. Don’t miss it.

3rd Match: United States Championship Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Test
Test uses his size and power advantage to it’s fullest in the early going, dominating Guerrero, working on the back. Eddie, though, starts to get back into the match, lying, cheating and stealing. Test goes for the boot, but Eddie ducks, pokes Test in the eye, hit’s a DDT, then the Frog Splash, for the three, to retain the title.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero
Eddie celebrates with the belt, showing his credentials for the Elimination Chamber at Judgement Day.

Michael Cole: Eddie Guerrero on top form, getting a great win here on Smackdown.

Jim Cornette: Eddie showing that he has the tools to walk out with two title belts at Judgement Day, and if he performs like that in the Elimination Chamber, it will be hard to go against him.

We cut to the parking lot, where The Rock has just arrived. Maria then catches up with him…
Maria: ROCK!!

Rock then takes his shades off, and looks at Maria, with the People’s Eyebrow.

Maria: I was just hoping to get a quick interview with you.

The Rock: Whoa, mama. Look at you, all sweaty, looking to meet the great one. The Rock can see through the perspiration of your blouse, and can see your little skimpy black bra. Don’t try to tease The Rock.

Maria: (Looking embarrassed, and her face turns rather red) Erm, I just wanted to get your opinion on the -

The Rock: Stop right there. No need to be embarrassed darlin’, The Rock knows what your question is, you want The Rocks opinion on the chances of you getting out on a date with The Rock? That’s what it is, right? The Rock says this, (rubs her cheek) He can tell by the look in your eyes, that you want to smell what he’s cookin right?

Maria thinks for a moment, then shrugs and nods.

The Rock: Whoa, not so fast little lady. Don’t, don’t look at the people’s package, take it slow, (Rock slaps his leg) EASY, easy big fella, easy, whoa.

Maria: Rock, the main question I wanted to ask you, was what your opinion was on Bret Hart’s announcement earlier tonight, concerning Judgement Day, and the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship??

Rock stops smiling, then drapes the title back over his shoulder, and takes the mic from Maria.

The Rock: The Rock says this, May 15th, Vancouver, Judgement Day, six guys, one elimination chamber, one WWE Championship. Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Triple H, all vying for this, the WWE Championship, The Rock’s WWE Championship. They all better bring everything they got, cause The Rock is preparing to layeth the smacketh down, on ALLLLLL THEIR CANDY ASSES!! IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAALLLLLLLLLOWWW, WHAT THE ROCK….ISSSSSS, COOKIN’

Rock walks off, while Maria watches on. In the background, we then see a limo entering the parking lot, and it comes into the main focus of the camera. The limo pulls up, and on the bonnet, has a longhorn, and the letter’s J.B.L. A driver steps out, and walks towards the back, then opens the door, slowly, we see Bradshaw exit the vehicle, wearing a shirt and tie, as well as a cowboy hat.


Stock exchange bells ring, and an unfamiliar music plays, as we then see Bradshaw walk out, and make his way down the ramp to the ring.

Michael Cole: Folks, don’t adjust your set, that really is Bradshaw wearing a suit. This asshole, turned his back on his best friend, Ron Simmon’s, and all of a sudden, he must think he’s Donald Trump.

We are quickly shown clips of Bradshaw turning on Ron Simmon’s last week, then cut back, with Bradshaw in the ring, ready to speak.

Bradshaw: Tonight, marks the beginning of a new era. No longer, will I be happy to just sit around, in the back, guzzling beer, like some hobo, no longer will I walk around in a pair of jeans, and T-Shirt. No way, those days, are completely behind me. For too long, I have tried to be something I am not, I have tried to be some low class second rate bodyguard, that would spend his money, on beer, and cigars, but that is not who I really am.
In actual fact, I am a businessman, with goals, and in the wrestling business, I now have goals, and ambitions, and believe me, believe me, when I say I have a goal, I will not stop until I achieve whatever it is. I will walk through fire, I will swim with great white sharks, I will go head to head with an 18 wheeler, so be it.
John Bradshaw Layfield, will not be content with second place any longer. JBL, will no longer tolerate defeat, and that is why, I have ditched my past, and I have ditched the man that has held me back for too long, like a child that refuses to grow up, like a 90 year old grandparent that refuses to die, Ron Simmon’s has held me back from doing what I need to do. And what I need to do, I forge a legacy, a legacy greater than that made by Bruno Sammartino, Hollywood Hogan and Ric Flair in the wrestling business, a legacy greater than Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood and Denzel Washington in the movies, and a legacy greater than the likes of the Rat Pack, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley in the music industry.
I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to outside of the ring, I have beaten the stock market seven out of the last seven years, I have been the number one rated financial analyst in the country, I am a self made millionaire, and now, I will make an impression on the wrestling business, and I don’t care if it’s Spike Dudley, or Godzilla himself, I will mow my way through this roster, and become the name on everybody’s lips. I haven’t Wrestled at the big dance in three years, which is far too long. These should be the best years of my career, yet all I have done is smoke cigars, drink beer, and play cards. I guarantee I will not be overlooked for any other Wrestlemania, or any other PPV for that matter, I will not stand back and watch as others take glory, instead, I want to be the one that people watch, the one that people are jealous of, and I will be, because I guarantee it…I guarantee it.

JBL then drops the mic, and looks around the crowd, who seem to be totally against him, starting a Bradshaw sucks chant. He shakes his head in disbelief, then exit’s the ring.

Michael Cole: I think it’s safe to say, that Bradshaw, or should I say, John ’Bradshaw’ Layfield, has lost a heck of a lot of support in the last seven days.

Jim Cornette: But Michael Cole, I think you’re missing the point, JBL doesn’t care if he has the support our not. He has drive inside him, that I believe will send him to his rightful place at the top of the pile here on Smackdown.


4th Match: For Final Place in Fatal 4 Way @ Judgement Day for Vacant Tag Titles;
La Resistance vs. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty
Conway and Grenier target Scotty as their main focus, and work over him for the majority of the match, before he manages to tag in Rikishi. The big man, comes in all guns blazing, knocking down both La Resistance, on numerous occasions, but as he goes for the Stink Face on Grenier, Conway nails him with the ring bell from behind, which goes unseen by the ref, Grenier covers, whilst Scotty is held back by Conway, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: La Resistance
La Resistance quickly scarper up the ramp, not waiting around for Rikishi or Scotty to get any revenge.

Michael Cole: What a cheap win for La Resistance. I cant believe Brian Hebner missed the bell shot.

Jim Cornette: None of that matters though Michael. Conway and Grenier make a great team, and now the line up is complete for the Tag Title match at Judgement Day.

Michael Cole: Well that is true. Last week, AMW qualified along with the team of William Regal and Lance Storm, whilst this week, Bubba Ray and D’ Von Dudley won their way into the match, along with La Resistance, now these four teams will compete at Judgement Day, for the vacant tag titles.

Jim Cornette: Oh boy, that match will be fantastic Michael.

Michael Cole: Indeed. It will. How about this, so far, three matches announced, and already, Judgement Day is looking like PPV of the year material.

Jim Cornette: Bar WrestleMania that is though, right Michael??

Michael Cole: I can see Judgement Day pushing Wrestlemania close at this rate Jim. The Fatal Four Way for the tag titles, Austin and Lesnar with unfinished business, and tonight’s huge announcement of the Elimination Chamber.

Jim Cornette: Looks spectacular so far Michael.

Michael Cole: And as just mentioned, Austin and Lesnar, with unfinished business, in a Streetfight, well next week, it will be made official, because Bret Hart has requested a contract signing between the two, to ensure that neither man can play any more mind games, by backing out.

Jim Cornette: Expect fireworks Michael Cole, Madison Square Garden next week could be hit with an atomic bomb when Austin and Lesnar go face to face to sing that contract!!!

Michael Cole: Very true, Austin and Lesnar, at the worlds greatest arena, will make the streetfight official. But here is a very special video package of the history between the two men…

Lesnar - Austin Video Package;
  • Corpus Christi screw job last year at Judgement Day, when after interference from Brock Lesnar, McMahon defeated Austin, with a Sharpshooter, and Bret called for the bell despite Austin not tapping, leading to Austin losing his job.
  • Bret regretting his decision, and eventually turning face on Vince.
  • Bret beating Vince at Survivor Series 2004.
  • Bret announcing that a man had been spotted buying tickets for the Royal Rumble in Texas, that looked very similar to Austin.
  • Lesnar irate, and worried, thinking that Austin is coming for him.
  • Royal Rumble, where Austin eventually showed up, and screwed Lesnar.
  • Austin playing mind games with Lesnar, and screwing him out of a title shot at No Way Out.
  • Lesnar demanding that the board of directors let Austin sign a contract to be allowed to come to the shows, and this eventually happens.
  • Austin - Lesnar showdown, ending with the announcement that they will meet at WM, then Lesnar attacks Austin.
  • Bret announces he will be in Austin’s corner at WM, to even things up, with Heyman in Brocks.
  • Heyman then challenges Bret to allow Vince to be in Lesnar’s corner too, and Bret eventually accepts, then Austin gets revenge on Lesnar.
  • Vince announces himself as Special Guest Referee.
  • Match at WrestleMania, where Bret makes Vince tap three times to the Sharpshooter, forcing the count, with Austin defeating Brock.
  • Austin challenging Lesnar to face him one more time, one on one, which Brock declines.
  • Austin screws Lesnar out of number one contender status
  • Lesnar challenges Austin to face him one on one, but Austin declines, playing with Lesnar’s mind.
  • The two brawl last week, leading to Bret Hart announcing that at Judgement Day, they will meet one on one, in Streetfight, with no interference.
Backstage, Josh Matthews catches up with Goldberg…

Josh Matthews: Goldberg, I was just hoping to get your comment’s on Tazz’ attack on you earlier this evening, and the deepening rivalry which has developed between both of you in the last few weeks.

Goldberg: Tazz?? That circus midget?? That guy?? Let me tell you kid, Tazz may have been some big star seven years ago in ECW, he may have been feared, and he may have been some tough guy, but he isn’t Goldberg. He didn’t go through the longest winning streak in wrestling history. I did. I promise you, if Tazz has the balls to even show up next week, never mind look me in the eyes, then he will be next.

Goldberg walks off, then comes back

Goldberg: You’re a commentator right Josh??

Josh Matthews: (Looks worried, as Goldberg looks him dead in the eye) Errr…yeah, I…I…announce on…on V-Velocity.

Goldberg: Thought so. Haven’t you seen what I do to announcer’s lately? You saw what I did to Michael Cole right? You saw what I did to Tazz right? I guess, we could say that right now, Tazz is next week, but you…are next.

Josh looks shit scared, and starts to back off, but Goldberg shakes his head, then with his index finger tells Josh to come here. Josh shakes his head, and tries to back off, but Goldberg smiles, and quickly grabs him. Goldberg head butts Josh, then picks him up, and military presses him through a window.

Goldberg: I don’t like commentators Josh, you’ll do well to remember that. Tell your buddy Tazz I said hi.

We cut back to ringside;
Michael Cole: (Stunned, then begins to speak) I cant believe that. Josh Matthews did absolutely nothing to entice Goldberg to attack him. Goldberg needs to be caged or something.

Jim Cornette: Michael, I’m glad I’m only sitting in tonight, because I fear what Goldberg would do to me.

Michael Cole: Dammit, someone get help for Josh.


Main Event:
Chris Jericho vs. Triple H
Both men take it straight to one another, in an all out brawl, which has to be said as one of HHH’s best matches in a long while, bar PPV matches. The match never slows down, with no rest holds, or even any working on body parts. Towards the end, Jericho misses a Lionsault, and Hunter goes for a Pedigree right after it, but Jericho counters to the Walls of Jericho. Triple H makes the ropes. They then continue to brawl, then Jericho ducks a high knee, and HHH nails the referee. Jericho then goes for the breakdown, but Triple H nails a low blow, followed by a Pedigree, then gets the sledgehammer. He swings back, but then The Rock comes from nowhere, and takes it from him. Rock nails Triple H in the gut, and follows with a Rock Bottom, he places Jericho on top of HHH, as the referee comes to, and makes the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Chris Jericho
Rock then re-enters the ring, and proceeds to stomp the hell out of The game, in revenge for last weeks attack, but as Jericho comes to his senses, he realises Rock helped him. Y2J isn’t happy, and grabs the WWE Title belt which is lying on the ground. He grabs Rock, turns him around, and plants him with the belt.
Jericho stand over Rock, with HHH still in the corner, out of his senses. Jericho looks to the crowd, and is given a mixed reaction for hitting Rock, as the show ends.

End of Show
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